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Nikki joins Victor at Crimson Lights and he mentions that Victoria didn’t have time to talk to him. She was okay when Nikki saw her a while ago. Victor thinks she needs to go somewhere to regroup and he’ll maybe put Adam in charge while she’s there. Nikki knows he’s concerned, but that’s not why she asked him to meet her. The reason is Diane Jenkins. Victor is floored to hear she’s alive… and had the audacity to come back seeking forgiveness.

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle returns from a walk to clear his head and finds Ashland dropped Harrison back off with Jack and Phyllis. He hugs the boy and doesn’t know how a parent could stand to stay away from their child for long.

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In her suite, Diane flashes to when Kyle was a little boy and becomes emotional.

At Society, Chloe and Chelsea are having a business meeting but the designer is distracted. Chloe thinks they need to talk about what’s really going on with her. Chelsea lost one of her closest friends in a horrific car crash and worries if Rey hadn’t gone back for the tickets he’d be alive today. She marvels that he forgave her after what she did to him… “And look what that led to.” Chloe insists it was an accident and there was no one to blame her. As Chelsea protests, Chloe interrupts. Kevin told her something in confidence and she thinks Chelsea needs to know — Rey died from a massive heart attack.
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At Newman Media, Sally pumps Adam up for ridding the Newmans of Ashland Locke — he pulled off what no one else could do. Adam notes it was with his dad’s money. Sally thinks he’s on the way to making his temporary position permanent. Adam shrugs. She asks if something has changed. Adam’s strategy has changed, but not his goal. He won’t push it and will play things by ear. He figures Locke’s name will soon be ripped from the company, which, Sally points out, is all the more reason two Newman siblings should be running it. Adam’s pleased she has his back. He wants to see his position made permanent, but he’s going to let the game come to him. Adam plans to sit back and see what Victoria does. Sally feels there should be repercussions for Victoria for bringing Locke into the company. Adam points out she’s suffered some already. While he’s figuring out how to work with Victoria, he’s counting on Sally to make him look good at Newman Media. Sally promises to do everything in her power to help hm get the recognition he deserves.

At Crimson Lights, Nikki explains to Victor that Deacon Sharpe helped Diane fake her death. She warned her to stay far away from all of them — especially Nicholas. Victor learns she wants to reconnect with Kyle and can’t understand how he’d ever forgive her. Nikki mocks, “She’s a changed woman now and wants to make amends with all of us.” Victor can’t fathom how that woman has the guts to return to Genoa City. “After all we’ve been through lately, that’s the last thing we need.”
Nikki tells Victor Diane alive Y&R

At the Abbott house, Phyllis takes Harrison to the kitchen and Jack tells Kyle he and Summer have done a terrific job with the boy. He asks if getting out of the house helped him figure things out. Kyle admits his emotions are all over the place. Kyle can’t get over his mother choosing to let him believe she was dead, but as angry as that makes him feel, he can’t help but think it’s a miracle… the answers to his prayers as a kid. But why would he ever buy into anything she has to say or put his family through that drama. Jack doesn’t want Kyle to feel pressured by anyone. He should take his time and think through what he wants to do. Kyle’s already made his decision.

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Kyle tells Jack he wants to hear his mother out. He might regret it for the rest of his life if he doesn’t. He’s not walking in with big expectations, but he needs answers and wants Diane to tel him to his face why she let him think she was dead. Jack understands because of what he went through with his own mother. Dina disappeared and there were times she seemed dead to them. As abandoned as he felt, he could never bring himself to turn his back on her. Jack agrees to reach out to Diane and make the arrangements. Kyle tears up as he thanks his dad. Jack pulls him into a hug.
Jack, Kyle embrace Y&R

At Society, Chelsea is stunned to hear that Rey had a heart attack and says if it had played out differently, she and Connor could have been in the car with him when it happened. She wonders if Ashland could have saved his life and Chloe warns her not to go down that rabbit hole. “There’s no undoing any of it.” She knows the loss is difficult for her friend, but there’s no one to blame and she needs to focus on moving forward. Chelsea snaps at her and then apologizes. T just kills her that someone as conniving as Locke walks away from something like this, while Rey loses his life.

