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At Newman-Locke, Ashland is stunned when Victoria asks, “Did you really think that I would run away with you after everything you put me through? Did you really not believe this was the absolute end for us?” She told him what she wanted to hear so he would sign the agreement j to get him out of this company and her life. Ashland says he was overjoyed; he didn’t question it. He reaches for her, but she pulls away. Victoria tells him she was lying these past few days. All those feelings he’s having now of betrayal and humiliation — she knows them. “It’s your turn now.”

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At Crimson Lights, Rey sneaks up to kiss Sharon’s neck and she admires his sharp jacket. “Did you get it for your trip to Chicago?” He says not exactly, but he thought it would be a good place to debut it. Sharon hasn’t seen Chelsea and Connor yet. Rey thanks her for going along with the plan — a lot of wives wouldn’t approve of a man staying over night out of town. Sharon says the important thing is that Connor has fun. Chelsea and Connor appear. The boy enthuses about Rey coming to the hockey game. Chelsea jokes about ‘chaperoning’ and is glad Rey knows the sport. Sharon looks slightly uncomfortable.
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At Newman Media, Adam tells Victor that his father backing him up is what made his plan successful. Victor agrees they make a good team. They sip scotch and Victor reminds Adam to have feelings of compassion for his sister right now, and not competition. He thinks Adam should be happy to get rid of the sonofabitch. Adam gives Victoria credit for being tough, but he also recognizes this will take a while to move past. “We need to do what’s best for her moving forward.” He reminds his father that they kept everything Locke brought into the merger. They almost doubled their net worth for just $500 million, which is a bargain. Victor chuckles about how things work out sometimes.

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At Newman, Victoria asks Ashland if he takes her for an idiot. Locke doesn’t, but asks what he was supposed to do — could she have forgiven him if he came clean? He thought maybe in her heart she would believe he’d been set up. Victoria asks, “That’s why you kept lying?” Ashland was stalling in hopes that they could still have a future. Victoria is appalled and cries that after what he did, they could never have a future! Ashland doesn’t give a damn about the money or the freedom if it means going off without her. “All I want is you.” Victoria scoffs at him playing the dutiful husband to the bitter end and urges him to admit how he used her. She wants to know how he could sink to such a disgusting low.
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Ashland asks if she wants the whole story; the truth. She laughs — yeah, she does. Ashland states, “I lied about having cancer.” He protests that he was devastated when he found out Harrison was not his son and channeled all that anger into going after her family. She snaps that he didn’t waste any time. Ashland laughs that it was so easy to say the scans from his heart attack showed signs of cancer. Victoria realizes now that he told her because it would create an instant bond. “It was all very deliberate.” Locke nods. “That’s right.” Victoria demand to know how he could let that sweet little boy think he was dying. Ashland did what he could to keep the child out of it, that’s why he let Kyle take him to Italy. Victoria muses that way he didn’t have to look Harrison in the eye and lie to him the way he did with her. “All of it was to get your hands on my family’s company.” She rants about it being the most selfish and disgusting move of his career. Locke says it’s true… but then this other thing happened. Something shocking. “I, honest to God, fell in love with you.”

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At Crimson Lights, Chelsea leaves Connor at a table with Rey and walks over to thank Sharon for packing snacks and for “lending” them Rey for the night. Sharon feels it makes sense to stay over night since the game ends late. It will be safer. Chelsea promises to bring Rey home safe and sound. Sharon will enjoy having the house to herself tonight. They turn to watch Rey interacting with Connor and then Sharon asks if Chelsea wants anything else for the road. Chelsea notes Sharon is going above and beyond and senses she’s really not okay with this trip.
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Nick and Nikki arrive at Newman Media and Victor brings them up to speed on Ashland signing away his rights to the company and annulling his marriage to their daughter. Nikki’s relieved and thanks Adam — his plan really worked. Adam tells her, “You’re welcome,” and notes it’s all about helping the family. They wonder how Victoria’s conversation with Locke is going. Nikki explains that her daughter told her she had to pretend to be willing to run away with him to get him to sign. They question how he’ll react. Nick knows Victoria’s a strong woman who can handle herself. It’s Ashland he’s worried about. Victor warns if he makes one wrong step, he’ll get him.

