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At Newman Media, Adam wonders if Sally has another fire for them to put out. She relays that Chancellor-Winters is going to be major competition for them, and she’s not sure there’s room for both of them. Adam scoffs that it’s not keeping him up at night; its nothing they can’t handle. Sally argues they’ve created a media juggernaut. Adam reminds her that they have a major liability —Billy Abbott — and besides, they can’t touch their tech. Adam takes a call from Victor and then fumes to Sally, “Unbelievable.”

At Chancellor-Winters, Devon, Billy and Lily finalize the details for the launch party. Lily grins. It’s the beginning of a new era… for all of them. Billy wants to square away the logo. Devon thinks it should represent family unity. He and Lily agree that Katherine and Neil must be watching a loving this. Billy looks thoughtful.
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At Crimson Lights, Sharon and Nick look at Noah’s photos from the wedding and gush about how in love Mariah and Tessa look. Noah wants to use the photos of Nick on the dance floor in his next art piece and mocks his father. They get messages from Tessa and Mariah in Paris and all three of them answer. Nick thinks Sharon misses them already. Sharon recalls she and Rey had talked about going to Paris on an “Empty Next adventure.” Nick decides it’s time to stop the talk and liven things up. He challenges Noah to a milkshake competition and gets Sharon smiling with his “milkshake moves.”

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At Society, Nate approaches Imani and Amanda’s table and relays he’s picking up dinner for the Chancellor-Winters meeting. He gets the feeling something is wrong. Amanda admits they just got some news, and it wasn’t good. Naya’s been having more heart palpitations and Imani is scared. Amanda thinks they shouldn’t panic, but wait until they hear what the doctor has to say. Nate asks some questions and agrees there’s no need to panic. Amanda gets a call from Naya’s doctor and steps away to take it. Imani tells Nate that Amanda’s handling it because when it comes to her mother, she gets emotional. Nate understands; he’s close to his mother as well. Imani senses her mom is afraid, and she can’t stand the thought of losing her. Nate takes Imani’s hand to comfort her. Just then, Elena walks in. Noticing the hand-holding, she crosses her arms in front of her chest.
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Nate spots Elena and makes his way over to her. Elena thought he had a meeting tonight. Nate explains Imani and Amanda got troubling news about their mother. Elena encourages him to get to his meeting, she’ll stay and give her doctorly advice. She and Nate walk over the table as Amanda gets off the phone and reports to Imani that the doctor hasn’t found reason for concern about Naya’s symptoms yet. Imani’s relieved. Nate kisses Elena and goes. Elena asks to join the sisters for a drink. Amanda replies, “Of course.” Imani shoots her a perturbed look.
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At Newman Media, Adam tells Sally that Victoria and Nikki are going out of town so Victoria can clear her head. Adam complains about her almost handing the company over to her con artist husband and being saved by him. “Why can’t dad see that she’s unfit to run Newman?” Sally thinks it’s up to them to open his eyes. Adam is keen to reunite Ashland and Victoria as soon as possible. Sally suggests that the trip might be a blessing in disguise. “Distance makes the heart grow fonder.” They’ll miss each other if they’re apart. She counsels, “We have to be patient.” Adams stresses they cannot fail. If they do, he won’t be CEO of Newman Enterprises and she’ll lose her shot at running Newman Media.
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At Chancellor-Winters, the meeting is breaking up. Nate suggests they promote the company globally. Lily and Devon tease him about being a business phenom. Billy smiles but stays quiet as Nate explains he intends to make his cousins and Neil very proud.

