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At the hotel, Jack tells Phyllis he wants to take things day-to-day and try to stay in sync. Phyllis thinks they should get in sync right now. Jack gets a text from Kyle, who wants to meet. Phyllis hopes he comes to his senses real soon. Jack reminds her it’s between the two of them. Phyllis is worried he’ll get hurt. Jack doesn’t think it would be helpful for him to try and influence his son, so he’s not going to. He kisses her and leaves. Phyllis muses, “I know you’re not going to, but someone needs to.”

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At Crimson Lights, Summer tells Chloe how amazing Mariah and Tessa’s wedding dresses were. They bond over keeping their designers’ creative juices flowing, but Chloe makes a cryptic comment that leads Summer to believe not everything is going well with her and Chelsea. Chloe says she has a meeting with her now and takes off.
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At Society, Adam complains to Sally that his streaming idea has gone completely by the wayside since Victor and Nikki are too pre-occupied taking care of their little girl. Sally suggests a solution and he’s impressed. They’re startled when Chelsea walks in leaving a furious message on Chloe’s voicemail about her being late for their meeting and leaving her waiting for twenty minutes. She also got a call that the fabric delivery won’t be on time and needs to know what they’re going to do. “Call me!” After she disconnects, Adam asks, “Everything alright?”
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Chelsea insists everything’s great despite the fact that some people would love for something to be wrong with her. Sally snaps that she’s getting sick and tired of the baseless accusations she continually flings her way. Chelsea doesn’t expect Sally to admit how she really feels in front of the man who handed her a corporate desk job. Adam asks where this is coming from. Just then, Chloe rushes in and announces her phone died and she’s sorry. As she and Chelsea go off, Adam muses, “She is so on edge.” Sally wonders if they’re having trouble with the new fashion line or something. Adam hopes it’s work related. After her reaction to Sally, it’s something he’s seen before and makes him worry it might be more than just a bad day at the office.

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At the Abbott house, Diane gushes to Kyle about how fun it was watching Harrison play in the back yard. Kyle thanks her for not pushing things with the boy; he’s not sure what she’ll be to him. Diane just wants to spend more time with him… and his father. Just then, Jack walks in. Diane explains she was invited. Kyle declares that his mother will be staying in town for a little while longer. Diane can see he’s already heard the news. She complains about Phyllis kicking her out of the Grand Phoenix. Jack says she acted completely on her own. He counsels Kyle to be careful. “There’s no turning back from this.”
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At Crimson Lights, Summer guesses her mother wanted to meet because she’s upset about Kyle’s conversation with Diane that she overheard. Phyllis is impressed that Summer’s just sitting back and letting Kyle figure out for himself that his mother is the worst human being on the planet. Jack’s doing the same thing. “He just wants to stand back and do nothing,” she snarks. Summer asks what her point is. Phyllis snaps, “My point is — do something. Do something about it, Summer. Please” She needs to convince Kyle to put his wife and child first and get this woman out of town!

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Summer won’t issue an ultimatum. Phyllis thinks Kyle respects her and will listen. Summer isn’t so sure him getting to know Diane is a bad idea. She recalls when Phyllis was in the hospital all those years. Phyllis argues no good mother or decent human being would choose to be separated from their child and let them think she’s dead. “What she did was inexcusable.” Summer counters that she urged Jack to reconcile with Dina. Phyllis explains that was different — Dina was at the end of her life and couldn’t hurt him anymore. Summer wants to know: what’s the worst Diane could do? Phyllis says she will tear Kyle away from the family emotionally. She points out that Ashley is against this too. Kyle will be dragged into defending the woman over and over again. There’s a reason why no one wants her here. “There’s a reason why everyone hates Diane!” Summer is starting to think this is more about her hatred for Diane than her concern for Kyle.
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At the Abbott house, Diane warns that all the opposition from everyone might backfire and push her and Kyle closer together. She’s been nothing but open and honest with her son. Jack cringes as Kyle advises his mother to go settle into the Club — her tab is paid. She thanks him for the visit with Harrison and suggests the boy can call her “Dee Dee.” It’s easy to say and is insignificant. Jack stews as Kyle agrees.
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At the coffee house, Phyllis states out loud that she hates Diane. Summer argues that Kyle doesn’t and he’s the one who really matters here. Phyllis understands what he’s dealing with, but she knows Diane and knows she’s been plotting and planning this for a really long time. She’s capitalizing on his emotions and manipulating him. “Please don’t underestimate what she’ll do to your husband. Please, please don’t underestimate what she’ll do to your marriage.” Summer insists Diane will not affect her marriage… she’ll make sure of it. But for Kyle’s sake she has to step back and let this play out. Phyllis doesn’t think she’s doing the right thing. Summer won’t be swayed.

