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At the Abbott house, the doorbell rings and Summer tells Kyle, “He’s here.” They’re doing what needs to be done. They open the door to Victor, who notes this was once enemy territory. He asks if his grandson is around. Summer loves hearing him refer to Harrison that way. They explain that he’s not there because they want to talk about Ashland Locke.

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Kyle tells Victor they’ve decided to protect their son and get a restraining order. Victor’s pleased to hear it, as then Locke won’t have any reason to stay in town. Kyle cautions he’s not making this decision out of revenge. Victor had Michael Baldwin draw up the papers and he’ll send it in as soon as he tells him too. He can have it done before dinner. Kyle asks Victor to slow down… they first have to prepare Harrison for what’s about to happen. He still has an attachment to Ashalnd and Kyle isn’t willing to rush into this — it will cause him great distress. Victor argues that Locke brought this all on himself and he doesn’t want to see him use Harrison as a pawn. Kyle asks if they really think he’s capable of that. Victor and Summer insist he is. She warns that Ashland has already talked about bringing in lawyers so they should beat him to the punch. Kyle decides they’ll move forward. Victor suggests that when Diane hears they’re not returning to Milan, she’ll present a problem as well. He can have Michael draw up the same paperwork for her.
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At Society, Adam walks in and spots Ashland, who he calls Genoa City’s least favorite glutton for punishment. He needles, “Is this your office now?” Locke asks, “Don’t you have someplace else to be?” Adam’s waiting for his food and jokes that there’s a long line of people waiting outside to insult him. Ashland thinks he’s jealous that no one’s focused on him anymore. Adam is on the radar of all the people who matter to him when he manoeuvred him out of the family business. Ashland wonders what they did to thank him — it seems he’s in exactly the same position. Adam counters that Locke lost his company and his wife. Why is he still there? Ashland assures he’s not there for revenge. Adam mocks him for staying in town for love while Victoria’s gone off to a Swiss spa. Ashland is certain she’s still in charge and warns Adam not to get any ideas. He figures Adam’s trying to convince him not to stay in Genoa City, but Victoria will be back. Locke goes on about her business prowess, but needles that Chancellor-Winters will wipe Adam’s Newman Media division off the map. They continue to spar verbally and Ashland tells Adam to give up on trying to get him to leave. He wonders if Adam’s scared that Victoria might actually take him back. Adam doubts he’ll ever get her to forgive him. Ashland intones, “Watch me.”
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At Crimson Lights, Jack noticed Phyllis’ good mood. She reports it’s because she hasn’t been distracted by that woman who shall remain nameless. As she takes Jack’s hand and looks in his eyes, Diane walks in. Jack talks about where they should go on their trip and Phyllis plants a huge kiss on him. Diane approaches and questions if the smooch was for her benefit. She thinks she’s brought the spirit of love back to town. She thinks the timing is uncanny that as soon as she returned, they fell in love. Jack steps away to take a call and Phyllis tells Diane she wants to get something straight with her right now. “Jack hates you.” He puts up a front around Kyle, but when his son is gone, it’s shocking to her how much he hates her. Diane thinks it’s flattering how intense his feelings for her are, and reminds Phyllis that most of their history is good. Jack reappears and Phyllis suggests they take their celebration elsewhere. Diane rolls her eyes as she pulls him out the door. Once alone, Diane stews until she gets a text and fumes, “Dammit Phyllis,” and takes off.
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In Phyllis’ hotel room, she runs her hands over Jack and starts undressing him. She feels so positive because they made love. “We took it slow, but now this is where we are. We deserve this, Jack.” Jack has to ask if this sudden brazenness has to do with Diane. Phyllis denies it, but Jack wants to know if she’s getting under her skin. Phyllis admits her coming to town may have made her see what was really there. “We are endgame.” They fall onto the bed.

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At the Abbott house, Kyle tells Victor he doesn’t want a restraining order on his mother, who has respected his wishes. He doesn’t know what Ashland will do. Victor asks if he’s staying in town because of his mother. Summer interjects that there are other reasons. Kyle clarifies that he hasn’t given up on his mother and tells Victor that it’s not going to happen. Victor heads out to give Michael his marching orders, but not before complimenting Kyle. “You’ll be a much better father than Ashland Locke will ever be.”
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At Society, Adam texts Sally that Ashland is more determined than ever to win Victoria back. She responds with two thumbs up. Nearby, Ashland gets a text from someone that the nanny is taking Harrison to the park alone. Adam notices his expression and asks, “Good news?” Ashland replies, “Good news, yes,” and walks out.

