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In her hotel room, Diane tosses and turns as she dreams that Jack and Kyle have her arrested for abandonment. “You turned your back on your own child!” In the dream, Diane protests that it was the hardest decision of her life. Kyle hollers that she’s a complete fraud. The police officer thinks leaving your child is the lowest it gets. He slaps on the cuffs, and she hollers, “Please, please, you don’t understand!” Suddenly, Diane wakes up. She sits up, looks at her phone, and sighs.

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At the Abbott house, Jack spots Kyle looking melancholy. He muses that it’s hard to watch your kids carve their own path and asks if he’s been in touch with his mother since he told her he’d give her a chance to prove herself. Kyle says, “Nope.” Jack asks if he’s having second thoughts. Kyle replies, “Big time.” He admits he can’t sleep — how is he supposed to reconcile the terrible things his mother has done with the woman she claims to be now? Kyle recaps that she chose to leave him. Jack asks if she gave him reasons. Kyle confirms she did — they sounded rehearsed as though she’d waited a long time to say them to his face. He asks how his dad feels about all this. “What’s your gut telling you?”
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Jack promised himself he wouldn’t interfere. Kyle appreciates that, but he doesn’t think he can be objective, and he needs to unravel whether she’s sincere or not about having changed. Jack tried to put himself in Diane’s shoes when she decided to leave Kyle behind. They go over her reasons for not wanting to take him on the run. Jack thinks she did the right thing in leaving the way she did.

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At Society, Billy kisses Lily, who confirms she ordered tea for him. He jokes about keeping his vocal cords up for his podcast. Lily’s not amused about his last installment — it would take 20 seconds for anyone close to the situation to know he’s talking about Ashland. Billy shrugs, “If the sociopathic shoe fits…” He explains to her that Billy One is her right-hand man and Billy Two is a rebel. Lily continues to question him about the podcast — anyone can connect the dots. Billy thinks she’s nervous because she knows the players; the average listening won’t hear what she does. Lily’s concerned people like Victoria will see beyond the persona and realize it’s Billy putting it out there. Billy reminds Lily she asked not to talk about Victoria, but insists she needed protecting. It makes her look sympathetic. Lily asks if he’s thought about what would happen if Ashland figures out he’s behind this. Billy hopes he does. Ashland Locke needs to learn that actions have consequences.
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At Newman Media, Adam complains to Sally about Victoria appointing Nikki as co-CEO and his father’s mind games. Sally can’t understand this — Victoria was the cause of all this chaos. Adam doesn’t know why he’s surprised; it’s their pattern. Sally thinks he should strike out on his own and cut ties with the Newmans altogether. Adam explains that if he walks away, it makes him feel like he’s letting Victoria win. “Why should I give her what she wants?” Sally argues that Victor let Victoria’s move stand. He’s done way too much to prove himself to his family and it’s never enough. “Why stick around? You don’t need them.” Adam hypothesises that if he walked away and left her to deal with his family alone, would she really be okay with that?

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Sally tells Adam if he left the company, she’d stay and try to win his entire family over. She thinks it’s rare what they’ve found — she doesn’t need him to be the good or bad version of himself. Adam asks, “What do you want?” Sally replies, “Just you. All of you?” Adam is reluctant to walk away… maybe it’s because he’s older and wiser, or because someone has his back. But it feels like giving up. Then again, he could be just falling for his dad’s games. That said, he feels he can’t ignore the challenge Victoria laid down by appointing Nikki. Sally will support him whatever he decides to do. Adam takes her hand. The only thing to do is to decide what’s best for him now. Sally will continue to tell him he deserves better and kiss him to drive the point home. They kiss.
Adam, Sally support Y&R

At the Abbott mansion, Jack reflects that if Diane had stuck to her original plan — to take him with her — would he even have seen him again? He can’t think about Kyle’s situation without thinking about Dina. It’s nothing short of a miracle that they were able to reconcile. He tears up as he says it was one of the greatest gifts of his life. He wants that for Kyle and believes that leaving Kyle behind was probably the most difficult thing Diane ever did in her life. Kyle wants to run a simulation to find out what a future with his mother would look like by putting her to the full Abbott test.

