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Victoria arrives at Newman-Locke, where Ashland is waiting. He was up and out early. She asks if he has anymore thoughts on moving forward. Locke stuns her by saying he’s having second thoughts about their plan. He’s referring to the trip to Tuscany. He knows they need to stay there and get proof that Adam set him up, but he was looking forward to spending time with her. He can see the toll this is taking on her. Locke is sorry they missed the opportunity to reconnect. Victoria vows they’ll create an oasis for themselves and make themselves untouchable while they find proof Adam is behind this. Ashland intones, “Once we clear my name and the truth comes to light.” Victoria asks, “Is there something else you want to tell me?”

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At Newman Media, Adam tells Victor there’s no indication that Ashland planted anything on his computer. Victor hasn’t spoken to Victoria but assures his son the plan is still on. Adam, impatient, wonders what he should expect to happen when he gets ‘busted’ and points out he has Connor to think about. More importantly, does Victor really believe this is the smartest move to make?
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At Crimson Lights, Sharon tells Nick she can just imagine the wedding invitations going out with Friday the 13th on them. Nick thinks it’s fun and unique. Sharon wonders how he can be so calm. They have to design and book all of this. She thinks they’ll need daily meetings and is irked that Mariah and Tessa left without nailing this down. Nick assures there are a lot of people to help. Sharon assigns him to hunt down 70s décor. She senses something is wrong. Nick is worried about Victoria and Ashland. Victoria has a plan, but it’s best Sharon doesn’t know what it is. He will say that the plan makes his sister complicit, which crosses a line.

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At Newman-Locke, Ashland laments the sacrifices Victoria has made to stand by him. He wishes he could make it up to her. She assures it’s her choice. Ashland is deeply in love with her, which took him by surprise. He worries she could have just walk away if she believed the lies. Ashland thinks they can pull off their plan but questions if they’re going about it the right way. He confides that he broke into Adam’s office and laptop, but there was nothing to implicate him. Victoria argues they’ll have to dig deeper. Ashland relays that Adam and Sally almost caught him and that’s when it hit him that he was behaving like a low-life criminal. He now realizes that they only way for the plan to work is to go further down that path — he’s afraid it will destroy their love for good.
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At Newman Media, Victor wonders if Adam is second-guessing the plan. He reiterates that Ashland will come up with some phony evidence and the Newmans will tell him they’re sorry and ask to see it. Adam worries the guy will outwit them. Victor vows they’ll catch him red-handed and then he’ll be able to nullify his contract. Victoria will be free of him, and Adam will emerge unscathed. “Are you having doubts about your role in this whole thing?” Adam will stick to his role but is getting tired of always having to prove he’s a team player. He’s concerned that the plan has a ton of pitfalls. It hinges on Ashland planting evidence and when given the opportunity, he didn’t do it. Victor insists Locke’s days are numbered. Afterward, Adam will resume his place at Newman Media and Victoria will return as CEO of Newman. Adam thinks his father is putting too much faith in a half-baked plan — Ashland is plotting his next move. Victor says, “Let him. It’s a chess game. I’m good at it.”
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At Newman-Locke, Ashland worries they’re about to cross a line to protect their love, only to destroy it in the process. “We are going to have to plant evidence for this plan to work, do you understand that?” He paces. Now he sees what they’ll have to do, and he can’t in good conscience ask her to participate. Ashland asks again if she clearly understands that they’re going to engage in fraud. The same thing her family is accusing him of doing. Victoria muses that sometimes you have to bend the rules. He points out that she wouldn’t get involved in the scheme against Billy, so why is she willing to do this now?

At Crimson Lights, Nick and Sharon worry how far Ashland will go to get what he wants. Nick complains that Victoria won’t listen and is determined to handle it on her own. Sharon thinks they could all be in danger. “Is this an all-out war?”
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At Newman-Locke, Victoria argues they’re not framing an innocent man and she’s furious with her brother for concocting this scheme. This is what Adam does. Ashland worries, “What if we’re wrong?” Is she willing to take that chance with no remorse? He couldn’t live with himself if she ends up resenting him for leading her down this path. Victoria questions where all of this doubt is coming from. Ashland exclaims that this is putting her in an impossible position. One day she’ll blame him — he’ll be the man who made her cross that line. “I love you so much, but I’m afraid I’m taking you to the point of no return.”

