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At the Abbott mansion, Jack opens his door to Phyllis and tells her he’ll talk to her later. Phyllis walks on in and wants to explain what he heard earlier. Jack thinks she spelled it out crystal clear — she was marking her territory to throw it in Diane’s face. Phyllis argues that Diane is putting thoughts in his head — hers too — she’s manipulating them. She pleads with Jack not to let her have that power over him. “Please, Jack.”

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Phyllis claims she only told Diane what she did to shut her up, but Jack argues that they both know it wasn’t a thoughtless remark in the heat of the moment. Phyllis exclaims, “That’s exactly what it was!” Jack knows she arranged for them to come down the elevator after making love and run into Diane. It was tawdry. Either she tells him the truth of he’s not sure they’ll get past this. Phyllis is aghast.
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At Crimson Lights, Summer and Kyle discuss Harrison having a good time at Nick’s place with Christian. Kyle thinks it’s a good place for him while they wait for the restraining order to be served. Just then, Diane walks in and announces she’s glad she found them because she has a confession to make. She sits down and explains that she ran into Jack and Phyllis in the park earlier and made a comment about them thinking of moving back to Genoa City. They don’t see the problem. Diane adds that Ashland was there and heard her. Summer didn’t even realize they knew each other. Kyle tells his mother that Locke is bad news. She assures that he came clean about all the terrible things he’s done, and she informed him that she won’t be interceding on his behalf where Harrison’s concerned.

At Newman Media, Adam is brooding when Sally walks in, excited about a deal she closed. Adam doesn’t react as she’d hoped, and she asks what’s wrong. Adam tells her their plan to get Ashland and Victoria back together has hit a snag. Victoria just got back so it seemed as though it was just a matter of time, but something interfered. Sally asks, “What?” Adam replies, “My father.” He fills her in on the restraining order being served on Ashland, and Sally wonders how Summer gets away with doing things like that and she’s deemed the “mean girl.” Adam worries that Locke is already planning his route out of Genoa City. Sally insists they’ll come up with something more clever to prove he’s the only one who should be running Newman Enterprises. Adam grins.
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In their apartment, Elena and Nate kiss ahead of him leaving for a meeting at the hotel about the launch. Elena inquires as to who will be joining him and is pleased to hear it should only be him, Devon and Lily.
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At the hotel, Imani joins Lily, who says she didn’t know she was going to be at the meeting. Imani offers to go work in the restaurant so as not to disturb her, but Lily wants the company and invites her to have a seat.

Nate arrives at Devon’s place, and they talk business until Amanda appears. Nate asks if she’s joining them. Amanda will meet them at the Grand Phoenix later for the meeting. In the hall, Amanda runs into Elena by the elevator. They discuss the launch meeting and Elena asks Amanda to join her for coffee if she has time.

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At Crimson Lights, Kyle’s glad his mother could see Locke was planning to manipulate her and reveals they just took out a restraining order against him. Diane makes a face. She can’t help but feel a certain amount of sympathy for the guy, who seems to genuinely care for Harrison. Summer points out you can love someone and still be toxic to their life. Amanda appears and greets Summer. She says to Kyle “This must be your mother.” Diane beams. “Do you see the family resemblance?” Amanda heard she was in town. “I’m friends with Phyllis.” Diane replies, “Ah. Sadly, I’m not.”
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At the Abbott mansion, Phyllis isn’t making excuses and tells Jack she’s calling Diane out for who she is — she won’t apologize for that. Jack intones, “This is not about Di…” Phyllis screams in frustration, “It is about Diane! It’s all about Diane!”
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Jack’s eyes widen. Phyllis hollers at him — has he forgotten the history between them?! Yes, she was staking her claim and showing her they were solid. Jack fumes that she showed everyone in hearing distance that their relationship was nothing more than a weapon to use against an old flame! Phyllis denies it and cannot believe he is saying these things about her. Jack recounts how they were settled into friendship and then she changed her mind when Diane came to town. He heard her say she accelerated things with him to shove it in Diane’s face. “You didn’t say those words?!”

On the coffee house patio, Elena and Amanda talk about Devon throwing himself into parenting Dom. Elena says Nate’s all in with his new job. Amanda compliments his contributions and shares he’s been thriving. Elena misses him at the hospital but loves hearing about his new job. She manages to work Imani into the conversation, so Amanda assures that they have very little interaction and she’s told her sister that Nate is off limits. “If that’s a concern for you.” Elena insists she’s not threatened by Imani. Amanda knows she’s bold, but she doesn’t think she’d ever cross the line. Elena’s only real competition is his new job. Amanda confides that Devon and Dom are in their own little world, but she loves seeing this side of him. Elena decides she’ll relax and share in Nate’s joy.
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At the hotel, Imani shares an idea with Lily, who asks what Amanda thinks. Imani muses that her sister is a little more conservative in her thinking. Lily makes it clear she trusts Amanda implicitly; that’s why she wanted her on the team.

