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At Diane’s room, she tells Victor, “I’ve been expecting you.” She guesses Nikki ran right to him. Victor wonders how fast she can get out of Genoa City. “Your visit here will be a short one.” Diane questions if he’s become a common thug; threatening a helpless woman. Victor notes when someone as venomous as her comes along all bets are off. Diane insists she means no harm. Victor suggests she pack her bag and get out of town then. Diane thinks people will get used to the idea of her being around — Phyllis is putting up with her. Victor figures she’s put her up at the hotel to keep an eye on her. Diane admits, “True.”

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Talk turns to Diane’s claim to have changed. She points out that Nikki and Adam have supposedly changed — are the Newmans the only ones allowed? She’s there for one reason only — to explain herself to her son and get his forgiveness. Victor reveals that since Kyle has married a Newman, he has his back. Diane explains she had a positive first conversation with Kyle and won’t upset him in any way. Victor thinks she’s delusional and points out she abandoned her son. He wants her behind on a bus out of town. Victor reminds her, “You know who I am, and what I’m capable of — that’s far more than speaking to you in your hotel suite.”
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At Society, Mariah is thrilled to encounter Kyle sitting at the bar. She hugs him and gabbers that they have so much to catch up on! Kyle looks less enthused. He fudges a reason as to why he’s in town. Mariah teases about “Snowflake” not being with him and asks how long he’s staying. Kyle’s not sure. “It depends.” He has a few issues to work out. Mariah hopes they’re complicated and take a long time to resolve. “Because Tessa and I are getting married… on the 13th.” The wedding wouldn’t be the same without him.

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Talk turns to Rey’s death and the pain Lola must be feeling. Kyle asks how Mariah’s handling it. She’s in shock and misses him, but explains that Sharon wanted them to go ahead with the wedding. She shares that she and Tessa asked Nick and Sharon to walk them down the aisle and had some thoughts about who else they want standing up there with them. Kyle would be honored to be her her man of honor. Mariah reveals they had a different, more important, role in mind for him. “How would you feel about officiating our wedding?”
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In bed in a hotel suite, Sally wonders why sneaking away to a hotel in the middle of the afternoon is so sexy. Adam admits it’s extra hot. Sally recaps that they’re two people who just admitted they’re falling in love and are having a romantic rendezvous. “Are we becoming a couple?” she wonders. She admits she never wanted to ruin her chances with him even as she kept things professional. They kiss and Adam warns they need to get back to the office. Before they go, Sally wants to know how it went with Sharon. Adam tells her it was hard — she’s in a lot of pain and there’s a lot of anger and grief. “It’s a shock; she’s struggling.” Adam is glad he went — he was the first person she really broke down in front of — the emotions just came pouring out. “You don’t really want to hear this, do you?”
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At Crimson Lights, Billy happens upon Victoria, who figures she’s pretty lucky all things considered. Billy mentions it’s awful about Rey. She wishes she wasn’t driving out on that road. Billy wants to understand what happened. He asks if Ashland was following her. Victoria doesn’t want to relive the accident. Billy tells her she makes the cane look cool, and notes she’s been avoiding him since she opened up to him about Ashland. Victoria snarks that she almost always regrets her conversations with him, but then concedes that she knows she can always talk to him. Billy asks if Ashland is still in her life. Victoria explains that Ashland is leaving Newman-Locke and they’re having their marriage annulled. Billy’s relieved and assumes he’s leaving town. Victoria isn’t sure and doesn’t see how any of this is Billy’s concern. Billy hopes Locke doesn’t still have a hold over her. Victoria thinks Billy wants to say, “I told you so,” since she dismissed his concerns. She informs him she intends to move forward. Lily appears and tells Victoria she was sorry to hear about the accident. Victoria invites her to ask Billy about it since he seems to know everything. She walks out. Lily questions Billy, “What was that about?”
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Billy and Lily move to the patio as he explains that Victoria’s a little sensitive at the moment and he hit a nerve by bringing up Ashland. Lily is sure she thinks it’s none of his business. Billy worries that Locke affects her judgement. Lily informs him she’s still the same strong savvy woman and wonders if this is going to be a pattern — will he think that she can’t solve her own problems and interfere whether she wants him to or not?