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Sally and Adam walk in. Chelsea and Adam discuss being there for Connor after Rey’s death. Chelsea reveals it was a heart attack, which causes Chloe to bug her eyes out at her. Chelsea asks, “What? Everyone is going to find out anyway.” She thinks this might help alleviate any guilt Connor is feeling. Adam hopes she’s right and is planning an outing with the boy. Chelsea suggests they do something as a family to give him a sense of stability. Adam won’t commit and Chelsea folds her arms across her chest and calls him out on it. “Is it because Sally’s here?” Adam knows she’s upset about Rey and says he’s sorry she lost such a good friend before ushering Sally to a table. Chloe wants Chelsea to promise her that she won’t use the loss of Rey as an excuse to gravitate back toward Adam.
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At their table, Adam explains to Sally how Chelsea tried to frame him for poisoning Rey and he and the detective both forgave her. Adam reflects that he lives in a glass house and can’t afford to throw stones. Sally sighs, “Me either.” Adam doubts she’s done anything all that bad. Sally replies, “Well…” Adam asks if there’s something she wants to tell him.

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Jack arrives at Diane’s suite and reports that Kyle’s in town and is in shock about the revelations. Diane worries that Phyllis has been trashing her to Kyle. Jack thinks she’s more than justified in being concerned about the impact of her return on Summer, but what Kyle’s feeling right now is all about her. “Your choices and your actions!” Jack believes their son deserves the truth. He reveals that Kyle wants to see her. He wants answers to the questions tearing him up inside. Diane exclaims in relief that her son wants to see her. Jack pleads with her to put him first, just this once, and focus on what he needs and not what she needs. Diane wonders if Jack could accept the possibility that she’s changed. Jack doesn’t even respond. Diane asks if she and Kyle could meet at the Abbott house. Jack doesn’t want her in his home but can see the advantage of Kyle being on his own turf and so agrees. Diane will be over in a bit.
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At Society, Sally admits there’s something she didn’t want Adam to know about her and she doesn’t like this old temptation she’s having… it’s the inclination to lie and deceive and make herself out to look better than she is. Since they learned Ashland was lying about having cancer it’s come to the forefront. There’s a special place in hell for people who would do that… a place that might have a seat for her. Sally explains that there was a man in Los Angeles she was so in love with that when he broke off their engagement for a second time, she got sick. It turned out to be stress, but Wyatt didn’t know that, and she ended up faking a terminal illness to get him to stay. Adam asks why she’s telling him now. She’d rather he hear it from her than from someone else down the road. Adam marvels, “Well…” Sally adds it was the reason she left Los Angeles.

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Adam is glad she was honest with him and admits he was impressed by Ashland pulling off his deception for as long as he did. A long time ago he did something similarly outrageous that involved faking a medical condition and it was not pretty either. Sally knew they had a lot in common, but she never thought this would be one of them. Adam’s glad they can share anything and everything, “Because it seems like I’m falling in love with you too.” Sally chides him for leaving her hanging so long. Adam asks, “You really believed that I was indifferent?” Sally shrugs. It took him long enough to say the words, part of her wonders if she should even believe them. Adam wants to get out of there so he can show her. They file out with Chelsea watching them.
Adam falling love Sally Y&R

Back at the Abbott manse, Jack reports to Kyle and a scoffing Phyllis that Diane seemed pleasantly surprised that he agreed to meet with her. Jack relays that she wants to get together at the house. Kyle thinks that’s good, but he needs Jack and Phyllis to keep Harrison entertained and out of sight. “At this point, I don’t want Harrison anywhere near my mother.”

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In her suite, Diane kisses her framed photo of Kyle, grabs her coat, and heads out the door.

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At the Abbott house, Jack and Phyllis decide to take Harrison and Traci somewhere and will head out the back door. Kyle assures them he’ll be fine. Once alone, Kyle looks in the mirror. A knock comes at the door. Kyle opens it and comes face-to-face with his mother.

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Next on The Young and the Restless: Kyle demands answers from Diane, Phyllis points Jack in the right direction, Victor gives Abby and Chance sage advice.

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