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In her office, Victoria paces and thinks back to Ashland asking her to start over with the money from Adam.

At the Grand Phoenix, Ashland opens his suite door to Adam, who tells him he did the right thing by accepting his offer. Ashland has terms and conditions. Adam chuckles: Ashland’s not in a position to negotiate. Either he takes the offer, or the Newmans will destroy him. Adam says, “I will be the one presenting the terms.”

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At Crimson Lights, Mariah tells Tessa they need inspiration for their wedding outfits. Tessa says Chelsea urged her to check out vintage stores to see what they like. She proposes, “Matching white jumpsuits?” Mariah is open to anything and everything.
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At Society, Sally spots Lily at the bar and tries to make small talk. Lily gives her the cold shoulder, so Sally apologizes for wearing a disguise and “keeping an eye on” Billy. Lily thinks it was more like stalking and entrapment. Sally tells her that she’s learned that doing things on the up and up is the better path. She has every intention of earning her respect. Lily warns as long as she’s partnered up with Adam, people will have a hard time taking her seriously.
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At home, Billy taps the microphone and, frustrated, urges himself to talk; it can’t be that hard. He picks up his phone and contemplates calling Victoria. Instead, he calls Nick. He tells him he wants to appeal to Victoria to see the light one last time. Nick insists he let the family handle it; they have a plan. He assures Billy he has no intention of letting Ashland get away with what he’s done to his sister.
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After disconnecting from Nick, Billy stews and flashes to Lily advising him to try and contain his protectiveness for Victoria. He hits record and starts talking about the abuse of power and the collateral damage it causes. He acknowledges that he’s an Abbott with many privileges and has abused them, but he’s worked hard to not be that person anymore. Maybe that’s why it makes him sick to see it. He rants about people with power using it to get more. He gets enraged on behalf of the victims and it makes him want to do something about it. Billy mulls whether or not he can put that podcast out there. There’s more to talk about like the pain Diane is about to wreak on Jack’s life. He sits back at the mic and talks about lying and deceptive people who destroy lives. Billy realizes he’s talking about Ashland again and decides there’s only one solution.

In her office, Victoria looks at her portrait and flashes to Ashland explaining why he had it made for her. “That portrait represents a new beginning for both of us.” Nick walks in and says he knows about the offer Adam made. “Is Ashland considering taking that deal?” Victoria doesn’t need his pity. Nick is worried about her. Victoria is upset that her family continues to doubt her and intervene after she said she could handle it. She rants about Adam making an end run around her with his own deal. Nick insists the blame falls on Ashland — they’re all grasping at straws to get rid of him. If Ashland will sit down and talk terms with Adam, maybe his plan is the best. Victoria’s irked. She admits she doesn’t know what he’s going to do. Nick is sick of everyone handling Locke with kid gloves. He thinks all these plans are weak — it’s time he got rid of him himself! Victoria hollers, “Don’t you dare!”
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In his hotel suite, Ashland asks what Adam and Victor expect in return for him taking the deal. Adam says he’ll have to relinquish all control at Newman and annul his marriage to Victoria. Ashland questions an annulment and not a divorce. Adam explains a divorce applies to a valid marriage — his is fraudulent. Ashland wants him to wire the money before he signs the agreement. Adam suggests they synchronize the payment and signing. They have grounds not to trust him. He insists they have no reason to screw him over and wouldn’t want to deal with his revenge plot if they did. All Ashland has to do is sign and then they’ll wire him the money.

At Society, Sally asks Lily what she can do to wipe the slate clean — they’re going to be running in the same circles. Lily’s not so sure about that. Sally thinks they could do some deals and wants to get along. Lily is always willing to give a person a second chance if they prove they deserve it. Sally will accept the challenge. Lily laughs. Sally certainly doesn’t lack nerve. She urges her to work on her subtlety and walks out.

