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At the park, Phyllis surprises Jack with a picnic. She’s trying out “Grand Picnics with the Grand Phoenix.” Jack pulls out berries and bubbly and Phyllis wants to celebrate the possibility of their kids moving back to Genoa City. Jack warns Jabot buying Marchetti would be expensive and risky… he can’t make this happen just to get Kyle and Summer back home. Phyllis questions him not working like hell to make it happen. “Summer said the numbers were great.” Jack isn’t sure it’s the right move to get back in the fashion game. Phyllis thinks it’s the right move for them to come back. Jack argues that Milan is their home, but Phyllis counters that Genoa City is their home. Jack knows she’d spend her last dime to get them back home. “You must be very irritated with me at the moment.” Phyllis understands he has to look at all the angles. “Just like us.” She pulls out some donuts and decides they’ll celebrate the possibility of them moving back anyway “And reuniting with them again… and us reuniting.” They cheers with their donuts.

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At the GCAC, Diane is surprised by a visit from Kyle and Summer. She hopes Summer’s presence there is an indication she’s an independent thinker give how her mother feels about her. Summer notices a framed photo of Diane, Jack and Kyle on the nightstand. Diane explains it’s a tradition — whenever she moved it was the first thing she pulls out of her bag; her photo of her precious son. Kyle breaks the news that they may not be going back to Milan, but moving to Genoa City permanently. Diane is thrilled but is curious as to what prompted it. Summer and Kyle made the decision jointly based on what’s best for their careers and families. Summer adds, “The Abbotts and Newmans.” Diane would love to spend more time with them for however long they’re in town. Summer wonders, does she not have a life to get back to in L.A. Diane explains she’s her own boss. Summer’s phone rings — it’s Victor. She’ll take it later. They head out and Diane smiles from ear-to-ear.
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At Society, Michael wants the go-ahead to file a civil suit against Ashland from Victor. The Mustache wants him to bury the bastard, but worries that he doesn’t want the company to get hurt, or Victoria. Michael insists Locke will wave the white flag long before it ever gets to a courtroom. Victor wants him gone. “Got it?”
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At Crimson Lights, Ashland meets with a legal representative to ensure that Kyle and Summer can’t keep him from Harrison. Sharon watches with a glare. When the lawyer leaves, Sharon approaches Locke, who tells her how sorry he is about Rey. Sharon doesn’t want his thoughts and prayers. Instead, she has a few things she wants to say to him!

Sharon lets Ashland know she’s aware of the donation he made in Rey’s name to New Hope. Ashland thought it would remain anonymous. Sharon fumes; that’s a load of crap. She rants that this doesn’t absolve him of anything. He lied about having a fatal illness that kills millions of people and when she confronted him a few weeks ago about his lies, he swore it was a smear campaign against him. Locke deeply regrets what he did. Sharon grits that he has no idea how awful it is to have your doctor tell you you have cancer and to live through the nausea and nightmares. What still haunts her is what her illness did to her loved ones. “You did that. You put Victoria and Harrison through that on purpose. You were intentionally cruel to them and there is no amount of money in the world that could ever make amends for that. You are disgusting!” Noah appears and asks if everything is alright. Sharon reassures him and walks off to get him something to drink, leaving Ashland stunned.
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At Society, Adam walks in and spots Michael and Victor, who is wondering why Summer’s not answering her phone. Adam questions if her father has heard from Victoria and insists he wishes her the best. Victor relays that Locke is using Harrison now as his excuse for staying in town. Adam suggests they don’t pay any attention to him, but Michael snarks that you don’t ignore a festering sore because it doesn’t go away. Adam and Michael spar verbally until Victor intervenes and declares that he has a way to get Ashland Locke out of their lives and out of town.
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At Crimson Lights, Noah and Sharon discuss Mariah and Tessa’s photo drop, which kind of makes him miss Europe. Sharon worries, but Noah insists he’s not going anywhere. He glances over at Ashland and asks, “Are you sure you’re okay?” Sharon reassures him again. Just then, Allie walks in and Noah teases her about being a wedding crasher. Allie was thankful to be included. She orders a drink and heads to the patio. Noah feels she’s a little overwhelmed with Genoa City and her new grandfather.

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At Society, Summer finally meets up with Victor, who has missed her. He and Nikki will have a little party for her, Kyle and Harrison at the ranch. Summer suggests they can make it a celebration dinner — they are thinking about moving back. Victor’s chuffed and laughs along as she talks about him teaching Harrison chess. He considers the boy as much a Newman as an Abbott. Summer notes Ashland still considers himself Harrison’s father. That’s why Victor called her to meet. He wants her to convince Kyle to restrict all visitation rights to Harrison. He wants to sever all Locke’s ties, “With Harrison and anyone else. Completely.” Summer points out he’s talking about escalating things with legal action against Ashland and she’s not sure what that would accomplish. Victor insists it’s of the utmost importance that Locke get out of town.
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Noah brings Allie her drink on the coffee house patio and she tells him she was about to listen to a podcast. “I was going to listen to my Great Uncle Billy’s podcast.” She marvels at having such a family member. Noah tells her the latest one is a good one — it’s all about insecurity — and he can relate. Allie’s very surprised to hear this as he doesn’t seem the type. Talk turns to outlets. Noah sketches when something’s bothering him. He starts drawing. Allie asks, “Is something bothering you right now?”