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In their hotel suite, Sally is glad that Adam went to see Sharon. She knows it can be hard helping someone though their grief and is there for him. Sally assures him she’s confident in their relationship and isn’t jealous of Sharon… or Chelsea. Adam says that’s good to hear, and is different for him. Their relationship feels so right. Sally wonders if he feels guilty that Sharon’s alone and hurting and they’re happy and falling in love. Adam says it actually makes him think they might be taking things too slowly. “We need to grab every moment we can.” Sally couldn’t agree more. They start making out and go back to bed.

At Newman Media, Nikki tells Victor she can’t get a hold of Victoria. Just then, their daughter walks in. She’s not in the mood for more lectures about Ashland. Nikki explains it’s not about him — it’s Rey Rosales. Victoria thinks it’s quite clearly her fault. Nikki says the autopsy showed that Rey had a heart attack — that’s what caused the accident and his death. Victoria exhales and wobbles on her cane. She sits down and admis she’s relieved — she couldn’t stop blaming herself. It was still a tradgedy and she was still involved. Nikki hopes the news helps. She heads out to a meeting after hugging Victoria. Victor tells his daughter that they need to discuss Adam’s position at Newman-Locke. Victoria came to tell him his services as CEO are no longer needed. Victor thinks that’s a mistake. He admires her desire to go back to work, but she’s gone through a lot. “Why not keep Adam on as co-CEO?” Victoria refuses.
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Victor insists they need to discuss Adam’s position. Victoria maintains there’s nothing to discuss. If he’s going to force the issue, he’s going to have to choose. “Adam or me.” Victor feels she’s behaving irrationally — what happened to her has taken a toll whether she wants to admit it or not! Victoria retorts, “I can handle it!” Victor knows Locke is still playing on her emotions and isn’t sure she can remain unaffected. Victoria is done with him second-guessing her. If he chooses Adam, she’ll go and won’t look back. Adam arrives as she’s set to walk out. Adam tells her it’s good to see her on her feet and asks, “What did I miss?” Victoria says, “Dad will fill you in,” and leaves. Victor informs Adam, “We have a problem, son.”

At Crimson Lights, Billy assures he would never doubt Lily, but he also can’t help how he feels about Ashland. Lily can’t understand his need to interfere. Billy isn’t as bad as Victor, but muses that he and the Mustache may end up on the same side, trying to get Ashland to leave town. He’s not sure why the guy hasn’t left, but it’s not going to be good. Lily frets that Billy’s becoming fixated on this. She’s asking him for the last time. “Please stop.”

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At Society, Kyle isn’t sure if he can agree to officiate Mariah’s wedding. She’s taken aback. Kyle admits he’s dealing with some personal things right now and doesn’t want to let her down. Mariah asks if it’s something with him and Summer. Kyle shakes his head — they’re fine, they’re great, in fact. Mariah reminds him he’s always been someone she can count on and vice-versa. She implores him to tell her what’s going on. Kyle asks if they can go back to the house and have a private conversation. “I could really use your friendship right now.”

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At the Abbott mansion, Kyle tells Mariah there’s no easy way to say this, so he’ll just come out and say it. He reveals his mother, Diane, is alive and in Genoa City. Mariah’s stunned. Kyle explains she’s there to try and make amends. They agree it’s insufficient. Mariah can’t think of anything more messed up than letting him think she was dead. Kyle knows this but wonders if it’s possible she could have changed. Mariah thinks he needs answers. Kyle has more questions after talking to her. Mariah thinks it’s a lot to ask for her to expect a mother and son relationship. Kyle agrees, “It is.” That’s why he’s drinking in the afternoon!
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In the lobby of the Grand Phoenix, Billy runs into Ashland. They eye each other up.

At Newman Media, Adam guesses that Victoria has no interest in him staying on in a leadership role. Victor informs him they’ll discuss that later, there’s something more important to talk about. “Diane Jenkins. She’s alive and back in town.”

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At the Abbott mansion, Mariah understands Kyle missed out on so much with his mother — this must seem like a fairy tale. Kyle notes his father is worried he’ll get hurt, but how can he turn down this opportunity? It’s everything he wished for as a kid. Mariah’s concerned he’s setting himself up to be hurt. How can he trust her? How can he let her walk back into his life, and why would he let her anywhere near Summer or Harrison?

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In her suite, Diane leaves Jack a message explaining that Kyle’s reaction wasn’t what she hoped for; she supposes it’s all she can expect right now. She’d like to think there will be more in the future, but there’s no guarantees. Diane did what she came to do and is leaving for Los Angeles in the morning.

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