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At the Abbott house, Ashley catches Traci looking out the door. It reminds her of when Traci would watch for John to come home from business trips. Now she’s waiting for Jack in the same spot. Traci wants to hear about Los Angeles and Allie. They both hope it went the way he wanted it to.

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At the hotel, Phyllis thanks Jack for bringing her bag in and wishes there was something she could do for him. Jack tells her what a help she’s been. Talk turns to Diane being alive. Jack’s not looking forward to breaking this news to poor Kyle. Phyllis gives Jack a hug. Jack laments Allie getting dragged into this mess and Phyllis recaps that Diane’s a massive manipulator. She thinks Jack made progress with Allie however — a real connection. Jack marvels at her becoming an optimist. He heads off to blow up the Abbott family meeting.
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At Newman-Locke, Victoria explains to her parents and Nick that Ashland was worried about her participating in framing Adam and wanted to run away together. Victor declares that he’s testing her and warns if he even gets a hint of their plan, they need to rethink it. Victoria insists the plan it solid. She told them how committed she is to seeing it through and they still don’t trust her!

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At Crimson Lights, Ashland tells Adam that accepting his offer would look like an admission of guilt. Adam scoffs at him still playing innocent — there’s enough evidence out there; he didn’t have cancer. Ashland questions if he truly has the family’s interests at heart, or his own. Adam doesn’t think it should matter to him. Ashland asks if Victor knows he’s making this offer.
Ashland, Adam offer Y&R

At Newman-Locke, Victor wants Victoria to realize that Ashland’s backpedalling from the plan because he’s suspicious. Victoria thinks it’s possible for him to be ruthless, yet also love her and want to protect her. Nikki finds this similar to how Victor operates, but he declares the situation is completely different. Locke is total narcissist. “He used you, sweetheart! I hate to say this.” He wants to make the bastard pay. “You’ve seen enough. You’ve seen what he’s done. Don’t question your plan now.” A tear rolls down Victoria’s cheek.

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At Crimson Lights, Adam wonders at Ashland thinking he’d have the temerity to make this offer without his father’s approval. Locke thinks that’s true but finds the amount interesting — $500 million is the exact amount Victor was forced to pay his other children in the lawsuit. He taunts Adam for not getting that kind of money from his father; almost like he’s in the same league. Adam tells him, “Nice try,” but he’s doing just fine. Ashland keeps needling about Adam having to prove himself. Adam insists he and his father are in a great place. As for the amount, they were just looking for the right price to get him out of their lives. “And not a penny more.”
Ashland, Adam offer Y&R

At the Abbott mansion, Jack joins his siblings. Traci is keen to hear about Allie. Jack declares that getting together like this should be a regular occurrence. Billy says, “You’re stalling.” Jack gushes about Allie, who reminded him of Keemo at times, but mostly reminds him of Ashley. Before they talk about her visiting, he has something else to tell them. The mysterious texter actually bought Keemo’s house. He floors them by revealing, “It’s Diane Jenkins. She’s alive.”
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At Crimson Lights, Adam wants to talk deadline. The one-time offer expires today Ashland asks, “What if I need more time?” Adam gives him one hour. If he takes the deal the money will be wired into an account of his choosing in the morning. If he doesn’t take it, “Good luck dealing with what comes next.”

At Newman-Locke, Victoria hollers that she needs time to think about things and laments her family’s lack of faith in her ability to make good decisions. She needs time away from all of them to think and storms out leaving Nick, Nikki and Victor exchanging looks.

At the hotel, Amanda tells Phyllis she came to see her. She heard she went out of town. Phyllis confides she went to see Jack in Los Angeles, but the trip definitely wasn’t fun. Jack’s dealing with Keemo’s death and it was one revelation after another. Amanda knows how intense those things can be. Phyllis says intense doesn’t begin to describe it.

At the Abbott mansion, Billy asks how it’s possible Diane is alive — they found her body! Ashley mutters that this is insane. Traci tries to make sense of her learning that Keemo was alive and sending the texts to lead him to Allie. Suddenly, they all remember Kyle. They figure Diane wants back in his life. Ashley hopes Jack won’t let that happen. Jack was as outraged as they were and knows it’s a lot to take in. He needs them to keep this quiet until he has Kyle come to Genoa City so he can tell him. Billy wants to go back to the beginning — how is Diane not dead?! Ashley also wants to know how the bitch came back into their lives.
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Jack tells the story of Diane faking her own death with help from Deacon Sharpe. He understands everything they’re feeling — he felt it all tenfold when he saw her face-to-face. They recap what she did to Ashley — slept with her fiancé, blackmailed her, and what she did to her daughter… They were all suspects after her death. Even Traci hates her! Billy hopes Jack has a plan on how to deal with her; she’s a threat to half the town. “What do you think she’s going to do next?”

