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Jack and Phyllis enter the Grand Phoenix talking about the terrible accident with Victoria, Ashland and Rey. Phyllis is sure Sharon’s having an awful time of it. Jack will stop by to see her later. Talk turns to Diane and Kyle. Jack is sure the news will turn his son’s world upside-down.

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In her suite, Diane exhales and paces as she flashes to Jack yelling at her for coming to Genoa City and saying he hopes Kyle decides to leave town without seeing her. She paces some more, sits, and recalls how she asked Jack not to be so heartless. Is it really so hard for her to believe she’s become a better person. Jack hollers that it’s almost impossible. “I don’t want you in our lives and I hope to God Kyle agrees!!”

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In the hotel lobby, Phyllis is pleased to hear that Jack put Diane in her place and hints that she has ways of keeping an eye on her. Jack says there are a lot of other people in town who should know Diane is alive — especially Nikki. Phyllis agrees since she thought she killed her. She says Diane will continue to stay hidden if she knows what’s good for her.
Phyllis, Jack talk Y&R

In her suite, Diane decides she can’t sit in her room any longer, dons a hat and glasses, and heads out.

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In their apartment, Mariah tells Tessa she thought her mom would want some space when she got home from the morgue. Tessa can’t believe Faith wanted to go to class. Mariah calls Faith’s phone and leaves her a voicemail that if she needs to talk, she and Tessa are always there for her. After, Mariah talks to Tessa about how much Rey loved Sharon — they should have had years and years together. Noah arrives and remarks that there aren’t any words. He reports that their mother was trying to be strong when he left. He hopes spending time with Nick will help.
Mariah, Tessa apartment Y&R

At home, Sharon looks at the photos on the mantle as she fingers her wedding ring. Nick brings up Celeste’s request. Sharon thinks it makes perfect sense she’d want him buried in Miami. She wonders if she should agree to it or fight to keep him there. Nick doesn’t want to overstep by giving an opinion. Sharon wants to hear it. Nick suggests she think about what Rey would want. Sharon concedes that a part of him never left Miami. He’d have the biggest smile on his face when they went there. Rey even asked her if she’d ever consider moving there. He wished he could spend more time with his family and now they’ll never see him again. Sharon tears up. “I think Rey would want to be buried near his family.” She will make the arrangements to have his body transferred.

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Sharon tells Nick she should call Celeste right away so she can make her plans. Nick reminds her she doesn’t need to do everything herself. Sharon needs to do this for Rey, but then she’ll turn her attention to Mariah and Tessa’s wedding. Abby and Chance arrive. Abby hugs Sharon and Chance tells Sharon, “We’re really sorry.” She knows Chance must be shattered too. Chance thinks it’s a huge loss. Abby explains they wanted to see how she’s doing. Sharon tears up. “I’m hanging in.” Abby offers to drop the food and go. Nick tells Sharon he’ll get back to Celeste while she visits with Chance and Abby. He leaves the room and Abby tells Sharon if there’s anything they can do, she should just say the word. Sharon appreciates it. She tells Chance he was the last person to hear Rey’s voice. “How did he sound?” Chance says, “Good. His usual self.” Sharon recalls her last kiss with him and how they said, “I love you.” “I’m really glad we did that. I’m glad I told him. I had no idea that would be our last goodbye.”
Sharon, Abby, Chance Y&R

Sharon can’t share anymore or she’ll turn into a puddle on the floor. Chance couldn’t have asked for a better partner or friend than Rey. Sharon says he felt the same way about him. Chance recalls how highly Paul spoke of him. “He wasn’t just a good investigator; you always knew you could count on Rey.” It went way beyond work. Chance talks about how she supported him and gave great advice. “I’m going to miss that very much.”