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Sally joins Adam at Newman Media. He reports that Victor assured him he’d be able to come back to his little job after being the fall guy. Sally’s outraged on his behalf. She wishes she’d been at their meeting. Adam can see why he’s the obvious choice to be the fall guy — he’s disposable. Sally assures that Victor and Nick don’t see it that way. Adam complains about their expansion pitch backfiring by making it look like he belongs at Newman Media. Sally reminds him it’s not that bad there. Adam feels it’s the age-old dynamic — he will never be the kind of heir that Victoria represents.
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At Newman-Locke, Victoria assures Ashland that protecting his reputation matters most. Ashland suggests they just go somewhere and build a new empire together. “You are the only thing that matters to me. Us. Our love.” He wants to protect that and her the best way he can. “Just think about it okay. I think it would be incredible; making something of our very own.” He asks her to think about it and leaves to go home and rest.

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At Newman Media, Adam tells Sally he’s tried to persuade his family he’s changed. He donated a kidney to Faith and kept Gaines out of the way at the wedding. He’s tried to be the best father he can be to Connor and be someone he can look up to. Adam finally proved to his family that he would show up and they repay him by making him the fall guy. “What is the point of being the good guy if that is how they all still see me?” Sally thinks Victor has the power to promote him, so if he wants to be a leader he should lead. She also reminds him to be grateful for what he has because most people don’t get his opportunities. Adam thanks her. Is he forgiven for his pity party? Sally thinks he’s lucky to have her to keep him in line. She asks Adam not to let this get under his skin; he’s done a great job of turning things around. He’s just glad she didn’t know the old him. Sally assures him he’ll get his chance to make a move and when he does, it will be amazing.
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At Crimson Lights, Sharon warns Nick that Ashland just walked in and is on his way over. Nick abruptly walks out as he can’t handle seeing him. Locke guesses Sharon has been filled in on his fall from grace and wonders what his chances are of getting a good cup of coffee. Sharon suggests he could visit another establishment before calling him out for lying about having cancer. Ashland insists she’s innocent of the allegations against him. Sharon really wants to give him the benefit of the doubt, but… She trails off as Adam walks in with Sally. Ashland smirks.
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At Newman-Locke, Victoria tells Nikki that Ashland’s balking at their plan because he claims that he doesn’t want her to have to get her hands dirty. He’s dropped the charade that there’s proof and says now he’s going to have to plant it. She practically had to beg him to frame Adam to keep up appearances. Nikki sneers that she can’t believe he actually wants her to believe he loves her and has a conscience. “He’s despicable!” Victoria looks away. Nikki asks, “Victoria… what are you thinking?” Victoria tells her mother that in all the time she’s known Ashland she’s never heard him sound more sincere. Nikki rants that Ashland is a conman and a liar. Victoria thinks there’s more to this. Nikki feels he’s planning his exit. Victoria reveals that he asked if she’d be willing to walk away and start fresh. Nikki thinks he’s testing her. “After everything that’s happened, everything that we know, don’t tell me that you were tempted to run away with him.” Victoria doesn’t respond. Nikki warns, “Victoria…”
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At Crimson Lights, Ashland tells Sharon he fully intends to exonerate himself. She walks off and Adam tells Sally to give him a moment with Ashland. “I’ve got an idea.” He joins Locke who calls him the new pretend CEO and warns the title will all be gone in a flash. He turns to walk away but Adam says, “Don’t leave yet. I’m here to make a deal.” Ashland wonders whose authority he’s making the offer on. Adam says it’s his idea. He’ll give him $500 million dollars to leave Victoria and the company and walk away.

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Nick arrives at Victoria’s office and learns from Nikki that Victoria’s having doubts. Nick didn’t like the plan from the get-go. Victoria argues it’s still the strongest plan they have. Nikki points out Ashland is having second thoughts. Victor enters as Nikki asks Victoria if there’s still a part of her that’s in love with him.

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