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In the hotel lobby, Summer pleads with Phyllis not to run away from her and asks what she meant that she screwed things up with Jack. “Please, just tell me what’s going on?!” Amanda walks up and Phyllis tells Summer she has to get to work. “We’ll talk later.” Amanda asks, “Is everything alright?” Phyllis shoots Summer a look. She assures her friend it’s nothing; she and Jack just had a small argument. Phyllis begs off from her daughter and Summer shakes her head.

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At the Abbott house, Jack admits to Kyle that he and Phyllis had a disagreement. Kyle thinks it was more than just a little spat and wonders what went sideways. He recalls Jack was questioning the timing the other day and asks, “Did something else happen?” Jack insists it’s nothing to be concerned about and turns the conversation to Jabot acquiring Marchetti. He’s looked everything over and feels it’s the right move for them. Kyle’s thrilled. Jack reminds Kyle that the board will have to approve, but he’ll get the ball rolling. Kyle marvels that so much has changed. They loved living in Milan but there’s nothing like being around family. Jack muses that the Abbott house is starting to feel like a home again.
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At Crimson Lights, Allie and Diane invite Traci to join them. She does, and learns that Allie is falling in love with Genoa City and wants to stay longer. Diane pipes up to tell Traci, “I’m thinking of sticking around myself.” Talk turns back to how much Allie’s enjoying herself at the Abbott home and she opens up that Los Angeles reminds her of her dad. Traci knows what grieving looks like. Allie doesn’t want to overstay her welcome and has to think about the future. Traci invites her to stay as long as she wants to. Diane crows that Jack must be over the moon with Allie, Kyle and Harrison all under his roof. Traci shoots her a look and reiterates that they’re all very happy to have Allie in their lives.

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At Newman Enterprises, Victoria is glad Nikki agreed to come home early so they could make it to the finance meeting. Nikki wonders if something’s going on. She was quiet at the spa and hasn’t talked to her about anything but work since they left for Switzerland. She has to know. “Were you able to get Ashland out of your system?” Victoria stands up abruptly and announces she feels jet lag setting in. Undeterred, Nikki wants her to be honest, “Did it work?” Victoria finally admits that she did some thinking in Europe and concluded that she’s been running away from her feelings because they’re messy. She has to learn to live with that, and she’s accepted that, but they haven’t. They think they’ll have to save her from herself, and she feels she’s being micro-managed so she won’t discuss it with anyone. “Not even you.”
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In his suite, Ashland takes a swig of his drink and answers the door to a process server, who hands him an envelope. He opens it and finishes his drink before heading out.

At the hotel, Amanda wants Phyllis to tell her what happened with Jack. Phyllis explains Diane goaded her into something she shouldn’t have done. She engaged in PDA with Jack just to stick it to Diane. They argued about it and Jack walked in and heard everything. Amanda declares that this is bad. Phyllis agrees. She becomes unhinged over how Diane gets to her. She knows how to take any insecurity she has and exploit it. Phyllis didn’t want to hurt Jack, but it felt good to throw it in Diane’s face. Amanda hopes she can convince him she didn’t mean it. Phyllis hopes so, but she feels horrible about doing that to Jack. “I detest Diane Jenkins. I detest that woman.”
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At Crimson Lights, Diane makes a face when Traci offers for Allie to tour the lab at Jabot where Keemo was a chemist. Allie would love that and admits she wants to learn more about the family she never knew she had and the dad she thought she knew.

Summer arrives at the Abbott mansion as Kyle and Jack are going over paperwork. Jack takes off and Summer reports that her mother admitted she screwed things up with Jack somehow, but then backpedaled. Kyle says his dad was acting weird too. Summer concludes there’s definitely something wrong. Kyle thinks his father is concerned about getting hurt again, and suggests they stay out of it. “Besides, you and I are about to get very busy.” Summer learns that Jack’s on board with buying Marchetti and is overjoyed. They hug and Summer enthuses, “We’re coming home!” She’s sure Kyle will nail the presentation to the board. Kyle wants her help. Summer and Kyle gush about raising Harrison around family. Just then, Kyle gets notification that Ashland’s been served. He hopes they haven’t poured gasoline on a fire.
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At Newman Enterprises, Nikki watches Victoria work and texts Victor that they’re at the office and she’s not sure their trip worked.

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At Newman Media, Victor reads Nikki’s text and then gets a call. He says, “Send him in.” Ashland enters and accuses the Mustache of being behind the restraining order. Victor won’t deny it, the boy needs protection from him. Locke argues he’s done nothing to deserve this over-the-top reaction. Victor warns him not to violate the order or he’ll end up in jail, then adds, “Come to think of it, why don’t you violate it.” He’d love to see him behind bars. Victor reminds Ashland he warned him not to cross him, so now he’s suffering the consequences. Locke pleads that he was changed by his love for Victoria and Victor orders him to stop the sentimental crap with him. “You’re not sorry, you don’t understand the meaning of the word remorse, do you?!” Ashland insists he’s sorry, but Victor rails that he ensnared his daughter and now he wants to use the innocent boy as a reason to stay in town. He won’t allow. “Take the money I gave you and get the hell out of town!” he rages.

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At the hotel, Amanda tells her to stop blaming Diane and take ownership of that she did. Phyllis sighs. She’s doing everything she swore she wouldn’t do. “But it’s Diane who’s making me do this. Diane is making me revert to my old ways.” Amanda suggests they view this as a momentary slip and asks how she left things with Jack. Phyllis explains they argued, and she walked out when Kyle and Summer showed up. Amanda hopes she’s going to fix this after everything she’s gone through to get here.

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At Crimson Lights, Noah walks over to talk to Allie, Traci and Diane. He heard Kyle’s mom was back in town. He introduces himself. Allie and Noah start talking about their favorite podcast and disagree on what the most recent episode was about. They banter, so Traci urges them to go sort it out. She and Diane have some things to discuss. Allie and Noah walk off and Traci smiles to Diane, who wonders if something is budding between Jack’s granddaughter and Noah Newman. Traci isn’t sure. Diane recalls as soon as she met Allie she knew it would be good for Jack to know her. Traci has already thanked her for that. Diane shares that she apologized to the girl for manipulating her. Traci’s glad to hear Allie didn’t pull any punches. She tells Diane she’s doing all the right things and urges her to keep it up.
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On the patio, Noah and Allie continue their debate about the podcast. He asks what goals she’s setting for herself. She has no clue, which is why she hasn’t gone back to California. For the first time in her life, she doesn’t know what’s coming next. Her father dying and finding out she had a whole other family threw everything off course. She’s rethinking everything. Noah sympathizes. He’s picked up and moved his life before and it’s not easy. They joke some more about their different approaches to life. Noah suggests they compromise on the episode of the Grinning Soul, but Allie tells him jokingly, “Nah, I’m still right. You missed the point entirely.”

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At Newman Media, Ashland will give up trying to convince Victor he’s redeemable but warns that his daughter still loves him. “We have a bond.” The more Victor tries to tell her how to feel, the more she’ll come to resent her father for driving him away. Victor intones that they’ll be fine. He again tells Locke to take his money and get out. Ashland exits and pauses outside the office door looking thoughtful before leaving.

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Victor arrives at Newman Enterprises and lovingly greets Nikki as Victoria walks into the office behind him. He reports that Ashland paid him a visit and their troubles may soon be over. Victoria fumes, “Dad, what have you done now?!”
In his suite, Ashland flashes to Victor telling him to take his money and get out of town before starting to pack.

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