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At Newman Media, Sally and Adam are both thinking about whether or not Ashland will accept his offer. Sally muses that anticipation could be exciting depending on who you’re waiting with. Adam thinks it’s Locke’s only way out with dignity intact and wonders why he hasn’t jumped at it. He marvels at his impulsive offer and wonders what he was thinking telling Locke he was representing the Newman family. He may have just given Ashland another card to play.

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At Newman-Locke, Victoria confronts her father for going behind her back to bribe Ashland into leaving her — she doesn’t know which is more offensive. Victor turns the tables by pointing out that her husband is considering it. Locke doesn’t know what choice he has left. Nikki interjects that he could own up to his lie and leave of his own volition. Ashland informs them he’ll meet Adam at the Grand Phoenix to discuss terms and walks out. Victoria asks her parents, “Why the hell would you do that?!?”
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At Crimson Lights, Sharon tells Nick how Ashland insisted he was innocent of all charges. She relays that Adam came in and spoke to Locke while she watched from the back. Nick asks what the interaction was like. Sharon says it seemed serious and went to the patio for privacy. “It was intense.” It was like whatever they were talking about, their lives depended on it.

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At Newman-Locke, Victor admits to Victoria that Adam took it upon himself to offer Locke the money. That said, he thinks it was interesting to see Ashland’s reaction to it. Victoria feels they can’t take that at face value. Nikki and Victor feel he was testing her and trying to drive a wedge between her and her family. Victoria feels maybe it will play into her plan if she acts outraged by Adam. She’s determined to see her scheme through and will do it without spending 10s of millions. She’s stunned to learn that Adam actually offered him $500 million dollars.
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Victoria fumes, “Where the hell does Adam get off making an offer like that.” Victor will speak to him, but feels it’s irrelevant — they’re all trying to get rid of the bastard. Victoria complains that Adam doesn’t want her plan to work; she blames Victor. Victoria’s convinced that Ashland won’t take the money. Victor muses, “Oh yeah? Why?” Victoria explains he would never accept a bribe and doesn’t back down from a fight. Nikki wonders why he said he’d consider the offer then. Victoria says time will tell which one of them is right and walks out.

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At Crimson Lights, Nick brings Sharon into the loop on Adam’s condition for going along with Victoria’s plan. He talked to him about it but isn’t sure he listened. Nick doesn’t think Ashland’s buying into her plan. Victoria’s still in love with him, but also knows she can’t trust him. He’s not sure Victoria knows where she’s headed at this point.
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At Newman Media, Sally talks Adam up for taking bold, decisive action. If this fails, he’ll come up with something else because he’s brilliant and relentless — it’s sexy as hell. They move closer and start making out. Victor enters and declares that they have serious business to discuss.

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Adam insists that Sally stay in the office. Victor wonders if she’s aware of the reckless move Adam made. Adam questions why Ashland ran to Victor, who says it was because he didn’t trust Adam and didn’t believe he had the backing of the family. As they discuss the money, Victor sneers, “This is your first move as a temporary executive at Newman-Locke?” Where the hell was he going to get the money from? Adam shrugs — Victoria was the one responsible for bringing Ashland into their lives, so she should pay to get him out. Victor barks that his lack of compassion for his sister is appalling. As a family, they don’t do this!
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At Crimson Lights, Nick and Sharon discuss whether Victoria might choose Ashland and cause a rift in the family beyond repair. Nikki comes in and Sharon goes to get coffee. Nikki fills Nick in on the offer Adam made to Ashland. Nick guesses Locke went whining to Victoria to tell her no amount of money could come between them. Nikki explains he actually went to Victor to confirm the offer was legit. She worries about Locke charming his way back into her daughter’s heart.

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At the Grand Phoenix, Victoria finds Ashland sitting in a chair and tells him they should talk. Locke points out they need privacy. Victoria will grab them a suite.

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On the coffee house patio, Nick and Nikki dish about the amount of money Adam offered Ashland. Nikki thinks Adam was sending her a message that her plan was doomed to fail. Nick grumbles about him freelancing. Nikki confirms Victor’s not happy.