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At their table in Society, Chelsea fumes at Chloe about the fabric order being late. Chloe asks, “Are you okay?” She admits she hasn’t been sleeping. Chelsea starts ranting about Victoria dropping them and then relays that she heard she’s gone on a European spa vacation. “A man is dead because of her and yet she needs champagne and macaroons?! It makes me sick!” Adam looks over at the outburst with concern.
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Chloe doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with Victoria taking a trip and suggests the two of them take one to New York. Chelsea snaps that she doesn’t need a girls’ trip or Chloe patronizing her. Adam and Sally look over again as Chelsea accuses Chloe of patronizing her and storms out. Adam walks over and asks Chloe how long she’s been like this. He questions if she’s concerned about her mental state and has seen this before. He’s asking for his son’s sake. Chloe concedes that Rey’s death has really affected her. She invested more into their friendship than she’d like to admit. Adam didn’t realize she was struggling and wonders if it will set her back. Chloe thinks she’s just a little angry at the world right now.

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At the Abbott manse, Jack tells Kyle that what Diane just did is a perfect example of how she manipulates. She framed the whole thing as the two of them against the world and minimized the justifiable concerns people have about her. He can’t turn a blind eye to what she’s doing ; insinuating herself into his life and taking liberties… Kyle argues she’s still his mother and she deserves a chance to do better. Jack thinks he’s already made up his mind. Kyle wants the family to be open-minded and try to give her a chance… for his sake. Jack will try. He’s encouraged to hear Kyle and Summer are thinking of moving back to Genoa City. Kyle hedges that there may be a way to do it without Summer giving up her job.
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At Crimson Lights, Summer tells Phyllis that Marchetti’s in trouble. She realized that this is an opportunity.

At the Abbott house, Kyle stuns Jack by telling him he wants Jabot to buy Marchetti. He makes his pitch. Jack would love to have them back but reminds him they made a decision to focus on cosmetics. Kyle counters that Jack taught him to always be prepared when a big opportunity presents itself. Jack’s intrigued but has to ask how much Diane’s return factors into this. Kyle replies, “Not at all.”

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At Crimson Lights, Phyllis thinks it’s a great idea for Jabot to buy Marchetti and is thrilled to hear that they’d move operations to Genoa City so they could move back. She only has one issue… Summer assures her it was her idea, not Kyle’s, and had nothing to do with Diane. Phyllis is just scared to wrap her head around all of it. She tears up and embraces Summer as she tells her how much she missed her.

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Diane opens the door of her suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club to Jack, who walks on in to have a chat. He has decided to support Kyle’s decision to let her back into his life, hoping she proves to be the changed woman she claims to be. Her absence left a void in his life. “If it turns out you are lying, if it turns out you have some secret ulterior motive, I swear Diane I will make you regret ever coming back here.” Diane gives her solemn word she will never hurt their son again. She hopes he’ll come to trust her again too, eventually. She knows all too well what it feels like to be lonely and uncertain about your life. Jack insists he’s in a good place personally and professionally. She’s glad she’s wrong then. He walks out looking confused.
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In the park, Chelsea, with tears running down her face, throws her purse to the ground in anger. Kyle happens along and asks if something is wrong. She explains she just over-reacted at work and was having a stress cry. Kyle checks if she needs anything. She insists she’s better now, so he goes.

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Back at his table with Sally in Society, Adam explains that Chelsea is apparently upset about losing Rey. She thinks it makes sense. They pivot back to business, but Sally can see his mind is still on Chelsea. He thinks whatever is going on with her is more than just grieving a friend.

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At the hotel, Jack and Phyllis compare notes on Summer and Kyle moving back and Jabot buying Marchetti. She insists she’s over the moon… but does find it coincidental. Jack hopes Diane doesn’t see it as a reason to stay, but warns that when he got home he found her over there making herself at home visiting Harrison. She even had a nickname he could call her — Dee Dee. Phyllis says, “Diane went away once. She needs to go away again.”
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In her suite, Diane looks at a photo of Harrison on her phone and grins, “Things went even better than I thought. You’re going to be spending lots of time with your Dee Dee.”

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