Inside, Ashland tells Sharon for what it’s worth, he’s trying to make amends. Sharon doesn’t buy for a second that he feels any remorse. Ashland says he’s truly sorry for her loss. Diane enters as Sharon rants that she doesn’t want his condolences and adds that there isn’t enough time in the world for him to make amends. Someone who could do what he did isn’t someone she wants to know.

On the patio, Noah has filled Allie in on Ashland Locke and his run-in with her mother. Allie knows his mother just lost her husband; everything must be falling on his shoulders right now. Noah mentions her losing her father. Sharon appears with brownies for them and after she walks away, Noah explains she had a lot of love for Rey, and now she doesn’t have anywhere to put it. Allie announces she’s going for a run since she doesn’t have a sketchpad. Noah references DaVinci and Allie asks if he’s saying he’s on the same level as him. Noah tells her she’ll have to stick around to find out.

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At the park, Diane catches up to Ashland and suggests they share a bench. She hands him a drink. They walk a few steps and Phyllis spots them, snarking about pests at picnics. Diane takes great delight in letting Phyllis know that Summer told her that she and Kyle may be staying in Genoa City — when they dropped by her gorgeous suite at the GCAC to visit her. Jack cautions that it’s not a done deal for Kyle and Summer to move back. Diane chirps on about the time she’ll spend with her son and getting to know her daughter-in-law and grandson. She then tells Ashland that Harrison will call her ‘Dee Dee’. Ashland asks Jack how Harrison is doing. Jack warns details of the arrangement are being re-evaluated due to his recent actions. Phyllis clarifies that means him lying about having cancer. Locke has spoken to his attorney and insists this doesn’t have to be acrimonious. Jack thinks they’re way past that, and offers Diane a word to a wise. He gestures to her and Ashland and says, “Any friendship that is burgeoning here… might not help your campaign to show Genoa City a new and improved ‘Dee Dee’.”
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At Society, Victor warns Summer that if she and Kyle come back to Genoa City with Harrison, it will give Ashland a reason to stay. Summer relays that Kyle wanted to rip Locke apart when he found out what he did. Victor pumps his fist — he loves that reaction. He assures her that he and Michael Baldwin have a lot of evidence against Locke. Summer is determined to protect Harrison and assures her grandfather, “I will make it happen.”

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At the park, Diane muses to Ashland that he’s made his fair share of enemies in this town. He’s noticed the same thing about her. Diane insists rebuilding her relationship with Kyle is the only thing that’s important to her. Ashland admits he’s afraid his actions will keep him from seeing his son. It’s very interesting to him that she didn’t even flinch when he referred to him that way even though she’s Kyle’s mother. Diane observes that Harrison has two loving fathers. What she really wants to know is what he’s done to become the most hated man in Genoa City. She’ll share her dirty laundry if he’ll share his. Ashland agrees — at least this way he gets to control the narrative. He warns, “Brace yourself.”

At the hotel, Phyllis complains about Diane trampling their perfect picnic. She rambles that she and Ashland are perfect for each other; they’re cut from the same cloth. Jack wants to get back to the celebration. Phyllis hopes that Ashland Locke is finally Diane’s undoing.

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In the park, Diane has heard Ashland’s misdeeds and thinks it’s a draw for which of them is worse. Locke thinks this means that they are in a very rare judgement free zone. Diana agrees — they’re both equally guilty, and both searching for redemption. Ashland is desperate not to lose Harrison, who still looks at him as though he hangs the moon. Diane says knowing the pain she put Kyle through as a child guts her. Ashland wants Harrison to know he’d never turn his back on him. What would he think if he were to just disappear? Diane warns if they stay, they’ll have to be willing to dodge the slings and arrows. She warns Ashland, however, that she takes Jack’s words seriously and can’t plead his case for him. Locke understands. It’s his battle and whatever it costs, Harrison is worth it.

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At Society, Kyle updates Summer that Marchetti is going to make a full presentation to his dad. He asks what her grandfather wanted and guesses he gave her another earful about his mother. Summer explains it was about Ashland. He wants Kyle to take legal action against him and has Michael Baldwin on board to help. Kyle feels they must be careful. Harrison cares about the man. Summer realizes that removing Locke from his life might cause some confusion initially, but the older Harrison gets, the harder this change will be. She promise they’ll explain it to him in a loving and caring way, but Ashland is heartless. They can’t allow him to be in Harrison’s life in any way. “We need to stop him. Now.”

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