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At Newman Enterprises, Nick and Victor fume about Victoria’s decision to “run away” with Ashland. Nick guesses he gave her a sob story about Harrison, and she fell for it. Victoria knows there’s nothing she can say to change their opinion. Victor tells his daughter she’s aligning herself with a liar and fraud. “He’s toying with you, sweetheart. Can’t you see that?!”

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Victor wants to know where Victoria intends to start her new life. She says they haven’t decided yet and wouldn’t tell them if she knew. She can take care of herself. Nick snarls at her about blowing off their concerns when they’ve stood by her. He recalls the night she was in the accident. Victoria reminds him that was the night Ashland saved her life. She can tell by Nick’s tone that he thinks she owes them and have the right to tell her what to believe and how to live her life. “I’m sorry to disappoint you, but that’s not going to work for me.”
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At Crimson Lights, Sharon welcomes Tessa and Mariah home with a hug and gushes that they’re glowing. Tessa mentions having a sore throat and Mariah reveals they did “all the shopping” in Paris. Sharon tells them Noah should be by later. She opens the scarf they brought her, and Mariah asks how she’s doing. Sharon misses Rey but is keeping busy. They marvel at Faith going off to college soon. Sharon explains it lifts her spirits to see her kids happy.
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At the park, Allie fills Noah in on her visit to the Jabot lab, which she calls “dazzling.” Ashley spent over an hour with her. She lets him smell the perfume sample on her wrist. He smiles, “It’s nice.” Allie laughs at herself geeking out over a lab and Noah thinks it’s nice to see her so happy. Talk turns to the big family she’s been thrust into. Allie’s getting used to it, but will never know why her father didn’t tell her about them. She wishes he’d brought them into her life a little earlier, but then feels badly for thinking of her dad like that. Noah reflects that his father and grandfather have butted heads a lot over the years too. His dad never tried to cut them off from their grandfather. He thinks Keemo would be glad the Abbotts have been so welcoming to her. Noah invites her to join him at Crimson Lights. She’d love to.
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At Crimson Lights, Mariah and Tessa show Sharon photos from Versailles. They thank her again and she explains Nick made all the arrangements. Talk turns to his concerns about Victoria and Sharon reveals that she and Ashland have split up. It happened a while ago but Sharon didn’t want to tell them before their wedding. Mariah hopes they find a way to work things out. Sharon doubts it — Victoria has learned he can’t be trusted. But she’ll be fine since she has her family around her.

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At Newman Enterprises, Nikki wants Victoria to give it time before leaving, but she won’t subject herself or Ashland to the family’s judgment. She tells her parents this wasn’t even Ashland’s idea, but Victor hollers that he’s adept at convincing her things are her idea. “Like the damn merger!” Victoria is offended that he doesn’t believe she can come up with an idea on her own and adds that Ashland was skeptical about her plan, knowing how difficult it would be for her to leave her family. Nick thinks his reluctance could be part of the act, but Victoria scoffs, “Come on, Nicholas, do you really think I’m that gullible?” Do they all think they’re so much smarter than her, when they all believed Ashland had cancer just as she did? Victoria reminds her father that he approved of Ashland more than anyone she’s ever dated. Victor snaps and slams his hand on the desk as he screams, “This man is a fraud! A total fraud!”
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Victor tolerated Locke for a while because he made Victoria happy, but when he was suddenly cured from an incurable disease, he knew something was off. Victoria explains that Ashland did something terrible and regrets it, but he is still the perfect man for her. Victor hollers that she couldn’t be more wrong. “You’re stubborn!” Victoria fumes, That attitude right there is why she’s leaving town. Victor booms, “I don’t like your attitude.” Victoria is done. Victor furiously warns that if she makes this decision, she’ll own it. He’s done nothing but protect her and made her the CEO of one of the biggest companies in the world and she’s doing what? “Going off with a fraud!” If she does this, it will be the biggest mistakes she’s ever made in her life. Victoria seethes, “Goodbye, dad,” and slams out. Nikki turns in her seat to stare with shock and concern at Victor, who crosses his arms and looks red-eyed.
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At the coffee house, Noah and Allie walk up to Mariah, Tessa and Sharon’s table. He teases that Allie’s the girl who crashed their wedding. He tells Allie that Mariah works at Jabot too, and Mariah learns that Ashley showed her around the lab, which left her gushing. Noah asks if anyone wants drinks and Mariah gives an elaborate order to annoy him. Mariah invites Allie to pull up a chair so they can get to know her better.