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At Mariah and Tessa’s apartment, they discuss with Noah what they can do to help. Tessa thinks spending time with Sharon is the best thing. Noah feels like nothing will take away the agony of Rey’s death. “He was a really good guy.” Mariah agrees, “He was the best.” Tessa reflects that they worked really hard to be happy. There was a quiet, beautiful intimacy between them. “Fireworks are fabulous, but it’s nothing without a foundation.” Noah muses that they survived Adam’s interference and his mom’s cancer. Sharon drew so much strength from him, that’s why Mariah is scared for her to lose him now. She gets worked up and feels selfish for what she’s thinking… she’s feeling terror of what it would like to go through this herself. Tessa thinks a tragedy like this brings up those feelings. Noah counsels that you can’t be afraid to love. Tessa assures Mariah she’d do anything to stay by her side. “For better or worse”. Mariah believes that, and notes that sounded like wedding vows. The woman agree they should put off their wedding. Noah thinks it wouldn’t be fair to mom to jump to a rash decision.
Noah, Mariah, Tessa Y&R

In the hotel, Jack and Phyllis spot Diane emerging from the elevator and rush over to stop her. She protests that she just wants to stretch her legs at the park. Phyllis exclaims that she’s going to mess up everything. Behind them, outside the door, Nikki arrives, looking at her phone. Phyllis herds Diane back into the elevator as Jack turns and greets Nikki. The Newman wonders what was going on with Phyllis and that woman in the elevator. “Who was she?”

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Back in Diane’s suite, Phyllis warns her not to leave the room again. Diane wants the bottle of wine she promised her. Phyllis isn’t sending it… or the masseuse. Diane scoffs about her lying to her face. Phyllis will do whatever’s necessary until she understands the gravity of the situation. She threatens to handcuff her to the bed or lock her in the closet. Diane thinks she should butt out — this is about her, Jack and their son. Phyllis tells her she’s wrong. “This is about me and I’m not going anywhere.” She reminds Diane that Kyle is her son-in-law and whatever she does to her son affects her daughter. She agreed to give Jack time to tell Kyle and let him process this. Phyllis points out that if she parades around town and is exposed, she’s certain Kyle would appreciate her sensitivity.
Phyllis, Diane Y&R

In the lobby, Jack asks Nikki about Victoria and Ashland. She answers and then circles back to the woman in the elevator — he’s being evasive. Jack grimly says she’d find out sooner or later. “There’s no easy way to say this. What I’m about to tell you is going to blow your mind and then some.” Nikki’s unnerved. Jack tells her this is about Diane Jenkins, who was not murdered in the park. “She’s alive and well… and here in Genoa City.”
Nikki reacts to Diane being alive Y&R

Nikki informs Jack that whoever that woman is, she’s lying to him. Jack insists it’s Diane and explains she faked her own death to get out of town. Nikki asks how that was possible there was a huge investigation into her death. Jack explains, “With a huge assist from Deacon Sharpe.” Nikki fumes, “That sonofabitch.” Jack says she came back looking for another chance with Kyle. Nikki demands he take her to Diane. “I want to see this for myself.”
Jack, Nikki take me to her Y&R

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At their apartment, Noah tells Mariah and Tessa that Sharon wants them to keep their plans to get married and he thinks they should listen. He thinks she’s stronger now after all these years and if she wants her to go on with it, they should believe her. It might help her cope. “This celebration needs to happen more now than ever.” He doesn’t mean to pressure them, all he’s saying is they shouldn’t push it back for mom’s sake when she made it clear that’s not what she wanted them to do. They sigh… okay the wedding’s still happening. Mariah thinks maybe it will spread a little hope and joy. Tessa and Mariah embrace.

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At home, Sharon and Nick see Abby and Chance off. Nick tells Sharon that Celeste is very grateful she is honoring her request. He’s made the arrangements for Rey’s body to be sent to Miami after the autopsy. Sharon realizes that she doesn’t have much time left to see him and asks Nick if he’ll go with her. “I need to see him. I need to say goodbye.”
Sharon, Nick talk morgue Y&R

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At the Abbott house, Kyle and Harrison arrive and call out for Jack. Kyle muses that something must have come up. “I wonder what it could be?”
Kyle, Harrison arrive home Y&R

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At the hotel, Diane and Phyllis are still bickering when Jack comes to the door with Nikki. Phyllis smirks at Diane as Nikki walks in and looks her up and down. Diane smiles and Nikki glares.

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Next on The Young and the Restless: Victor has a change of heart about Victoria, Diane wants to make amends with Nikki.

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