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At Crimson Lights, Diane thanks Jack for agreeing to get a cup of coffee with her. He muses that they managed to get along at Society  what’s a few more minutes?  Jill walks in and is stunned to see them together. She tells Diane that she won’t rake her over the coals — she’s actually impressed with how she pulled this off. Faking her own death so convincingly and then coming back and facing the wrath of all the people who hate her takes more guts than actually dying. Diane doesn’t take any pride in having deceived so many people, especially her son.
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Jill advises Diane to take kind words wherever she can get them and adds that for many years she had so much dirt hurled at her; she knows what’s it’s like. Jill alludes to Jack getting past what Diane did, and Jack assures her that’s not the case. Jill wants to know how close he really is the resurrected Diane. Diane explains he’s barely tolerating her and just agreed to meet up to discuss her insecurities. Jill remarks that anyone would be surprised to walk in there and see them together. Jack barks, “It’s a process, Jill.” Jill laughs over how their younger selves would have behaved and muses about everything they’ve been through. Jack remarks on her becoming something of a philosopher. Jill reflects that they can’t change the past, so they might as well try to change themselves.

At Society, Nikki tells Victor that their daughter isn’t picking up her phone. “I can’t believe she’s really gone.” She’s upset that they left things on such a bad note. Victor muses that Adam thinks it’s a sign of weakness that she succumbed to Ashland Locke again so soon. Nikki feels they pushed her too hard. Victor argues that all they wanted her to do was accept that Locke is a monster. He will prove himself to be that over and over again. Nikki’s afraid she’ll never leave him, but Victor doesn’t think this will last. He feels that when she learns Adam’s been put in charge it will light a fire under her. Nikki fears she’ll look at it as a manipulation. Ashland is a big part of her heart and that is going to make it that much easier for him to strengthen their bond.

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In New York, Ashland welcomes Victoria to the place he found for them to stay in. She wonders if he regrets giving up his penthouse. He’s just happy to be there with her. She smiles hesitantly and he realizes that this move scares her. They step out onto the terrace as Ashland recaps that she’s taken a big step by leaving her family. Victor shrugs that she’s left them before. Locke points out she also walked away from the huge conglomerate. He recalls leaving his family to get away from his father all those years ago. It wasn’t easy and he can still remember the feeling in the pit of his stomach. Victoria concedes it’s a bit unsettling. Ashland assures her they’ll have an exciting life and a beautiful new home. He hopes the kids will come, and maybe even Harrison one day. Victoria thinks it sounds wonderful. Locke moves on to the business they’ll build. They’re going to be Newman Enterprises’ worst nightmare. Victoria grins.
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Adam walks into the CEO office at Newman Enterprises, looks around and smiles. Sally follows him in, hugs him from behind and croons, “You did it. This is all yours now.”
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At the Abbott mansion, Kyle’s distressed over the recent numbers for Marchetti and hopes Angelina is on board with replacing her current CEO. Summer stuns him by revealing that Angelina plans to step down. She trusts her not to ensure the line continues to reflect her sensibilities. Kyle suggests Summer take over. She’s happy as creative director, but she already knows the perfect person to run Marchetti. Kyle asks, “Who?” She grins, “My brilliant husband.”
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At Newman Enterprises, Sally muses that Adam’s going to need a little redecorating, starting with Victoria’s portrait. Adam won’t hang one of himself; it would make him uncomfortable staring at himself all day. Sally asks, “Why? Trust me, it is a nice view.” He thinks a nice piece of modern art would do the trick. Sally wouldn’t care if it was dog’s playing poker, as long as it’s not his gloating sister. Adam remarks that dog’s playing poker would remind him of Billy. He grins that telling him about the promotion was fun. “For once he was speechless.” Sally’s sorry she missed it and asks what his first move will be as CEO. Adam gets up and walks over to Victoria’s portrait and removes it from the wall. Sally beams. “Well done. And welcome to a whole new era of Newman Enterprises.” She urges him to take a moment to soak it all in before he takes over the reins tomorrow morning. Adam thinks they need to celebrate. Sally pulls out a bottle of champagne. He enthuses, “We have finally got everything that we wanted.”
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At Crimson Lights, Jack needs to be getting home and Jill entices Diane to stay and let her pick her brain. Diane’s not keen. Jill reminds her she didn’t make the list of suspects in her murder. Diane agrees and senses the invitation is about more than tea and catching up. Jill doesn’t hold any grudges against her, but she’s fiercely protective of her family and friends. Diane assures they’ve nothing to fear from her. Jill muses that most see her as a nuclear bomb waiting to go off, so she has to ask her. “What are you after?” Diane insists all she wants is a relationship with her son. Jill’s not buying it — she always has an angle. Diane replies, “That was the old me.” Jill understands she loves Kyle but it still seems there’s something else she wants going forward. Diane doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Jill leans across the table and taunts that she detected a twinkle in Diane’s eye every damn time she looked at Jack.
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Diane protests. Why would she want to complicate things? She won’t deny they have a connection, but he’s treading very carefully around her. Jill’s talking about Diane’s objective. She thinks Abbot is the world’s most eligible bachelor and checks all the boxes. Diane wonders if Jill has her eye on Jack. Amused, Jill smirks, “You and I both know that I’m not after Jack. You, on the other hand, have many, many motives to want him back.” She points out it would go a long way to convince people in this town that she deserves forgiveness. “That would be a masterful move,” Jill declares. Diane doesn’t play those games anymore. Unconvinced, Jill asks, from one former conniver to another, “If Jack were to say to you, ‘Let’s give it another try’, would you say no?” Diane muses that if that were to happen, she’d be a fool to turn him down. Jill watches her walk out with a knowing smile.