At their apartment, Mariah and Tessa roll in carrying a bunch of bags. They have picked out clothes for each other and decide to dress each other. They put on music and try on a series of 70s vintage outfits and accessories, including a hot pink pair of go-go boots they both want. Finally, they fall onto the sofa, exhausted. They found a ton of inspiration for their designer and feel their wedding will be so perfect.
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At Newman-Locke, Victoria tells Nick he needs to stay out of this. It drives him nuts sitting around doing nothing. Victoria knows he has her best interests at heart but attacking Ashland might make him dig in deeper. She admits they need to let Adam’s offer play out. Nick knows how strong she is but his concern is that Ashland has dug himself in so deep with the family, they’ll never get rid of him. Just the thought of him makes Nick want to strangle him. Right then, Ashland walks in and sighs. The Newman brothers are working overtime to protect their sister. When will they learn she doesn’t need it?

At Newman Media, Adam arrives and is followed in by Sally, who has food. Adam can’t eat right now. He fumes that Ashland wouldn’t commit to the deal. The annulment got under his skin more than the prospect of losing control at Newman-Locke. Sally marvels that maybe he really does have feelings for Victoria. Adam explains it became a game of chicken. Locke said he needed to find out one last thing before agreeing to it. It probably had to do with Victoria.
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At Newman-Locke, Nick rips into Ashland for tearing apart his sister’s relationship with his family. Ashland tells him he won’t have to deal with him much longer. Nick hopes not and walks out. Victoria asks Ashland, “What did you tell Adam?”

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Lily greets Billy at home and laughs that she saw Sally at Society and she wants to be her new best friend. They agree that’s not happening. Talk turns to his podcast. Billy took her advice and unpacked his protective feelings for Victoria, which led to Ashland. His next path led him to Jack and Diane. People will know who he’s talking about, so he has to come up with a persona and do the podcast under a pseudonym. Lily loved his personal podcast. Billy can still speak about life-affirming topics but also go after the bad actors in the world without it affecting him and the people he cares about. He’ll change his voice and brand it as a completely different show. Lily shrugs, “Why not. It might be fun, right?”
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At Newman-Locke, Ashland needs an answer from Victoria. Is she willing to walk away with him? That’s the only way he will agree to Victor and Adam’s terms. She asks, “What are their terms?” Locke says he has to cede control at the company, which is fine, but they’d also have to get an annulment that acknowledges that their marriage is based on fraud. Victoria wonders if he’s willing to admit their love was a sham. Ashland says, “No, not our love.” If she loves him as much as he loves her. He’s willing to agree to all of it, but his love for her cannot be signed away or bought for any amount of money. “So, the question remains, ‘Do you love me?’” Victoria gasps, “Of course I love you. And I would be willing to leave all of this behind for you.” They embrace. Ashland sighs, “That’s all I needed to hear.”
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In their apartment, Mariah and Tessa sort outfits into piles and agree that Sharon will be the first person to cry at the wedding. It will be one hell of a party. Mariah asks if she’s given any thought to the vows. Tessa assures, “Every waking moment.” She won’t give Mariah a clue and the redhead feels worried that Tessa’s will be so much better than hers. Tessa reassures her. Mariah’s excited that they get to share their joy with the people they love. They share a happy kiss.

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After sex, Tessa brings up the adoption. Mariah still wants to move forward with it. Tessa does too. Mariah worries it’s too much with the wedding. Tessa assures they’re on the same page. They’ll delay until after they get married and work around Tessa’s schedule. “This is going to be the best years of our lives.”
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In his studio, Billy tries out different voice changers to disguise his podcast voice. The first makes him sound like he’s from the Lollipop Guild from Wizard of Oz and the next makes him sound like a super villain. He finally settles on one that sounds realistic but not like him and launches into questioning if absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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At Newman-Locke, Ashland calls Adam and tells him to have the paperwork drawn up as Victoria looks on.

At Newman Media, Adam disconnects from Ashland and tells Sally the good news. She kisses him.

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At Newman-Locke, Ashland kisses Victoria and they embrace. Once he can’t see her face she looks disturbed and upset.

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