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At the Abbott mansion, Kyle sends Harrison to the kitchen for cookies and to play in his old bedroom while he waits to hear Grandpa’s big news.

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In Diane’s suite, Nikki can’t believe what she’s seeing. She lambastes Diane with, “What the hell makes you think you can show your face in Genoa City after the devastation you’ve caused?!?” Phyllis smirks.
Nikki, Diane Y&R

At Society, Sally tells Adam how badly she feels for Sharon. She talks about how much she and Rey adored each other. Adam feels she must be reeling. He’s glad she has her kids around her. Sally asks if he reached out to her. Adam thought about it, but doesn’t think it would go over well with her family. Sally asks, “Seriously? You can’t even express your condolences to a friend?!?” Adam doesn’t want to add to her burden. Sally advises him not to worry about the family; Sharon will know his concern is genuine. Adam thanks her and admits he’s a little surprised. Sally doesn’t have an issue with the face he still cares about his ex. She’d have been a lot more concerned if he didn’t give a damn.
Adam, Sally Society Y&R

Adam admits he wonders if Ashland caused the car crash — he was supposed to be gone a long time ago. Just then, Ashland walks in and sits down at the bar. Adam fumes, “Unbelievable,” and goes over to confront him. They had a deal! Ashland argues that there was nothing in the contract saying he had to leave Genoa City. Adam guesses he’s staying because of Victoria. Ashland wonders why he cares; he only wants to bring his sister down. Adam counters that he lifted her up by getting rid of him. He notices Locke’s bandages and thinks they’re a bid for sympathy. He’s probably faking like he did his cancer. Ashland explains he rescued Victoria from her car. Adam sneers that saving her won’t help him — no one holds a grudge like his sister. Ashland volleys, “You would know.” Adam urges him to get out of town.

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At Sharon’s place, she thanks Nick for urging her to eat and keep her strength up, they can leave now. Nick worries it will be too much for her to see Rey in the morgue, but she needs to see him one more time. She thanks Nick for driving her. He says, “Whatever you need,” and hugs her. A knock comes at the door — it’s Victoria, who tells Sharon, “I’m so sorry.” She offers to be there for anything Sharon needs. Sharon explains Nick and the kids have been a well of strength for her to draw from. Victoria still wants to help in any way she can. Nick assures her they have it handled. Sharon excuses herself to go up to her room but stops once she’s out of sight to take some deep breaths and hold her chest.
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In the living room, Victoria tells Nick she wishes she could have stayed with Rey after the wreck so she could tell Sharon he wasn’t alone. Nick assures it was beyond her control and questions her about Ashland. She explains that he followed her and admit she shouldn’t have been out driving in that state. “If I wasn’t out driving… if I wasn’t on that road…” Nick tells her this isn’t her fault; it’s all on Ashland. Sharon interrupts to say it was an accident and was no one’s fault. Victoria didn’t come there looking for her to make her feel better. Sharon knows why she came. She tells Nick it’s time for them to go.

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In Diane’s suite, Nikki confronts her for gallivanting off to who knows where and leaving a wake of destruction in her wake. Diane insists no part of this was pleasant for her. She was utterly desperate. She had crossed some powerful people and felt boxed into a corner. Nikki sneers that apparently, she thought the way to get out of that box was to ruin her life. “If you had to play dead, you could have had the courtesy to stay that way!”

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Diane says she knows how upset Nikki must be, but the Newman hollers that she has no idea how furious she is! She details the legal charges that were brought against her after Diane left town. She’s sure Diane must have been disappointed that she and Victor didn’t go down for her murder. Nikki brings up her partner in crime, Deacon Sharpe, and Phyllis asks if it was Diane’s idea to have Nikki blackmailed for a murder she didn’t commit. Diane protests, “No, it wasn’t.” She insists she was a wreck at the time and had no control over what was going on back there. Jack keeps getting texts as Nikki yells at Diane that she could have come forward. Jack and Phyllis leave as Nikki still has more to say to Diane. Once alone, Nikki tells Diane to have a seat — there are some things they need to get straight.

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Nikki mocks Diane for referencing people’s reactions to her being “stressful.” Diane recalls that Nikki was drinking back in the day and was violent. Nikki fumes, “I was acting in self-defense.” Diane insists, “So was I.” Deacon offered her an escape route. He might have had his own reasons for doing what he did — perhaps due to their twisted relationship. Nikki snaps at Diane not to make it sound like they’re still involved. Diane wants to start over, but Nikki isn’t buying one word of it. “You’re still the same manipulative conniving little bitch you’ve always were, and an apology tour isn’t going to cut it because everybody in this town is going to see right through you.”
Nikki, Diane confrontation Y&R

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea spots Victoria with her cane and offers to get her order for her. They talk about Rey’s shocking and horrible death. Victoria reminds her what happened last night is what she tried to make happen a year ago. Chelsea, affronted, retorts that Rey was actually her friend; a very good friend. She explains Rey treated her with compassion and forgiveness. He was on the road that night because he was going to take her and Connor to a hockey game. Rey left to pick up the tickets and never came back. She knew something was wrong; he’d never disappoint Connor like that. Chelsea relays how difficult it was to tell Connor, who thought Rey hung the moon. Victoria’s sorry. Chelsea, emotional, says Rey was a great man. “One of the greatest men I’ve ever known.”
Chelsea stunned Victoria Y&R

