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At Society, Billy apologizes to Jill for being late. She wonders why he’s so disgruntled and he admits he got difficult news from Victoria — she’s starting over with Ashland and leaving town. Jill asks why they’d want to start over, and he realizes she doesn’t know about Locke lying about his cancer. “He did it to deceive Victoria into marrying him.” Jill’s agog. Billy explains the Newmans tried to get rid of the guy, but it backfired and now Victoria’s expecting him to let her take the kids to wherever they’re going. Jill feels it’s her life. “C’est la vie.” She reminds him it’s no longer his battle to fight. He snarks that she sounds just like Lily. Jill reminds him Lily was right about the Jesse Gaines debacle. Victoria would never put her children in danger and if he messes this up with Lily, Jill will never forgive him!

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Billy knows he has to let it go, but thought his mother would be more supportive. Jill asks how he’s feeling about the changes at the company. He asks how she’s feeling — it is the end of an era. The change must be disconcerting. Jill asks, “The way it is for you, honey?” Billy insists he’s focused on being the best COO he can possibly be. Jill can still see he’s unhappy and urges him to open up. He will, but what he has to say must stay between them. Jill promises.
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Billy tells Jill he loves seeing Lily work with her family, but there’s a disconnect there for him. “I’m just feeling a little bit restless.” He senses something big is out there for him and he’s not sure what it is, or where it’s going to come from. Jill has seen this behavior in him before and worries he may be self-sabotaging.

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Devon and Nate join Lily in the office, and she gushes excitedly. Devon hates to put a damper on her day, but there’s a problem. He teases that his office isn’t big enough and gets her riled up before laughing that he’s messing with her. Nate is also thrilled with his office and Lily tells him the press loved him. Imani strides in and echoes the sentiment, explaining that he’s sexy! They go over Nate going rogue in his speech, and Devon and Lily feel they got great coverage from it. Imani touts listening to your gut — both personally and professionally. Nate just doesn’t want anyone to feel he stepped on their toes. Devon quickly replies that he did — but it’s just one of those little bumps in the road. “Hopefully there won’t be too many more of those. Right?” Lily wants to get down to work and reveals they’re being inundated with interview requests so they can up their advertising rates. Devon supposes they can thank Nate for that.
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At the hotel, Summer runs into Amanda and complains her mother’s avoiding her and being vague about how long she’ll be at Daniel’s. She explains Phyllis is so moody that Daniel and Lucy are walking on eggshells. Amanda wonders if they should be worried. Summer is. They sit down and Summer asks Amanda how much she knows about what happened between her and Jack. “Did it involve Diane?” They go over the bad blood between them. Amanda was puzzled by her being so excited to plan the launch party and then leaving town. Summer explains she was behind the trip — she was worried Phyllis and Diane were headed for a major showdown.

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Amanda promises to corner her friend when she gets back and Summer is pleased that she’s willing to help. If this trip doesn’t provide the reset she’s working for, she has a plan. Summer wants to put together a team to save her mom from herself. Amanda signs on as a peacekeeper.
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At Crimson Lights, Michael and Lauren canoodle until Nikki appears. Lauren thinks she must be devastated over Victoria leaving with Ashland. Nikki intends to direct all of her anger and rage into a worthy target — Diane Jenkins. “And you’re just the person to help me do it,” she tells Michael. He learns that Nikki wants him to dig into what Diane got up to in Los Angeles. Lauren remarks that he’s not the right person for the job. Nikki argues he got the goods on Ashland. Lauren informs her Michael is one of the few people who isn’t horrified that Diane’s back in town. “They’re palling around together.” Nikki can’t believe it — Michael is too smart for that. Lauren gets called away by work and leaves them to talk. Nikki hisses, “I am appalled that you are spending time with Diane after everything she’s done. I need you to do something about her. Quickly.”
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At the park, Diane admires Harrison from afar before telling Kyle she hardly slept. She had a nightmare that the deal with Marchetti fell through, and he and Summer were moving back to Milan. Something else is keeping her up at night, and she needs to ask a favor. She was hoping with the dust settles at Marchetti, Kyle would help her find a job around there. He doesn’t have many connections in the real estate business. Diane can’t have him supporting her indefinitely. “I need a career. A purpose.” She isn’t passionate about real estate and feels the architecture ship has sailed. Diane thinks that being around all these family businesses has her thinking and she knows what she wants to do — public relations. They joke about her dealing with difficult people like she used to be. She knows she could excel at turning around a bad image and getting the public to focus on positive qualities. Kyle warns there would be a problem getting her a job at Jabot. Diane understands but he knows so many people in town, someone might mention something that’s up her alley. She wants to make him and Harrison proud. Kyle will keep his ear to the ground.