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At Newman, Victoria says she’d be shocked if Ashland even knows what love means. Ashland takes her by the arms as he insists it’s true. “I believe we can get past this Victoria. I have never loved anyone as profoundly as I love you.” Without her he’ll be a lost man with no direction; no idea where to go. “For the first time in my life I don’t know what to do next.” Victoria argues the only reason he came clean was because he was cornered — that’s not love! She saw who he was because he showed her over and over again. She believed his excuses because she wanted to believe he’d changed. Ashland insists he DID change. He would do anything for her. Why would Victoria believe anything that comes out of his mouth?!? She hisses that she doesn’t care what happens to him when he walks out that door. Ashland challenges, “I don’t believe you.” He knows there’s still something between them and urges her to leave her family and start over. Victoria is starting over, but not with him. Ashland nods. The only thing he has to say is, “I’m sorry.” He walks out.
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At Crimson Lights, Rey chats with Connor about hockey and winks at Sharon, who insists that she is fine with Rey going to the game with the boy. Chelsea didn’t think she’d have an issue with that, but with her going. Sharon wonders if that’s because of their history or because she poisoned him? She acknowledges that Chelsea is doing much better. Chelsea is doing her best and appreciates them being friendly toward her since she got back. She wanted to be transparent. Sharon thinks that’s a great idea. Chelsea assures her there’s nothing to worry about. Connor is anxious to leave, so Chelsea rejoins him and Rey. Sharon watches as they laugh and Chelsea touches Rey’s arm.

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At Newman Media, Victor updates the family that Ashland has left the building alone. Hopefully Victoria’s done with him once and for all.

In her office, Victoria hides the photo of her and Ashland, and then takes down her portrait and smashes it over a statue on the table. She throws it to the floor and runs out.
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Nikki, Victor, Adam and Nick arrive in Victoria’s office, where Nikki gasps out loud when she sees the destroyed portrait. Adam feels it’s the act of someone in a lot of pain. Nick gets on the phone and learns Victoria left the parking garage. They decide to get something to eat, but Adam declines. “Let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help.” After he goes, Nikki asks Victor, “What could have made her do this?”

In her car, Victoria speeds and wipes away tears.
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At Newman, Nick tells his parents he’ll meet them at the restaurant. He goes, and Nikki frets to Victor that she wants to help her daughter get through this.

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At Newman Media, Adam calls Sally to tell her he has great news. His plan worked and Ashland it on his way out of town, thanks to him. It wasn’t the appropriate time to push to keep the CEO job but when the dust settles, he’ll broach it. They agree to meet.
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At Crimson Lights, Sharon asks Rey to call when he gets to Chicago so she knows he’s safe. He has Connor to protect. Sharon plants a kiss on him that raises Chelsea’s eyebrows. Rey realizes he left the tickets in his other jacket and tells Chelsea and Connor he’ll hurry home to get them and come back. He pecks Sharon again. “See you soon,” and walks out. Chelsea and Connor go to wait on the patio for Rey to come back.
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Nick arrives at the coffee house and updates Sharon on Ashland and Victoria. She’s glad they won’t have to deal with him much longer. Nick says Adam really stepped up for the family, but he fears it won’t be easy to get him out of the CEO seat. He predicts another mess around the corner. Sharon glances at Connor and says, “I hope not.”

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Adam arrives in a Grand Phoenix suite and calls out, “Sally?” He reads a note urging him to get comfortable and drink to his success — she’ll be back soon. Adam pours some bubbly and holds up the glass. “To a new beginning.”
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In her car, Victoria decides to call her mother and puts her on speakerphone. Nikki, at Society, asks her to join them but Victoria’s not up for it. She doesn’t think anything will be okay ever again. Distraught, she talks about loving Ashland, who made a fool of her. Nikki insists everything will be fine, but Victoria sobs, “No, everything will not be fine! I keep making the same mistakes with men!” Suddenly, Victoria screams and swerves as headlights come up into her eyes and she appears to crash. On the other end of the phone, Nikki asks, “Victoria? Victoria!” and looks at Victor with alarm.
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