In his apartment, Devon and Nate meet with a woman named Gwen who’s concerned about the merger and reassures her. Nate seconds that. Devon hopes she’ll stay on board. Gwen promises to be at the launch party and takes off. Once alone, Devon asks Nate why he didn’t speak up when he had something to say. Nate was going to make some suggestions, but the timing didn’t seem right. Devon appreciates him pulling back, but does want to hear his ideas. They decide to head to the Grand Phoenix.
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Allie arrives at Crimson Lights and asks Summer and Kyle where Harrison is. She learns he’s at Nick’s and jokes he has a busier social life than she does. Diane appears and asks Allie to stay and catch up. Allie tells Summer and Kyle she’ll see them back at the house.

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At the Abbott house, Phyllis insists to Jack that what they have is real. Jack demands to know why she changed her mind about them being together. Phyllis has a lot of reasons. Jack thinks it’s a lot of rationalizing. Phyllis loves being around him, likes what they have, and likes that he still likes her even when she’s irrational. Jack informs her she can talk all day, but they can’t get around the fact that she held him at a distance for months and something changed that. Phyllis can’t understand why it matters. She admits Diane coming to town helped her put things in perspective. She’s happy and asks, “Aren’t you happy? Please don’t tell me you want to give up on us now.” Summer and Kyle come in and wonder if they interrupted something. Phyllis has to get back to the hotel and asks Jack to come but he says, “Don’t let me keep you.” Phyllis walks out. Summer goes after her and Kyle asks his father, “Want to tell me what’s going on?”
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Jack assures Kyle that he and Phyllis will work through their issue. Talk turns to Diane and Kyle update his father that she already told them she’d made Ashland’s acquaintance. He can tell his dad is still thinking about Phyllis and asks again if he wants to talk about it. Jack mutters about Phyllis being unpredictable before taking a work call. Kyle looks concerned.

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At Crimson Lights, Diane apologizes to Allie for blind-siding her. “It wasn’t a very nice thing to do and I’m sorry.” Allie says it’s okay, but then decides it’s not. It was self-serving of her. But she decided to come to Genoa City and get to know her family and so far, it’s been good. Diane wouldn’t have introduced her to her grandfather without knowing he’d react favorably. Allie retorts that it doesn’t change how she went about it — she did it to get something out of it. Diane admits that’s true. They discuss what a wonderful couple that Summer and Kyle make. Diane is relived that he found that magic against all odds. She gushes about Harrison and hopes he’ll soon know she’s his grandmother. “He’s going to call me Dee Dee.” Allie hope it was worth it for her to become a part of their lives. Diane feels a sense of responsibility to Allie and wants to ensure she has all that she needs. Allie tells Diane if she needed something she’d be more apt to ask the Abbotts than her. Diane questions, “Really? You don’t strike me as the kind of person who would want to draw attention to yourself.” Diane hopes she’ll accept her as a friend one day. Allie stares at her stone-faced.
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At Newman Media, Sally thinks Adam embodies all the essential qualities of a CEO. Adam complains about how many times his father has dangled the CEO title and then pulled it away. Sally says the next time it happens he’ll succeed because now he has her. “We are unbeatable.” Adam agrees, “Yes we are.” Sally declares they just need to come up with a spectacular plan B to get him in the CEO chair. But they have time; they’re not desperate. They’ll need to appreciate what they have while keeping their eye on the prize. Adam kisses her.
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At the hotel, Lily and Imani discuss what a great addition Nate has been to the team. Amanda walks in as Imani enthuses that she’s a big fan of his. “There’s just something about Nate that makes you feel you can trust him with your life.”

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Later, Nate and Devon join the meeting and Amanda shakes her head as Imani gushes over Nate’s ideas. She calls her aside and warns her again to ease up on Nate. “You have made your interest known repeatedly and it stopped being cute a long time ago.” Imani retorts, “No one asked your opinion.” Amanda raises her eyebrows. She’s had enough of her advice and notes they’re all adults and get to make their own choices. “You may be my sister but you’re not my conscience so back off.” Amanda fumes as Imani rejoins the meeting and offers to help with Nate’s video footage.
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Phyllis opens her suite door to Summer, who realizes her mother was hoping she was Jack. She explains the tension between them was obvious and asks her to spill. Phyllis tries to blow it off as nothing, but Summer presses her to tell her what’s going on. Phyllis irritably asks her to drop it. Summer won’t until she tells her what’s going on. Phyllis doesn’t want to get into this with her, but admits something is very wrong. “I screwed up.”
Phyllis I screwed up Y&R

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