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At Newman Media, Adam asks Victor to confirm he’s seen Diane for himself and then wonders how in hell she pulled this off. Victor reports that she wanted to reunite with Kyle and claims to have changed. Sally enters and guesses neither of them are fond of this person. “Who exactly has risen from the dead?” Adam explains, “Diane Jenkins. Kyle’s mother.” Sally learns that Diane was never married to Jack… but she was married to Victor — twice. “She also dated Nick.” Victor declares that Jenkins is a dangerous person. He wanted to warn Adam to stay away from her in case she tries to remind him of their history and get something from him. Sally asks about Adam’s connection with her. Adam insists there wasn’t much of one and turns the conversation back to Victoria. His father tells him she isn’t very fond of him.

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At the Abbott house, Kyle tells Jack that Harrison is having a ball upstairs with Traci. He’s still no closer to making a decision on how to move forward with his mother. Jack insists he take all the time he needs considering how long she took before springing this on him.

At Newman-Locke, Victoria complains to her mother that Victor wanted Adam to take Ashland’s position as co-CEO. Nikki suggests that maybe her anger should be directed at Ashland. Victoria points out Ashland’s no longer a threat… but Adam is. Nikki counters that Adam’s a big reason Ashland is no longer a threat. Victoria scoffs that he used their father’s money. She told Victor if he appoints Adam in such a position, she’s out. She complains that Victor has always had a blind spot when it comes to his son. Nikki thinks he’s proven he can be a contributing family member. Victoria snorts, “When it’s convenient for him.” She feels it’s hopeless until she decides that she could agree with her father that she needs a co-CEO, but find someone other than Adam. Nikki’s stunned when her daughter smiles, “I’m looking at her.”
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At the hotel, Billy hopes Ashland’s reasons for staying in Genoa City have nothing to do with Victoria. Locke tells him it’s none of his business. Billy retorts, “I’m going to have to insist you stay away from her.” Ashland doesn’t think Abbott would make a good poker player — he lays all his cards on the table. He’s obviously still in love with his ex — it’s a wonder Lily hasn’t figured it out yet. Billy insists he and Lily are just fine and warns Locke he’s playing with fire. Ashland volleys that Victoria’s not half as angry at him as Billy thinks she is. Billy wonders what about Victor, who watched him gasp for air during his heart attack? He’s pretty sure Ashland’s on the top of Newman’s hit list and it’s not a fun place to be.

At the Abbott manse, Kyle tells his dad he talked to Mariah about his mother today. He still has so many questions. The problem is there’s only one person who can answer them. Jack offers to go with him. Kyle thinks his mother would be more receptive if he’s alone. Jack agrees. Once alone, Jack takes a call from Ashland, who wants to meet. There’s something he’d like to talk to him about.

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At Newman Media, Victor explains to Adam why Victoria still sees him as a threat — he brokered the deal with Ashland behind her back. Adam thought Victor wanted a big happy family working together. He does, and explains he encouraged Victoria to keep Adam on as co-CEO. She said she’d rather resign.

At Newman-Locke, Nikki doesn’t know how she feels about being a pawn in Victoria’s game with her father. Victoria argues that he’ll have to agree she’s the most qualified and experienced. Most importantly, she’s family. Nikki doesn’t want to be in the middle of anymore strife. Victoria asks, “You’re not really going to turn down my offer, are you?” She pleads with her mother to picture herself as co-CEO and encourages her to jump in and take some work off her plate. Nikki worries this would be in name only to fend off Adam. Victoria denies it. Nikki wants to think about repercussions and warns that Adam and Victor won’t be happy. They should be presenting a united front when the news about Ashland breaks. Victoria argues that would be what they’re doing. She thinks any attempt for her and Adam to work together would end in warfare. “You know I’m right, don’t you?”

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At the hotel, Diane’s pleasantly surprised to see Kyle at her door and invites him in. She reveals she was planning to leave and give him space unless he’s had a change of heart. Kyle wouldn’t say that… he has more questions is all. They really boil down to one. “How can I really know you’ve changed?”

At Society, Jack meets Ashland and assumes this is about Harrison and wanting to spend more time with him while he’s in town. Ashland replies, “Sort of.” He gathers Jack hasn’t spoken to his brother and explains there will be some news surfacing about him soon. “I think.” He’s done some reprehensible things and he wants to make sure Harrison isn’t impacted. Jack urges Locke to tell him what it is he’s done.

