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At the hotel, Phyllis and Amanda catch up. Amanda reports no complications at work and Phyllis muses that she’d love to experience no family drama. It’s the Abbotts this time. “Jack.” Amanda notes the redhead’s mind always seems to be on him. Phyllis can’t tell her what’s going on, but shares that Kyle’s in town and Jack has to tell him some big news. She confides that there’s a person in town from Kyle’s past. “From our past.” This person can create so much danger for may people in this town. Amanda realizes, “Including you.”

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At the Abbott mansion, Kyle tells his father that this isn’t possible. His mother can’t be alive; she was murdered for God’s sake. They buried her and it was heartbreaking. Jack states that she wasn’t in the coffin; if he’d known that he could have spared him this pain. Kyle wonders where she’s been — was she held against her will? Jack tells him, “You’re mother faked this entire thing and she has been staying away by choice.” Kyle reels.
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In her hotel room, Diane has to get out of there and sees no harm in taking a walk and grabbing a cup of coffee. Donning her hat and sunglasses, she heads out.

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At Crimson Lights, Mariah asks a distracted Tessa if she wants to invite her roadies to the wedding. Tessa asks the head count. Mariah doesn’t remember. Elena walks in. She just heard the news and is so sorry. Mariah hugs her. Elena asks about Sharon. Mariah reports that she’s putting on a façade and she’s scared it’s all going to come crashing down. Elena can’t imagine how difficult this must be for Sharon. Mariah keeps expecting Rey to walk through the door and reflects that he was a rock for the whole family — now Sharon thinks she has to be that. Elena feels his death is a huge loss for the community. She asks if they’re going forward with the wedding and learns Sharon wants them too. She agrees they could use some happiness. Just then, Diane walks in. Mariah steps behind the counter to take her order.
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At home, Sharon searches for the wedding folder but instead finds a note from Rey letting her know he picked up paper towels. She holds her chest and fights a sob. She flashes to Rey telling her he loved her and asking if she felt the same way. Sharon then recalls him carrying her over the threshold after their New Year’s Eve wedding, and their anniversary. Noah appears, sees her crying, and gently asks, “Mom?” Faith and Nick arrive, and Sharon snaps out of her reverie. She asks why Faith isn’t in school. Faith couldn’t sit through class today and got permission to leave. “Today I just wanted to be with my family.” Sharon is grateful they’re all there with her.
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At the Abbott mansion, Kyle wants more information about his mother. Jack says it’s a long story. Kyle asks for the highlights, such as, “Why did she pretend to be dead?!” The doorbell rings. Kyle panics, “Is that her?” Jack fumes that it damn well better not be. He answers the door and it’s Ashland. Jack lets him in. Locke’s looking to see Harrison. Kyle, remembering Locke was in an accident, asks if he’s alright. “What happened?”
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At the hotel, Amanda deduces that the woman Phyllis is referring to is Jack’s ex and asks if she’s concerned she’ll want to get back together with him again. Phyllis wouldn’t allow it, though she denies anything is going on between the two of them. Amanda wonders why she’s so concerned about the woman being back in his life then?

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At the Abbott mansion., Ashland greets Harrison with an embrace, explains that he burnt his hand and that he’ll be okay, and then becomes emotional. Kyle, still reeling from Jack’s news, turns away. Ashland asks to take Harrison to the park and out to eat. Kyle agrees. Locke thanks him as he ushers the boy out. Kyle tells Jack that even though he’s only been a parent for a short time, he still has a difficult time saying goodbye to him for any length of time… so how is it that his mother disappeared all those years?
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In Crimson Lights, Mariah apologizes to Diane for the delay and explains there’s been a death in the family. Diane asks who owns the place. Mariah says Sharon Rosales and Diane asks if she used to be Sharon Newman. Mariah asks, “Have I seen you in here before?” Diane stammers that it’s been a while, appears to have a panic attack, and rushes out the door.

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At Sharon’s place, Noah encourages her to take a nap, but she has to meet with Mariah and Tessa. She’s keen to put the wedding together. Nick offers to drive her since Mariah asked him to stop by the coffee house as well. “Do any of you know what that’s about?”

