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At Sharon’s place, Faith welcomes her back from Miami and offers to draw her a bath. Sharon’s not tired and wants to focus on the wedding, which is happening tomorrow. Nick asks Faith to let them speak privately for a minute. He tells Sharon someone wants to make a sizeable donation to New Hope in Rey’s name. Sharon is stunned to hear it’s $250 million and asks, “Who’s the donor?” Nick replies, “That’s the thing… it’s Ashland Locke.” Nick’s really been struggling with it. Sharon blurts, “Take the money, Nick.” As far as she’s concerned it’s poetic justice.

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At their apartment, Tessa enthuses that tomorrow’s the big day and Mariah worries about forgetting something. They go over some details and Tessa tells Mariah she can’t wait to say their vows to each other. Mariah panics as she remembers that Kyle hasn’t answered her yet about officiating. Tessa shrugs that Devon will do it if Kyle can’t. Mariah loves Devon, but wanted Kyle. Just then, Noah arrives asking them to come with him. Mariah asks, “Does it have to be right now?”
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At Crimson Lights, Victoria spots Ashland and approaches him about his donation offer to New Hope. Ashland hopes Nick will take him up on it. Victoria agrees the sum could do a lot in the right hands. Locke laments that she no longer sees his hands as the right one. Victoria figures he has an ulterior motive. Ashland assures her his motivation is guilt for what he did to her and her family, and for Rey’s death. They wouldn’t have been on the road that night if not for his actions. Victoria reveals Rey died of a heart attack, so he doesn’t have to feel guilty — at least not for that. Locke is relieved… and moved that she told him. He tells her his offer to Nick to do good in Rey’s name still stands.

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At Newman Media, Sally wants to go over the budget unless Adam has decided to leave the company. He’s decided that he can’t walk away from the family or the chance of ever running Newman. If he walks away now, Victoria wins. Sally will support whatever he decides. He’s already decided and says, “I want Newman Enterprises. Every single bit of it.” Sally gawps a bit and remarks that that’s a strong, bold goal. Adam has the perfect plan and Ashland Locke remains the key.
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Adam points out that Victor hates the man, and his sister is still conflicted. Sally can understand why it would be difficult for Victoria to let go. Adam points out Ashland saved her life and he thinks he’ll try to use that to win her back. If that happens, either Ashland will get Victoria away from all things Newman and Newman Enterprises, or Victor will be so furious she took him back that he’ll finally question her ability to run the company. Sally muses that either way, it blows the door wide open for him to take over. Adam wonders, “What if we were to help reignite the romance?” Sally raises an eyebrow. She warns if Victor finds out they were pulling the strings he’d be furious. Adam agrees; they can’t be seen to be matchmaking or be overt in any way. “All we need to do is plant a few seeds.” Ashland’s already started the process. Sally nods. They’ll ride the coattails of his progress right into the CEO’s office.

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Returning to their apartment from Top of the Tower, Mariah and Tessa rave about Noah completely transforming the place in preparation for their after party. Noah teases — didn’t they trust him to make them something special? He wonders what they were freaking out about before and asks if he can help. Mariah replies, “Not unless you become an ordained minister by tomorrow.” Just then, Kyle arrives. He’s there to talk to them about officiating the wedding. Noah heads out with Tessa. Kyle had planned to go back to Milan last night, but he remembered her request while he was packing. He called Summer, who convinced him to stay for the wedding and will join him in Genoa City to support him with his mom. Mariah, thrilled, rambles that Summer will have to come to the wedding too. She asks if this means Kyle is wiling to officiate.
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At Society, Nick informs Ashland he has decided to take his donation, but it doesn’t make them cool. “I think you’re a snake and always will be.” He knows he’s doing this to make himself look good in Victoria’s eyes. If he really cared for his sister, he’d leave town and let her rebuild the life he ripped to shreds. Ashland isn’t leaving with Harrison in town, but the donation is a small first step toward making amends. Nick characterizes it as manipulating and warns the family won’t let him get to Victoria again. Locke’s not intimidated; they already tried to run him off and it didn’t work. Nick warns that next time they’ll get more creative… and certainly more extreme.
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At Mariah’s apartment, Kyle is worried about letting her down. She tries to talk him into it and reminds him of how he pushed them into their first date. It will be the completion of a magical circle.

