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Ashland stops by the Abbott estate to see Harrison. Jack is there and makes it clear that he couldn’t give him permission to see the child. Locke reminds him he has a legal agreement granting him access. Jack doesn’t think any judge would uphold it and sends him out to get a court order.

Jack sends Ashland away at Abbott estate Y&R

At Crimson Lights, Diane tells Victor he just missed his “charming” wife and daughter. He tells her no one wants her in town and everyone despises her. Diane isn’t letting the haters get her down. He’s sure her son will figure out she’s trouble. She’s not budging until Kyle tells her what he wants. Giving into her fear of the families is what made her run in the first place. But earning her son’s forgiveness is worth anything they can put her through. He’s sure that her son will realize she’s an incompetent mother and a narcissist who will never change.

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Billy runs into Chance and tells him how sorry he was to hear about Rey. They chat about loss and Billy’s new job. That leads to them having a laugh about Jill and all the exciting things on the way with the new company. On his way out, Chance mentions he heard his latest podcast and really liked it. Billy appreciates that but wonders what a “superhero” like him knows about insecurity. Chance tells him no one is immune to self-doubt and takes off. Billy smiles to himself.

Victor gives advice about Diane at Society Y&R

Victor joins Summer and Kyle at Society. They chat about the upset in the Newman family. The young couple brags about their little boy and how good he is at chess. Victor brings up seeing Diane and Kyle admits he’s been sorting out a lot since the shock of seeing her. Victor recalls what her abandoning her son did to him. Kyle isn’t sure he’s ready to cut his mother out before she has the chance to redeem herself.

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When Kyle leaves to take a call, Victor asks Summer what she thinks of the Diane situation. The one thing he and her mother have always agreed on is what a danger Diane is. Victor asks his granddaughter to make sure Kyle is aware of that. After the Mustache exits, Kyle returns and chats with Summer about a deal. She feels like everything is falling into place with their acquisition plans. He likes the idea of moving back to town so Harrison can grow up surrounded by extended family. She adds that doesn’t need to include Diane. Kyle assumes that Victor prompted that remark. His wife encourages him to weigh all the factors. She’s not convinced it’s worth the risk of letting Diane into Harrison’s life. He doesn’t know, but he can’t keep everyone, especially Diane, in limbo like this for much longer.

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Ashland strolls into the Grand Phoenix and bumps into Diane. He tells her about Jack refusing to let him see Harrison. They vent about how the Abbotts stick together. She tells him how good he must have been for the little boy growing up. Phyllis shows up and is unsurprised that they have connected. She threatens to have a bellman dump all of Diane’s stuff on the street and strides off. Diane tells Ashland she might have to fly off to LA tonight unless she hears from her son before then. She’s not optimistic that will happen.

Later, as Diane is checking out, Kyle shows up. Phyllis guesses that the more distance they are putting between each other the better. He offers to give his mother a ride. Diane asks the redhead to step away and then tells Kyle she’ll head back to LA if that’s what he needs. Phyllis is appalled as she watches Diane hug her son when he asks her to stay in Genoa City.

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Kyle and Diane sit down, and she tells him about her run-in with Victor. She thinks the Newmans and most of the Abbotts will give him a hard time for asking her to stay. Kyle needs more time to make sure she has changed and even offers to pay her hotel bill. She hugs him again. Worried, Phyllis stares at them.

Kyle and Diane makes arrangements at Grand Phoenix Y&R

In Chancellor Park, Abby talks to her son as he sleeps. Devon pops up and fawns over the kid with her. They laugh about annoying songs. She never thought they’d be like this. Chance arrives and sees them laughing together. He comes over and the three of them chit-chat until Devon takes off. As they sit around, Chance teaches Dom to make faces. She accidentally mentions Devon being his biological father. Chance assures her that’s okay. He knows, and feels things are getting easier. She’s noticed and was praying that this would be the case. He’s grateful that she hung in with him until he started bonding with their son. Chance tells Abby he has to work late tonight to catch up on a lot of paperwork. She wasn’t going into the restaurant tonight anyway. He takes off.

Chance and Abby talk in the park Y&R

Lily and Nate meet up at Crimson Lights and talk about their big party plans. He tells her how supportive Elena has been of his career change. She adds that it’s been a godsend to have Billy by her side. Imani arrives and they tell her they are having a meeting. When she wanders off to get caffeine, Lily wonders what is keeping her brother. When Devon finally arrives, they tell him about their plans for the launch event. Things are looking good. Lily is happy everything is under control since she has to fly off to see Jill. They talk about music plans and Nate thinks they should use some of the newer artists on Devon’s label to get them some promotion. Devon feels they should have discussed this with him first. Nate apologizes if he overstepped. Imani listens in. Lily insists that this came up spontaneously. Devon is annoyed because this is his area of expertise. Once she leaves, Devon claims he needs to speak to accounting and takes off.

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Imani comes over and joins Nate. She tells him she got reigned-in at work too. Getting knocked down a few pegs can take its toll. He says they both started a bit behind the curve in the business world so it’s to be expected. She suspects it’s more than that. She tells him there is still friction between her and her sister. They were raised very differently and she was pretty mean when she met her sister. There must be some undercurrent of resentment or something. He admits there’s something similar between he and Devon. It wouldn’t be a surprise if Devon still has a chip on his shoulder… but they are mostly in a good place. She’s sure things will be fine for everyone.

Imani and Nate discuss family at Crimson LightsY&R

Lily strolls into the office, where Billy is crunching numbers. He tells her Chance listened to his podcast and it resonated with him. She’s confused and confronts him for talking about his feelings regarding working for her family’s company on his podcast rather than with her. He tells her it’s his form of therapy. “More effective than talking things out with me?” she asks. He notices this has hurt her. She doesn’t like having to learn about his real feelings along with thousands of other people. Billy says he hadn’t figured out how he was feeling before that. Besides, his problems aren’t hers to solve. She’s counting on him to keep things on track while she is out of town. If something needs to change, he should tell her now. He gives her his word everything has been taken care of.

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Kyle meets with Summer at Society and tells her that he is putting his mother up at the Athletic Club. He didn’t want her to be in a situation where she felt desperate. As a kid, he always wanted to help her like that. They are sure their families won’t look at it so sympathetically. He admits Phyllis already knows and is not happy. She says they will have to convince her mom that they won’t let Diane do anything sneaky. Telling her they are considering moving back could help. Summer remains worried about how much her mom is freaking out right now.
Kyle has news for Summer at Society Y&R

Phyllis shows up at the Abbott estate and asks Jack to talk her off the ledge before she loses her mind. She thought that his son was smart enough to see how destructive Diane is. “This is a disaster waiting to happen!” she worries. Jack reminds her their children are adults and have to make their own choices. She doesn’t understand how he can be so even-keeled about this. “I am not doing well with this,” she admits. Things are finally on the right track for them; they admitted their feelings to each other and everything is good. She doesn’t want anyone coming into their lives and ruining them. Jack vows that won’t happen. Calming down, Phyllis kisses him and thanks him for talking her down. “That was some kiss, you may have to talk me down now,” he says with a smile.
Jack talks Phyllis down at Abbott estate Y&R

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