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At Sharon’s place, Nick tries to tempt Sharon with his chocolate-chip pancakes.

On Crimson Lights’ patio, Noah and Mariah discuss their concerns about Sharon not eating and sleeping. Mariah figures if anyone can get her to eat it will be Nick. She’s working on a playlist for the wedding and Noah suggests she ask their mom to help and distract her. Tessa appears and happily announces she just got a call from her sister. “Crystal can come to the wedding!” Mariah looks stunned. She learns that the charges against her sister have been dropped and she can come and go from Canada as often as she pleases. Mariah can’t believe this is real. Tessa explains that the way it happened is even more amazing.
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Inside, Victoria runs into Ashland who asks how she’s feeling today. She remarks on the nature of human resilience and stirs her coffee. Ashland extends more apologies and lets her know his hand is recovering. She sneers that he has knack for miraculous recoveries. She wants to know that he’s still doing in town and questions if he’s still harboring delusions that she’ll forgive him. Locke wonders how he’s supposed to let go of the love he feels for her. Victoria is certain he’ll figure it out — he’s the master of reinvention. Ashland doesn’t have the will or the strength to reinvent himself again. Victor asks him to stop making this so hard — if he really loved her, he’d leave town. Adam comes in as she’s walking out and asks if they can talk. Victoria doesn’t have time on her schedule and warns there’s nothing he can say to change her mind about hiring her mother as co-CEO. Adam wonders what their dad will have to say. Victoria retorts that it doesn’t matter — it’s her decision to make. With that, she walks out. Adam and Ashland exchange a look.

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In Society, Chelsea joins Chloe and apologizes for being late; she was up half the night and then overslept. Chloe hands over her espresso and leans across the table. “This is about Rey, isn’t it? It’s clearly hitting you harder than you want to admit.” Chelsea’s confused. Of course, his death is affecting her; he’d become one of her close friends. Chloe thinks she needs to pull herself together, if only for Connor. Chelsea confides that he still feels guilty since the actions are all connected. He’s not playing hockey anymore and she thinks he believes he doesn’t deserve to. Chloe’s heart goes out to him. Chelsea will ask Noah to take him to the rink; it’s what Rey would want. Chloe asks how Chelsea is dealing with her guilt. Her grief seems much more than that of a friend. “How close had you and Rey grown before he died?”
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At Sharon’s place, Nick noticed that she didn’t eat hardly anything. She asks him not to treat her like one of the kids. Noah, Mariah and Tessa file in with the news about Crystal. Sharon thinks it’s fantastic. “But how?” Tessa explains that’s what makes this whole thing such a miracle. “It was Rey. He was instrumental in making it happen.” Sharon’s jaw drops and she tears up. She asks how Rey was involved. Tessa says he convinced Michael there wasn’t enough evidence for a conviction and Michael went to the D.A. and got the charges dropped. Sharon worries that the dangerous group Zack was involved in might still be a threat, but Tessa explains that Rey found them and got them arrested. Crystal’s in no danger. Sharon had no idea he was working on this. They figure he intended it as a surprise, or didn’t say anything in case it didn’t work out. Sharon is so happy for Tessa and thinks Rey’s last gesture just proves even more profoundly what an amazing man he was.

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In Crimson Lights, Ashland observes to Adam that Victoria shot them both down. They’re kind of pathetic. He needles Adam about angling for a title, and Adam counters that the name Locke has been dropped from the company name. Adam relays that Nikki’s been named as co-CEO so they both got screwed out of that title. But Adam still has Ashland’s former company, Newman Media, whereas Locke only has his father’s money to keep him warm.
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In her office, Victoria sees her portrait back on the wall and Nikki reveals that her father had it replaced. It’s a tribute to her spirit and strength of leadership, which Ashland couldn’t destroy. Victoria’s surprised that her father would do this after trying to shove Adam down her throat. She’s taken aback to hear that he supports Nikki’s new role. Nikki explains he hasn’t lost faith in her, he just wants her to have the space to heal that she needs.

In Society, Chelsea informs Chloe that she and Rey were just friends, so whatever she’s trying to insinuate is wrong. Chloe’s just trying to understand her deep response to all of this. Chelsea recaps that he was there for her when he should have hated her. He would seek her out jut to check on her. “We had deep conversations that encouraged me and inspired me. He bonded with Connor and convinced me I could turn my life around; that things would get better.” Chelsea says he gave her hope. The horrible loss has ripped all of that away. Chloe knows her too well. “You were falling in love with Rey, weren’t you?”

