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At the café in Los Angeles, Jack is frustrated he hasn’t heard back yet from Kyle. He wonders whether he should go to Italy. Phyllis worries Diane will jump the gun and tell Kyle herself. “She’s a loose cannon,” she warns. Just then, Allie appears. She joins them and Jack proceeds to brag about his granddaughter to Phyllis. Allie recalls that her dad was the same way. Jack senses something is wrong. Allie tells him there’s something she thinks he should know.

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In her house, Diane looks at Kyle’s phone number and appears thoughtful.

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At Crimson Lights, Mariah has called her family members together — the only person they’re waiting for is Tessa. Nick looks out the door and windows and they all agree he’s acting weird. He tells some dad jokes to set everyone at ease. Tessa arrives and Mariah announces they’ve set a wedding date! She continues on to say the wedding date is May 13th. Sharon assumes they’re talking about 2023. Tessa explains they mean May, as in, next month. Rey points out it’s a Friday and Tessa says they know — a Friday the 13th wedding is amazing. Mariah chirps that they’re fearless. Faith stuns everyone by saying she thinks it’s a really bad idea. Tessa and Mariah argue that Friday the 13th is lucky in some cultures. Nick asks if they really want to give their guests the heebie-jeebies. Tessa and Mariah respect their concerns but feel the day will be filled with luck. Noah expresses support and Mariah thanks him. Sharon pipes up that everyone wants them to have the wedding of their dreams.
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At the café in Los Angeles, Allie tells Jack and Phyllis she went back to Diane’s house yesterday. She wanted to hear about the Abbotts. Phyllis can’t imagine what she said to her. Allie explains it wasn’t negative; she mostly talked about Kyle. Jack would love for Allie to meet him some day soon. Allie would like that — she needs to see if he lives up to the hype. Jack tells her he’s coming to Genoa City soon and offers to fly Allie there to meet him and all of the other Abbotts. Allie’s non-committal and Jack says they’ll play it by ear. Phyllis gets back to what Diane had to say and warns Allie that the woman has a way of taking every little tidbit you say and blowing it up. Allie can’t believe she was so nice, yet was manipulating her. She does believe some of the things she was saying were sincere. “Diane loves her son deeply and knows she made a terrible mistake.” Phyllis gets riled up and Jack asks her to let Allie finish. Allie says Diane’s love for her son struck her. Her desperation for a connection spoke to her. The loss of her father left a void and that’s why she’s been trying to get to know the Abbotts.

Allie agrees with Jack that Diane buying a house was extreme, but there couldn’t be anything behind it but love. Allie thinks Diane deserves the same chance that Jack had been asking for. Jack explains he’s been swayed by Diane’s emotional pleas in the past, and eventually you find out it’s all about her. Allie argues she could have changed. Jack reminds the girl she hasn’t had the experiences with her they have. Allie lobbies for them to give her the benefit of the doubt.
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Jack respects her optimism, but relays that in the end Kyle will have to decide if he wants to give his mother a second chance. He’s asked him to come home and will tell him then. It will come as a huge shock. Allie asks Jack if he’ll be able to forgive and forget if Kyle accepts Diane. Jack can’t imagine any scenario where he would. Phyllis interjects that she feels the same way. “That woman is dead to me.” Allie hasn’t heard their side of the story. Jack says that’s a story for another day. Phyllis wonders if Diane asked Allie to advocate for her. Allie says she did this on her own. Phyllis calls it a perfect Diane manipulation. Allie thinks Diane really regrets what she’s lost and truly wants to do better. Phyllis gawps, shakes her head and pinches the bridge of her nose.

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In her house, Diane looks at a photo and flashes to her conversation with Jack in which he described the terrible grief Kyle suffered and told her she didn’t deserve him. She then recalls her talk with Allie about wanting to speak to Kyle, to see his face and to hold him again. She contemplates calling Allie.
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At Crimson Lights, Mariah and Tessa try to reassure their family that the wedding will be their dream as long as the people they want to be there are there. Noah has an idea that’s a little off-center. He shows them a mock-up of a 70s glam theme. They love it. Everyone discusses the fashions from the era. Tessa and Mariah marvel that it’s all coming together. “We are really getting married,” Mariah marvels. They kiss.