At Newman Media, Sally and Adam are discussing Ashland when Victor comes in. Adam informs his father that Locke was at Society bellied up to the bar and looked downright smug. He got the sense he was cooking something up. Victor fumes that if he thinks he can take $500 million from him and mock him, he has another thing coming. Sally asks about Victoria. Victor thinks Rey’s death added another layer of trauma to her. He wonders if she knows Locke is still in town and tells Adam they have to keep him away from her. Adam asks if his father has spoken to Sharon and says he was thinking of stopping by to offer his condolences. Victor doesn’t think that’s a good idea. Sally thinks she could use more support. Victor thinks people would misinterpret his intentions. Adam doesn’t want it to come off to her like he doesn’t care. Victor assures him she knows how he feels and asks him to let Nick and her children comfort her.
Adam office Y&R

At the Abbott mansion, Jack greets Kyle, who gives Phyllis a hug from Summer. They discuss Rey’s death and Kyle plans to call Celeste and Lola. Jack thinks they’d appreciate that. Phyllis excuses herself and leaves. This strikes Kyle as strange and he asks, “What’s going on, dad?”
Kyle, Jack Y&R

At the hotel, Nikki tells Diane she can understand Jack feeling compelled to let her reach out to Kyle, but warns her to stay away from her family, especially Nick and Victor. She should probably avoid Adam too. “Diane, you are in for a rude awakening. You’ll find no redemption here.” They were relived to have her out of their lives. Nikki finishes, “No one wanted you here and no one ever will,” and walks out.

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At the Abbott house, Jack talks to Kyle about Keemo’s death and getting to know Allie. He wanted him to know the whole story so he could explain who led him to the discovery… and why. He explains the mysterious texts that lured him to Los Angeles. It turns out that the person who sent him those texts, and their reason for sending them, was all about Kyle.

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At the hotel, Ashland approaches Phyllis, who muses about all the interesting people coming into her lobby today. Locke got a text from Kyle today that he was coming into town with Harrison, but now he’s not answering his messages. Phyllis relays that she saw Kyle earlier and Harrison was wiped out and taking a nap. She suggests he wait to hear from Kyle, or she and Jack will bring Harrison to him. Phyllis asks if he’s okay after the accident. Ashland says he is, and thanks her.
Phyllis, Ashland hotel Y&R

Phyllis walks away and Nikki appears. She confronts Ashland for still being in town. Ashland informs her he’s still there because he loves her daughter.

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At Newman-Locke, Victor checks on Victoria and warns her that Ashland Locke is still in town. Victoria assures him that he has no more power over them. Victor muses, “Legally you’re right. But I’m afraid it’s a bit more complicated for you, right?” Victoria told him that she can’t just turn off her feelings for him — and that was before he saved her life. She insists she and Ashland are both moving on. Victor questions if it’s really going to be that easy for her.

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Victoria and Victor sit down together and she declares she’s not the slightest bit tempted to trust Ashland again. She wishes she’d caught on sooner. Victor relays how frightened they were when she was in the accident. He’s so glad she’s alright. Victoria’s sorry for so many things. Victor hugs her and doesn’t want her to be sorry for a damn thing. “Everything will be alright.”
Victor, Victoria hug Y&R

At the hotel, Nikki fumes to Ashland that the best way for Victoria to heal is to keep him far away. Ashland counters that she didn’t mind him being close to her when he was saving her life. Nikki’s grateful for that, but questions if he loves her why he’d stay and make things worse for her. Ashland wants to make sure she recovers fully. Nikki snaps, “You’re the last person to do that.” Locke disagrees and reminds Nikki that Victoria has free will. “She will decide how she wants to deal with me.” He warns the family won’t get rid of him, short of murder. “I suggest you get used to seeing my face around here.” Nikki sniffs, “We’ll see about that,” and stalks off.
Ashland, Nikki confrontaton Y&R

Sharon and Nick some into Crimson Lights and Chelsea approaches to let Sharon know how truly sorry she is about Rey. Nick wants to take Sharon home, but she has things she wants to do and has to talk to Mariah about the wedding. Chelsea urges her to take time to mourn her loss. Sharon snaps, “I shouldn’t be mourning at all!”
Sharon snaps at Chelsea Y&R

In her suite, Diane leaves Jack a voicemail. She’s so anxious to see Kyle and explain everything. “Please let me know when he’s in town.”

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At the Abbott house, Jack stuffs his phone in his pocket and tells Kyle the texts about Keemo and Allie were from someone seeking forgiveness and were intended as a sign of good faith. Kyle doesn’t get it. Jack will tell him who it is, but first wants him to know that opening or closing this door is completely up to him — he’ll support any decision he makes. Kyle asks his father to give it to him straight. “Will you please just tell me what’s happening?” Jack intones, “The person reaching out to me was your mother. Diane.” Kyle’s stunned. Jack continues, “She’s alive, she is here. She wants to see you.” Kyle looks shell-shocked and is speechless.

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