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At Newman Enterprises, Victoria asks Victor why Ashland paid him a visit — he wouldn’t do that unless provoked. Victor scoffs that he’s desperate and all over the place and turns the conversation to the spa trip. As Nikki goes on about the Swiss Alps, Victoria gets a text from Ashland: “I’ll never stop loving you.”

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In his hotel suite, Ashland gives up waiting for a response from Victoria, puts his phone in his pocket, and zips up his suitcase.

At Newman, Victoria lies to her parents that the text was from Mark in accounting. They try to convince her to come and spend the night at the ranch, or at least join them at Society for dinner, but she says she’s going home. After she’s gone, Victor and Nikki agree they didn’t believe any of that.
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At the Abbott mansion, Jack stews and paces. A knock comes at the door — it’s Phyllis. He tells her it isn’t a good time, but she wants to talk. It would be foolish to let this cause everything to fall apart. He lets her in. Phyllis apologizes to him, not for just what she said and did, but the aftermath with Diane, who has a permanent space in her head. She felt threatened by her. Jack calls that absurd. Phyllis knows, but the hatred goes back a long way. Jack levels, “You let your issues with Diane affect us.” Phyllis is sorry and realizes she pushed him into something he wasn’t ready for. When she saw Diane she thought, “Oh God, she’s going to go after Jack.” She feels all her progress went away. Jack agrees, “Yes! And it happened so quickly, so easily. That’s what I can’t get past!”

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Phyllis thinks Jack can get past this. He scoffs, “Because I’ve gotten past it so many times before?” It’s not exactly a selling point. Phyllis realizes she has a pattern and insists she can change and be a better person for him. Jack doesn’t want her to change. “I can’t do this.” He meant it when he said he’d almost rather die than be hurt again. She threw out the trust they built to get an edge on Diane. “You can’t change, and I can’t do this. I’m done!” Phyllis can’t believe it’s the end. Jack reiterates, “This is the end. Goodbye.” Just then, Summer and Kyle walk in, laughing, with Diane.
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In his suite, Ashland calls down to the front desk to say he’s preparing to leave and ensure that someone will actually be there. “The service in this hotel has been spotty at best.” He listens — and then snaps, “No, I have not enjoyed my time in Genoa City.” After disconnecting, Ashland tucks the restraining order in his jacket pocket. A knock comes at the door — it’s Victoria.

At Society, Victor learns that Victoria didn’t talk to Nikki about Locke on the trip. She doesn’t think her feelings for him have changed. Victor can’t understand how that bastard — that fraud — still has a hold on her. He updates Nikki that he convinced Kyle to take out a restraining order on him, so there’s nothing for him to do but leave town. Nikki hates to use the boy as a pawn. Victor denies that’s what’s happening. He admits he’s concerned that Victoria may still have feelings for him, though. “We have to stop them from crossing paths.”
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In Ashland’s suite doorway, he tells her he wasn’t bluffing about leaving town. She doesn’t think it’s like him to leave without saying goodbye in person. Ashland points out she was away and no one seemed to know when she’d be back. No one wants him there. Victoria notes that never bothered him before and asks, “What happened?” Ashland just can’t fight anymore. “I’ve lost. The Newmans win.” She wonders what that means and thought he was sticking around for Harrison. Ashland gawps, “You really don’t know, do you?!” He’s relieved to have it confirmed that Victor is behind this. He reveals that thanks to him and Michael he can no longer see his son. They convinced Kyle to file a restraining order against him. It has her father’s name all over it. He’s done nothing to warrant such a move, and yet a judge signed off on it immediately. He has no doubt Victor orchestrated this to get him to leave town. “He did the impossible. He got me to walk away… from you.”
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At the Abbott house, Jack excuses himself to make a call. Kyle notes that his father’s phone is still on the table. Diane smirks. Summer asks her mother, “Are you alright?” Phyllis is fine and explains she and Jack were going to go out for dinner and dancing, but he had other obligations. Diane notes, “He looked upset.” Phyllis has to go and will see them later. They all exchange looks as she walks out the door. Kyle goes to check on his dad, and Summer wonders what happened there. Diane shrugs, “How should I know?” Kyle reappears saying Jack wants to be alone. Summer leaves to check on her mom.

