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At the Grand Phoenix, Devon, Amanda, Lily, Nate and Imani admire the Chancellor-Winters logo. Devon jokes that Winters-Chancellor would have sounded better. Amanda offers congratulations to the team and Lily makes a little toast. Abby appears with a clipboard and enthuses that they all look incredible. Nate explains Elena couldn’t make it tonight. Imani would have refused to miss something this important. Nate and Amanda explain that’s not how it works when you’re a doctor. Abby’s in her element and promises tonight will be flawless. Devon asks Lily, “Where’s your COO?” and Billy walks in right on cue — with Jill on his arm. She wouldn’t have missed this night for the world!
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Jill takes a few minutes to tell them all what’s in her heart regarding the merger. She loves creating a powerful new company, but it means so much more because it’s family. Jill is proud of all of them and raises her glass to Chancellor-Winters. They all follow suit. “Cheers!” Lily makes a speech next and they toast again.
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As the launch party continues, Abby looks around with satisfaction. Chance comes in and greets her with a kiss. They decide to make this the start of their date night. Nearby, Imani’s date, Giancarlo, arrives. She walks off on his arm but casts her eyes toward Nate. Across the room, Jack hobnobs with Lily, who feels like the luckiest girl in the world. Devon pulls her away to network. Billy thanks Jack for coming and questions him about Phyllis. Jack heard she’s visiting Daniel and turns the conversation to Ashland Locke. Billy reminds him he always wanted Victoria to break free from the Newmans and she’s finally doing it… to run away with Locke. Jack’s stunned.
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At the door, Nikki warns Victor that they’re only there to celebrate Chancellor-Winters. Victor will be the perfect guest but says he has to get a hold of Adam before the night’s over since he’s about to become CEO of Newman. Jill, Lily and Devon walk up, and kisses and hugs are exchanged. Victor is sure they’re thinking about their dad and is sure Neil and Katherine are looking down and wondering if they’re brave or crazy. They all laugh — it takes a bit of both. “Don’t forget, whatever failures or whatever successes you encounter, the bond between you is the most important.” Lily and Devon agree they’ll never let go of it.

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Jill joins Chance and Abby and assures her grandson he could join the company if he wants to. Chance is happy at the station, but thinks maybe Dom has a future at Chancellor-Winters. Jill asks after the little guy and admires Abby and Chance’s affectionate interaction. Just then, Chance gets a call — it’s another break in one of Rey’s cases. Abby guesses he has to leave and assures him it’s fine. Jill backs her up. Jill goes off to needle a former competitor and Jack walks up to Abby, who explains Chance took on Rey’s cases. Her uncle thinks this is noble work, but Abby misses him around the house. Jack’s stunned to learns that Abby’s filling in for Phyllis after she reached out to her. He marvels at her leaving Devon and Lily in the lurch. Abby reminds him she has a vested interest in outdoing the redhead and assures they’re in good hands. Jack apologizes and flashes to breaking up with Phyllis.

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A reporter interviews Nate about his switch from medicine to the corporate world. Nate explains he lost the ability to do surgery in an accident and Devon, listening in, flashes to landing the punch that led to him cutting his hand with broken glass. Nate insists to the reporter that he’s nothing but grateful for the chance to work with family — where everyone’s opinion is equal and matters. Nearby, Amanda urges Giancarlo and Imani to get to know each other. She tells him, “I am very, very happy that you are here,” and shoots a look at Imani.
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On the sofa, Victor wonders where Adam is and sends him a text. He gets a reply that something came up and he’ll be there soon. Nikki feels he’d move faster if he knew he was on the brink of getting everything he wants. Jack appears and greets Nikki. Victor tells him to stop flirting with his wife, but winks. They talk about Katherine and Jack admits he’s surprised they’re there given that Victoria left with Ashland. They just hope she’ll realize she’s made an epic mistake. Victor adds, “Speaking of mistakes,” and hopes he and Kyle won’t keep Diane around. Jack admits Kyle asked her to stick around. Nikki’s aghast and notes they all know what she’s capable of. “The minute she drops that innocent façade, look out.”

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Just then, Diane walks in. Nikki strides over and warns her, eyes flashing, that this is a private party. “You’d better turn around and walk out that door. Now.” Diane pretends she had no idea there was a private party, but Nikki isn’t buying it. Jack intervenes and Nikki lets him handle it. He asks Diane what she’s doing there. She thought it would be a good time to use the spa with Phyllis out of town. Jack’s skeptical. “You’re dressed awfully nicely for a visit to the spa.” She suggests he join her for dinner after so they can discuss Kyle. Jack declines. Billy walks up and assures he didn’t come over to kick Diane out.
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Abby checks in with Lily and complains about Chance being called away on a case.

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In Crimson Lights, Chance’s associate tells him that Rosales would be proud of him for closing this case. Chance’s phone rings and he learns they’ve got the search warrant. They’re ready to move.
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Back at the Grand Phoenix, Billy thinks Diane deserves a second chance, but it’s a big night for them. She understands. Jill watches as Nikki strides back up to Diane and confronts her again. Diane has an appointment at the spa and walks off. Nikki fumes, “One way or another, that woman has got to go.” Across the room, Victor tells Diane she’s making a fool of herself. “Do you honestly think anyone here’s forgotten what you did?” Diane hasn’t forgotten what was done to her either and flounces off. Victor asks himself, “Was I ever really married to her?” and flashes back to the old days.

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At the bar, Jack works to calm Nikki down before going off to talk to Jill. Nikki and Billy discuss Victoria. He admits it’s killing him that she’s tying herself to that man. He tried to convince her to stay, but failed. Lily joins them and pulls Billy away.

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In the middle of the room, Devon urges Nate not to worry about his speech; he’ll be fine. Nate chats with Abby next. She thought being a doctor was his calling. Losing the ability to perform surgery changed that, he explains. Abby recalls, “This is where it all happened.” Nate admits he’s nervous about his speech and she gives him a pep talk. He decides to ask her opinion on his desire to get into more specifics tonight. Abby feels he should go along with what Devon and Lily want. Nate’s irked about playing it safe. Imani watches Nate as he talks. Lily and Billy kiss in a corner and he tells her how proud he is of her. “This is your vision.” Devon interrupts to go over speeches. Billy chats with Giancarlo, who talks up the Grinning Soul podcast.
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Across the room, Imani joins Nate and teases that his frown means he needs more “Imani.” She asks if he’s ready for his big speech. He’s as ready as he’ll ever be. Imani thinks he should listen to his gut. “You should go ahead and paint that picture you want to paint.” She urges him to dazzle the crowd. “Hit ‘em with everything you’ve got.” Nate decides she’s right. “To hell with holding back. I’m going with my gut.” Imani finds that the most exciting thing she’s heard all night. “I can’t wait to see you make your mark.” Nate swigs his champagne back and raises one eyebrow.
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