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In the park, Kyle and Summer hope Locke will leave town. Summer thinks living in Milan would make it easier to keep Harrison from his interference. Just then, Diane appears. “What a coincidence running into you two here.” Kyle doubts it’s a coincidence at all. Diane holds up her hands and prepares to beat a hasty retreat, but Harrison runs up. Summer asks him to come with her but Kyle looks at his mother and says, “Summer, wait.” Kyle introduces Harrison to “Diane,” who kneels down and works her charm on the boy. When she says he should come to California some time, Summer snaps, “Kyle, we should go.” She takes the boy and Diane tells Kyle, “Thank you.” He nods and follows his family.

At Crimson Lights, Esther says the man who she matched with on the dating app is named Dwight. Chloe thinks he’s handsome… if that’s really him. Esther reads that he wants to meet in person and is available right now. She digs out her lipstick and starts applying it, but Chloe grabs her arm. “You cannot meet this guy! He’s a walking red flag!’ Esther clucks that it’s just walk in the park, but Chloe thinks he was a little too eager. “He’s either trying to scam you or sleep with you.” Esther exclaims, “Do you think I’m going to have sex with this man in the park?!” Chloe holds her head and reminds her mother she’s made some poor choices in the past. She counsels getting to know him online first, but Esther points out Katherine’s memoir was Live Until You Die, not Text Until You Die. Chloe gives in, and drags her mom out the door for a quick makeover.
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At Newman Enterprises, Nikki and Victor arrive as Victoria finishes booking her and her mother’s trip to the spa in Switzerland. Nikki’s so glad she changed her mind. Victor thinks it will be wonderful for both of them and muses that things will look different when they get back. Victoria asks, “Are you planning some kind of move against Ashland?” They argue about whether or not Locke is still in town to try and win her back. She insists he’s staying because of Harrison. Victor won’t tolerate him hanging around. Victoria reminds her father he’s out of the company and their annulment is almost complete. Victor feels if she still has feelings for him, there’s a lot of damage he can do. Victoria gawps, “Mom, what did you tell him?!”

Michael runs into Ashland at Society and needles him about having enough money to go to South America to buy testimony from doctors before asking him to leave Victoria alone. “Leave town.” If he doesn’t, he’ll be forced to take legal action against him and he’s really trying to avoid all that extra work. Ashland reminds Michael that the Newmans attempts to run him out of town haven’t worked yet. He has no plans to interfere with the family, nor does he want to cause Victoria anymore pain. Michael would like to believe him. Lauren appears and says, “But he doesn’t. He’s too smart to believe a sonofabitch like you.” She introduces herself as the wife of the man he imprisoned for weeks. Ashland was just telling Michael how much he regrets his past actions and would like to make amends. Lauren guesses Victoria isn’t falling for it, and she’s certainly not. Ashland apologizes for what Michael went through and for Lauren’s worry. She’d like a written confession, but Locke assures that’s not going to happen. Lauren reminds him she helped send Tara to prison and she’ll do the same to him. Ashland wishes them a good day and walks out. Lauren fumes to her husband, “You’re not going to stop working for Victor, are you?”
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At Newman Enterprises, Victor tells Victoria he suspected she still had feelings for Locke and her response confirmed it. Victoria concedes the point, but insists that her anger far outweighs the feeling she has for him. She doesn’t want to spend all this energy despising Ashland — she wants to exorcise him from her brain and heart — which is why they’re going to Switzerland.

At Society, Michael tells Lauren he’s realized Victor and his family need his expertise more than ever. She snaps that they could hire an army of lawyers… this is about what Ashland did to him. She wants to know how he’s going to get Locke. Michael is going to bury him in legal procedure. “This time it isn’t going to be anymore dangerous than filing a motion.” If that changes, he’ll quit and walk away. Lauren crosses her arms, “Is that so?” She’s lost her appetite and walks out.

