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At the hotel, Amanda and Phyllis dish about the beautiful wedding. They’re keen to catch up, but Ashley walks in and confronts Phyllis. “What are you trying to pull? I know what you’ve done. And given your history, how could you let this happen?” Phyllis gawps at her. When she realizes she’s talking about her letting Diane stay at the hotel and not her and Jack, she’s relieved. Amanda’s out of the loop and asks, “Who is Diane?” Phyllis tells her, “The worst person in the world.” Ashley crosses her arms across her chest. “And yet you’re rolling out the red carpet for her. Is business really that bad?!”
Ashley confront Phyllis Y&R

Phyllis snaps that business is great and explains she wanted to keep Diane there to keep an eye on her. She had to escort her to her room twice before Jack had a chance to tell Kyle she was alive. Ashley thinks the sooner she’s out of town the better and adds, “We both know my brother has a habit of forgiving women he shouldn’t” Phyllis snarks that they’re on the same side about Diane and should leave it at that.

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At the Abbott mansion, Kyle and Summer tell Jack they have some news to run by him. Kyle teases, “We may have found a way to stay in Genoa City.” Jack can’t wait to hear. They decide to keep the details to themselves for now and Summer asks Jack not to mention it to her mom in case it doesn’t work out. Jack confirms they all want them back. Kyle adds that Harrison misses his father. Jack grimaces. He has something to tell them that affects Harrison’s future.
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At Society, Ashland is glumly eating alone when Victoria walks in. She stops and says hello. Ashland tells her he was done and is leaving, but she says, “Ashland, wait.” She’s had the things he left at the house boxed up. Victoria suggests he send someone to pick them up since he shouldn’t be lifting things right now. He asks about her knee. Talk turns to Harrison, and Ashland advises he won’t be leaving town while the boy is there. Victoria understands. They part ways civilly.

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At Crimson Lights, Chloe tells Esther that being a grandmother shouldn’t be a full-time job. The kids love her so much and she loves her too, but she baked enough cookies for the entire school district! She feels that after all of these years, it’s time her mother kicked back. “It’s Esther time!” Esther protests that she’s never been good at relaxing and focusing on herself. Chloe insists it’s time to put the feather duster down and live. Isn’t there something she wants to do for herself? Esther shoots down theater and cooking, but she might have one idea. Chloe chirps, “Great! Spill it.”
Esther, Chloe future talk Y&R

After hearing what her mother wants off-screen, Chloe exclaims, “You want your first project to be a man?!” Esther feels it’s never too late to find love. Chloe observes that there’s a lot of sketchy guys out there. They flash to Esther’s checkered past with men… specifically Tiny. Esther recalls Katherine sending Brock to try and get through to the guy, who didn’t want anything to do with her or their baby when she was pregnant. She then flashes to Jill complaining about her marrying conman, Roger. Next, she recalls breaking the news to Katherine that she lost all of her money because she went to Vegas with a man she met.
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Back in the present, Esther insists there are good men out there too. Chloe explains dating is very different now. Her mother shocks her by saying she’s been on the dating apps for a while. She hasn’t found anyone special, but she came across a new app geared to seniors. Chloe will help her with her profile, which says she kept house for Katherine Chancellor. Chloe declares, “We need to go bigger, much bigger.”

At the hotel, Ashley reflects to Phyllis that it’s kind of strange… them being on the same side. Phyllis muses, “My enemy’s enemy is my friend.” Ashley nods, “Right.” Phyllis isn’t sure she has room for another BFF, but Diane being back in town has made her examine some of her feelings. Ashley feels the same. They agree they need to protect Kyle. Amanda smirks as Phyllis asks, “You don’t mind if I get close to certain members of your family, do you?” Ashley decides she could handle just about anything if it gets Diane out of their lives. She urges the redhead to call her if she has any trouble with Diane. Ashley leaves and Amanda tells Phyllis she’s dying of curiosity. “You have to tell me about Diane.”

