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At Crimson Lights, Lily kisses Billy, who relays that Victoria’s not answering his messages. He’s grateful the kids don’t know she was in a car crash. Lily tells him she needs space. She knows what it’s like to be involved in an accident where there’s a fatality. Billy’s just trying to wrap his mind around what happened and what Ashland Locke had to do with it. Lily asks what makes him think Locke is responsible. Billy can’t understand why he was out there on the same road but not in the same car. Lily reminds her boyfriend he’s not responsible for holding Ashland accountable.

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In her office, Victoria flashes to the car crash. Just then, Ashland appears in the doorway. She asks how he even got past security. Ashland learned a few tricks while working there. She reminds him he was supposed to leave town. He needed to see how she was doing. Ashland asks her to be honest with him. “How are you feeling?” Victoria told him on the phone that her injuries weren’t severe — she wouldn’t lie like him. Ashland quips, “Ouch.” She asks about his injuries and talk turns to Harrison being in town. Locke asks her, “How are you really?” She just keeps replaying the events in her mind. If he hadn’t been following her, would she have died alone on that highway? Would the crash never even have happened? Ashland keeps doing the same thing… replaying events in his mind. The stuff that happened before the crash — things he should have said or done differently. He wishes she could understand that his love for her will never go away. Ashland keeps hoping there will be one good, true moment that she’ll forgive him.
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At the penthouse, Imani meets with Amanda and Devon. She’s wearing her “best impression” suit and promises not to overstep this time. She asks who will be attending their business meeting and learns that Nate will be there. “I knew this was a smart career move.”

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In their apartment, Elena tells Nate she wishes they could just stay there all day. He jokes that they can forget his new job and her shift at the hospital. Elena wants to stop time after what happened with Rey and spend the day telling Nate what he means to her. He kisses her and agrees life is short. They kiss again. She relays that she called Lola and it was tough. So many people will miss Rey. Nate wonders if anyone is asking questions about this accident… and Ashland. “If he’s capable of faking cancer, what won’t he do?” Was he stalking Victoria? Did he cause the accident to be her knight in shining armor, or because he wanted to cause her greater harm and Rey was just collateral damage? “Wherever Ashland goes, trouble isn’t far behind.”
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At Sharon’s place, she finds Rey’s mug and his boot and tears up. A knock comes at the door — it’s Adam. He says, “I’m so sorry for your loss.” Tears fill her eyes again. She fusses to find Adam a place to sit. He’s sorry he didn’t stop by earlier, but he figured he’d be the last person the family would want her to see, so he waited until the coast was clear and she was alone. Sharon nods, “That’s my life now, isn’t it? Better get used to it… being alone.”

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After Adam’s made tea, he asks how she’s coping. She says she’s hanging in and keeps telling herself that one day she’ll come to terms with it and heal. Adam says that’s a load of crap. She can skip the platitudes; that’s not who they are to each other. He urges her to be honest with him. Sharon breaks down as she admits she’s tired of everyone treating her like she’s made of porcelain; she’s tired of everybody being careful around her and using a whispering voice or questioning if she can do the things she wants to do. “I’m tired and gutted and so, so angry,” she cries. She has one question, “Why?!” Why does a worthless piece of filth like Ashland Locke still alive when a man like Rey who was so good and meant so much to so many… Adam agrees; he helped Connor get through a rough time. Sharon recalls it was so easy with Rey. He loved her and did so much for her. He forgave her for her mistakes… not the least of which was the time Adam kissed her. Adam nods and smiles. Sharon remarks that he even forgave the woman who poisoned him. He didn’t deserve to have his life end this way. “He didn’t deserve it!” she wails. Adam takes her in his arms.
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In their apartment, Elena is set to see Nate off for his first official meeting as a member of the Chancellor-Winters team. She commemorates the occasion with a new tie and puts it on him as she tells him how proud she is of him making the career move. Nate still gets a sense that she has concerns. Elena admits it takes some getting used to— him being an executive and not Dr. Nate Hastings. He says he’ll always be Dr. Nate Hastings and assures her he’s making the right move. They kiss.

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At Devon’s, he reminds Imani that Nate is in a committed relationship with Elena. Imani knows but teases that she doesn’t see the harm in a little flirting. She answers the door when Nate arrives and welcomes him aboard.
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At the coffee house, Lily says her heart breaks for Sharon and Rey’s family. If Ashland’s responsible the GCPD will be all over it, but it’s not Billy’s fight or something for him to obsess over. She urges him to let the Newmans handle it and reminds him they have a meeting to get to. Billy decides she’s right and declares he’s officially out. Tearing Ashland Locke apart will be left to the Newmans.

