Michael, Ashland square off Y&R
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At Newman-Locke, Victor wonders what’s keeping Nikki. Victoria guesses it’s traffic. She’ll fill them all in on the plan as soon as she arrives. Nikki enters and Victoria cuts to the chase. She’s come up with a way to deal with Ashland in the way he should be dealt with. They’re all relieved to hear it. Adam guesses she has a new plan. Victoria states, “You guessed correctly.” They all have a part to play. The one caveat is that if the plan is to succeed, one of them has to fall.

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In the office at Newman Media, the be-gloved Ashland opens up Adam’s laptop and begins typing.

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In his apartment, Billy talks into a voice recorder about how love is blind and how you overlook someone’s flaws when you’re in love with them. He goes on asking questions about lust, mommy issues and daddy issues. No matter how smart you are, everyone is affected by this. “No one is immune.” He posits about love clouding the judgment of otherwise intelligent people. Lily appears on the stairs as he questions if you’re obligated to say something to someone you love if they’re in such a situation. Lily joins him and guesses he feels he’s not doing enough to help Victoria.
Billy podcast Y&R

At Newman-Locke, Victoria explains she’s been able to convince Ashland that she believes him, and during their conversation it struck her to promote the idea that Adam could have framed him. He has the motive, naked ambition, and history that make him the perfect suspect. Adam, angry, recaps that she wants to throw him under the bus while claiming it’s for the good of the company… but they all know what’s in it for her. Victoria argues it’s just for appearances and will stay in the family. He won’t go down for anything… not like she did when he set her up. She insists that Adam has to be on board — it’s crucial.
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Michael arrives at Newman-Locke and thinks he has the answer to their problems. There’s a morals clause of sorts that would allow them to nullify Ashland’s contract. He’ll be out with no golden parachute and no recourse. Adam guesses the plan is for Locke to fabricate evidence against him and then get caught in the act. He notes that Victoria’s using the same plan Billy did against her husband. Nikki points out that unlike that scheme, this would all be for show. Adam feels for this to play out correctly, he’d need to stay on as CEO. Victor argues Victoria’s not going to Tuscany anymore so there’s no need. Adam asks them to hear him out — in order to fall from grace, he needs somewhere to fall from. Victoria can blame Victor. He trusts this tweak will help the plan work. Adam gets a notification that someone is trying to break into his computer as they speak. Victoria guesses Ashland took the bait. Victor asks Adam to allow him access. Adam first seeks to confirm that they’ll allow him to stay on as CEO.
Victoria, Nick, Michael, Adam office Y&R

In Adam’s office, Ashland gets access to his laptop and is pleased. “Let’s see what we’ve got…”

In the Newman-Locke office, Victoria decides that Adam’s idea is sound; they’ll run with it. She’ll tell Ashland that Victor insisted Adam stay put. He will become obsessed about setting Adam up as the one who framed him. Nikki worries about her daughter continuing this charade with a man she despises. Victoria can handle it. Victor feels the plan feeds into Locke’s paranoia. Victoria notes that Michael must have contacted her father after they spoke. Michael nods. He works for Victor, who had already instructed him to find something to end his contract. Victoria’s pleased they’re all on the same page. Nick’s glad she sees Ashland for who he is. Adam warns they’re going up against a very clever and extremely resourceful man. At some point he’ll trip up over his own ego, but until then they’ll have to be vigilant and careful. It amounts to “never underestimate your opponent.” With that, he walks out.
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At his apartment, Billy tells Lily he’s questioning whether to stick his nose in the Ashland situation or stay the hell out. They go over Ashland’s disgusting lie about having cancer. Lily thinks it’s Victoria’s problem and she needs to figure out how to deal with it. “You don’t have to rush in and be her protector.” Billy doesn’t trust Ashland and doesn’t want him near his kids. Lily counters that Victoria would never put them in harm’s way. She thinks he still feels responsible for his ex’s safety and well-being, but he’s not. It’s something he needs to work out. Lily suggests he use this opportunity to try and contain these urges. Billy assures her this is not romantic. Lily isn’t threatened or jealous and is proud of him. She’s there for him while he continues to deal with what is left to deal with. Billy gushes she’s the smartest most amazing woman he’s known. They kiss.

