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At Sharon’s place, Nick tells Noah and an upset Faith that it’s a beautiful morning — it’s like the universe is trying to make them feel better. Noah reports that Mariah and Tessa are coming over — it was awful telling them that Rey had died. Nick talks about all the help Sharon will need from them. He says they need to call Rey’s family and let them know. Noah can handle the funeral arrangements. Sharon appears and says, “No. That’s for me to handle.”

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Chelsea is looking at her phone when a knock comes at her door. It’s Adam. She’s surprised to see him. He assures her Connor is fine and comes in. She asks what’s wrong. He replies, “You haven’t heard?” Adam tells her there was an accident last night. Chelsea’s eyes widen. “Oh no. It’s Rey isn’t it.” Adam nods sadly.
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Chelsea says an accident makes sense and jokes that she’s going to give him a hard time about it. She goes to call him when Adam stops her. He was driving back with the hockey tickets when his car crashed. “Rey died.” Chelsea sits on the sofa and holds her head. “I don’t understand, how did this happen?” Adam explains that Victoria and Ashland were involved. Chelsea shakily asks if they’re alright. She then remembers Connor. “Have you told Connor yet?!?”

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At her desk, Victoria works on her laptop and pauses to notice the empty spot on the wall where her portrait used to hang. Nikki enters. She thinks her daughter should be at home resting after the accident. Victoria reminds her she’s been cleared for work. Nikki heard the doctor tell her to rest — she must still be in shock over the accident, everything that happened with Ashland and… Victoria states, “Rey’s death.”
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Victoria, limping around the office with a cane, gets upset when Nikki suggests she shouldn’t feel guilty about Rey’s death. How does anyone really know it wasn’t her fault?!?

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In his suite, Ashland flashes to saving Victoria from the burning car. He grimaces. Just then, there’s a knock on his door. It’s Victor. He reminds him he paid him half a billion dollars to leave town and he’s still there. Ashland fulfilled the terms of the deal — he left the company and agreed to have his marriage annulled. They bicker a few more minutes until Victor barks, “Tell me what happened.”
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Ashland insists his love for Victoria has always been genuine. Victor doesn’t want to hear the romantic bunk, just the facts of the accident. Ashland explains how he gave Victor’s men the slip and then returned to Newman-Locke just as Victoria was leaving. He followed her because there was fog and he was worried about her. He thought she was going home but it turned out she was going for a much longer drive.

At the office, Victoria tells Nikki she doesn’t remember a lot from the accident. Nikki hopes the police will be able to fill in the blanks and alleviate some of her guilt.

In Ashland’s suite, he describes to Victor how he saw another car oncoming on the road. He’d later find out it was Rey’s. He doesn’t know why, but he was driving erratically. He saw his car veer into Victoria’s lane. She swerved and went off the road and hit a tree. He then turned sharply and Rey slammed into the side of his car. It must have made it flip over because when he saw the car later it was upside-down. When he came to, he saw Victoria, he saw the flames. He knew he had to rescue her. “I pulled her out with only seconds to spare before the car was engulfed in flames.”
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At the office, Victoria tells her mother that Ashland risked his life to save hers. The very person who was the reason she was out driving in the first place.

In the suite, Victor declares that Ashland saved his daughter’s life, so despite everything, he’s grateful.

At the office, Victoria states that Ashland saved her life, not Rey’s, which only compounds her guilt. Nikki is just thanking God, and Ashland of course, that she’s alive.

At Sharon’s place, she tells Nick, Noah and Faith that she’s going to be strong — Rey wouldn’t want her to fall apart. She declares that they’ll get through this together. Sharon tells Nick she’ll make the call to Rey’s family. Her voice cracks as she says she practiced what she was going to say to Celeste last night. “How do you tell a mother her son is dead?” She collects herself and then dials Celeste. She cries as she says it’s nice to hear her voice too. Sharon says she has really bad news — her beloved son Rey is gone.
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Sharon concludes her call with Celeste by saying she’ll make the funeral arrangements, but stops short when Celeste tells her something unexpected. She says she understands and will be in touch. After disconnecting, Sharon is about to tell Nick, Noah and Faith what Celeste said when Mariah and Tessa arrive. Mariah rushes into her mother’s arms. They want to know if there’s anything they can do. Sharon still has a lot of people to call. She thinks of Chelsea and Connor. The poor kid loved Rey. Nick says Adam will handle that.

