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At the Top of the Tower, Nick tells Sharon she should be proud of herself for pulling off the wedding and asks her if she wants to dance. She isn’t keen but encourages him to get out there. “You should ask Summer.” Nick supposes he should embarrass all of his children tonight and heads for his daughter.

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Phyllis tells Jack how much fun she’s having and wants to dance again, but he’s spotted Allie by herself and walks over to ask her to cut a rug. He leads her onto the dance floor as Diane spies from behind a screen. Phyllis keeps an eye on her.

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On the dance floor, Kyle interrupts Nick’s rather bizarre dance moves to steal Summer. He takes his wife aside and tells her his mother’s there and would like to say hello. She blurts, “Now?! Why?”
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Near the bar, Kyle introduces Summer to his mother. Summer muses, “It’s been a long time.” Diane has followed her career and congratulates her on her own wedding she clearly makes her son very happy. Diane would like to get reacquainted and form a relationship since she’s her mother-in-law. She promises not to be the typical annoying kind. Summer remarks that nothing about this is typical. Across the room, Phyllis takes in the scene and fumes to Jack that Diane’s trying to insinuate herself into her daughter’s life. Jack stops her from storming over there so as to avoid a scene.

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Elsewhere, Mariah, Tessa and Crystal talk to Chloe and Kevin about how wonderful it is that the younger sister was able to attend. They toast, and marvel that nothing has gone wrong. Kevin figures nothing would dare go wrong on Friday the 13th, it would be too on the nose. Mariah hollers, “Hey everybody! To Friday the 13th!” Everyone cheers and raises their glasses.
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Sharon joins the newlyweds and Mariah complains about her not dancing — they should do a mother/daughter dance. Talk turns to getting more champagne and Sharon makes a toast to Mariah and Tessa. “To a lifetime together and to all of your dreams coming true.” They clink glasses, express their love and cheek kiss.

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In a quieter corner, Noah walks up to Allie and apologizes for his corny jokes when they first met. She heard he was responsible for the theme and décor of the wedding and tells him it’s quite fanciful. “Saying you love something these days is really meaningless.” Noah agrees and will take the compliment. Allie asks him about his art and Noah tells her he no longer does art installations — he got burnt out. Chance and Abby watch them from across the room and discuss Allie’s introduction to Genoa City. Chance hopes everyone’s been as welcoming as she has. Abby is worried about her Uncle Jack, who has been through a lot.
Allie, Noah chat Y&R

By the bar, Summer isn’t sure she’ll have time to get to know Diane while they’re in town. Diane assures she doesn’t have to beat around the bush. “You can tell me how you feel.” Kyle grimaces. Summer informs Diane that what she did to Kyle as a boy was awful, but she’ll take her husband’s lead and will love and support him while he sorts through this. Diane agrees it was horrible — she just hopes Kyle will eventually find a way to forgive her.

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Nearby, Phyllis is determined to go get rid of Diane. Jack has trouble believing she will be discreet and suggests he should be the one to tell the interloper to leave. Phyllis complains he’s giving her too much slack. “I’m not you. I don’t have a big heart.” She waves him off to go dance with Allie or something while she goes over there. Jack pleads with her not to cause a big scene. Phyllis insists she won’t cause one; she’s going to stop one from happening.
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Phyllis approaches Kyle, Summer and Diane and tells the latter it’s time to go. Diane informs her she’s having a private conversation with her son and his wife. Phyllis snaps, “His wife is my daughter.” Kyle reports that his mother promised to leave after speaking with Summer. Phyllis snarks, “She’s still here.” Diane tells Summer it was a pleasure to see her again. Kyle walks his mother out to get a cab. Phyllis leans in and warns, “That bitch is trying to worm her way into our lives, Summer. Who knows what kind of damage she’s thinking of causing?” Summer was wondering the exact same thing.

In their corner of the room, Allie is offended when Noah assumes she has an analytical mind rather than artistic. As Noah looks downcast, she grins, “Just kidding.” Jack appears to steal Allie away. She groans, “There can’t be anymore Abbotts can there?” Noah explains they’re making really bad jokes. Allie walks off with Jack and Crystal pops up beside Noah. “You, me, the dance floor again.” They take off together, grinning.
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On the sofa, Abby and Chance reflect on the year they’ve been through, and he promises he’ll get through the loss of Rey as well. He can’t imagine what Sharon’s feeling. “Is that what you felt when I was gone?” Abby tells him he’s the love of her life.

