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In Ashland’s suite, he tells Victor that Victoria is the one getting what she wants. Victor vows he won’t get away with taking his daughter away from her home. Ashland counters that she’s going with him of her own volition. “That is love.” Victor retorts, “That is bull.” He’s sure Victoria will soon become aware that Locke’s a human parasite. Victor regrets letting his wife call an ambulance when he suffered a heart attack in his living room. He should have let him croak.

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Victor chuckles when Ashland declares that love triumphs over everything. It’s a sham. Ashland muses that after the restraining order he thought there was nothing left for him in Genoa City, but then Victoria came to him and said she loved him. He informs the Mustache, “You blew it. You drove her away with your iron fist and your draconian methods, your conviction that only father knows best and your complete lack of respect for her intelligence and her independence.” It’s what drove her back into his arms. “You need to know this — you have no one to blame but yourself.” Victor tells him he’s a good talker and intones, “This is not over,” as he walks out.
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At Chancellor-Winters, Billy wants the truth from Victoria. “What does Ashland Locke have to do with you running out of town?” She admits he’s integral to her decision. Billy’s stunned when she reveals she’s forgiven him and says they’re leaving together. She reminds him his podcast was about redemption and he’s all about giving people second chances right now. Billy scoffs that Ashland ran out of second chances. Victoria thinks there’s room for forgiveness when someone shows true remorse, which Ashland has done. Billy can’t understand what kind of hold this guy has over her that she’d leave town and her kids. Victoria snaps, “What are you saying?” Billy wonders what she’ll tell the children — that’s she’s leaving with the man who lied to her for months? Victoria reminds him they don’t know about that. As far as they’re concerned, they’ve been together this whole time. Billy doesn’t want his kids anywhere near that monster.
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Adam jogs into the park and stops to text Victor to meet with him on important Newman business. Chelsea appears and teases him about having time to run during the day. He offers to help more with Connor if she’s overwhelmed. She’s fine but urges him to stop over to his son’s soccer practice. She turns serious and says he loves his new coach — she thinks he reminds him of Rey. Adam asks if she’s alright; the last time he saw her she was on edge. Chelsea assures she’s not falling apart if that’s what he’s thinking.

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Adam’s not worried about Chelsea going off the deep end, but he can tell when she’s troubled. Chelsea denies she’s “troubled” and goes on about how much she loves working with her new employer. Adam knows it’s been a tough time for both her and Connor. He wants to be sure she’s taking time for herself, that’s all. Chelsea rants that it’s never just “that’s all” with him and is complaining that she doesn’t need his help, when Kyle appears and asks, “Is there a problem?” Adam assures him they’re just discussing their son and muses about the Abbott being extra-vigilant these days, “Protecting Harrison must be first and foremost on your mind.” Kyle acknowledges this, so Adam informs him that Locke is leaving town. Kyle’s sorry if he doesn’t consider everything Adam says to be gospel. Chelsea snarks, “Wise man.” Adam goes off to see Connor on the soccer pitch and Chelsea assures a concerned Kyle that she’s alright and that Adam’s a good dad. Kyle thinks that’s great to hear — being a father is his first priority as well. He hopes he wasn’t over-stepping. Chelsea welcomed the interruption and offers to buy him a coffee for his chivalry. He accepts and off they go.
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At Crimson Lights, Sally runs into Summer, who marvels at her riding the wave of her wedding dress success all the way to the COO office at Newman Media. Sally says it was ambition — something they both have a lot of. “Wouldn’t you say?” Summer brings up how she conspired with Tara Locke to get her out of town and suggests her success is due to sleeping with the boss.
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Sally argues that Summer wanted the job in Milan and they both got what they wanted. Summer did want the job, but Italy was never where she was supposed to be. She stuns Sally by informing her that she’s coming back for good. “We’re moving Marchetti to Genoa City.” Sally rallies and says, “Good for you, Summer.” Summer runs down all of her blessings and concludes, “I guess you really can have it all.” Sally smiles, “I guess you can,” and then looks up as Kyle walks in laughing with Chelsea.
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Kyle greets his wife and ask if everything is okay. Summer notices Sally looks wary of Chelsea and explains that she and Sally were just getting reacquainted. Sally has to go but urges Summer to let her know if her fashion house needs a push from the media conglomerate she and Adam run. Once she’s gone, Summer tells Chelsea it’s good to see her — she and Kyle rescued her. Chelsea muses that there’s a lot of that going on today. Summer learns that her husband walked in on her and Adam arguing. Summer sensed that Sally was intimidated by Chelsea. The designer doesn’t want to gossip, but rants that Sally was the worst person to work with, and when she got her hooks into Adam — the boss — it became very uncomfortable. Summer’s not surprised. “She’s a world-class opportunist.” Chelsea is happy now working with Chloe and Lauren.