At Newman Media, Victor wonders if Sally was behind the offer to Ashland. Adam insists it was his own idea. Sally interjects that she thought it was brilliant. Victor hollers at Adam as he scoffs that no one thought Victoria’s plan would ever work. He shouts, “You agreed to pay this bastard hundreds of millions of dollars! Are you serious?!?” Sally points out that Adam’s plan is only expensive if he takes the deal. Adam realizes he didn’t decline it. Victor will tell him about the conversation with Ashland once Adam assures him he’s heard him. Adam knows he wants him a team player; he was trying to help. The idea came to him, and he just ran with it. Sally pipes up that it’s true. “I was there.” Victor rages, “I don’t care if you were there or not!” He slams the laptop around and hollers that it was an impulsive decision, and he shouldn’t have done it without consulting with him and the family. “Don’t you ever do that again!” Adam argues that Ashland was intrigued by the offer. “What did he say?” Victor fumes that he’s at the Grand Phoenix waiting for him. Adam asks if he wants him to follow through. Victor warns him again not to ever make a deal of this magnitude without consulting him.Adam drop it office Y&R

At the hotel, in a suite, Victoria wants Ashland to tell her he’s never seriously considered taking the offer. Ashland says Adam is going to be Victor’s shining star and will take over for him after he’s gone. She asks, “Gone?” Ashland nods. “Yes. I’m going to get the hell out of this place.” Victoria argues there is still time to hold Adam accountable for all he’s done — it’s obvious he’s behind the push to get him out of the company. Ashland knows she wants him to plant evidence to set him up. They can no longer have the life they envisioned! He’s a selfish man and doesn’t just want her love, but her respect. If he does this thing she’s asking, he’ll lose her respect. “The answer to lies is not more lies,” he intones. Victoria huffs, “But it’s all been lies, hasn’t it? Right from the beginning.”

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At Crimson Lights, Nikki and Nick wonder at Ashland’s tactic of agreeing to meet with Adam at the hotel. Nikki worries that Victoria will feel they’ve lost faith in her. Nick realizes that then, Ashland can make it the two of them against the world and pull her back in.

In their suite, Victoria tells Ashland he’s a fighter — he would never let anyone get away with sullying his reputation, and then just take a pay off and walk away from his wife. The only reason he stopped looking for evidence against Adam is because he knows there isn’t any! She knows he faked his cancer and falsified medical records — the least he can do at this point is to be honest with her! Ashland tells her she’s right about one thing: he’s a fighter. But she may not have considered that he’s changed what he’s fighting for. Victoria guesses he wants her to believe he’s fighting for her. But he just told her parents he’s considering a bribe to leave her. Ashland will let her in on a little secret — he doesn’t believe her either when she acts tough and above it all. If the situation were reversed he would feel used and manipulated and yet it would be impossible for him to stop loving her. Despite how it started out it became something real and strong. “A love as strong and real as ours cannot be faked. It cannot be an act.” Victoria guesses he’s saying if the shoe were on the other foot he’d forgive her. He would. “Because I love you. And I could never stop loving you.” He tears up. She asks, “What is it you want from me?” Ashland replies, “The same thing you want from me — the truth.”
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At Crimson Lights, Nikki takes off and Nick updates Sharon that they were right about Adam being up to something. He went behind the family’s back to put his own plan in motion and now Ashland is going to try and play the family against each other. He’s going to confront Locke. Sharon doesn’t think that’s a good idea. Nick demands she gave him one good reason why not. Sharon suggests it’s no different than Adam taking matters into his own hands and will show Victoria he doesn’t trust her to handle it. “Sit this one out.” Nick fumes that this sick bastard has caused his sister so much pain. Sharon urges him to just offer her his love and support.

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At Newman Media, Victor tells Adam that Ashland could agree to take the money and then toy with them — then what would they do? He feels Victoria’s plan was a damn good one; all they had to do was catch him doing something underhanded and then terminate him. Sally argues that Ashland would never get caught; he’s been five steps ahead of Victoria since the day he made her his mark. Adam will insist that Ashland signs ironclad documents if he takes the deal. Victor asks where he’ll get the money. It’s out of the question to get it from Victoria. Adam looks at Victor, who huffs, “You think it’s going to come from me?!?” Adam asks, “What is it worth to you to get this guy out of our lives?” He thinks pretending to love this guy is messing with Victoria’s head and they need to get him out of the company. Adam feels half a billion dollars is a small price to pay to avoid the chaos Locke could unleash. Victor’s already considered all of that. Adam asks, “So what do you want me to do?” Victor paces and thinks. He then says, “Meet with him. Make the deal.” Adam asks, “And the money?” Victor says it will come from your father. Adam assures him he won’t regret this. Victor intones, “See to it that I don’t.” Adam and Sally take off.
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In the suite at the hotel, Victoria can’t understand how Ashland expects her to forgive him. Ashland asks her to hear him out — they can start over. Thanks to Adam they’ll have all the capital they need. They can start their next venture. “Think about the life we could have. No suspicions, no judgment, no family rivalries. Just the two of this and this crazy perfect love we’ve found together. You want that every bit as much as I do. Don’t you?”
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