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At the launch, Devon and Lily are by the podium and can feel the excitement in the air. All that’s left is to make the announcement and they agree, “Let’s do this.”
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In the crowd, Jill and Jack talk about the merger and laugh that Lily and Devon are much nicer people than they were back in the day. Jill brings up Diane being risen from the grave. Nikki was obviously horrified that she was there — why wasn’t he? Jill tells him she’s so sorry about Keemo’s death, and she’s aware that Diane’s return allowed him to find the granddaughter he never knew he had. Jack grins; getting to know her has been a Godsend. Amanda pops up and Jill walks off to mingle. He congratulates her on her role in this venture. Amanda wants to talk to him as a friend of a friend, who may or may not have had a falling out with him recently. Jack wonders, “Does this friend have red hair?” Amanda isn’t taking sides but wants him to know her friend is very, very sorry about what happened. Jack sighs, “Yeah, so am I.”
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Abby announces that the main event is about to begin and directs everyone to the ballroom. Nate adds it will be a great presentation and worth their while. Imani is sure it will be and grins at Nate. The Newmans straggle behind everyone else and Nikki assures Victor that Adam will be there — his message said it was urgent.
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At Newman Media, Sally is dealing with a crisis and Adam offers to stay there and help her. She doesn’t think he should keep his father waiting. Adam wishes he knew why it’s so important he go to this launch, but figures it’s not a bad idea to find out what Chancellor-Winters have planned.

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At Crimson Lights, Chance calls Abby and tells her he’s wrapped up the case. She asks him to come back, and he assures he’s on his way.
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At the launch, Abby disconnects from Chance and spots Diane. Jack watches as she fumes, “What the hell are you doing here?!” She points her to the exit and Diane wonders if Phyllis hired her as a bouncer. Abby is in charge of a party that she’s not invited to. Diane warns that dealing with people like her will only make her stronger. Abby smirks, “Really? We’ll see.” Once Diane’s alone, Jack walks up to her and says it won’t get easier anytime soon. Diane only cares about Kyle and asks Jack if he thinks her son will ultimately turn his back on her as she once did to him. Jack is missing the presentation, but agrees to meet her at Society afterward.
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In the ballroom, Lily takes the podium first and explains to applause that Chancellor-Winters will change the business landscape forever. She speaks about carrying on not only Katherine Chancellor’s legacy, but her father’s. Lily acknowledges Jill in the audience and is honored to have her there tonight. Lily introduces Devon. She’s grateful to have a brother who is a talented executive. Lily next introduces Billy and Nate, their respective COOs. Chancellor-Winters is a family; figuratively and literally. They’re a team and united in their vision for the future of the company.
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Devon takes the podium and thanks Lily for convincing him to get on board with the merger. He sees now that this company will achieve great things. He likens the day to the christening of a ship — they know where they’re going but aren’t ready to hand over the map just yet. A reporter asks presses him for specifics on what they company will do and Devon reiterates they won’t reveal any details just yet. A reporter asks about him dropping his name. Devon explains that they’ll be rebranding LP into Hamilton Streaming as a tribute to his mom. “The Hamilton name will definitely live on at Chancellor-Winters.”
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In the lobby, Chance arrives as Diane’s leaving and Abby tells him that with her gone, this could be the first event at the Grand Phoenix where nothing major goes wrong.

In the ballroom, Devon offers up the microphone to Nate, who is so proud to be a part of the company, not just because of working with family, but because of the ground-breaking things he knows they will accomplish. Glancing at Imani in the audience, Nate explains he’d like to go a little off-script and answer the reporter’s question from earlier about specifics. He reveals that Chancellor-Winters will be launching not one, not two, but 50 podcasts in the coming weeks. Billy frowns and glances across the stage at Lily. Imani smiles in her seat. Nate continues on to give more details about the podcasts. Devon whispers to his sister, “What is he doing?” The audience applauds when Nate finishes and Devon and Lily look perturbed but smile.
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Later, Nikki and Victor tell Lily and Devon how impressive their presentation was and how they’ve embraced the way Katherine lived her life with his bold move. Devon knows going toe-to-toe with Newman Media won’t be easy. Across the room, Chance toots Abby’s horn. She’s just glad it all went well and asks if he’s still thinking about the arrest he made earlier. Chance tells her how it got his blood pumping and there was danger in the air. She’s concerned. He reassures her, but just wishes he could tell Rey about it. Chance reveals he feels he’s gotten his groove back.

