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At the Top of the Tower, officiant Kyle welcomes everyone to the wedding of Mariah Copeland and Tessa Porter. He explains to the guests it will be the “funkiest, grooviest, most badass wedding” they’ve ever been to. Everyone applauds and Mariah and Tessa beam.

Kyle prompts Mariah and Tessa to say their own vows. Tessa goes first. She knew today would be the happiest day of her life because it’s the day they start their married life together. She had given up on love, but Mariah broke down all her walls. She tearfully recalls how Mariah saw all of her, the best of her and the worst, and embraced her entirely. “Our connection is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It fills my soul and inspires me.” Every note and every lyric of every song is about her — everything she’s learned about love is because of her. “I can’t wait for our future together… I promise to be your partner through all of it.” Mariah, with tears in her eyes, marvels, “Wow.”
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Mariah takes her turn and tells Tessa she has wanted this for so long. Growing up, wishes like this didn’t come true for her. But a miracle happened — she found her mom. Sharon taught her about love, so she was ready for Tessa when she came along… even if she didn’t really know what was happening at first. They laugh. Mariah recalls how she came to learn if was more than friendship. It all felt so right. Mariah is so grateful Tessa’s in her life. “Here we are, committing our lives to each other and about to start our own family.” She knows there will be good times and bad times, but promises she’ll be right by her side holding her hand through it all. “When we are together, there is nothing we can’t do. I love you and I am yours… today, tomorrow and forever.”
Kyle listen Mariah says vows Tessa wedding Y&R

At the Abbott mansion, Allie stops pacing the living room when the door opens. In the doorway, Summer struggles to get her luggage inside. Allie asks, “Do you need help?” Summer greets her and realizes she must be Allie. She introduces herself as Kyle’s wife. Allie helps her with her things. Summer gestures toward her luggage and notes she’s her mother’s daughter. Allie remarks, “Phyllis, right?” Summer nods. Allie talks about showing up in the middle of a tense family meeting before explaining she met Summer’s mother in L.A. — she’s one of the reasons she’s there right now. They talk about Diane’s return from the dead. Summer notes it’s been really hard on Kyle and then tells Allie they need to get ready for the wedding. “You’re coming with me, right?”
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At the Top of the Tower, Diane peers into the venue as Kyle runs Tessa and Mariah through their vows and they exchange, “I wills.” Kyle calls for the rings, which Kevin and Crystal supply. Tessa and Mariah place them on one another’s fingers before Kyle pronounces them officially — and blissfully — married. “You can now kiss the bride.” Mariah and Tessa engage in an enthusiastic liplock as their guests cheer and applaud.
Mariah, Tessa kiss wedding Y&R

At the Abbott manse, Allie balks at going to the wedding. Summer’s sure she’s invited and if not, she can be her guest. Allie isn’t comfortable; she hasn’t even met the happy couple. Summer scoffs that if Mariah wants her there, she certainly won’t mind Allie attending. Allie admits she admires Tessa’s music. Summer enthuses that she can meet her and it will be a great party. Allie isn’t a party type. Summer teases she can’t stay in that big old house alone and talks her into it. She has plenty of fashion choices having come from Milan.

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At Top of the Tower, Mariah and Tessa share their first dance as a married couple as their guests look on. Tessa tells Mariah, “We did it.” Mariah replies, “Yes, we did.” They tell each other how amazing they look and indulge in another kiss. Sharon, watching, is interrupted by Nick, who knows she’s thinking Rey would have loved this and assures, “He’s here. He’s with us. So is Cassie.”
Mariah Tessa first dance wedding Y&R

Elsewhere, Kevin muses to Chloe that there was a time he didn’t think Mariah and Tessa’s relationship would last, but the power of love conquers all. Chloe pops him on the arm and says their relationship should have taught him that. She marvels that years ago this wedding wouldn’t even be legal, but now no one even questions it. “That is the real power of love.” On the dance floor, Mariah and Tessa are deliriously happy as they express their love.
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As the wedding reception and dancing continues, Tessa tells Mariah she needs a break.
Kevin, Chloe dance floor wedding Y&R

