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At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis advises Summer that she and Jack may be a little more than friends these days. Summer asks, “Wait. Are you trying to tell me you’re sleeping with my father-in-law?!”

At the Abbott house, Kyle needles Jack about being out so late after the wedding. Jack tells him it’s none of his business and that’s all the confirmation Kyle needs — he must have been with Phyllis.

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At Society, Nikki and Victoria assure Victor that they’ll handle things while their away — he doesn’t need to bring Adam in. Victor thinks it’s a great idea for Victoria to get away and out from under the cloud of Ashland Locke. Just then, he walks in. Nikki tells Ashland to keep on moving, but he wants to talk to Victor. The Mustache complains about him still hanging around after he paid him a lot of money. Nikki announces she and Victoria have to get going and get ready for their trip. Ashland asks Victoria how long she’ll be gone. She hasn’t decided and points out it shouldn’t concern him. Victor makes it clear there’s no longer any need for Locke to cast his dark shadow over the town.

At the park, Diane gushes to Traci about seeing Kyle all grown up as a husband and father, and how good Summer was with Harrison. Traci explains that Harrison and Summer struck a deep bond when his mother was arrested. She’s really stepped up and filled the void in his heart. She and Kyle have given him the security he needs, it’s obvious, or he’d be a very different child today. Diane snaps, “I don’t need to be reminded how much I hurt Kyle when I left! I live with that pain everyday.”
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Traci holds up her hand and denies she’s trying to make her feel worse. Diane apologizes; she just jumped to conclusions. Lately, everywhere she turns she faces hostility. She thought she was prepared for it, but it has her feeling a little defensive. Traci understands, but she’s had years to reconcile the past and put everything in perspective… others haven’t. “You’ve opened up some old wounds! You might want to pace yourself.” Diane tries to remind herself she has to be patient and earn forgiveness. Seeing Kyle with his family… she can envision herself being part of it, and that’s all she wants. Diane fishes for information, but Traci can only tell her what Kyle’s told her himself — he’s torn. Diane’s sure he’ll consider all the ramifications before making up his mind. With a wife and son, he needs to take everything into account. Traci urges her to focus on what a wonderful man he’s become. Diane promises that whichever way he goes, she’ll respect it. Traci replies, “The Abbotts will too.” Diane thanks her for taking the time to talk to her. Traci reiterates she has a lot to make up for.

At the hotel, Summer tells Phyllis she was only kidding about Jack. She knows he’ll be careful with her heart. Phyllis explains they haven’t told the general public about this. Summer wonders if she’s afraid of people dredging up their history. Phyllis nods, “Uh huh.” But protests that she’s a very different woman now. Summer is happy for her and they hug. Talk turns to Diane meeting Harrison at the park. Summer relays she was on her best behavior, and it really moved Kyle. Phyllis sighs. She’s putting on the sweet act and will do the same thing with Jack. She’ll use Harrison as their common bond. Summer assures her mother that Diane’s not a threat to her relationship with Jack. “There’s no way that would ever happen!”
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Summer continues that Phyllis has to know, after all she’s done, that Diane holds no appeal to Jack. Phyllis warns that she’s a genius at psychological warfare. Summer reminds her mother she’s pretty good herself. Phyllis points out that she’s making inroads with Kyle and she’ll do it with Jack as well. He’s already doubting his instincts and wondering if they should give her the benefit of the doubt! She freaks out. “I can’t go through this again!” Summer thinks this is self-sabotage. She asks if Diane is the reason she dove back into a relationship with Jack — is it a jealously thing? Phyllis is offended that everyone thinks that. She would never use Jack that way. Summer just knows she has a tendency to obsess over things and then over-react. Phyllis reiterates it has nothing to do with Diane. She wants to talk about something else and changes the topic to Marchetti. Summer advises it’s a good thing she turned down her offer to come to Milan. She won’t elaborate now. The conversation turns to Harrison and Summer wonders how they’ll handle the Ashland thing. She realizes that her mother isn’t in the loop and tells her, “He lied about his cancer. It was all a hoax.”
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At the Abbott house, Kyle teases Jack after he concedes that he and Phyllis are “testing the waters.” He warns not to read too much into this. “Who knows where this is going?” He tries to change the subject to Kyle and Summer moving home, but his son wants to know why he’s downplaying his relationship with Phyllis. Why is he anticipating that everything could go off the rails?! Jack explains they were going to protect their friendship and now suddenly Phyllis changed her mind. He has to wonder if it has to do with Diane walking back into their lives.
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Kyle wonders why there would be a connection and asks if Phyllis and Diane are getting into it again. Jack just questions if Phyllis trying to send Diane a message that there’s nothing for her there if she decides to stick around. Kyle asks if she thinks his mother came back wanting to make something happen with Jack. His father assures that even if she did, that’s not going to happen in a million years. Kyle wonders if Jack thinks that’s why Phyllis spent the night with him. He doesn’t; Phyllis has made her feelings clear. Talk turns to whether or not Kyle will give his mother another chance. Jack thinks his son is trying to justify giving her another chance. Kyle admits that, yes, that’s honestly where he’s at.