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In the café, Allie has to get back to class and Jack explains he’ll need to get back to Genoa City to let others know Diane is alive… but his offer to fly her out is a standing offer. Allie will think about it and says there is something she’s curious about. “Are you guys together?” Phyllis wonders why she thinks that. Allie senses an incredible closeness between them and Phyllis must have dropped everything to be there for Jack when he needed her. Just then, Allie gets a text from Diane. Phyllis snarks, “Of course you did.” Allie says she wants to meet at the house. Phyllis explains that’s how it starts. Jack warns his granddaughter to proceed with caution. Phyllis seconds that. Allie texts Diane that she won’t be available. Jack and Allie share a huge hug and he tells her he’s a phone call away. After Allie leaves, Jack curses Diane for trying to drag his granddaughter into her mess. “I told her to stay away from her.” Phyllis states no one stops Diane. Jack volleys, “Wanna bet?”
Jack wanna bet? Y&R

At Crimson Lights, Tessa and Mariah are sure they can pull this wedding together if they all work together. Sharon recalls when Nick’s frat threw a 70s party. Rey looks uncomfortable as they start reliving old memories. Just then, Chelsea walks in. She apologizes for crashing the family gathering, she just came to talk to Rey about Chicago. She offers to help any way she can with the wedding before heading to the patio. Rey follows her where she tells him she doesn’t have to go to New York after all. She was able to secure an extra ticket so the three of the can go… unless he has a problem with that.

Inside, Mariah checks in with Sharon to see if she’s really okay with their wedding plans. She wants her to understand she’s trying to make it personal for her and Tessa and show who they are as a couple. Sharon assures it should be what they want it to be — she couldn’t be happier or more proud. “I will be crying happy tears right through my glam make-up.” They embrace.
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At her house, Diane reads Allie’s text and sighs. A knock comes at the door — it’s Jack and Phyllis. Jack barks, “What are you up to? Why are you still trying to manipulate my granddaughter?” Diane wonders what exactly Allie has accused her of. Jack told her to stay away from her — this is about her texting her to meet her there now. “You want something. What is it?” Diane scoffs that Jack should trust Allie to make her own decisions. Phyllis snarks, “Don’t tell Jack how to feel please.” Jack hollers, “You stay away from Allie!” Diane can’t understand why he’s still so angry at her. Diane asks if he’ll go back on his word about Kyle. Phyllis interjects that Jack doesn’t play games; that’s something Diane does. Jack has asked Kyle to come home and will tell him she’s alive. It will then be up to him. He has no idea what he’s walking into. Diane hopes for the chance to tell him how much she’s always loved him and seeks forgiveness. Jack thinks it’s clear she’s not going to give him any choice. He adds that all she’s capable of is breaking his heart and walks out with Phyllis on his heels. Diane shakes her head.
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On Crimson Lights’ patio, Rey doesn’t want to intrude on Chelsea and Connor’s mother and son time. Chelsea says he’s got it all wrong — Connor’s first question was, “Rey will still be coming too, right?” Rey looks inside at Sharon laughing with Nick and replies, “I’d be happy to go with you.”
Rey, Chelsea, happy go Y&R

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At the café, Phyllis congratulates Jack on holding it together with Diane. Jack says it’s time to go back to Genoa City. Phyllis feels it’s been a good trip with Allie at least. Jack wishes she’d committed to coming to visit. Phyllis reassures him. He thanks her for coming to support him. Phyllis knows how difficult this has been for him and now with Diane in the mix… They agree they’re always there for each other when it counts. Phyllis wonders how they’ll tell everyone in Genoa City that Diane’s alive given that everyone there wanted to kill her.

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In her house, Diane gets on the phone and books the next available fight to Genoa City.

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