The happy couple are about to get some champagne when Amanda, Devon, Abby and Chance stop them to say how much they loved their vows. By the bar, Noah greets Crystal and she tells him how amazing the venue looks. Noah thinks what’s really amazing is her being there for her sister. He wants to know what she plans to do with her newfound freedom and asks her to dance. She takes his hand and says, “Lead the way.”
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Jack and Phyllis are watching everyone boogie down when Summer and Allie walk in. Kyle rushes over to his wife and embraces her. Phyllis and Jack run over and hug her too. Jack is thrilled to see Allie and guesses Summer dragged her there. He takes her off to introduce her to people. Phyllis hangs by her daughter until she realizes that Kyle and Summer want to be alone. In a corner, Diane watches as Kyle kisses his wife.
Summer, Kyle kiss wedding Y&R

On the dance floor, Devon tells Mariah how happy he is that this day has come for her. She’s so happy he could be there to celebrate. Devon runs down everything they’ve been through together and exclaims that she looks like she’s glowing. Mariah wouldn’t be there without him, she wouldn’t be with Tessa without him, she wouldn’t feel this happiness… Mariah thinks she’s going to cry again. Amanda and Tessa look over as Devon and Mariah share a heartfelt embrace.

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Jack and Allie mingle with Abby and Chance, and Abby admires her dress. Allie credits Summer and Abby tightly replies, “Of course.” Jack and Allie walk off. Amanda cozies up with Phyllis on a sofa. The redhead explains Jack invited her. Amanda needles about them being more than just friends. Phyllis laughs that he invited her because he knew Summer was going to be there. Amanda side-eyes her and muses, “If you say so.”
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Mariah and Tessa meet Allie and welcome her. Allie mentions Summer and Mariah admits that she and Kyle are perfect together. Nearby, Nick and Faith greet Summer enthusiastically before Nick drags his younger daughter away to give Summer and Kyle space. Kyle wants to sit down and tell her everything about what’s been going on when they get back to the house. As they embrace, Diane lurks. She jumps when she realizes that, across the room, Phyllis has spotted her.
Phyllis spots Diane Y&R

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As the party continues, Abby meets up with Crystal and tells her she heard what Rey did. She lets the young woman know if she needs anything while she’s in town, she’s happy to help. Noah chimes in that they’re all glad to see her doing so well. Crystal heard Abby got married and had a baby. Abby’s never been happier. Across the room, Chance approaches Sharon. He noticed she’s been standing alone most of the night and tells her she should be celebrating and dancing too.
Sharon, Chance wedding Y&R

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Phyllis pulls Jack off the dance floor to warn him that Diane is there. She assures, “Don’t worry, I’ve got it.” She thinks she just wants to watch Kyle. Jack mutters that she’d better not make a scene there. Phyllis won’t let her. Elsewhere, the happy couple are offered congratulations from Summer, who states that everyone deserves happiness, “Even you, Mariah.” She hugs Tessa and goes in to embrace Mariah, who backs away. She doesn’t want to wrinkle her dress. Summer tells them the dresses are perfect. “So much nicer than what you usually wear.” Mariah snarks that she’ll never change. Summer insists motherhood and marriage have changed her. Mariah will experience it too. “I wish you and Tessa nothing but happiness.” Mariah still looks suspicious, but thanks Summer at Kyle and Tessa’s urging.
Mariah spars with Summer, Tessa watches Y&R

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Just then, Kyle notices his mother. He excuses himself, saying he has to take care of something. Kyle confronts Diane. First, she shows up at the house unannounced and now she’s there. “What are you up to?” Diane denies she’s up to anything. Kyle doesn’t want the event to become about her, so he’d appreciate it if she left. Diane asks to say hello to Summer first. Kyle thinks it can wait. Diane wheedles that she’s her daughter-in-law. “It would mean so much to me.”
Diane, Kyle request Y&R

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Kevin calls for everyone’s attention and makes a toast saying the wedding perfectly captured the essence of the couple they all admire and adore. He knows it was a long road to get there, but he is so happy they made it. Everyone there is — you can feel it. “Your exuberance is infectious.” The guests cheer him on as he declares the theme of the day is ‘Love conquers all’ and raises a glass, “To Mariah and Tessa.” Mariah and Tessa thank everyone for coming today. Mariah adds, “Even Summer.” They tease that the celebration has been a little tame up to now so now it’s time for the real party to begin. Mariah calls, “Noah, hit it!” The music cranks up and the dancing resumes. Mariah and Tessa kiss and canoodle amid their guests.

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