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At Sharon’s place, Faith, Mariah and their mother don silk robes and Faith makes a toast to her favorite sister, while asking Mariah to keep that to herself. She wants to make the day unforgettable for Mariah, so asks her to let her know if there’s anything she need. Sharon has something to attend to upstairs, which leaves the girls to discuss how she needed this happy distraction. Faith wonders if Mariah wants her to get Kevin over there as her man of honor. Mariah doubts he’d be down for the curling iron scene. Sharon returns with something old and something new for her daughter, who tears up. “I guess this really is my wedding day.” The old is a bracelet that belonged to Cassie.
Sharon, Mariah something old wedding Y&R

Mariah admits she’s been thinking about her twin sister a lot the past few days. Sharon shares that she loved a wedding. Faith presents the “something new” — toe rings inscribed with the latitude and longitude of where she and Tessa had their first date. Sharon next gives Mariah “something borrowed” — a handkerchief belonging to Rey’s grandmother. Mariah reflects on the gift Rey gave them in Crystal. Finally, Faith gives Mariah her “something blue” a blue stone that calms her down when she gets stressed out. Mariah never thought she would be the girl that gets any of this. Faith declares that she and Tessa are meant for each other. They share a group hug.

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At the apartment, Tessa and Crystal giggle about staying up all night talking and catching up. Tessa can’t wait to show her off to everyone, and can’t wait to see Mariah. She hopes she likes what she’s wearing and worries Crystal by admitting she doesn’t actually have the dress in her possession yet. “The designer is going to drop it off any minute.” They both look at the door with concern.

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At Crimson Lights, Noah asks Nick for his honest opinion on the wedding venue, and his dad teases his artist son about being needy. He then tells him what he did at the Top of Tower transcended. “It’s awesome.” It’s an incredible thing he’s doing given how he still feels about Tessa. Noah assures he won’t stand up and stop the ceremony — he’s officially moved past his feelings for Tessa, which were more about the breakup he had in London. It felt safe. Nick counsels that love is rarely easy. Noah insists he’s not looking for it anymore and is happy. He’ll sit back and enjoy his life. Nick’s proud of him. Noah knows this can’t be easy for his dad — walking Cassie’s twin down the aisle. Nick admits the wedding has brought up the emotions of what might have been, but he’s trying to focus on the good ones and knows Cassie is looking down, happy that her sister gets this special day.
Nick, Noah talk Y&R

At the Abbott mansion, Jack’s suitably impressed when Kyle announces he’s a freshly ordained minister. He helps him put on his cuff-links as talk turns to Diane. Kyle is compartmentalizing those issues today. Jack learns Summer should be there soon and is so happy for Kyle.

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At the hotel, Phyllis stalks over to Diane in the lobby and asks what she’s still doing there. Diane suggests she avert her eyes. Diane guesses the Newmans want her dead and buried again and warns if she’s waiting for Kyle to forgive her, she’ll be waiting a very long time. Diane wants to be part of her son’s life and even thinks she’s winning Jack over to her side. Phyllis moves in close and warns, “You stay the hell away from Jack.” Diane looks amused. She wonders about the state of Jack and Phyllis’ relationship. She can’t imagine there’s anything romantic left between the two of them. Phyllis can’t believe Diane would actually think she has a shot with him. Just then, Jack walks in and calls out, “Hello ladies! Is there a problem?”
Diane needles Phyllis about Jack Y&R

Diane explains that it seems her mere presence is a problem. Jack thought she would return to Los Angeles knowing Kyle was going back to Milan. Diane points out her son is still there. Jack argues the delay had nothing to do with her. He warns her to give him time and space. Diane walks off after Jack tells her, “Don’t let us keep you.”

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At the apartment, Crystal marvels at her sister getting her dress from a designer after the way they grew up. She went from busker to going on tour. “I’m so proud of you, Tessa.” Tessa gets a message from Mariah to look in the little box behind the rattan chair. Tessa goes to get it and discovers it’s full of hearts. She pulls them out and reads, “You’re the cheese to my macaroni,” and other similar sentiments. Crystal laughs at them being cheesy goofballs. Tessa smiles to herself.
Tessa read hearts Y&R

At Sharon’s place, Mariah tells Faith she could make money as an event planner. The redhead gets a text from Tessa to go check the front pocket of her overnight bag. Inside is a note card that reads, “You are the strings to my guitar. My always love.”

