Diane discusses therapy at Abbott house Y&R
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At Crimson Lights, Billy bumps into Victoria as he’s picking up treats for a family meeting. She asks him to talk but sees he’s busy. He wonders what’s up. Sitting down, she tells him she just heard a podcast produced by his company, “The Grinning Soul.” He tells her that’s some guy from California with an interesting take on the world. “He had an even more interesting take on my soon-to-be-ex-husband,” she notes.

Victoria confronts Billy at Crimson Lights Y&R

Billy insists that he is not behind “The Grinning Soul” podcast. From what he could surmise by listening, it was was just a generic jab at the abuse of power. Victoria is sure that it was an attack on Ashland. He may be able to change his voice, but she recognized the cadence of his voice and phrasing. Guffawing, Billy claims he doesn’t need another soap box. She lectures him for sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong and wishes he would learn his lesson and leave her in peace. The last time he meddled, he lost Chance Comm.

Billy and Victoria argue about his podcast at Crimson Lights Y&R

Billy asks why she would have a problem with this “grinning soul person” trashing her ex. She reminds him he’s supposed to be at a family meeting. Billy repeats his question and also asks if she thinks the public should hear her ex being called out. She accuses him of exploiting her private pain for his overblown ego. So much for his promises to care for her!

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At Society, Victor tells Nikki he’s delighted to hear Victoria is going to restore the company’s name. She tells him they are going to have to advise the entire family about Diane soon. Victor says he’s already warned her to get out of town and he already told Adam to keep a look out. He needs to remind him not to say anything about this to his sister; the rest of the kids haven’t heard anything yet. Victor is sure she won’t be getting a warm reception from anyone. They doubt she has changed. After he pays for dessert at the bar, he tells his “baby” he has a treat for her later. She assumes it’s to get the bad taste of Diane’s name from her mouth.

Nikki and Victor worry about Diane at Society Y&R

They start discussing Ashland’s offer to Nick’s charity. They assume he’s attempting to buy their daughter’s forgiveness. Nikki worries he’s trying to woo her back. This concerns Victor, who still wants “that bastard” out of town. “We should be so lucky,” says Nikki.

Nikki and Victor wish Locke was out at Society Y&R

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Victoria returns to her office at Newman-Locke and removes her necklace. As she stares at it, she thinks of Billy’s podcast and sits down. While she is rummaging through files, her parents enter and she invites them to join her. She assumes they spent lunch discussing her. Nikki notices she took her necklace off. “Good for you!” she cheers. Victor needs an explanation so his wife says it was from Locke.

Victoria and Nikki discuss her necklace at Newman-Locke Y&R

Victoria advises them not to read much into it and thanks her father for replacing her portrait. She will treasure it and is happy he is so supportive of her appointing her mom Co-CEO. He still hopes she will get along better with Adam at some point, but agrees with her choice and thanks her for making the company bigger and stronger in spite of Locke. He’s confident that she and her mother will make “a helluva team.”

Nikki and Victor dicuss their daughter's heartache at Newman-Locke Y&R

Victoria takes off for a quick bite before her meeting with PR. Victor says she’s seems happy and it’s amazing. She’s stronger than he realized. Nikki is sure the family support helps. She’s not so sure her daughter handles things so well when she’s home alone. Their daughter is still grieving.

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At the Abbot estate, Jack offers a pale Diane some water. Kyle wonders if he should have warned her his whole family would be there. She teeters back and forth and says this is certainly an efficient way to face them. Diane claims she’s been keeping tabs on all of them. Ashley reminds her she nearly put them in prison. Traci says they aren’t there to re-litigate the past. Diane wants to convince them that she has changed and asks them not to hold back on anything they have to say. Ashley doesn’t see why they should believe anything she has to say.

Ashley interrogates Diane at Abbott house Y&R

Abby is appalled to see Diane playing protector to Kyle. Diane insists that she is sincere and wants the opportunity to prove herself. If they want to lash out at her and go through her sordid history, then they should. Ashley suggests that she is playing them and trying to stage-manage this entire situation. Traci thinks they should hear Diane out as they promised Kyle they would. They will know if her story is false and can call her out. Jack tells Diane to give it her best shot.

Sitting down, Diane explains that she used to see herself the way they see her, vindictive, manipulative and awful. But believing she couldn’t change was just giving herself permission to be a lousy human being. That attitude was costing her the chance to reconcile with Kyle. She had to work to earn back any scrap of self-respect. The Abbotts think that’s rich coming from someone as selfish as her. Diane insists that was arrogance, not self-respect. After a few false starts, she found a “bad-ass truth-teller” therapist who forced her to see how hard it would be for her to turn her life around. Under questioning, she admits that her therapist was not in favor of her plan to lure Jack to LA and make her way back to Genoa City.

They wonder if she is lying through her teeth about going to therapy. They’d love to see her therapist’s credentials and wonder if she is still getting virtual sessions while she’s in town. Diane claims she’s been with the therapist for six years and things really got rolling later. None of them believe she ceased to be a sociopath in four years. “It was a gradual process,” Jenkins claims. Ashley wants to see her bank statements. That’s fine with Diane. She’s not wealthy but can take care of herself. She has a career and a life in California. It was just time for her to face the backlash she knew was waiting for her.

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Billy strolls in and stops in his tracks when he spots Diane. “You’re looking alive,” he notices. They recap the situation for him and he sits down. Returning to her speech, Diane tells them it’s up to them to decide if they think redemption is possible. Billy seems to, if his podcast is any indication. She points out that Ashley has forgiven Phyllis and Traci’s novels are full of people who change. She assures Abby that she feels the same love for Kyle as she does for Dominic. It’s now time for her to be the mother that Kyle deserves. Why would any of them stand in the way of her doing that?

Diane explains what she wants at Abbott house Y&R

Traci asks her what a second chance with her son looks like in her mind. Diane would welcome any of the time or attention her son could spare and she would follow his lead. Jack is skeptical she would settle for that, but she tears up saying that looking her son in the eyes is already a lot. Anything more would be a gift. “What do you want?” Billy asks. Kyle explains she wants to be part of his life. That means Diane would like to go to Italy. If he and Summer move back to Genoa City, she would plan accordingly.

Ashley reminds Diane that the Newmans hate her. Diane claims that she is a different person and leads a quiet life now. If Abby can cease riding around on a horse naked, she can at least do that. Billy and Traci point out that the Newman and Abbott families are closer than they have ever been and Diane cannot pit them against each other like she used to. Jenkins insists this is all hypothetical and she would make any sacrifices necessary to be with her son again. Thanking them for the chance, she leaves the family to mull it over.
Jack gives Kyle advice at Abbott house Y&R

Kyle looks down, shakes his head and then asks his family what they think. Ashley is sure that Diane was just giving a rehearsed performance and it was totally insincere. Traci wouldn’t go that far and thinks Diane truly loves her son. Jack says that part isn’t new. Kyle needs to know if his mom has changed. They all had a hard time listening to her because it’s like nails on a chalkboard. When they ask Billy what he thinks, he reluctantly admits she sounds convincing. He would probably give her a second chance but he’s the king of second chances. Traci urges Kyle to be wary, but there’s no way they can know for sure. Ashley just wants to avoid her all together.

Noting that two are opposed and two are ambivalent, Kyle asks Jack where he stands. Jack has heard all Diane has said before. That could mean it’s rehearsed or true, but they can’t know for sure. He wants his son to make this choice for himself. The rest of his siblings agree.

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The doorbell rings. Jack is startled when he opens it and Allie is there. Smiling, he says her timing is excellent and asks her in to meet her family.

Allie surprises Jack at Abbott house Y&R

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