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In Ashland’s suite, he’s grateful Victoria is there so he can say goodbye to her in person. She sits and says, “Here I am.” He sits across from her and tells her she changed him. “You have made me an infinitely better man. Even though I’ve lost you, I will forever be grateful for our happier ties together. Besides Harrison you have been the only bright spot in my entire life.” His company never brought him the happiness he experienced with her. Their love was real. Victoria asks, “Why would I believe you?” Locke tears up. “You shouldn’t. I lied to you. I betrayed your trust.” He’ll continue to try and make amends by helping people and making contributions to charities. “I would do anything for you. I would give up anything for you. I would walk through fire for you.” She quips, “You already have.” He laughs. “I saved your life so you could be set free. Be happy and fulfilled… without me.” Ashland tells Victoria she’s better off without him. She wipes away tears. He says he’ll be gone soon, and she won’t have to cry over him ever again. Victoria explains she’s not crying because she wants him to leave. “I’m crying because I want you to stay.”
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At Society, Nikki blurts, “Oh God, I hate to see the two of them together,” when she sees Diane walk in with Kyle. She mutters that she might have to slap her again and Victor wants to hear the whole story. They head to the car. Victor and Nikki greet Kyle but not his mother as they exit. Diane tells her son the last time she saw Nikki she slapped her right across the face. Kyle gawps, “You kidding me?” Diane has given up trying to change some people’s minds about her — Phyllis is at the top of the list. “That woman will blame me for anything.” Kyle knows being there must be rough for her. She asks if he wants her to go.

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At the hotel, Phyllis tells Summer that Diane is pure, unadulterated evil. “You need to convince your husband that she’ll shatter his heart in a million pieces.” Phyllis intones that Diane must go back to Los Angeles. Summer can’t help without knowing what she’s done. Phyllis fumes, “That woman will ruin lives forever. Do. You. Understand?” With that, she gets up and walks away, entering the elevator as Summer calls, “Mom!”
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Traci arrives at the Abbott mansion and immediately senses something’s wrong with Jack. He tells her, “It’s Phyllis.” He tells his sister how amazing it was going and just when it seemed perfect, she broke it. “She ruined it all.” Jack rants about her embracing vengeance and welcoming chaos. It’s part of who she is. Traci asks, “It’s really over?” Jack confirms, “Oh yeah. It’s over before it began.” He cannot believe he’s here again. “It’s over. For good.” Traci gives him a hug.

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In Ashland’s suite, he moves to sit next to Victoria on the sofa. He wanted to believe she still had these feelings for him. She didn’t want to have them. She came there tonight to say goodbye to him once and for all. But she can’t bear it. Ashland knows exactly what she’s feeling. Victoria has taken stock of their entire relationship and realizes it can’t all have been a lie. “I believe you. Against my better judgement, I believe you. I think our love has changed you.” As much as she’s tired, Victoria can’t erase the love they have; it’s too powerful. “And I’m never, ever going to run away from it again.” Ashland gasps.
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At Society, Diane tells Kyle she’ll put up with whatever she has to in order to be with him. Kyle thinks they’re on the right track, unless she gives him reason to doubt her sincerity. Just then, Summer walks in and wants to talk to Kyle alone. Diane takes off. Summer informs her husband that her mother seems on the brink of a break down… because of Diane. Kyle knows the bad blood runs deep and is hard to let go of. Summer thinks she may have a way to diffuse her mom for a while…

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At the Abbott mansion, Jack tells Traci he’s glad it didn’t go any farther and he’ll never be in that position again. Traci knows he’s a romantic who loves with his whole heart and that it hurts. “I’m here for you, whatever you need.” Jack clasps her hand and shakes his head.
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In her suite, Phyllis stews until she gets a call from Daniel. She misses him so much. “You should call your mother more often.”
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In Ashland’s suite, he wants so much for this to be true — to have the reunion he’s dreamed of. It won’t be easy; the whole town is against them. Victoria says they’ll have to do things differently. He tries to kiss her, but she pulls back. She wants to be sure she’s doing things for the right reasons this time. Ashland agrees. “We love each other, I can’t think of a better reason.” Victoria says it will take time to build the trust between them and heal. Ashland is willing to wait. “Take all the time you want. You are definitely worth waiting for.” She was hoping he would say that, “Because I don’t want to lose you ever again.”
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