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At Society, Victor tells Nikki the accident happened near the blue house just outside of town. The security team will be there very soon. He’s concerned that Ashland might be involved in the chaos. Nick is going to go see for himself. Nikki wants to go too, but they convince her to stay.

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In the cabin, Victoria gasps that Rey cannot be dead. “Tell me one more time because I don’t think I’m hearing things right.” Ashland didn’t want to believe it either. Victoria argues that he doesn’t even know Rey and rambles that she knows Rey really well. “You can’t sit there and tell me that it’s Rey!” Ashland is positive. Victoria panics that they have to check — she knows it’s not Rey, or maybe there’s still time to help him. Ashland cautions she’s in no shape to move as she struggles to get up. Through gritted teeth she demands, “Take me now! Take me now!”
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At Crimson Lights, Chance keeps Connor entertained with a hockey story while Chelsea and Sharon look on. They assure the boy that Rey will make it up to him. Connor thinks he must be doing police business — he’s like a superhero. Sharon confirms dinner has been interrupted more times than she can recall by his job. As Chance keeps up the hockey talk, a worried Sharon looks at her phone and paces.

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In the cabin, Victoria insists to Ashland that they have to find a phone and make sure Rey is safe until help comes. Ashland tells her, “He’s gone. I’m sorry.” Too much time has passed. He wasn’t breathing and had no pulse. Ashland checked more than once. Victoria cries, “No,” and becomes agitated.

At Society, Nikki frets that they haven’t heard anything yet from Nicholas. Victor reminds her he told him to drive carefully. She worries they never should have let Victoria go off on her own and should be out there looking for her. Victor reminds her their daughter is very strong.
Victor, Nikki worry Y&R

In the cabin, Ashland assures Victoria the accident wasn’t her fault; he was right behind her. She makes him tell her again. He describes how Rey’s car approached and crossed the center line. Maybe he was trying to avoid something in the road but he swerved into her lane. Victoria cries as she asks if she was speeding. Ashland tells her no. He wants to get her to a hospital. She gasps, “Your hand is burnt.” He says he’s fine. She thinks he’s lying. Ashland quips, “It’s what I do.” She thinks his burn looks excruciating. He’s only concerned with getting her x-rays and checked over. “If anything had happened to you…” Victoria doesn’t care what he says, Rey is dead because of her. Ashland replies, “No, it was an accident. A terrible accident.”

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At Crimson Lights, Connor tries to persuade Chance to play hide n’ seek, but Chelsea says no. She gets up and goes to find Sharon. She’s sure it can’t be easy being married to a cop. Sharon says Rey knew how important this was to Connor, whatever’s keeping him must be very important. She knows Chelsea was looking forward to the game too. Chelsea loves spending time with Connor. Sharon says she means “you were looking forward to it for you.” She can’t shake this feeling that there’s a connection between her and Rey. Like maybe she’d be interested in him if he weren’t married.
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Chelsea wonders if Sharon is accusing her of having a crush on her husband. If she says “yes” will her and the other cheerleaders say nasty things about her in their burn book?!? Sharon thinks Rey went above and beyond for Chelsea after what she did. Chelsea was grateful. Sharon thinks when he started treating her more like a friend… Chelsea interjects to say that’s what he is — a friend. Sharon has just been having these feelings lately. Chelsea decides to be honest and says Rey is an incredible man, but he’s married. Chelsea understands why she’d ask if she has a thing for Rey given their history, but it’s not like she’d have a shot anyway. “You’re amazing together!” Sharon agrees; they are. She knows how lucky she is to have him in her life. Chelsea can see Rey feels the same way about her.

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In the cabin, Ashland wants to go try to find help, but insists that Victoria stay. She grimaces while trying to move and he checks out her leg. She asks him to stop; she’s fine. Ashland searches around for a first aid kit and manages to find cold bottles of water for her. He makes her promise not to try and walk on the leg and then goes, vowing to be back for help as soon as possible. She thanks him for saving her.

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On the coffee house patio, Chance gets a call about a multi-car accident and asks if there are any fatalities. He says he’s on his way and disconnects. He tells Sharon and Chelsea he has to go back to work and heads out. Sharon and Chelsea exchange a look.
Chance call Y&R

At Society, tries to talk Nikki into ordering some chocolate molten lava cake. She knows he’s trying to distract her. Victor takes a call from Nick. All he can see is wreckage. Three cars are involved and one of them is definitely Victoria’s. She’s not there, which is probably good news considering the state of her car. She must have went to seek help… with Ashland.