A Newman Media, Sally thinks Victor should call Victoria’s bluff, but Adam scoffs, “Have you met my sister?” He worries this means there is no room for advancement for him. Victor insists that all Adam has to do is convince Victoria of his ideas and that they can work together. Adam muses, “Well, I have my work cut out for me, don’t I?”
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At Society, Ashland confesses to Jack that he lied to Victoria and to everyone — he never had cancer. Jack gawps, “What?!? Why would you..?” Ashland says it was to speed the merger along. Jack finds this horrifying and rails against Locke, even though he says he’s ashamed of himself and claims he truly fell in love with his wife. Ashland tells Jack he agreed to leave the company and annul the marriage. Jack hopes he goes back to New York or wherever and stays away from Victoria. Ashland didn’t want to leave town without seeing Harrison and is worried about how Kyle and Summer might react when they hear the news. Jack retorts, “You damn well should be.”
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In her hotel suite, Diane confesses she lied to Kyle growing up, wanting him to believe she was the best mom ever. Kyle has never been able to reconcile the mother he knew with the woman he’s read about. Diane recaps that he’s seen both sides of her now and invites him to ask her anything.

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Doing a podcast, Billy talks about the elites of the business world. He had a run in with one today… a mogul who lies and manipulates to get more and more. The guy takes and takes. It’s like he doesn’t trust his own business acumen. Maybe he’ll get away with what he’s done, but if he does, isn’t that an indictment of all of them?

At Newman Media, Victor goes, and Adam tells Sally there are a few similarities between Diane and the man he used to be. He’ll explain another time. Talk turns back to the issue with Victoria. Sally thinks his father has his back, now all he has to do is win his sister over. Adam asks her to wish him luck and heads out.
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At Society, Ashland knows his behavior has been abhorrent, but he was a good father. There are two people he loves — period. He can’t control what happens with Victoria, but he cannot lose his son. Jack realizes he wants him to advocate on his behalf to Kyle and asks, “Why would I want to do that?!?” Ashland makes an appeal to Jack, but he’s heard enough of this kind of thing lately and tells Locke to find someone else to make his case. Before walking out, Jack warns him it’s not a good time to go to Kyle looking for forgiveness.

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In Diane’s hotel room, Kyle asks what kind of work she did on herself in L.A. Diane found a psychologist who called her out on her crap and had zero patience for her excuses. She was offended at first and often stormed out, but somewhere inside of her she knew what she was saying was true. “I was a narcissist.” She realized that had gotten her nowhere. Instead, her behavior had left her broke and alone. “Worst of all it cost me the one pure unselfish joy I had ever known — my life with you.” It was a long hard road that brought him back to him, to ask his forgiveness. Kyle asks, “What if all the work you did still doesn’t get you what you want? What if I say no?”
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Diane claims she’ll leave Kyle alone if he turns her down. She’s learned it’s a mistake to try and force people to give her things she doesn’t deserve. Diane is grateful he was willing to hear her out. She’d love a chance to try and make up for some of the hurt and damage she’s caused, or to have a place in his life. Kyle doesn’t know if that’s possible. He’s still trying to figure out if the version he remembers of her even existed. Diane insists her love for him was never an act; it was the only good part of herself. Kyle is willing to leave the door open wide enough to give her a chance to prove she is who she says she is. “Please don’t go back to L.A.” Diane gasps.

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Adam enters Victoria’s office asking if she has a minute to talk. She replies, “For you, I’ll make the time.” He explains that their father filled him in on their earlier conversation. He didn’t know Victor was going to ask her to make him her co-CEO and wishes he’d waited until they’d had a chance to hash it out first. Adam knows Victoria is going to need some help with her workload. He also knows she doesn’t trust him, but he’s there to see what he can do to change that. The two of them working together could be a very positive thing. Victoria tells Adams she would never agree to work with him, but he’s right about her needing help now that Ashland’s out of the picture. Adam offers to help without the title, but Victoria clarifies that she’s decided to take on a partner — someone she can trust. “The only logical choice. My mother.” Adam shakes his head.
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At Crimson Lights, Nikki reveals to Victor that she just had a surprising conversation with Victoria. She urges him to brace himself and explains Victoria offered her the co-CEO job. “And I accepted.” Victor crosses his arms over his chest, raises his brows and muses, “Really?!” He thinks this is a smart move on Victoria’s part. Nikki concedes it was a strategic move to keep Adam out, but she’ll do a great job. Victor agrees — she’ll give the company the stability it needs right now. He won’t challenge Victoria right now and make her think he favors Adam over her. Victor takes her hands and teases he’ll be looking over her shoulder as always. They smile at each other.

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At the Abbott mansion, Kyle tells Jack he told his mother he’d give her a chance to prove herself to him. Jack’s jaw drops in surprise.

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