In a corner, a group of reporters thank Nate for giving them the details that the others wouldn’t. Imani, with her date, watches with interest as he urges them to regularly check their social media. Nate makes his way over to Devon and asks if he liked his speech. Devon muses that it was definitely unexpected. They bicker over Nate giving out details. Nate apologizes, but he’s convinced it was the right move. He only said a quarter of what he wanted to say. Devon believes that. Lily and Billy appear. Lily thinks Nate was right and Billy agrees. Nate thinks they gave the media enough to know that Chancellor-Winters is ready to deliver. Devon mutters that it turned out okay this time, but shoots Nate a wary look.
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Adam walks into the hotel and Victor’s glad he finally made it. He hopes he put out whatever fire he was attending to and notes he should be seen as the mogul he’s become now. Adam, uncertain, replies, “Okay. Well, thank you for that.” Victor decrees that he’s going to make an announcement tomorrow morning that Adam will be the new CEO of Newman Enterprises. Adam, stunned, beams. He doesn’t know what to say. Victor thinks it’s simple. “Say you want the job.” Adam nods, “Yes.” He’s just caught a little off guard. He tells Nikki he looks forward to working with her and sharing the title. Nikki reveals she’s stepping back into her COO position. Adam appreciates the vote of confidence and won’t let them down.
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At Society, Diane impatiently checks her phone. When she sees Jack walking in, she fluffs her hair. He joins her at the bar, and she tells him her doubts and fears about Kyle are back. Jack doesn’t think she needs to be worried. Diane sighs in relief and tears up. She hopes eventually even Jack will find a way to tolerate her. She insists she’s not putting on an act and complains about trying to hold her head up when people are lobbing grenades at her. Jack doesn’t feel sorry for her. Diane chokes back tears. She doesn’t expect him to, but this is a hard time for her. Diane apologizes is her presence caused Phyllis’ sudden departure. Jack angrily informs her he won’t discuss his relationship with Phyllis with her in any way, shape or form.
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At the launch, Imani finds Nate and tells him he did an amazing job and did the right thing. She teases, “You should listen to me more often.” He laughs and confides that he was nervous. Imani feels he’s an impressive speaker. “They liked what you had to say.” Across the room, Amanda notices Imani gazing up at Nate with admiration.

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Adam, still with Victor and Nikki, asks if his promotion means that Sally will be running Newman Media. Victor replies, “Yeah,” and Nikki asks him to give her their congratulations. They walk off and Billy joins Adam. They spar about being at each other’s launches and Billy hopes Adam isn’t feeling too threatened. Adam grins, “You have no idea how the tides have turned.” Billy doesn’t think Adam knows what Newman Media is in for, but Adam counters that from now on, the media division will have the full force of Newman Enterprises behind it. Billy looks confused — is he supposed to understand what that means? Adam informs him that, as of tomorrow, he’ll be CEO of Newman Enterprises. While they’re selling off entertainment divisions to merge, he might be buying them up to make Newman bigger and stronger. Adam adds, “Nice party, though,” and walks out, leaving Billy stunned.
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Elsewhere at the launch, Imani introduces herself to Jill and talks up Nate, explaining that this launch party was all his idea. “Is there anything that man can’t do?” Amanda walks up with Chance, and leaves him with Jill as she pulls her sister away. Jill asks Chance if Nate lives with Elena Dawson. He says, “Yeah.” Jill muses, “Wow. Elena better watch out for that one.”

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At the bar, Amanda asks what Imani was doing. She was networking. Amanda points out her date is alone and warns her to keep her distance from Nate for the rest of the night. Imani loves her but she’s getting sick and tired of her trying to tell her how to live her life. “You’re the one who needs to back off.”
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At Society, Diane’s happy to have had a non-combative conversation with Jack. She looks up and grimaces. “Looks like my respite is over.” Victor and Nikki are standing there. Nikki sniffs, “Twice in one night? This cannot be my future.” Jack drags Diane out of there and Nikki fumes about him spending time with that woman. “Why are people like her and Ashland forgiven so easily?” Victor wonders, “Good question.”

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At Newman Media, Adam has a bottle of bubbly and tells Sally she’s looking at the new CEO of Newman Enterprises. She squeals,”Oh my God you did it!” and throws her arms around him. Adam continues on to say she is the new CEO of Newman Media. Sally gawps, “What?!!” It’s everything they wanted! Adam thinks they make a pretty incredible team. Sally feels they need to commemorate the moment and they start making out.
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At the launch, Imani tells Giancarlo she’s sorry they didn’t get to hang out much, she was busy networking. He asks her for a nightcap, but she declines. He heads out.

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Nate arrives at home, where Elena’s asleep on the couch. She sits up and asks to hear all about the party. He enthuses that tonight surpassed all his expectations. He took a risk and it all paid off. Nate explains he took a risk with his speech and revealed some specifics that Devon didn’t want him to. He feels he’s in the exact right place at the right time. Elena’s glad he had such a good evening. Nate wishes she’d been there by his side. They kiss.

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Devon and Amanda arrive at home. He thinks the night was a success even though Nate proved to be a handful. Amanda teases, “Stop looking for trouble,” and informs him his night isn’t over yet. She pulls him into a sexy kiss.
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At the hotel, Billy talks up Lily’s achievement and says he’s humbled to be in her presence. She couldn’t have done it without him. He argues, “It was all you, baby.” They kiss and embrace, but he looks concerned over her shoulder.
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Next on The Young and the Restless: Victor moves ahead with plans to derail Victoria and Ashland’s relationship, Adam and Sally seize an opportunity, and Kyle and Summer toast to the future.

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