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In the penthouse, Devon, Nate and Lily are going over plans for the launch when Billy arrives. He asks to speak to Lily alone. She tries to put him off, but he insists. She steps aside with him and warns she’s going to need him to focus on the launch and not his ex. “Can you do that for me?”

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At Crimson Lights, Amanda and Imani go over legal details for the launch and Amanda wonders who her sister will bring as her date. Imani asks, “Could you be more obvious?” She feels her sister clearly wants to ensure she won’t be focused on Nate. Imani wonders if Amanda is worried that she’ll cast a spell on Elena’s boyfriend and woo him into her web. Elena comes in looking tired as Imani adds, “After all, it’s not as though she has reason to feel threatened.” Amanda gives her a disapproving look.
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Elena joins them to ask how their mom is doing. Amanda says things are under control. “You look like you had a long night saving lives.” Elena did. Imani admires her and wonders how she finds time for fun. Elena assures her she manages. Imani continues, “It was probably easier when you and Nate were going through it together,” and then explains that the launch will be a huge night for her boyfriend. She tells Elena, “You look exhausted, I’m sure Nate would understand if you don’t make it.” Amanda glares at her sister. Elena smiles, “Thanks.” She wouldn’t miss his big night and just needs a quick nap. “I’m actually looking forward to having a reason to wear a new dress.” Imani supposes Elena will be the life of the party and looks forward to seeing her in action. Elena leaves and Amanda gives her sister a, “Really?” look.
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In the penthouse, Nate wants to get to specifics tonight, but Devon wants to tease the bigger picture. Nate argues that they need to go bold and capitalize on all the attention they’ll be getting tonight. “What do you think Lily?” Lily agrees with Devon on this one. Devon takes a call and he and Lily step away. Nate asks Billy if he agrees with him. Billy thinks the CEOs have made their wishes clear.

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At Society, Nikki tells Victor she’s sick about what’s happened with Victoria. He feels she can’t keep beating herself up about this and doesn’t understand it anymore than she does. Nikki can’t fathom why she can’t see that this thing with Ashland is even worse than Billy and his gambling. “I feel like we’re losing our daughter and there’s nothing we can do about it.” Victor relays that Ashland told him there was nothing they could do to stop them. He would have loved to hit him in the smug smile but it would only have made him more sympathetic to Victoria. Nikki learns he said it was their fault for driving Victoria away.
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At Newman Enterprises, Victoria stops packing up her desk to pause and look at her portrait and flash to Nikki explaining that her father had it repaired. Nick comes in. She warns he won’t be able to talk her out of leaving. “That’s not why I’m here. I promise.” He’ll have to accept that this is what she wants and needs. “I just cannot stand the idea of you leaving town with all this distance between us.” Nick admits he’s afraid he’s never going to see his sister again. He recaps how much they’ve always meant to each other and the times they worked as a team. Nick assures, “I will always be here for you.” Victoria wonders if he expects her to say things haven’t changed for her either. Nick’s just trying to be honest and hopes she’ll do the same.

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At the hotel, Crystal greets Lily, Devon, Nate and Billy and says Phyllis extends her apologies; she’s visiting her son. Lily explains to the group that Abby is taking over. Devon questions Abby doing a favor for Phyllis. Lily clarifies that she’s doing it for them. “She’ll make the event a success, don’t worry.” They all enthuse about the buzz they’re creating and then Billy corners Lily again. Irked, she fumes that she doesn’t have time to talk about Victoria. Billy thinks it’s only fair that he is allowed to explain himself. She wants him to simply let it go. Lily urges him to respect her autonomy and stop trying to fix her life — this is why she wants to leave town and cut ties; because everyone is trying to micro-manage her choices!
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At the hotel, Billy insists to Lily that this isn’t about him trying to be a hero of figure out how to stay involved in Victoria’s life. Lily argues he’s making this about him when it’s not. Billy insists it could have massive effects on his kids. Lily volleys that this isn’t about them, “It’s about you.” Billy is trying to stop her from getting her heart crushed and her whole life derailed. Lily exclaims that it she’s making a mistake, it’s her mistake to make. She hates that on the day they’re supposed to be focusing on their launch they’re talking about Victoria. “You are way too involved in her life. It goes way beyond co-parenting.” Billy persists that this is about her not being able to let go of this monster of a person. Lily doesn’t know how to make it any clearer. “I am done talking about this. You have to let this go.” Billy concedes he may have some work to do and let Victoria live her life. He’d be the world’s biggest fool if he didn’t listen to her.