At Crimson Lights, Summer worries to Kyle that if they stay in town, there will be a lot more run-ins with Diane. Kyle didn’t think it was that bad. Summer thinks they need a game plan in case she orchestrates more meetings in the future. She fears Diane will take advantage of Kyle’s big heart. Chelsea and Connor appear and greet them. Connor goes off to play with Harrison and Chelsea asks Summer what it’s like at Marchetti and asks, “How long are you two in town for?”
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Summer tells Chelsea that Milan is good, it’s a lot of hours. Kyle explains they were in town for Mariah and Tessa’s wedding. Summer knows Chelsea designed their gowns and compliments her on them. She asks about her new line at Fenmore’s. Chelsea says it’s going great and there have been no major bumps in the road. Summer expects big things from her and Chloe. “I have a feeling that your talents are going to be in demand.”

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At the park, Esther is primping when Dwight appears in a sharp-looking suit with a bouquet of flowers. Esther tells him the park was named after her friend Katherine. She used to look after her house and other things and misses her every day. Dwight asks her about being a house manager. She demurs that she’s retired. Dwight doesn’t mean to alarm her, but there’s someone standing behind the post watching them.
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It’s Chloe. Esther makes a face at her daughter, who joins them. Esther introduces her and then hisses at her, “You can go now.” Chloe tells Dwight the flowers were a nice touch and makes her way out of the park. Esther explains why Chloe was suspicious of him. He thought they’d have a lot in common because he’s the head of Countess Green cleaning company. Esther’s thrilled and they laugh together. Chloe, still lurking, smiles in the bushes.
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Michael arrives at Newman Enterprises, Victor assures him he can talk in front of Nikki and Victoria, but the CEO doesn’t want to hear anymore about Ashland. That’s why she’s going to Switzerland. She and Nikki leave to pack. Michael tells Victor he thinks he’s found a solution for getting Ashland out of town. They’ll hit him with a barrage of legal action and civil suits exposing his fraud. Victor thinks it would reflect badly on Victoria and hurt the company. Michael thinks Ashland will give in before it gets to that point. He ran into him and planted the seed. He thinks they should begin the process immediately. They’ll force him to leave town as part of the settlement. Victor can’t believe this is his plan. “You’re playing it safe… and I think I know why.”

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At the park, Ashland looks at a photo of Victoria on his phone and holds his head. Diane appears and notes that he looks how she feels. “You must have a lot on your mind.” Ashland says, “I do.” They agree sometimes it’s just too hard to hide behind a fake smile.

At Crimson Lights, Summer tells Kyle that if Jabot bails out Marchetti they’ll lose people and will need new designers, which is why she was questioning Chelsea. Kyle has no idea how he’s feeling about moving back here. Summer’s instinct is to protect Harrison from Diane and Ashland. Kyle marvels that Diane was good with the boy today, the way she used to be with him. Summer reminds him the terrible things she did were true. Kyle argues his good memories are too true. He thinks she’ll follow his lead and take things slow. Summer tells him he doesn’t have to make a decision about Diane right now, and he can always change his mind.
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On the patio, Esther tells Chloe she’s quite taken with Dwight — he knows so much about cleaning supplies! Chloe urges her to take it slow. Esther assures she won’t pin all her hopes on this one man. She is quite content with her life. Chloe is happy knowing she is happy. Esther’s about to get back to the house to bake cookies when her phone notification goes off. Chloe reads that Mr. Cleaning Supplies wants another date!

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Inside, Summer feels if Kyle lets Diane back in his life he should do it for himself. Not for Diane or Harrison. He is the one she abandoned as a child. “You need to do what’s best for you.” Kyle needed to hear that, but he can tell she doesn’t want him to reconnect with his mother. Summer will respect whatever he decides, but if Diane hurts him or Harrison in any way, she will make her regret it.

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In the park, Ashland and Diane introduce themselves and she realizes he is Harrison’s other father. He asks how she knows about the boy. Diane reveals she’s Kyle’s mother. Ashland begins, “I thought…” Diane explains it’s too complicated to get into. She met Harrison for the first time today. Ashland thinks maybe they have more in common than just having a bad day.

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At Newman Enterprises, Victor doubts Ashland will be fazed by lawsuits. Harrison is the reason he’s still staying in town, but Kyle and Summer will soon be taking him back to Milan. Michael heard they might be sticking around and that may be why Ashland’s still here. Victor muses that perhaps the boy is Locke’s Achilles heel.
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