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle and Summer are freaking out, having heard that Ashland faked his cancer off-screen. Kyle rants that he preyed on all of their sympathies. He wanted Harrison out of town so he could make a move on Newman. “When I think about us reassuring Harrison about his terminally ill father, who was never even sick… who does that to their own son?!?” Jack and Summer remain awkwardly silent. Kyle sighs, “My mother. She did almost the same thing to me.”
Kyle realization Y&R

At the hotel, Amanda learns Phyllis was accused of murdering Diane once… this time she just might follow through. Amanda asks her not to joke about that. Phyllis is just nervous because she’s completely obsessed with Kyle, and now she’s set her sights on Jack. Amanda assures that he’s smart enough to see through what she’s doing. Phyllis confides that her relationship with Jack has progressed — a lot. Last night. Amanda thought that ship had sailed. Phyllis clarifies that that ship is right where it needs to be.

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Amanda thinks Phyllis should be thanking Diane — her arrival helped move things along with Jack. Phyllis denies that’s the case. Amanda suggests that if this is what she wants, she should hang onto it. “Don’t let anyone or anything take it away.” Phyllis won’t.

At the Abbott mansion, Allie tells Jack that she was wondering if it would be okay if she stayed a couple more days. He assures she can stay as long as she wants. Jack wants to host a party for her, but Allie is more interested in amusing herself in the lab. Ashley appears and thinks that sounds great. They sit down and talk about Allie’s studies and her stellar grades. Jack still wants to do something for Allie socially. Allie doesn’t want anymore attention on her. She lists off the people she’s already met, including Noah. Jack gives her pause when he mentions the Newman may not be here for good.
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At Chancellor Park, Harrison runs off to play and Kyle and Summer talk about Diane. She’s worried his mother wants more than him than just his forgiveness. Kyle assures her he’s on guard and won’t let his defenses down when it comes to her. Ashland appears and Harrison runs to him shouting, “Father!” Ashland scoops him up and Kyle and Summer exchange a grim look. Ashland asks to spend some time with the boy, but Summer snaps, “That’s not going to happen.” Victoria appears in time to hear this and lurks. Kyle sends Harrison off to play and fumes at Locke, “We know what you did. We don’t want you anywhere near Harrison.”

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At Crimson Lights, Chloe thinks Esther should refer to herself as a high-level peacekeeper. “That’s what you really were in the Chancellor house.” Esther sighs and flashes to Katherine and Jill. It wasn’t the most serene environment, but she won’t embellish. She’s proud of having worked for Mrs. C. Chloe argues it doesn’t hurt to fluff things up a bit. Esther thinks Chloe’s still ashamed of what she did for a living. She recalls when her daughter had an issue with it before and called her job “pathetic.” In the present, Chloe’s embarrassed about how she spoke to her back then and Esther assures her she loves her and what she’s become. They express their love and clasp hands across the table.
Chloe flashback Y&R

At the Abbott house, Allie tells Ashley she’s not sure what she’s going to do with her degree. She has to make some plans soon though. Ashley is the same, she likes to have things set out. She understands that she’s dealing with a lot though. Allie excuses herself to go have a shower.

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Jack finds Phyllis in the hotel lobby and she offers to make him a coffee before they sit there and watch Diane check out, knowing she’ll never darken their doorstep again. Jack’s surprised to hear the redhead had a bonding session over Diane. She insists they need to get her out of their lives. Part of her is relieved that Kyle and Summer are going back to Milan. She wants them as far away from that woman as possible.

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At Chancellor Park, Summer reminds Ashland that he’s not Harrison’s father. Tara lied about that, just as he has lied about so many things. Ashland tries again but Kyle refuses. Ashland shouts his regrets to Harrison and says he’ll see him soon. After he departs, Victoria steps out. Summer is sorry she had to see Locke and complains, “Why is he even still in town. Can’t he do one decent thing and leave them all alone for good?!’ Victoria looks uncomfortable. Later, Summer and Kyle wonder if Ashland will actually leave. Kyle muses that the prospect of staying in Genoa City just got much more complicated with Locke and his mother in the equation.
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At Crimson Lights, Chloe and Esther finish up her new profile. Chloe has called her a “house manager” and updated her photos. Esther takes the plunge and posts it. They’re about to leave when the app gives a notification. Chloe exclaims, “You got a hit! Someone’s interested!” Esther looks and gawps, “Oh my gosh!”
Esther hit dating app Chloe Y&R

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At Society, Ashland sits looking at photos on his phone. First, Harrison, and then Victoria. He flashes to being with her at the palazzo and being wildly in love while promising to spend his life making it up to her for the lies he had to tell.

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At Newman Enterprises, Victoria calls her mother and says she’s changed her mind. “I think we should take that trip together after all.”

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