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In Adam’s office, Ashland is typing away on the laptop when Sally tries to come in. She tries the locked door and calls out, “Adam?” Adam appears and whispers to her before saying, “It’s been a long day, why don’t we go somewhere for a drink.” They walk off and Ashland lets himself out.
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At Newman-Locke, Victor congratulates Michael on his good work. Baldwin can’t wait to see the bastard get his. He heads out and Nikki asks about their next step. Victor says that depends on how Ashland handles the breach of Adam’s computer. Victoria says it will be interesting to see how much her husband shares with her. She worries that Adam’s only in this for himself. His first concern was holding onto power. Victor’s sorry she sees it like that. Nick thinks it’s true. Victoria states he now has a vested interest in seeing her fail. Victor will make sure he doesn’t interfere with her plan. “You have my support and always will.” When Victoria thinks about what Ashland did to her… it’s horrible. She was devastated and until she came up with the solution, she didn’t know how to handle it, but she knew she had to be the one to fix this. Victoria admits she felt shame, hurt and anger. Nikki hugs her.

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At Society, Adam brings Sally up to speed on the plan. He says it’s a decent plan that can be successful… in fact, it’s already in motion. Adam confides that Ashland was in his office hacking into his computer when he walked in earlier. Sally learns that Adam negotiated staying on as CEO and says, “Well played.” He’s positioned himself to better control the outcome in the short-term and his future. She thinks he’s paying a pivotal role and so should be rewarded when this is over. If they don’t show him the respect he deserves there are plenty of ways Victoria’s plan could go South… Nick appears. Adam lets him know Sally’s in the loop. Nick says he’s there to make sure the family can trust Adam.
Nick confronts Adam Y&R

At Crimson Lights, Ashland runs into Michael and guesses his trip to Peru was productive given that Victor planted lies about him. Michael says it was, until he landed in jail. Ashland muses, “You must have pissed off the locals.” Michael replies, “I sure pissed someone off.” Locke doesn’t think he looks any worse for wear after his adventure. Michael snaps, “Is that what we’re calling it.” They spar about bogus charges and Ashland declares he has every intention of clearing his name. Michael’s dying to see how this turns out.
Michael, Ashland square off Y&R

Victoria arrives at the coffee house and pauses to watch Ashland sitting alone on the patio. She joins him and says she met with her family to lay the groundwork to let them know they’re close to discovering who’s behind the smear campaign against him. “That’s the good news.” Ashland asks for the bad news. Victoria reveals that her father has decided to keep Adam on as CEO. Locke groans, “Dammit.” Victoria explains she pushed back at first, but then though it could work to their advantage as they expose him. She insists her family knows she won’t back down from clearing his name. Ashland thanks her for believing in him. He thinks he has something, and she him to confide in her what he found. Locke won’t tell her — sometimes he has to work out things on his own.
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At Society, Nick barks at Adam that this isn’t a game. There’s a lot more at stake here than just his future. Sally interjects, “By which you mean Victoria’s future.” Adam is sorry for his sister’s pain, but she made her own bed and the situation could have lasting effects for the company. Nick accuses Adam of being willing to risk what his father spent his life building for his own personal gain. Adam sighs, so they’re back to not trusting him again? “Do you really think that I’m capable of screwing over the entire family to take what isn’t mine?” Nick says, “Absolutely. There isn’t a doubt in my mind. But… I do know you’re changed.” Nick knows this is a scenario that can bring out the worst in Adam, who wants to prove himself. After Faith, he knows the changes he made are very real. He hope that man shows up to work together for the sake of the family. “For your family.”

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At Newman-Locke, Nikki worries to Victor about Victoria’s risky plan. She can’t imagine her even enduring his touch! Victor won’t allow any harm to come to her. Nikki knows he’ll swoop in and rescue her if need be. Victor admires Victoria for wanting to take the lead and is chuffed that all of them will work together to get that bastard.

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