At home, Elena drops her handbag on the sofa and thinks about Imani telling her Nate would understand if she couldn’t make it. “You look exhausted.” She checks the mirror and sighs. Elena is exhausted… because she does her work instead of sitting around plotting and scheming. “Why am I letting her get to me?” Just then, Elena takes a call and exclaims, “You’ve got to be kidding me?!” and groaning.

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At the hotel, Amanda complains to Imani about her making a dig at Elena when she’d just gotten off her shift. Imani laughs at her sister getting all worked up about her and reveals her date for the night is John from marketing. “You can relax. Elena has nothing to worry about.” Crystal appears and directs Amanda to the ballroom.
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Nate joins Imani in the lobby and tells her tonight’s going to be big. She enthuses that he’s done an amazing job. He confides that he’s concerned they’re not doing enough to capitalize on the opportunity they have in front of them. Nate complains that Devon wants to focus on the big picture, but this is the time to let the business community see how they’re going to innovate and disrupt. Imani likes the idea — a lot. Nate explains that Devon and Lily nixed his approach and Billy wouldn’t back him up either. Imani feels that’s not how big things get accomplished. Amanda walks in and spots them together.

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At Society, Nikki and Victor wring their hands over Victoria walking out of their lives with a man who lied to her. Victor thinks they have to let this play out. Nikki tears up as he tells her, “You’re going to have to let her go.” Nikki fears that even if she realizes she’s made a mistake, her ego won’t allow her to admit it. Victor feels she has to realize they only want what’s best for her and will know they’ll welcome her with open arms if she returns. He has an idea what might speed up her decision to come back home. Nikki sighs with relief. “There’s the Victor Newman I know and love. Please, tell me what you’re thinking.” He chuckles.
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At Newman, Victoria and Nick debate whether Ashland will hurt her again. He really hopes it works out as she wants it to, but he’ll worry. Victoria reiterates that she chooses Ashland. “This is my life now.” Nick won’t pretend to understand but he’ll support her. Nick loves his sister and that will never change. Victoria wishes her brother could share in her excitement — she’s starting a new chapter on her own away from the family. She needs to chart her own path. Nick agrees it sounds exciting. Victoria wants to be able to share her news with him. Nick tells her to send whatever she wants, whenever she wants. They embrace and Nick has a grim look over her shoulder, but she hugs him for all she’s worth.
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At the hotel, Amanda listens as Billy tells Lily and Devon this is their moment. Nate gives accolades to Amanda and Imani as the legal team as well. They all need to go home and get ready for the night. Devon’s speech is ready. He asks Nate, “What about you?” Nate confirms. As he takes a call, Billy tells Lily he has something to do, and it won’t take long.

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At Society, Victor gets on with telling Nikki his plan to get Victoria to return. He tells Nikki that their daughter knows the family will always welcome her back with open arms, but that doesn’t apply to the company. Victoria’s dreams have always surrounded Newman Enterprises. Victor knows their daughter, and has decided he’ll make a very special announcement about who will run the company as CEO. “And that CEO will be her brother Adam.” Nikki gawps, and then says, “Go on…” Victor explains Nikki will stay on as co-CEO and rein him in whenever she deems that necessary. Nikki thinks she should step down and go back to being COO… that way she can keep an eye on things without diluting the impact of his decision. Victor smiles. “You’re thinking like a businesswoman, baby. I like that.” He predicts, “Once Victoria finds out her brother Adam is running the business, it will be too much for her to bear.”

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Nate arrives at home, where Elena informs him he’ll be flying solo tonight — two doctors have called in sick. He knows it’s part of being a doctor. Elena’s still disappointed; she wanted to be there to support him and show her pride in him. She admits she ran into Amanda and Imani, who will be thrilled to know he’s going to the party alone. Nate insists she’s focused on work. He suggests they have their own private celebration after she gets home from work later. They kiss.
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Across the hall, Amanda kisses Devon and lets him know she’s very proud of him. She knows Neil is smiling down, watching him and Lily build this amazing company together. Devon thanks her and says she’s a big part of it too. They marvel that they’re living together and embarking on this new adventure together too. Devon thinks tonight is going to change everything.

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Billy walks into Chancellor-Winter and ogles Lily’s launch dress. He’s the luckiest man in the world. She teases that she could do this job without him but it would be harder and a lot more boring. He chuckles. They don’t do boring. He presents her with a ring to always remember the night. It’s an amethyst that represents faithful love, “And that’s us.” It’s to show her how much he loves her and his commitment to her. “I’m letting go of the past and I’m going to focus on the future, with you.” Lily thanks him for prioritizing them. Billy tells her, “Tonight is going to change everything.”
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