At the apartment, Tessa gets a text from Mariah. “We’ve always made beautiful music together.” Tessa replies that she’s dreaming of getting cozy on the couch with some mac and cheese. Mariah asks, “Our first date as a married couple?” Tessa jokes about showing up to the wedding in her robe since her wedding dress is missing in action. Mariah dares her to do it. Crystal joins Tessa and wonders if there’s someone out there for her too. Tessa says, of course there is. Mariah isn’t just her love, she’s her life. She’d do anything for her. Crystal smiles. “Sign me up girl.”

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At Crimson Lights, Abby walks in with Allie and greets Noah. She makes introductions and Noah teases that he’s from the dark side of Abby’s family — the Newmans. Abby says Allie’s still getting to know who’s who in town. Noah makes another joke that goes over flat. Abby explains there’s a history between the families. She adds that he communicates better with pictures since he’s an artist. Chance appears and Abby introduces him to Allie. Noah offers Allie a ride back to the Abbott house, but she wants to walk.
Allie, Abby, Noah Y&R

At the Abbott house, Kyle is ready to leave for the wedding when Diane shows up. He asks, “What are you doing here?” He guesses she wanted to know if he stayed in town because of her — the answer is no. Diane learns he’s officiating a friend’s wedding and is thrilled he’s living the life she always dreamed he would. Kyle is late and has to go. He leaves her standing on the doorstep.

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At the hotel, Phyllis panics to Jack about Diane, “What is she up to?” She has a really bad feeling. Jack knows she’s worried about how this will affect Summer. He trusts she knows the latest. Phyllis knows she’ll be at the wedding and is thrilled. Jack asks her to accompany him to the nuptials. She happily agrees.
Jack, Phyllis, panic Y&R

At the apartment, Crystal’s all dressed up in her 70s wedding attire as Tessa tells her how incredible it is to have her there. They embrace. Tessa gets a message that it’s time to leave. Just then, Chloe and Kevin show up with the dress. “You weren’t worried, were you?” Chloe asks. Tessa exhales with relief.
Chloe, Kevin, Tessa dress arrive wedding Y&R

At Sharon’s place, Nick strolls in wearing his 70s threads and Moses looks up a 70s phrase to respond: “Sound as a pound.” Sharon walks in wearing a red gown and Nick tells her she looks groovy. Moses lets Faith know she looks beautiful just as she gets the two-minute warning notification that they need to leave from her phone. Mariah appears with her gown hanging over her arm and they head out. Nick gives her a peck as they walk through the door and says, “You look beautiful. Let’s get you hitched.”
Nick, Mariah get you hitched Y&R

At the Top of the Tower, Amanda, Devon, Nate and Elena remark on how fantastic the place looks. Faith and Moses walk up as the others go to the dance floor.
Devon, Amanda, Nate, Elena wedding Y&R

Nearby, Sharon and Nick have a lot to be proud of today. Abby and Kevin stroll up to them and talk about what an amazing couple Tessa and Mariah are before Kevin points out Chance showing off photos of Dom to Chloe and remarks on him being such a proud dad.
Chance, Chloe wedding Y&R

Sharon spots Crystal and they reconnect. Crystal tells Sharon she’s sorry about Rey. Kyle approaches and repeats the sentiment. Sharon thanks him for changing his plans to do this for Mariah. She introduces Kyle to Tessa’s sister, and he teases that he’s the reason the happy couple got together. Phyllis and Jack arrive and ask about Mariah and Tessa. Kyle has never seen two people more ready to be married. Phyllis asks, “Where’s Summer?” Kyle explains her flight was delayed but he’s hoping she’ll be there soon.
Crystal, Sharon, Kyle, Phyllis, Jack wedding Y&R

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Faith takes Kyle to the altar and introduces him as Kevin and Crystal take their places beside him. Faith cues Noah to start the music and both brides appear on opposite sides of the room, Tessa takes Sharon’s arm, and Mariah takes Nick’s.
Mariah, Nick walk aisle wedding Y&R

Nick and Sharon walk Mariah and Tessa into the middle of the room, where they clasp hands and look into each other’s eyes. They then continue the rest of the way to the altar together.
Sharon, Nick, Tessa, Mariah, Phyllis wedding Y&R

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