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At Sharon’s place, she tells everyone to take a seat. The news about Crystal makes something she’s been mulling over even more relevant, but she’ll need their help. Sharon wants to do a small memorial ceremony for Rey before she accompanies him to Miami. Mariah asks, “Isn’t that tomorrow?” Sharon tears up. She wants to pay tribute to her husband before she takes him to his other home. She knows it’s a lot to ask. Nick thinks it will be good for all of them.
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At Society, Chelsea denies that she was falling in love with Rey and rants that she doesn’t want to talk about this anymore! Chloe backs off. Chelsea shows her some sketches. Chloe muses, “That’s different. Love the neckline.” She watches Chelsea with suspicion.

At the coffee house, Adam tells Ashland he’ll never cleanse himself in Victoria’s heart and mind so he should give up trying. With that, he walks out. Ashland looks thoughtful, and then pulls out his phone and sends Nick a text asking if they can meet.

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At Sharon’s place, Nick gets Ashland’s text and reacts, “What the hell?” Sharon asks if there’s a problem. He explains the text, but isn’t interested in finding out what he wants. Sharon thinks maybe he should for Victoria’s sake. She suggests he go and get it over with.

At Society, Chloe and Chelsea are finishing up as Ashland walks in. Chelsea exclaims over an awful man like him being alive while Rey is dead. Chloe’s reaction makes Chelsea feel like she thinks she’s obsessing over this. Nick walks in and joins Ashland at the bar. Locke tells him what he has to offer is of great importance and benefit to him… no strings attached. At their table, Chloe recognizes the warning signs with her friend. She’s simply trying to point it out and interrupt the unhealthy cycle of blame before it goes any further. Chelsea sighs. She’s right. She’ll go back to her room and rest.
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At the bar, Ashland tells Nick he wants to donate half of the money he received from his father to New Hope. Nick muses, “So you’re offering me $250 million dollars with no strings attached.” He tells Locke this won’t buy him absolution — he can go to hell. “New Hope doesn’t need your blood money.” Ashland urges him to think of all the good that money can do. There’s only one caveat. He would ask that all the work be done in the name of Rey Rosales. He’s ready to transfer the money now… all Nick has to do is give him the word. Nick doesn’t respond well to bribery — he’s clearly hoping for some kind of redemption out of this. Ashland wonders if he’d really prioritize his hatred of him over the benefit to his own organization. Nick sneers, “You’re good.” Ashland asks him to think about it. Nick walks out.

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At Sharon’s place, she, Noah, Mariah and Tessa pull together the plan for a memorial for Rey. Sharon suggests they contact Abby and Chance and asks Tessa to sing one of Rey’s favorite songs. Mariah asks if Sharon will say a few words. Sharon isn’t sure she’s ready… maybe this is too soon. They reassure her and Noah suggests they open the floor to anyone who wants to say something. Sharon loves the idea and feels blessed to have her family’s support.

At Newman Enterprises, Nick tells Victoria and Nikki that Ashland has gotten so desperate that he’s trying to donate half the money dad gave him to New Hope. Nikki gawps, “Don’t tell me he wants to put his name on those buildings?” Nick reveals he wants it done in the name of Rey Rosales. Victoria is clearly moved. Nikki exclaims, “How dare he take advantage of Rey’s death!” She asks what her daughter thinks. Victoria thinks it’s obvious. “Nick should take every penny of that money.” Nick scoffs, “Don’t tell me you’ve fallen for this. He’s just trying to chip away your resolve… it’s a joke.” Victoria agrees, but why not let him try to buy his absolution and put that money toward something good. He can try to win her forgiveness but it’s not going to happen in a million year. Nick can’t take his dirty money. Victoria urges him to think about the good that money will do in Rey’s name. “Isn’t that worth it?”
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At Crimson Lights, Tessa and Mariah are grateful they get to be there for Sharon and that she told them what she needed. Mariah thinks she’s starting the process of saying goodbye and letting go with the memorial. Tessa thinks they should take her at her word.

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At home, Sharon walks over to the framed photo of her and Rey. She tells him she misses him so much and feels his spirit in every room. Sharon still expects him to come through the door. If she hears a noise upstairs, she thinks it’s him… and then it hits her again. “Everything here reminds me of you.” She can’t even bring herself to put his coffee mug away. She hopes he didn’t suffer and knows how loved he was always. Sharon knows he’ll watch over her and protect her. She can’t believe he’d already found Tessa the perfect wedding gift and didn’t breathe a word of it to her. She recalls the pep talks he used to give her. “Who am I going to turn to now?” She doesn’t know how she’ll manage without her precious husband. “Somehow, I’m going to find a way.”

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