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In her hotel, Diane gets a text from Kyle asking her to come to the Abbott house.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack tells Kyle he’ll take care of the rest as he pulls out his phone.

At Society, Lily tells Billy she’s angry about Ashland’s cancer lie but she doesn’t like the idea of him losing his platform because he’s not being careful about what he’s putting out there. Billy doesn’t think it will be a blip on Victoria’s radar. Just then, Billy gets a call from Jack, who is calling a family meeting to support Kyle. Billy disconnects and asks Lily if he can get a pass on the Chancellor-Winters meeting. She reminds Billy that he’s her COO. Billy says he will be late to the family meeting. Lily smiles.

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At the Grand Phoenix, Sally and Adam are approaching the elevator when Diane walks out of it. Adam gawps, “Oh. My. God… Diane.” Sally watches as he lets her know his father told him she was in the resurrection club and confronts her about their past dealings. She did a lot of things she wasn’t proud of then. Adam questions her decision to come back.
Adam, Diane meet hotel Y&R

Sally introduces herself to Diane and says they work together. She gathers it’s gone beyond that since they were headed upstairs. Adam remarks on her nerve. Diane is only there for Kyle, not to cause trouble or have anything to do with his family. She wants the same thing that everyone gave him — a second chance. Adam hopes that’s true and wishes her luck.

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At the Abbott mansion, Ashley, Abby and Traci greet Kyle and Jack announces Billy should be there any minute. It’s revealed that Diane is coming over and Ashley’s aghast. She can’t believe she had the nerve to come to Genoa City let alone their house. Kyle explains she’s already been there and claims she’s changed. Ashley retorts, “Into what, exactly?” Kyle reports that his mother says she spent her time away getting her life together, and is asking for his forgiveness. Ashley assures him it’s just an act. Abby wonders how Kyle feels about this. Ashley interjects that Diane is using Kyle. Jack says she’s made a compelling case. Ashley sniffs, “Oh please,” and warns Jack not to compare Diane to their mother. They all agree they want to support Kyle, who admits he doesn’t know whether to believe his mother or not. He wants to see how she handles herself in front of people who have seen her at her worst. Traci agrees and Ashley adds, “Hell yes. Bring it on.”
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In their suite, Adam and Sally pull off each other’s clothes as they kiss. She falls on top of him on the bed and they keep kissing passionately. After making love, Adam is impressed that she didn’t bombard him with questions two seconds after running into Diane. She knew he’d tell her when the time was right. Adam explains that Diane was obsessed with getting what she wanted and would stop at nothing, but not in a good way, like Sally. He worked with her to make it look like Victor was dead to try and drive down the Newman stock. That was the kind of relationship they had. He was going to help her escape the mess she made to help her start over with her son. Sally thinks he’s definitely changed. Adam sighs. He’s a work in progress, but he’s glad Sally’s in his corner. It’s nice to have someone meeting him on his level. She asks what he’ll do about his family. He’s not sure. She’ll take this ride with him wherever it goes. They start making out again.

Adam, Sally kiss bed Y&R

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At the Abbott house, they all start wondering if Diane got cold feet. Ashley has seen into her soul and it’s a deep, dark abyss. She doesn’t believe she’s had a miraculous transformation.

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Diane arrives and Kyle invites her in as she smiles, “I was so excited when I got your text.” She stops short when she sees the assembled Abbotts in the parlor. Ashley fumes, “Welcome back, bitch.” Traci cautions, “Ashley…” Kyle and Jack that their family is affected by her presence. They will have to decide if they’ll accept her claim that she’s a different person now.

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Next on The Young and the Restless: Victor restores confidence at Newman, Victoria confronts Billy, the Abbotts demand answers from Diane.

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