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At the Grand Phoenix, Diane is startled when Kyle informs her that he is headed back to Italy tonight. He assures her this isn’t about how his family reacted to her. She assumes he doesn’t want anything to do with her and is disappointed. Kyle makes it clear that’s not why he’s leaving.

Kyle and Diane go to her suite. He explains he’s eager to get back to his wife — he needs her insight and advice since he’s still wrestling with what to think and how to move forward. Diane wonders what the Abbotts said about her after she left. It’s not his place to say. His mother asks what she needs to do to have another chance with him. She wants to do whatever is necessary to show she is worthy of that. Kyle doubts there is one thing she could do to prove her worth. He needs to be sure that it’s right to let her back into his life… and Summer and Harrison’s. His mom is really proud of the father he has become.

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With Kyle leaving Genoa City, he suggests his mother could go back to her new life or stick around to mend old fences. Diane asks if there is anyone in particular she should make amends to. Kyle has no expectations and offers to be in touch in a few days. Before he can exit, she asks for permission to hug him. He nods and she throws her arms around him. They both have tears in their eyes.

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At the Abbott estate, Allie assures Jack that he didn’t overstep by saying the Abbotts are her family. She bursts into tears. He apologizes for taking off earlier and admits he noticed something seemed to be weighing on her. Allie tells him she’s not the weepy type. Crying in front of someone she hasn’t known long is strange. He reminds her that he is her grandfather and he wonders if she has come to Genoa City to talk about something that’s bothering her. He made a lot of mistakes with her father and doesn’t want to repeat them. She admits that she could use someone to talk to and confirms that something did happen.

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Allie explains that her mother came to LA shortly after Jack left. She didn’t come to see her, but just to deal with legal paperwork. Allie would have loved to talk to her about the Abbott side of the family but she wasn’t given the chance. She was hoping for some connection with her mom but there is nothing left to bridge. That was made clear to her. The lack of a relationship with her mom makes losing her dad feel that much worse. Jack knows it’s hard to come to terms with the loss of a parent. Allie explains she was feeling lonely and felt compelled to come and see him. He holds her and she sobs. Jack is sorry about how painful things are with her mom but he won’t pressure her to share. He’s just grateful and proud that she came to him. He wants her to think of this house as her home and promises she will always be welcome.

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Kyle arrives at the Abbott mansion and Allie assures him that she had no idea who “Taylor” was. He knows. Jack invites him to join them for dinner. His son explains that he is flying home to see Summer so they can mull over things. Jack hopes his next visit isn’t so dramatic. Kyle can’t make any promises.

Michael and Lauren are at Society. She happily recalls their trip to France and suggests they try running an inn… or winery. That could be their happy place. He fondles her fingers and says it was a great trip. She thinks he deserved it — and she did too after all the stress she went through while he was in Peru. Lauren would like him to rethink working for Victor. He understands she doesn’t like his “work husband” but is sure it will be much less stressful now that Ashland has been exposed — things should be quieter. Lauren will happy to see the last of Locke but doubts anything will be quiet with the Newmans. What would be quiet would be living in the south of France. He asks if she is willing to retire too. Could she walk away from Fenmores? She claims that comparing their jobs is disingenuous. She can work remotely. The redhead doesn’t understand what hold Victor has on him. Michael says he helped expose a snake.

Michael and Lauren recall their vacation at Society Y&R

Michael argues that that she couldn’t step back from the company enough to be as free as she thinks he should be. From the look on Lauren’s face, he guesses she knows that. He thinks her drive for work is sexy but wishes she felt the same about his. His wife gets it. He promises they can go to every place on her wish list, but they are still in their prime and don’t need to retire yet. Joining hands, she agrees. When they are ready to walk into the sunset together, they will know it. Lauren does point out that running department stores is not dangerous, unlike what he does. Michael repeats that things with Victor will settle down. If they don’t, they can revisit this. As she heads off to work, she asks him to compare and contrast their vacation to the time he spent in Peru.

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Michael walks into the Grand Phoenix and is shocked to find Diane at the bar. She confirms it really is her. Sighing and covering his face, he groans, “You were dead!” She claims she’s back as a changed woman but no one seems to accept her. Michael points out people in town aren’t super forgiving. She’s already been put through the emotional wringer and it’s left her mentally and physically exhausted. If he wants to call her names, he can go ahead. Diane pushes him to hurl his insults so she can move on and finish her drink in peace. “Actually, it’s pretty good to see you,” he admits, sitting down beside her. She wonders if that’s because he thinks the town needs a new punching bag. He points out she still has two kidneys and claims he’s genuinely glad she’s not dead. As they toast to that, Phyllis arrives and spots them.

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At Sharon’s, Faith and Nick tell her she is looking beautiful. He says Chance and Abby will meet them at the church, and adds that the GCPD will have a ceremony of their own for Rey later. Noah put together a slideshow for the service. When Tessa and Mariah arrive, Sharon tells them she’s grateful everyone could be there today. They are surprised when Chelsea shows up. She knows this might be awkward but she wanted to know if she could say goodbye with all of them. Mariah tells her it was supposed to be small and intimate. Sharon agrees, but Chelsea had become close to Rey. She assures her that his death was not her fault and no one is to blame. She is welcome to drive over to the church with them. Chelsea thanks them for the chance to celebrate such a great man.

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At Sharon’s place after the memorial, Sharon thanks everyone from coming and talks about how she will never forget it. It was the kind of farewell that Rey would have been proud of. As they sit around, Nick reflects that Rey tried to turn him into a soccer fan but it failed; they liked hanging out. Noah says he was low-key and cool to hang out with. Tearing up, Faith hopes Rey knew how much he was part of the family. Sharon notices Chelsea is awkwardly sitting there so she prompts her to talk. Chelsea mentions how close he was to Connor. Tessa says he was a great help to her sister. Sharon explains she has received a lot of notes from people who were helped by Rey. He was never in it for the thanks. He was a real hero.

Noah offers to take Sharon to the airport for her trip to Miami. Her kids all wants to go with her. Sharon assures them she won’t be gone long. Nick offers to go. His ex says it’s not necessary. This is the last trip she will ever make with Rey and would prefer it was just the two of them. She’s tired but thanks them all for their support.

Left alone, Sharon holds a photo of Rey to her chest.

Tessa and Mariah go home. They think that Sharon seems to holding things together. Planning the wedding seems to be giving her something to hold onto. They can’t wait to be married and share a kiss.

Tessa and Mariah kiss at their place Y&R

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Chelsea goes home and muses to herself about how good Rey was to her son. He was good to her too; so kind and generous. She really cared about him. What they shared was genuine and it was stronger than friendship. Who knows if it would have developed into something more? She feels bad about that since Sharon is a good woman. But none of that matters anymore because he’s gone. Chelsea feels angry and sad about the potential future she could have had with a man she might have loved. “When do I get to win?” she wonders.

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