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In Chelsea’s suite, Adam tells her he didn’t break the news to Connor yet; he thought it was a conversation they should have together. They have to tell him soon. Chelsea worries that Connor’s bond was Rey was growing — this is going to be very hard on him. She cries as Adam explains this was a horrible accident and not anyone’s fault. They’ll explain that to Connor.

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In Ashland’s suite, Victor informs him that he should leave town and never step foot near his daughter again. Ashland thinks that should be up to Victoria. Victor argues that they had a deal and he’s responsible for her being on that road. Ashland says he isn’t leaving. “I need time to heal.” Victor declares, “You will leave town,” and warns if he doesn’t uphold his end of the deal, there will be hell to pay.

At Sharon’s place, Mariah and Tessa tell her they’ll postpone their wedding under the circumstances. She won’t let them do that. Sharon declares that Rey would absolutely hate to know he’d made them delay their big day. She finally tells everyone that Celeste asked that Rey be brought home and laid to rest in Miami.
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At the office, Victoria takes a call from Ashland and tells her mother, “I have to take this.” Nikki leaves. Victoria asks, “What do you want?” Ashland notes she left before he was done getting his burns treated and he wanted to know she was okay. She says she’s fine. Ashland keeps replaying the accident in his mind — it could have been a lot worse. She asks how he’s doing; his burns looked painful. Ashland feels he deserves it. Talk turns to Rey. Locke says if she wants to blame someone, she should blame him. Victoria learns he stayed the night at the Grand Phoenix and will be leaving town soon. She thought that would be the case. Ashland says, “I’m sorry. For everything.” Victoria starts, “I…” Just then, Victor walks in. She lets Ashland go.

In her suite alone, Chelsea flashes to Rey saying he’d be happy to go with her to the hockey game and sobs.
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At Sharon’s place, Nick asks how Sharon feels about Rey being buried in Miami. Sharon understands that to Celeste that is his home, but he belongs there with them. Noah knows if something happened to one of them, Sharon would move heaven and earth to get them home to Genoa City. Sharon still feels Rey belongs there. Nick assures her she doesn’t have to decide right not. Sharon muses that Rey was good at helping her make choices like this.

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At Chelsea’s suite, Connor asks his mom what’s wrong. She says she’s just tired and hugs him. Connor can tell something’s wrong and asks why they kept him home from school. “Am I in trouble?” Adam says, “No, not at all.” Chelsea broaches that they have to tell him something very sad. “I don’t know how to say it so I’m just going to say it.” She can’t find the words. Adam jumps in and says Rey was in a car accident. He died. Connor protests, “No.” That can’t be true — he just saw him last night.
Connor learns Rey died Y&R

The boy becomes upset knowing that Rey was driving because he was taking him to a game. Adam asserts that no one knows what caused the accident — the weather was bad, there could have been something on the road — but none of this is his fault. Connor feels sad… and he feels really bad for his mom. “They’d become such good friends!” Chelsea confirms she’ll miss him a lot. Chelsea and Connor embrace. She assures the boy they’ll do something to honor Rey’s memory, but for now he should go with his dad. Adam and Chelsea exchange a look as he follows Connor out. Once alone, Chelsea picks up the unused hockey ticket and cries as she rips it up.

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At Newman-Locke, Victor thinks Victoria should be resting. Victoria doesn’t want to let anyone down. Victor argues it’s too much. Victoria needs to get caught up. Victor asks, “What do you think if we let Adam continue as temporary CEO?” He could run the whole thing until she has sorted everything out with Ashland Locke. Victoria, fuming, snaps, “Absolutely not.”
Victoria fume at Victor Y&R

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At Sharon’s place, she finishes a story about Rey before announcing that she has something she needs to do. She has to go to the morgue — Rey’s body is there and she has to say goodbye. Who knows, maybe it will help her decide about the funeral. Nick will drive her. By the door, Sharon picks up Rey’s jacket, tears up, but assures them she’s fine. Mariah has something to tell her. “Please let your emotions out.” The others back her up. Sharon is determined to be strong. “Because if I let go, I may never recover.”

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