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At Newman-Locke, Victoria informs Ashland that he doesn’t get to dream about her forgiving him. The wounds are far too fresh and deep for forgiveness. Ashland loves her more than ever despite things breaking down between them. Victoria hollers that it didn’t break down — he did this! Locke recaps that at some point he fell in love with her despite his plan. He thinks she’s terrified to admit to anyone that she still cares. “You can tell me the truth.” Victoria muses, “You want me to say I still love you. Of course. Of course, I still love you.”
Victoria, Ashland still love you Y&R

At Sharon’s place, she finishes crying on Adam’s shoulder as he jokes that he’ll look for some dishes for her to smash. She laughs as holds up some over-priced crackers for her to replenish her energy. Sharon admits she hasn’t cried like that since the night Nick told her. Adam thinks she’d tell a patient that they should let it out… she can either do it here with an old friend who won’t pity her or she can cook herself to an early grave. “Take some time every couple hours to cry and remind yourself that Rey loved you… You’re sad, be sad.” He’ll come and sweep up if she changes her mind and breaks the dishes. She whispers, “Thank you.” Adam assures Sharon he’ll that after everything they’ve been through, he’ll always be there when she needs him. “You can count on that.”
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At Devon’s place, Imani admires Nate’s tie. He says it was a gift from Elena. She tells him he wears it impeccably. Lily and Billy arrive, and everyone talks about the accident and Rey’s death. “It was a senseless tragedy,” Devon says. Nate cuts his eyes away and looks thoughtful.
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At Newman-Locke, Victoria tells Ashland she just wants to feel normal again. There’s a knock and Chance enters. He has some questions to ask about the case. Ashland asks, “Case?” Does that mean there’s an investigation or that he thinks this was something other than a tragic accident?

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Chance has routine questions about what happened. Ashland complains about him making Victoria relive the horror of that night. Victoria can handle it and invites Chance to take a seat. He asks her about the events leading up to the crash. She recounts that she was at the office with Ashland, who left before her. She was then driving, and it was foggy. Victoria doesn’t remember how fast she was going but was on the phone with her mother, and then the next thing she knew… Ashland interjects that he was following Victoria to make sure she was okay in the fog. He saw headlights coming straight at them. Victoria swerved and went off the road, while he reacted too late to avoid contact. “Rey and I… our cars made contact.” Chance finds it curious that Rey stayed in the wrong lane even after almost hitting Victoria. “He didn’t try to avoid the collision?” Ashland says, “No, he just kept coming straight at us, never stopping.” Chance doesn’t think that makes sense given Rey’s extensive training. Locke insists that’s what happened. Chance gets a message and checks it. He has to run and will be in touch if he has more questions.
Chance questions Ashland Y&R

Once alone with Victoria, Ashland hopes reliving all that wasn’t too much for her and muses that recounting what happened puts everything else in perspective.

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At Devon’s, he tells Lily he’s fine with the name Chancellor-Winters, but will rebrand LP as Hamilton Streaming. Lily and Billy think that’s great. Nate suggests a huge party for the press and Imani loves the idea. Devon questions if they want to be that flashy out of the gate and notes Neil was a little more buttoned-up. Nate argues that he also knew how to roll with the times. “Why not make a bold new statement right out of the gate. Show them who we are?” Devon looks uncomfortable and Lily nods and smiles. She likes the idea of a splashy media push. Nate adds that Lily and Devon should be front and center. Devon balks at the idea. Lily doesn’t want to fly solo and reminds him this was about them coming together. Plus, he’s the grandson of Katherine Chancellor, which is a huge selling point. Devon feels things are moving fast. Lily tells him that ready or not they’re going to be the face of the company. “Take a leap of faith.”
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At Sharon’s place, Adam is preparing to leave when Chance shows up. Adam explains he came by to offer his condolences and tells Chance he’s sorry he lost his partner. Chance thanks him. Sharon sees Adam out and then rejoins Chance, who informs her that Rey’s autopsy report just came in. “I thought you’d want to hear it from me.” Sharon asks, “Hear what?” Chance replies, “The truth about what happened that night.”

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Chance breaks the news that Rey’s cause of death wasn’t the car crash. “He had a heart attack behind the wheel.” Sharon exclaims, “My God. Poor Rey!” She asks what his last moments were like. Chance only knows that the coroner said it was sudden and fast. He can’t explain why it would happen to someone so young. Sharon cries. She secretly wondered if Victoria and Ashland were watching the road, like she need someone to blame. Chance confirms there is no one to blame.
Chance gives Sharon news Rey Y&R

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At Newman-Locke, Ashland thinks Victoria was sincere about wanting to start over with him… for a moment. He declares he is willing to do whatever it takes to get back to that moment. With that, he walks out.

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