At Newman-Locke, Nikki, Victor and Nick debate if they were too tough on Victoria. Nick leaves and Nikki announces she has work to do. Victor will stick around. Nikki hopes they can all have a civil conversation if Victoria comes back.

At Society, Sally can’t believe Adam offered Ashland half a billion dollars and he didn’t take it immediately. Adam points out he didn’t turn it down either, so he must be considering it. Sally thinks Adam handled it masterfully. Suddenly, they notice Victoria drinking at the bar. Sally goes off to a table and Adam asks his sister how the plan is coming along. He’s concerned because no one’s hacked into his computer today — if Ashland’s framing him, he’s moving at a snail’s pace. Victoria doesn’t want to get into it but says there may be a change in plans.
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At the Abbott manse, Ashley hopes Jack sees that Diane connecting with Allie is another one of her diabolical plans. Jack says she insists it’s not. Ashley is stunned to hear that Phyllis knows. Jack explains she flew down to L.A. to support him knowing it might be difficult with Allie. Ashley allows, “That was nice of her.” Jack says she kept him grounded; it was exactly what he needed. Traci purses her lips.

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At the hotel, Amanda presses Phyllis about her connection with Jack getting deeper. Phyllis explains that what Jack is going through is quite profound and she was there as a voice of reason. Amanda laughs; that doesn’t sound like her. She must really care about Jack. Phyllis insists that they’re just friends — especially now. What they both need is a friend. Amanda thinks there’s something very important they must do.
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At Society, Adam is irked that Victoria won’t keep him updated on her plans and sneers that it’s like he’s a lesser being than her unless she needs something from him. He thinks she screwed up her plan and says he told their father this wouldn’t work. He guesses Ashland saw through her deception and is backing off. They spar about their accomplishments and the opportunities they’ve been given. Victoria thinks Adam’s had plenty of chances to prove himself but failed every time “because you are who you are.” She walks out.

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Ashland enters Victoria’s office and finds Nikki and Victor there. Ashland wants to discuss the offer Adam just made. Without reacting, Victor asks what there is to discuss. Ashland wants to know if it’s legit. Victor asks why it wouldn’t be. Locke questions the amount — coming from Adam it seemed cold. It was the exact amount that he paid out to his children except for Adam. Why put his son through that pain again? Victor chuckles. He only needs to know if Ashland’s going to accept the offer and get the hell out of town.
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At Society, Adam and Sally agree that Victoria’s plan is a dumpster fire. He feels validated in taking matters into his own hands. Sally wonders how Victor will react to the offer. Adam says if Ashland takes the money and leaves, he’ll be fine with it. If he doesn’t, Victor never needs to know.

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At Newman-Locke, Ashland admits he thought it was possible Adam was acting on his own. Victor asks if he actually thinks Adam would offer that kind of money without his consent. Ashland muses, “That’s exactly what he said.” Victoria comes in and Ashland reveals that Adam and Victor made him an offer of money to leave Genoa City… and her. He asks if she wants him to take the deal. Maybe he’s put her through enough and it’s time to move on. Victor watches and Nikki glares behind Ashland’s back.
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At the Abbott mansion, Jack argues to his siblings that he has to tell Kyle about Diane — if he doesn’t, she will! He’s concerned about how he’ll take it. All he can do is give him the facts. He’s read about her but there’s so much more to know. Billy guesses he’ll want to see her — does that mean she’s coming back to town? Ashley gawps, “No!” Jack is well aware of the ramifications, but right now he has to focus on Kyle.

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At the hotel, Amanda talks Phyllis into a spa day. They go off together. Right after, Diane comes in wearing a hat and sunglasses. She announces she’s Taylor Jensen and is there to check in. “I’ll be staying here a while”

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Next on The Young and the Restless: Victor accuses Adam of going rogue, and Victoria puts her revenge plan in motion.

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