At Newman Media, Adam’s surprised to find Victor in the office and admits he’s worried his father is there because he’s made a regime change. Victor wonders what makes him think that and Adam says he’s been listening to that Grinning Soul podcast who says the business elites are all corrupted by power. Victor thinks he’s an idiot. Adam thinks Billy Abbott was onto something with the podcast. He had the same idea for Newman. Victor told him to run with it. Adam reminds him that was before he was replaced by Nikki. Victor asks him to stop whining about that.

At the Abbott house, Michael hands Kyle the paperwork to look over and then steps away to take a call. Summer assures Kyle it’s the right thing to do. Kyle hopes so. Summer reminds her husband he’s despicable and used Harrison as part of his scam. Kyle is just worried about how this will affect his son. Summer is concerned too, but they have to protect him. “We can’t let Ashland put anymore lies or poison in his head.” Kyle decides she’s right.

At the park, Ashland greets Harrison heartily and explains to the nanny that he’s the boy’s other father. He offers to let her have a break — he’d love to have some alone time with Harrison.
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At the Grand Phoenix, Diane rants to an employee about her mail not being forwarded to the Athletic Club. She thinks it must be a terror working for Phyllis, who appears behind her with Jack, still pulling themselves together after sex as they leave the elevator. Phyllis spots Diane and undoes her blouse for extra effect. Diane tells her she’s a piece of work and demands her mail. Phyllis points to it and tells her, “Get it and get out.” Diane needs to go through it first. Jack pulls Phyllis aside to question why they had to get dressed and come down. “The timing is sort of interesting.” Phyllis asks, “Are you saying I planned this?!” She wouldn’t do that. Jack wonders if she’s trying to impress her or mark her territory and adds, “Your blouse is till unbuttoned.” Phyllis loudly tells him he was amazing as he kisses her and leaves. Phyllis orders Diane to stop filling Jack’s head with suspicions. Diane snarks that he’s not stupid and can see what Phyllis is up to. The relationship isn’t solid, so she’s feeling insecure and lashing out at her. Phyllis hollers that Diane will never ever have a romantic relationship with Jack. He ran out of there to get away from her. Diane doesn’t think it was her he was trying to get away from.
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Outside the hotel, Jack thinks of all the signs pointing to Phyllis romancing him to stick it to Diane.

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At Newman Media, Victor urges Adam to do his own podcast if that’s what he wants or create his own streaming platform. Adam argues Victoria will shut it down. Victor intones, “Make it so damn profitable that she can’t.” He updates Adam that Ashland will soon be out of town and things will be back to normal. Adam might be more motivated if Victor shared his plans with him. Victor explains it’s already in motion. With Victoria out of town there was only one reason for him to stay — Harrison. A restraining order has been filed. Adam thinks Locke could fight it. Victor reminds him that he doesn’t want his cancer scam to become public knowledge. Adam thinks this is coming at the boy’s expense. Victor feels he’ll be better off and concludes there is no reason now for Ashland to stay in town.
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At the park, Ashland is inviting Harrison to go feed the ducks when Kyle and Michael appear. Kyle sends the nanny off with the boy to get ice cream and Harrison asks if “father” can come. Ashland lets the kid down kindly and he and the nanny leave. Locke tells Kyle he didn’t realize he needed to bring a lawyer to the park but if that’s how he wants to play it, next time he’ll bring an army of lawyers. Kyle informs him they’ve filed a restraining order against him. Ashland gawps, “You can’t be serious.” Kyle tells him he can no longer have contact with Harrison.
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Ashland informs Michael that his lawyers will chew him up and spit him out in court. Michael looks forward to hearing him tell the judge how he lied to a small child that he was dying of cancer. Ashland appeals to Kyle — he’s punishing Harrison for his actions; something he’s already apologized for. Kyle declares they are protecting Harrison. “I don’t want you anywhere near my son ever and if you really love him and want to protect him from heartache you will leave.” Locke protests but Kyle’s made up his mind. Locke declares, “This is monstrous.” Kyle replies, “No Ashland. You are.”
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Outside the hotel, Jack is still deep in thought. Inside, Phyllis lets Diane know that she and Jack just had sex upstairs. Diane congratulates her on her tacky display. “Is that really such an accomplishment for you?” She needles that deep down, Phyllis knows this is the closest she’ll ever get to happiness. “You can get them into bed, but you can’t keep them.” Phyllis admits she accelerated her relationship with Jack to throw it in Diane’s face. Jack walks in as Phyllis screams that she was marking her territory and it feels good! Phyllis notices the appalled Jack in the doorway and Diane shoots her a smug look.
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