In the office, Victor complains to Nikki about Victoria going off with that scum. Nick recaps that they all tried to get through to her. Adam interjects if there’s anything he can do, please let him know. Victor thanks him and he exits. Nikki wonders if Ashland still wants the company. Nick figures if he cuts her loose he’ll do it in the cruelest way possible. Nikki can’t bear to hear that talk. Nick’s worried the only person who can convince Victoria that Locke is bad news is Ashland himself when he destroys her life again. Victor won’t allow that to happen. “I will not give up on our daughter.”

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Victoria enters Ashland’s suite, and he guesses it didn’t go well. She explains her family thinks she’s blinded by love and ungrateful. They has very little respect for her. Ashland figures they can’t understand her wanting to be with someone who hurt her so badly. Victoria argues that they understand forgiveness, they just want to decide who’s worthy of it. Ashland warns that Victor won’t let her go without a fight. “This is far from over. We’re going to have to be prepared for whatever comes next.”
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At Newman Media, Adam apologizes to Sally for being so cryptic in his text and asks her to shut the door. “This stays between us.” He explains that Victoria just called an emergency meeting and she declared her undying love for that creep. “We are getting exactly what we wanted!” Adam fills Sally in on Victoria’s declaration to the family, which he admits was “badass.” Sally asks, “Did Victor lose it?” Adam grins. “It was beautiful. I wish you could have been there.” They marvel over Victoria walking into the office and blowing up her career, saving them the trouble of doing it for her. Sally’s stunned to hear that she actually quit Newman. She asks if Nikki’s in charge or if Victor will step in. Adam has no idea, he’s just getting his popcorn to watch how it all plays out.
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At Crimson Lights, Nick greets the newlyweds and joins them, Sharon and Noah. Mariah and Tessa gift him with a beret and he puts it on and strikes a pose. They hand over a gift for Christian before heading upstairs. Noah has some work at New Hope and takes off as well. Sharon asks Nick why Victoria called the family meeting. Nick reveals that she’s taking Ashland back. Sharon’s jaw drops and she gasps.
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After hearing about the scene with Victoria off screen, Sharon grimaces. “That sounds like a nightmare.” Nick describes it as a reverse intervention in which Victoria gathered them to tell them she’s resuming her addiction. He feels Ashland is a master manipulator. Sharon thinks Nikki’s heart must be broken over it. She’s stunned to hear that Victoria also gave up the CEO seat at Newman. Nick wanted to see his sister find some independence from their dad, but this is not the way to do it.

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At the hotel suite, Victoria explains that her father always resents it when one of his children tries to strike out on their own. She thinks they should leave town now before he aims his anger at Ashland. Locke asks if she’s sure she wants to do this. Victoria is not only sure, she’s excited — no one looking over their shoulder or second-guessing them. “I can’t wait.” She suggests they go to New York and start their own empire. “We’ll be unstoppable.” Ashland is on board and was actually packed yesterday. He asks if he should call the pilot. Victoria replies that she has something very important to take care of before they go.

At Chancellor-Winters, Victoria wants to talk to Billy, who asks to do it later. She can’t… because she won’t be here. “I’m leaving town. I’m moving away.” Billy gawps, “What did you say?” She finally took his advice about getting out from under her father’s thumb. He finds it hard to believe this has anything to do with him and asks, “What’s going on?”
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At Newman, Nikki tells Victor that her calls to Victoria are going to voicemail. “What if she’s already gone?” Victor fumes that there’s not a place on earth that bastard can hide from him. He recaps that he paid Locke $500 million to leave their daughter alone. Nikki fears Locke will convince Victoria to cut them out of her life completely. Victor intones, “The hell he will,” and walks out.

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In their apartment, Mariah gives Tessa tea for her ailing vocal cords. Tessa wonders how she’ll live without this kind of treatment while she’s gone on tour. Mariah vows they’ll find ways to stay connected. They marvel that they’re going adopt a little person into their family. “How amazing is that?” Tessa smiles, “I love you.”
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At Crimson Lights, Sharon advises Nick not to try and change Victoria’s mind or talk badly about Ashland in front of her — she’ll just take it as a personal attack on her judgment. Nick grumps, “Well it is.” Sharon thinks he should just promise to be there for her no matter what.

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At Billy’s office, Victoria tells him she’s cutting ties. She’s leaving Genoa City and the company. Billy asks what the old man did this time. Victoria sighs. She just lost hope that he’s going to stop trying to run her life. “Better late than never, right?” Billy muses, “That depends.” He warns if this has anything to do with Ashland, they’re going to have a serious problem.

Ashland opens his suite door to Victor and tells him, “I’ve been expecting you.” Victor intones, “You think it’s going to be that easy?! You’re going to walk away with everything you want?! Think again.”
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