At Society, Ashland wants Victor to hear him out. Newman is entertained by the idea and invites him to sit down. Ashland declares that what he did to Victoria was despicable and he’ll regret it to the day he dies. She’s the best thing that ever happened to him and he should have treasured that. Now, thanks to his own greed and arrogance he may have lost her. Victor intones, “Not may… you did lose her.” What he did was unforgivable… and she will never forgive him.
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Victor chuckles at Ashland’s “pathetic” apology and tells him to get out of town since Victoria’s tired of hearing from him. Locke reminds Victor that they once found things in common. Victor suspected he was manipulating. Ashland lied about the cancer, but not about his abusive father and childhood. Victor marvels at how easily “lied about the cancer” comes across his lips. Locke reminds Victor his family has forgiven him for some pretty ugly sins of his own. Victor warns Ashland to stop comparing himself to him in an effort to win points with Victoria. “She’ll laugh at you.” Locke argues that Victoria loves him. Victor levels, “She trusted you. She loved you. Past tense. You lied to her! I’ll never forgive you for that! You broke her heart! You broke my daughter’s heart. Now you get the hell out of town or else.” Ashland thinks that sounds like a threat. Victor counters that it’s a guarantee. He’ll do anything in his power to protect his family and warns Locke not to push him to that point, before walking out.

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At the hotel, Phyllis remarks on what a horrible person the Locke Ness Monster is, using Victoria to take over the company. She asks Summer how her aunt is doing and recalls how many times Nick and Billy tried to talk her out of marrying him. Summer hopes not even a tiny part of her mother is enjoying this. Phyllis clutches her chest. “Of course not.” She wonders how Nick’s taking it. Summer hasn’t discussed it with him yet. She pivots back to having to protect Harrison from Ashland who has no ethics. Phyllis thinks it’s a lot — fending off Ashland and Diane at the same time. Summer assures they’ve got this, but Phyllis intones, “You might think you’ve got this, but you don’t know who you’re dealing with.” She reminds her daughter that Diane tried to frame her for multiple felonies. Summer insists she’s not underestimating Kyle’s mother… if anything she’s under-estimating her. She won’t let that total narcissist harm her little boy. Phyllis is encouraged to see the “mama bear” coming out. Phyllis hopes Diane takes he subtle encouragement to head back to L.A. Summer’s dying to know what she said. Phyllis won’t say, but she can thank her later if it works.

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At the Abbott house, Kyle rants to Jack about Ashland, whose lie was disgusting. Now he doesn’t have to feel guilty about keeping them apart. Jack feels he won’t slink off without a fight. Harrison is the only good thing left in his life. Kyle won’t stand for it.

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Later, Traci comes in and announces she ran into Diane at the park. She was there hoping for another chance encounter with Kyle and Harrison, who has stolen her heart. She told her Kyle needs more time to make his decision. Kyle worries he shouldn’t leave her hanging. Jack argues that if he hears himself putting her needs ahead of his family’s, he should hear alarm bells going off in his head — she’s an expert at putting everyone’s attention on herself.
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Nikki walks into Crimson Lights and spots Diane. Fuming, the Newman confronts her about still being in town despite all the advice and warnings. “What’s the hold up? Is your broomstick in for repairs?” Diane confirms she’s ignored the “threats” because Kyle’s opinion is the only one that matters to her. Nikki highly doubts it’s Kyle’s opinion that matters to her… as opposed to his bank account. Diane’s eyes flash.

Diane says she understands why Nikki is still angry — she has a lot to do to make up for the horrible things she’s done. Nikki rants that she just wants her to leave town, preferable without stealing a corpse and framing people for murder! Diane glances self-consciously at the barista, who is listening. Nikki sniffs, “Oh, I’m so sorry, am I embarrassing you?” She continues that’s not possible since Diane has no shame; otherwise, she’d be long gone. Instead, she’s still hanging around hoping the son she abandoned will take pity on her. Diane snaps that she doesn’t need rescuing. Nikki argues that she’s a professional gold-digger. Her new life didn’t work out the way she wanted it to, so now she’s here hoping to con her way into the Abbott fortune. Diane hurls, “This has nothing to do with money.” Nikki supposes Diane can keep preying on Kyle’s emotions, but he’ll see through her and probably tell her he was better off when she was dead. Diane gasps and slaps Nikki across the face. Nikki winds up and smacks Diane in return! Victoria walks in as Diane shoves Nikki and intervenes before gawping, “Diane?! Oh my God, how is this possible?”
Nikki, Diane catfight Y&R

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Diane’s surprised Victoria’s parents didn’t tell her she’s back. Nikki didn’t want to burden her daughter with the pain of knowing Diane not being six feet under. Diane congratulates Victoria on her success — she followed her career from afar. Victoria exclaims, “Really?!’ She came in there and found her attacking her mother, so she can save her phony praise. Nikki warns the more she keeps her mouth shut, the better. Victoria drags her mother out the door as Nikki hollers at Diane, “Why don’t you go back to the grave you crawled out of and stay there!” As Diane recovers from the run-in she turns to see Victor watching from the patio.

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