Sharon is apologetic, but ready to leave. Mariah and Tessa reassure her. Nick joins the group and volunteers to drive her home. Sharon can get a car, but he insists. Before they go, Nick and Sharon surprise trip with a honeymoon in Paris. They’re leaving tomorrow. “Have a blast, we love you.” Mariah gawps. She’s not sure about leaving Sharon right now. Sharon will be happy just thinking about the two of them having the time of their life in France. They don’t know what to say. Sharon enthuses, “Bon voyage!”
Mariah, Tessa stunned honeymoon surprise Y&R

Later, Mariah tells Tessa this has been the best night of her life. Tessa agrees, it will be ingrained in her mind forever. By the bar, Noah chats with Summer, who notes he seems to have grown roots in Genoa City. He’s enjoying the slow down. Summer compliments his work on the venue and teases about her amazing life in Milan. Noah asks where Kyle has gone. Summer reveals that Diane crashed the party and Kyle’s putting her in a taxi. “I think it’s shaken Kyle up.”

Sharon and Nick are set to leave, and Faith offers to come with them, but they urge her to stay and have fun, with Nick adding to Moses, “Not too much fun.” After, the teens talk about Sharon grieving and being so strong. They excited to be going to the same college and share a kiss. Across the room, Amanda tells Devon that it looks like his baby brother is head over heels. Devon insists he’s not worried but will have a talk with him soon. He’s off to a new environment and feelings can change unexpectedly. Amanda laughs that you can’t tell young love a damn thing. They kiss and canoodle.
Devon, Amanda kiss wedding Y&R

At home, Sharon tells Nick she doesn’t think anyone noticed they left. He offers to hang out for a bit and make some tea. She teases that it’s a lame way to end the night for someone dressed like him. Once they have tea, Sharon jokes about Nick’s dancing. She hopes the girls will always be happy and in love, but life’s taught her that’s not always possible. Nick opines that the girls will always know they have a family they can count on. Sharon thanks him for being around these last few weeks — she couldn’t have gotten through them without him. Nick hopes she knows she can always count on him.

At the hotel, Phyllis storms into Diane’s suite and accuses her of stalking Kyle. “Nobody wants you around.” Diane thinks Kyle defended her, but Phyllis argues she’s misreading his actions. With Summer’s urging he’ll figure out it’s a mistake letting her into his life. Diane sneers, “Are you done?” Phyllis screams, “No we’re not done! You’re a cancer! I want you gone!”
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Phyllis is going to make this easy. “Get the hell out of my hotel, Diane.” Diane counters that she can kick her out of the hotel, but can’t make her leave town. She thinks Kyle will forgive her… and Jack might too. Phyllis gawps, “Oh my… You are delusional.”

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At the Top of the Tower, Mariah and Tessa thank their guests for coming. Tessa thanks her sister for coming and making this a dream come true, and Mariah thanks Crystal for agreeing to spend the night at the Grand Phoenix so they can have the apartment to themselves. Faith rushes up with the bouquet. It’s thrown, and Chloe catches it. Since it’s “too late for her,” she tosses it again. Abby catches it and jokes, “This thing is like a homing device for married women.” Amid laughter, she throws the bouquet and Jack catches it. He quips, “I think I’ve been married more than anyone in this room. I don’t know how I feel about this. Well, the next time’s the charm, right?” Everyone laughs and applauds.
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Kyle returns to Summer and tells her he missed her so much. Summer can’t imagine how painful this is for him and recalls how she felt when she didn’t know who her father was. Kyle doesn’t expect her to have an opinion. Summer remarks, “Oh but I do.” Kyle’s taken aback — she just met his mom. Summer saw all she needed to see earlier when she caught how Diane looked at her mother… or re-met her. “Pure anger and jealousy. I don’t think that woman can be trusted for a second.”
Summer, Kyle talk Diane Y&R

Phyllis arrives at the Abbott house announcing that she has an update. She sees Allie and asks if she’s interrupting, but Jack assures her it’s fine. Allie heads up to bed and Jack asks Phyllis what’s going on. Phyllis admits she went to confront Diane. “She will be leaving town now.” Jack asks what makes her think that. Phyllis kicked her out of her hotel. Jack doesn’t think Kyle has closure yet and worries if Diane feels forced out it could backfire on them as well. Phyllis grimaces. She let her hatred of Diane get the best of her and apologizes. Jack tells her not to be sorry. Phyllis had a great night otherwise and thanks him for asking her to be his date. He grins, “Is that what it was? A date?” She confirms it as she pats his tie self-consciously. Phyllis spots the bouquet and assumes Allie caught it. Jack says he caught it. He thinks he’s walked down the aisle for the last time, but Phyllis says it’s not the last time for him. With that, she kisses him.

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In her hotel room, Diane pours a drink and sits, thinking. She flashes to watching Jack and Phyllis dancing together at the wedding and shakes her head.

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Mariah and Tessa arrive at their apartment to find it filled with flowers and the floor and furniture covered in rose petals. They embrace and marvel, “We’re married.” Tessa asks, “What’s next?” Mariah says the sky’s the limit, starting right now. They kiss passionately.
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