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At Society, Billy denies he’s self-sabotaging. Jill’s relieved. He’s just trying to find his place in the world. Jill gets it. She admits she’s binged his podcasts and it’s very brave what he’s doing. But she can’t help worry it’s like ripping scabs off old wounds, which could be dangerous for a recovering addict. Billy explains they’ve actually been helpful. He hasn’t figured out the restlessness yet, but is determined to find out.

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At Crimson Lights, Imani admits she followed Nate there. She wanted to be sure she didn’t get him in trouble by urging him to follow his instincts at the launch. Nate has no regrets. Imani muses that it certainly raised his profile. Nate’s not sure that’s a good thing — he didn’t want to overshadow Lily and Devon. He tells her he could have done without her comments at the office about listening to your gut as opposed to playing it safe. It seemed like a dig at Devon. Imani’s not accustomed to stifling her opinions and she hopes he won’t let Devon discourage him. Nate reassures her and appreciates her support. Imani feels they should look out for each other due the difficult family dynamic and leaves him deep in thought.

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At the hotel, Lauren’s surprised that Summer has Amanda with her. She explains this isn’t about work, but instead, her mother and Diane. Lauren was there for the original battles and can’t imagine Phyllis will ever cool down where Diane’s concerned. Summer wants to keep the peace. Lauren scoffs that any team she assembled to keep the peace would be damn busy. Summer asks if she knows something they don’t. Lauren explains that Diane is on her list too. “She’s been lighting fires everywhere.” Including with Summer’s grandmother. She warns that she just saw Nikki, and she’s on a mission to get that woman out of town. Summer want to create peace for everyone, not drive Diane away from Kyle. “I love him.” Lauren muses that Michael has a soft spot for Diane as well. The town would be better without Diane in it, but knowing how she operates, Lauren warns Summer, “You too, may have to pick a side and decide to get some distance between Kyle and his mother.”

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At Chancellor-Winters, Billy lets Lily know that Jill is happy about all things launch and warned him not to mess things up with the star CEO. He confesses he shared some things with his mother that he didn’t want to burden her with… but he doesn’t want to keep secrets. She asks if she should be worried, but gets called away. Billy assures her she’s fine and didn’t mean to make it sound ominous. He kisses her and she leaves.
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At Crimson Lights, Michael tells Nikki he’s willing to forgive Diane. Nikki wants him to investigate how she was able to use an alias all these years — maybe the authorities could nail her for tax evasion or fraud. Michael smirks that she should get her own P.I. license. Nikki reminds Michael he got a hefty retainer from them. There has to be something he can use to bring her up on charges. Michael makes excuses and Nikki fumes, “Why the hell are you protecting Diane?!” Michael complains that Diane has lived alone in exile for years, missing her son, and he feels she paid for her crimes. Nikki doesn’t think living in sunny L.A. is a proper punishment. She rants about it being outrageous that she can waltz back into their lives — even Jack has softened his stance on her. Michael thinks she’s slowly regaining people’s trust, but Nikki warns she’ll never regain hers and she refuses to sit back and let her wreak havoc. Michael wonders if she’d be more open to peaceful co-existence with Diane if she’s succeeded in ridding her family of Ashland. Nikki sneers, “One has nothing to do with the other.” Michael agrees to do a deep dive into her time away, if only to prove to the naysayers she’s telling the truth. Nikki wonders what he’ll do if his investigation proves otherwise. “Are you going to cover up for your old pal, or are you going to let her get what she deserves?”

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At the Abbott mansion, Summer tells Kyle what Lauren said about her grandmother wanting to run Diane out of town and he’s upset. “My mother is doing her best to turn her life around and no one will cut her any slack!” Summer muses that it’s easier said than done — everyone they know seems to have history with Diane… and strong opinions as well.

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