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At the Abbott mansion, Summer wants Kyle to step down from Jabot and be the sole CEO of Marchetti. “This would be my dream come true,” she coaxes. They’d be working together again. Kyle would have to talk it over with his dad. Just then, Jack walks in. Summer urges Kyle to pitch the idea to his dad right now. Kyle breaks the news that he’s thinking of helming Marchetti since Angelina is stepping down. Jack thinks it provides the perfect opportunity for him to fly solo, but he doesn’t want to lose him at Jabot. Kyle hasn’t made up his mind. Jack feels it’s a good idea to sleep on it. Kyle asks about the Chancellor-Winters launch. Jack can tell they’ll be a force to be reckoned with. He adds that he had dinner with Diane. Kyle and Summer are taken aback. Summer wants to know what happened between her mother and Diane. “And between you and my mom.” Jack suggests she ask her mom and announces he’s turning in for the night.
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Once alone, Summer wonders to Kyle, “What the heck is going on with our parents?” Kyle thinks it’s clear neither of them want to share. Summer wants to celebrate right now but there’s a dark cloud hanging over them. They can’t ignore their mothers’ dark histories. “They’ve mellowed out for now, but anything is possible when those two get riled up.” Summer warns her mother will not be happy to come back to Jack taking Diane out to dinner. Kyle reminds her they don’t get a vote and suggests they focus on heir future, which is looking pretty phenomenal. Kyle pulls her into his arms for a kiss.

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In New York, Victoria and Ashland unpack takeout. He wants to broach his ideas for their new venture. Victoria has strong opinions of her own — first and foremost, she doesn’t want the name Newman anywhere near their company. Ashland can understand that. Victoria wants to slap down Adam’s media division, so she thinks that’s the way to go. Ashland can poach some of their employees who used to work for Ashland-Locke. Victoria wants to incorporate her love of art by bringing fine art into the digital era. Ashland finds that innovative and fresh. Victoria knows her father would hate the idea, but she doesn’t give a damn what he thinks. Ashland loves hearing her say that. Victoria plans to make her mark on the world, and it will be indelible.

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At Newman Enterprises, Sally and Adam sip bubbly and she suggests they christen the office. Adam hits the button to close the door. Sally muses, “That’s a fun perk.” They start kissing and she pulls off his tie before tossing it over her shoulder. He unzips her dress, and they kiss some more as she slides his jacket off his shoulders. Adam whispers, “I love you.” Sally replies, “I love you.” He lays her on the desk to make love to her.
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At Society, Victor worries to Nikki that Victoria will have to crash and burn before she comes to her senses. Nikki wonders what will happen if she doesn’t. Victor is certain Ashland will revert to his old ways. Nikki feels if that were to happen, she could kick Ashland to the curb and still find happiness without him… or her family.

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In New York, Ashland marvels that he and Victoria are finally free. As he pours them a drink, she looks uncertain.

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At Society, Nikki realizes Victor has another plan in mind… something besides making Adam CEO. Victor confides that he’s waiting for Ashland and Victoria to make the next move. When that happens, he’ll have more cards to play against Ashland Locke. Cards that will destroy that sonofabitch once and for all. “Cheers.” Nikki picks up her glass. “Cheers.”

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At Newman Enterprises, Sally and Adam toast to the company and to themselves as they bask in the afterglow of lovemaking.

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