At Crimson Lights, Nick brags about his mixing skills and he and Noah tease Sharon before talking her into eating a brownie.
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At Society, Imani feels helpless where Naya’s concerned, but Elena reassures her. She recalls looking after her Uncle Jet and being really scared. “But in the end, he recovered.” Imani learns that how she met Devon. She knows she dated Devon for some time, and now she’s dating Nate. Imani wants to hear the juicy part in the middle. Amanda tells her sister that Elena’s past is her own business. Imani presses and Amanda tries to deflect until Elena says she doesn’t mind talking about it. Elena explains that as much as she and Devon loved each other, they were growing apart. Amanda interjects to say it was largely her fault. Imani is reminded of her looking like Hilary and Nate pushing for the DNA test. Elena explains that she leaned on Nate when she felt Devon pulling away, and one night they gave into their attraction. Imani gawps, “No! You didn’t?!” She doesn’t think Elena seems like the type. Elena didn’t think so either. She carries on that it was difficult for everyone involved and Imani learns it led to Nate’s hand injury that ended his surgical career. Imani thinks it’s incredible that they’re all so close again. “It says a lot.” Amanda grits, “So do you, Imani. Too much.” Elena thinks everything worked out how it was meant to. They toast to being good friends and Imani looks thoughtful.

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At Chancellor-Winters, the meeting finally ends. Lily calls Billy out for being in a “mood.” She wonders if he’s feeling left out and asks if he’s really okay with this merger. Billy is excited about it, but concedes it’s a little difficult sometimes when he’s reminded that he’s not part of the family. The passion she has comes from a different place. He’ll figure it out on his own.

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At Newman Media, Sally tells Adam she loved her temporary reign, but regardless of whether she gets the chance to do it again, she’s not going anywhere. She’s pleased to be his right-hand woman. Adam is glad to know he has her in his corner and asks, “What do we do now?” She says, “This,” and whispers in his ear.

In their suite at the hotel, Adam and Sally throw their jackets off and kiss passionately.

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In the podcast booth, Billy delves into the issue of insecurity and what causes it. He thinks ego may be involved or it’s a by-product of the human experience. He questions how one knows they’re doing the right thing and the wonder of “where is your place in this world?”

At Crimson Lights, Sharon thanks Nick for spending time with her and Noah. She wishes Faith could have been there. He worries she’ll miss their daughter when she goes off to college. Sharon muses that when she walks out that door for the last time, she’ll miss her like crazy. She warns Nick not to tell Faith; she wants her to go became the person she was meant to be. Nick assures her secret is safe with him.

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Devon arrives home and Amanda embraces him tightly. “It’s been a long day.” She explains her mom is having more frequent symptoms, but Nate and the doctor assures it’s nothing to worry about. Devon says, “Well, that’s good,” but he wonders why Nate heard about this before he did. Amanda saw him when he was picking up food for the meeting and asked him not to tell Devon. She didn’t tell him earlier because she didn’t want to be a distraction. Devon wants to be there for her. “Never doubt that for a second.” They embrace.

Nate enters his penthouse and awakens Elena, who’s asleep on the couch. She listens to him talk about his meeting and notes how he lights up. He asks how it was spending time with Imani and Amanda. Elena warns him to keep his eyes open. “Imani is definitely after you.” Nate thinks she’s a flirt and harmless. Elena thinks she wanted more than reassurance from him. Nate assures there’s only one woman in his heart and mind. “Please don’t feel threatened by her.” Elena vows nothing will come between them.

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In Crimson Lights, Noah listens to Billy’s podcast on insecurity and feeling alone. Nearby, Sharon and Nick laugh that she won’t be truly alone when Faith is gone. She’ll have Mariah and you just have to think about dinner and Noah will show up. Nick makes it clear Sharon is welcome to come over and spend time with him and Christian too. She might have to take him up on that.
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In their hotel suite after sex, Adam and Sally discuss their plan to get Victoria and Ashland back together. They have to be sure to stay off Victor’s radar. Adam notes he’s determined to get Locke out of Genoa City. Sally wonders, does he not have any hobbies. Suddenly, Adam realizes they need to create a crisis to get Victor’s mind off Ashland and on something else. Sally asks, “What kind of a crisis did you have in mind?”

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