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At Crimson Lights, Tessa tells Noah he wants to see Mariah get what she wants at the wedding. Noah remarks on how they always want the best for each other. Tessa thanks him for his hard work and is glad they got past the awkwardness between them. Noah will always love her… as a friend and as the woman who makes his sister very happy. Tessa smiles, “Soon we’re going to be family.”

At Society, Adam and Sally walk in and sit by Nick and Ashland. Nick pushes Ashland to make the bank transfer and Adam listens as the funds are moved to New Hope’s account. Nick tells Locke, “At least one good thing will come from all your lies.” He walks out. Adam needles Ashland that he must be angling to get back in Victoria’s good graces with the donation. “Don’t tell me you’re still holding out hope for that?” Ashland fumes that his plans aren’t any of his damn business. He regrets taking the money because he had to give up the woman he loves. Adam complains about Victoria still having onto the fantasy of the guy she thought she’d fallen in love with. This gives Locke pause.
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At Newman Enterprises, Nikki learns that Victoria ran into Ashland in Crimson Lights and told him she heard about his donation offer. Nikki senses she’s haunted by her feelings for the man and assures her it’s normal. Victoria denies it, but Nikki insists she’s pushed her feelings down and they’ll come back to bite her if she doesn’t deal with them now.

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In Mariah’s apartment, Kyle agrees to officiate at her wedding to Tessa and tells her how much it means to him, despite having to be talked into it. Mariah is tickled, and vows to have his back while he’s dealing with his mom.

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Later, Faith and Sharon arrive with an update about the florist. Noah and Mariah worry about their mom. She reassures them and offers to tell them about Rey’s service in Miami, which was lovely. Sharon adds that Lola is sorry she can’t make it to their wedding. Talk turns back to the planning and Sharon asks, “What else do we have to do?” Tessa thinks they have everything under control and Mariah reveals that Kyle agreed to officiate. They give Sharon the task of assembling the gift bags to keep her busy. This reminds Sharon that she brought them a gift box of items to pamper themselves with for the big day. Noah, Faith and Sharon file out. Mariah and Tessa marvel that tomorrow they’ll be saying their vows and joining their lives together forever.
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At Society, Sally tells Adam she could see Ashland’s eyes light up when he talked about Victoria. The best part was that Adam made it seem he was insulting him. Adam will see her back at the office — it’s time to plant another seed.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria admits to Nikki that it’s mortifying still having feelings for Ashland. She can’t help but wonder if he’s telling the truth that falling in love with her changed him. Nikki feels her thoughts are perfectly reasonable. “Maybe his love for you is the only true thing about him, but if it is, is that really worth complete forgiveness?” Victoria sighs, “Of course not. Nothing could undo the wrong he did to all of us.” Nikki asks, “What about saving your life?”

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Adam strolls in and Victoria snarks at him. Nikki asks if there’s something they can do for him. Adam just wanted to let Victoria know he’d accepted her decision not to name him co-CEO. Victoria thanks him, but it was already a done deal. Adam will turn his attention back to Newman Media and looks forward to working with them both. He walks out and Nikki wonders what the hell that was about. Victoria has no idea but needs some air.
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At Sharon’s place, she tells Nick he did the right thing by accepting Ashland’s donation. She knows Rey will be smiling down on them. Nick learns she’s set to do some amazing gift bags for the wedding and asks how she’s really doing. Sharon admits it was difficult at first in Miami and explains how Arturo’s young son was a reminder that they have to move on. “You and I have been through hell before and we’ve always come through.” That’s why the wedding, which is a joyous life-affirming event, couldn’t be coming at a better time.

Victoria walks into Society and Sally spots her. She approaches to ask how she’s doing after the accident and tell her she’s sorry for everything she’s been through. Victoria thanks her. Sally admits she’s been wanting to speak with her and asks, “Can I buy you a drink?”

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Next on The Young and the Restless: Victor gives Michael a dangerous assignment, Tessa’s past catches up with her, and Nikki gives Ashland his marching orders.

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