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Jack walks into Society and spots Diane sitting there. He keeps seeing her at all of his favorite spots and supposes she really is there to stay. She’ll stay as long as Kyle tells her she’s welcome and asks Jack to join her. He does, and they make small talk about the restaurants in town. Diane thinks they can do better than this and reminds him they have history together. Jack deadpans, “Most of it unpleasant.” Diane states, “Fine. We can just sit here in silence.” This doesn’t last and soon she’s talking about how much Harrison reminds her of Kyle as a boy. Jack’s drawn in and shares stories about the kid. Diane can’t wait for the boy to get to know his “Dee Dee” and gets Jack recalling the days when they co-parented a young Kyle — they had some good times by the pool. Diane recalls that Phyllis was always lurking around in the background. Jack angrily stands up and throws down his napkin. It was a mistake to join her; their history is too fraught to have pleasant conversation. Diane concedes she was out of line back then. “I’m sorry for who I was and what I did.” She apologizes for taking Kyle away from him and later abandoning him. “You deserved better than that.” She tears up over all the regrets she has and the amends she needs to make. “You are at the top of the list.” Jack softens and sits back down.
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At Chancellor-Winters, Billy and Victoria are bickering about the logistics of sharing custody when they’re living in two different places. Victoria will file a motion with the court to let them know she’s moving out of state. Billy will fight the motion; he’s not letting her take them away. “You’re not thinking rationally. Ashland Locke is a threat to our kids.” Victoria exclaims that he’d never harm their children. Billy fumes that Kyle and Summer took out a restraining order against him. Victoria says her father orchestrated it and that was the last straw for her. Victoria didn’t come there to ask his permission; she came to let him know, as a courtesy, what her plans are. She didn’t expect him to want to put them through a tug-of-war, but her expectations were too high. Billy follows her as she heads to the elevator and warns that Ashland Locke will hurt her again. He warns she can make her own mistakes, but he won’t allow her bad choices to affect their children. “I will fight you on this.” Victoria shoots him a look of outrage and storms off.
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At Newman Media, Adam thanks Victor for meeting him there. In light of Victoria’s decision, they should talk. “If she’s going to run off with Locke.” Victor says it’s not a matter of “if.” He just spoke to the bastard. The Mustache laments that his daughter has lost all her senses and vows, “I’m going to get that bastard if it’s the last thing I do.” Adam runs down how Victoria is self-destructing — Victor gave her every opportunity and she’s just throwing it away. He knows it must be painful for his father, especially given he viewed her as the heir apparent. Victor mutters, “Yep.” Adam doesn’t know how they can reach her. Victor’s coming around to Adam’s way of thinking and admits, “I just can’t get through to her.” He fears she’ll come back a broken woman and is getting involved in something that might be irreparable.

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At Crimson Lights, Summer asks Chelsea for details about her partnership and fashion line. Chelsea feels she’s being interviewed and asks what’s going on. Summer explains that Jabot is buying Marchetti and they’re relocating to Genoa City. They’re considering striking up a collaboration between Fenmore’s and Marchetti. They haven’t discussed it with Lauren yet. Chelsea’s intrigued and loves the idea of possibly working with her. Glancing at Kyle she adds, “With both of you.”
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At Society, Diane tells Jack that in LA she hid her past and couldn’t get close to anyone because of it. In Genoa City, she’s dodging grenades, but has to earn her companionship by facing her past head on. Talking to him today almost makes her feel normal and gives her hope for her future. “I have you to thank for that.”

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At Chancellor-Winters, Lily walks in chirping about the launch and Billy responds, “Yeah, that’s great.” She asks if something happened. Billy updates her on Victoria. “She’s forgiven Ashland Locke and is fleeing town with the man.” Lily’s taken aback, but thought Billy was taking a step back to let her live her life as she wants to. Billy argues that this is different. “I don’t want my kids anywhere near that monster.” Lily sighs, “Okay, honestly? Enough is enough.”

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At Newman Media, Victor’s convinced Victoria will fail. Adam thinks she may surprise them all. She’s resourceful and smart. “Who knows, maybe this is her destiny.” He muses that maybe it’s an opportunity for everybody — they can step out of their usual roles and get the chance to do something great. Victor smirks knowingly. “Maybe so.”
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At Ashland’s suite, he tells Victoria that her father stopped by and his fury was something to see. He didn’t intimidate him, but it was sad. Ashland saw the pain in his eyes at the thought that he might lose his daughter. Victoria shrugs that he drove her away. That’s what Ashland told him. He observes that her ties to her family run deep and warns her father will take advantage of that. Victoria feels that’s why they need to leave now. Ashland just wants her to understand this will be difficult. Victoria knows, and relays the only problem she has right now is Billy, who wants to fight her where the kids are concerned. Ashland sighs. He can’t let her risk losing her kids. Victoria is undeterred — Billy doesn’t have a leg to stand on and she’ll fight him back just as hard. She just hopes it doesn’t get too ugly.

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At Chancellor-Winters, Billy agrees with Lily that enough is enough. “I’m putting my foot down.” Lily wasn’t talking about Victoria, she was talking about him. “This is Victoria’s decision to make.” She complains that he knows Ashland isn’t a threat to his children. Billy argues he doesn’t want his children to find out how far Locke is willing to go. Lily blows up. “This isn’t about your kids! It’s about your inability to let go of Victoria!” She rants that he seizes every opportunity to rush to be her protector. She’s sick to the teeth of this push and pull routine and declares to the stunned Billy, “I will not put up with it any longer!”
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