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle is counting on his father to be straight with him. Jack explains that Diane saw her deception as a way to get away from the bad things she’d done to seemingly everyone in this town. Kyle protests — did she not think it was horrible to let her son believe she had died? And murdered no less?!? Why has she come back now?!? Jack says that she claims it took her all these years to feel she was finally ready to face what she had done. Kyle cries that he had missed her so much — all these memories he wanted to share with her and Jack’s telling him she chose not to. He can’t process his emotions right now and wants the facts about how she lured his father to Los Angeles. Jack concedes her methods were devious — that’s Diane — but if she’d come to him, he’d have shut her down. Kyle asks if this was supposed to soften Jack up. Jack confirms that Diane wants him to smooth the way for her with him. Part of Kyle wishes Jack had never told him. Jack admits that was his first instinct, but Phyllis helped him realize that wasn’t his call. “This is up to you, son.” Kyle agonizes.
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At the hotel, Phyllis explains to Amanda that she knows this woman and knows what she does. Just then, Diane walks in. Phyllis abruptly tells Amanda to go have fun in the spa. Once she’s gone, she stalks over to Diane and asks what she’s doing out of her room.

In Crimson Lights, Elena tells Sharon she’s sorry and that Rey was a great man. If she needs to talk, she shouldn’t hesitate. Sharon thanks her. Once Elena’s gone, Sharon brusquely asks where they stand with the wedding. Mariah and Tessa try to dissuade her from forging ahead, but Sharon insists she needs this. They sit down as Mariah explains they can’t help but worry about her. Sharon will be up and down, but she can’t sit around. Her voice cracks, “I really need to grab on to whatever I can to stay afloat.” Their wedding is a life raft. “Please don’t take that away from me.” Mariah and Tessa nod. “Let’s make this wedding happen.” Nick is all in. Sharon asks what’s next on the agenda.

At the Abbott house, Kyle needs to phone Summer before he makes any decisions and asks where his mother is now. Jack says that unfortunately she’s in town despite him asking her to stay away — she’s at the Grand Phoenix. Kyle grimaces, “Why?! Why would she do that?” Jack figures she wanted to be on hand in case Kyle didn’t agree to meet with her. Kyle marvels that for years he heard the rumors about his mother — some people even trashed her to his face — but his memories of her were all positive. She was a good mom, but a good person doesn’t deliberately put their own son through hell. He asks Jack if there’s anything else he doesn’t know about her. Jack squints. There are probably many things he doesn’t know about her, but he doesn’t need to know. He always thought it best to let Kyle remember the good in Diane. She did unforgivable things, but is asking for a chance to explain. Kyle questions if she’s really as bad as some people think. Jack replies, “Frankly, yes.” Part of him wishes she’d stayed dead, but she’s there and she’s not going to let this go. “You have to decide one way or the other.”
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At the hotel, Phyllis asks why Diane’s so rattled. “Who did you see?” She wonders if it was one of the suspects in her murder and hisses that she should probably reconsider being dead. Diane hops onto the elevator and disappears.

At Sharon’s place, Noah and Faith look at photos and she cries, “I can’t believe Rey is gone. Why did this have to happen?” She can’t understand why Sharon is pushing and won’t let it out. Noah feels she needs to keep busy right now. It’s her pain and she has to express it as she wants to.

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At Crimson Lights, Tessa recaps to Sharon how they’ve grown close. She is wondering if she would stand in for her family and walk her down the aisle. Sharon tells her, “Of course, I’d be honored. And as far as I’m concerned you are already family.”
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At the hotel, Phyllis learns Jack told Kyle the truth. She’s glad he got to him first — she snuck out of her room again. Jack fumes that she’ll always be a wild card. Phyllis counters, “Unless, Kyle decided not to see his mother.” She asks what Jack thinks he’ll do. Jack admits Kyle came out and asked if she was as bad as people think and he couldn’t bring himself to totally condemn her. Phyllis feels it’s only going to be worse when people realize she faked her death. Jack is only concerned about how this affects Kyle.

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At Society, Kyle leaves Summer a message that there’s something he needs to talk to her about and asks her to call him when she’s free. Traci appears as he disconnects. She hugs him and gathers that he and Jack spoke. “We’re all in shock about Diane.” Traci suggests he talk this through with someone he trusts. Kyle got Summer’s voicemail. Traci offers to be his second. Kyle doesn’t even know where to begin. She asks if, knowing she’s alive, does he want to see his mother again. Kyle can’t get past her letting him believe she was dead. “I don’t know, Aunt Traci. What am I going to do?!”

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At Crimson Lights, Sharon will be proud to have her daughter and daughter-in-law on her arm. Mariah loves her, but she had another idea. She knows Nick isn’t her father, but he was a great one to her sister and she’d love it if he did for her what he couldn’t do for her and walk her down the aisle. Nick agrees. They embrace.
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In her room, Diane paces and sighs.

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