In the cabin, Ashland tells Victoria that he couldn’t let her die. She gave him the strength to get himself free. She notes the real Ashland Locke died in a burning car — the irony isn’t lost on her. Locke made the connection later, when she was out of danger. It hit him hard and took him back to that night; to the friend he couldn’t save. He doesn’t want to think about that right now. Right now, his job is to get her help and to keep her safe. Victoria asks, “Why can’t you just let me go?”
Ashland safe Y&R

At Society, Victor learns from Nick that Ashland’s car is another one at the sight. Victor asks what happened to the third car and driver. Nick breaks the news that it was Rey Rosales. “He didn’t make it.” Nick laments that this is going to break Sharon’s heart, as well as Faith, Arturo and Lola. Victor gets the location and assures his son that they’ll be there. He disconnects and Nikki marvels, “So, Rey is gone? Poor Sharon!” She wonders how Ashland is involved. Victor has no idea but they’ll find out. They exit.

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On the coffee house patio, Sharon and Chelsea chat with Connor who tells them Rey is the best. The boy takes his plate to the counter and Sharon tells Chelsea that Rey adores him. Chelsea says the feeling is mutual. Sharon and Chelsea decide they’re glad they talked. Sharon’s sorry things didn’t work out tonight. Chelsea asks her to tell Rey that Connor will want a raincheck. Once alone, Sharon worries.

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On the roadside, Nick tells Chance that his parents are on the way. They feel Victoria was lucky to walk away from the burning vehicle. Nick doesn’t know what to say to Chance about Rey. Chance had a feeling something bad went down when he didn’t come back with the hockey tickets, and he got the call. Nick asks if he’s okay. Chance has to be… for Rey. They decide that Nick should be the one to break the news to Sharon. Nick says it will be tough, but he can’t let her hear the news from anyone else. Chance agrees she needs to hear it from someone she trusts; someone she can lean on. Chance promises to find Victoria and get her the help she needs.
Nick, Chance roadside Y&R

At Crimson Lights, Sharon looks outside and then closes the door. She tries Rey’s phone again and leaves him a voicemail to check in and tell him she loves him. “Call me okay? Just let me know where you are and that everything’s okay.”

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At the cabin, Victoria questions Ashland saying he has feelings for her when he took money to annul their marriage. He claims that was meaningless. She wonders what his plan was when he followed her. Ashland just wanted to make sure she was alright. “I love you. No matter what’s happened. You mean everything to me.” Victoria wonders if he’s trying to get her to forgive him. Ashland couldn’t imagine a world without her in it. He can live with her hating him as long as she’s alive. Just then, Nikki calls out. Victoria yells, “Mom!” She comes in, followed by Victor. Ashland says she hurt her leg in the accident. Victor informs him they’ll let him know if they need him to talk. Victoria demands to know what happened to Rey.
Victoria, Nikki questions Y&R

Nikki and Victor tell Victoria that the paramedics were putting Rey in the ambulance. She says hopefully, “So he’s alive.” Victor tells her, “No sweetheart, he’s not. He didn’t make it.” Victoria cries, “Oh God.” Nikki says Nick has gone to break the news to Sharon. Victor brusquely asks what Ashland is doing there. Victoria informs her parents that Ashland isn’t responsible; she swerved to avoid Rey’s car and Ashland saved her life.

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Nick arrives at Crimson Lights, where Sharon is wiping down tables. He steps toward her, and Sharon’s startled. He apologizes and she asks about Victoria. Nick says they haven’t found her — she wasn’t with her car. Sharon offers to put on coffee. They can talk about Mariah’s wedding while they wait for word. Nick begins, “Uh, Sharon…” Sharon interrupts him to say she just baked brownies. She rambles on about how much Rey loves them and him growing up with Lola’s cooking. Nick rasps, “There’s something that I need to tell you.” She holds up her hand. “I know. I know.” Her voice cracks as she cries, “Just give me a minute, okay. Before everything falls apart.” Nick hangs his head and wipes away a tear. Sharon continues, “Because if you tell me what I think you’re about to tell me…” Nick says, “Rey was involved in the accident.” Sharon lets out a sob.
Sharon cry Y&R

Nick tells Sharon, “There were three cars. Ashland, Victoria’s and Rey’s.” He talked to the EMTs — there wasn’t anything they could do. Sharon breaks down sobbing. “Nooo…” She wails, “I can’t… I can’t…” and sags against Nick, who holds her.

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