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At the penthouse, Abby wheels Dom in and tells Devon and Amanda how excited the boy is about spending a few days with them. They go over how perfect he is and how well his recovery is going.

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At Crimson Lights, Nick is glad to see Sharon smiling. She’s staying busy and with Ashland Locke and Diane Jenkins traipsing through there, she’s certainly had diversions. Nick learns she said what she had to and got a few things off her chest. Chance comes in and asks to have a word with Sharon. They sit down together. Nick listens as he congratulates her on the success of the wedding. “Did you ever hit the dance floor?” She didn’t, but hopes to soon get to the point where doing things that remind her of Rey will bring her joy. Chance shares that he spoke to one of his teammates in Spain’s wives and assures her that things do get better. Sharon tears up about how difficult it’s been but she has a great support system. Chance reminds her he and Abby are included in that. She thanks him for planning the GCPD memorial for Rey. Chance can’t help but worry about her. Sharon assures that Rey’s spirit is with her and she’s doing okay. “What about you?” Chance feels the same way. Sharon knows Rey always believed things would turn around for Chance. He’s working on closing all Rey’s cases as a tribute. Sharon thinks it’s a nice way to honor him.
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Elena arrives at home, where Nate is glad to see her before he leaves. They go over how many long hours they’ve both been working. Nate wants to schedule a sexy date night this weekend. Elena scoffs, “This weekend? Sounds good.” He tells her he’ll let her get some rest and will try to come and see her before her next shift.

In her suite at the GCAC, Diane looks at her framed photo of her, Jack and Kyle and then texts Kyle to meet her for lunch. He’s too busy with meetings, so she texts Jack to see if he’s free… but deletes it before sending and walks out the door.

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At the penthouse, Amanda asks Devon about the dynamic with his sister and cousin. Devon thinks it will take some getting used to making decisions by committee. Amanda admits it’s been tricky working with her sister as well, given that originally, they were supposed to be partners.
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In Crimson Lights, Imani runs into Nate and tells him how impressed she was with his proposal — she admires forward thinkers. She hopes Devon will see it. Between the two of them, she finds Devon and Amanda to be a little conservative. New ideas and energy is needed. “Why not flaunt it? What’s the worst that could happen?

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At home, Elena dreams of Imana asking Nate to join her in the shower and wakes up rattled.
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At Society, Abby’s perturbed to see Diane in her restaurant and isn’t surprised she’s dining alone. Diane reports that she’s sticking around since Kyle asked her to spend more time together. Abby feels he’ll come to regret that decision. Diane relays that she relocated to the Genoa City Athletic Club on Kyle’s dime… at his insistence. Abby reminds her that not everyone is consumed with what she’s doing… they just think she’s a terrible person. Diane gives the blonde an apology, but Abby’s feelings about her will never change. Diane asks her to think of Kyle. Abby will restrain herself in his presence, but otherwise she’ll be as hostile as she wants.
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At Crimson Lights, Imani spots Elena arriving and calls her over. “Why are you looking at me that way?” Elena decides she’ll join her. They get to talking about Chancellor-Winters. Imani enthuses about the “potential for the future” and muses that she can’t “wait to see where it all leads.” Elena is thrilled to be at Nate’s side for it all. Amanda arrives and thanks Elena for easing their worries about their mother. Imani echoes the sentiment. Elena excuses herself and leaves. Amanda side-eyes her sister and says, “Imani, I thought we talked about this. What the hell are you doing?” Imani insists she didn’t do anything. Amanda feels she still hasn’t gotten the message that Nate is off-limits. Just then, she remembers she forgot her flashdrive at home. She’ll meet her at the office later but asks her to please take to heart what she said about Nate. Imani’s just having fun and tells Amanda to relax — she has no agenda when it comes to Nate.
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At Devon’s place, he meets with Nate and Billy about the launch. Nate asks if they read his proposal on some future ventures they could announce at the launch. Devon doesn’t think they should reveal everything they’re doing before the even get out of the gate. Nate thinks they should be bold and open, but Devon argues the point. Nate insists they should take advantage of having the attention of the press. Billy sides with Devon but suggests a compromise. Devon and Nate agree.

On the coffee house patio, Sharon tells Nick what a nice gesture it is for Chance to close Rey’s cases. Nick reminds her it was the anniversary of Cassie’s death a few days ago. Since she hasn’t brought it up yet, he’s worried this is affecting her more than he expected. Sharon reflects that every year she’s flooded with memories and anger at the way she died. It occurred to her that she’s now been gone longer than she was with them… how did that happen? Nick says it still feels like yesterday. It was all too much for Sharon the other day, so she tried to compartmentalize and get moving. She decided not to talk about the anniversary because she had to get through that one day. Nick understands. He’s glad she’s coming through this and asks if there’s anything else he can do. Sharon would like to go to Cassie’s grave with flowers and talk to their girl. She asks if he’ll go with her and he reaches for her hand.
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At Society, Abby complains to Billy about Diane being in her restaurant and updates him that Kyle asked her to stick around and is footing the bill for her at the GCAC. Billy shrugs that maybe she’s changed and will surprise them. Abby gets that he’s in the “second chance camp” but he’s giving her more credit than she deserves. Billy will own it if he’s wrong. He walks over and approaches Diane’s table. She snarks, “Oh great, more Abbott attitude to go with my lunch.” Billy is all out of attitude and asks to join her. Abby frowns in their direction.

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Abby gets a text and walks outside where Chance is waiting. She asks why he didn’t come in. He pulls her into a passionate kiss. Inside, Diane is pleased that Billy’s not being judgemental. He’s not forgotten what she did, but wants to know what she intends to do. Diane relays that Summer and Kyle may be moving back from Italy, which is why her son asked her to stay. She’ll be there as long as he wants her to be. Billy’s concerned about how Jack will react. Diane says Jack’s not happy she’s there but is supportive of Kyle’s wishes. She recalls that when they met he wasn’t the reliable or paternal type… he’s come a long way and she admires that. Diane would like to become like him. Billy urges her not to compare herself to anyone else. Diane wonders if he’d put in a good word for her. Billy thinks if redemption is possible for him, then it’s possible for others. He won’t change his tune unless she gives him a reason to. Outside, Chance tells Abby he got a lead on one of Rey’s cases. She’s proud of him and knows Rey is too.
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Amanda arrives at home and listens to Devon talking to Dom about family in the baby monitor. She heads upstairs to see her “two favorite guys.”

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At home, Nate tells Elena about his disagreement with Devon, which got pretty tense. She asks if things are better now. He says yes, but something similar happened yesterday. He hopes it’s just growing pains and knows this is a difficult transition for Devon. Elena thinks everything will be fine once they’re all settled. She’s not surprised two brilliant strong men would be clashing, but they both want the company to succeed, which must count for something. Nate tells Elena he came home because he felt guilty about something and didn’t want to wait to make things right. Elena asks what’s going on. Nate explains that when they talked earlier about not having enough time to spend together, he felt bad about his suggestion of a weekend date. He realized that it’s up to him to work around her schedule and says being with her is at the top of his priority list. Elena loves him for thinking that way, for putting her at the top of his list, and for coming there just to tell her that. She can’t control her schedule to meet him halfway, but there’s another way she can show him how much he means to her. With that, Elena pulls him into a sexy clinch and removes his tie.
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At Crimson Lights, Nick and Sharon are glad they visited Cassie’s grave. Sharon wants to get back to work now. She feels at peace. Once again, Nick found a way to help her get through a rough patch. Nick says she does the same for him… that’s what family is all about. They embrace.

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