Victoria announces her plans at Newman-Locke Y&R
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In Victoria’s office at Newman-Locke, Ashland gets off the phone with the pilot. He’s been informed that the bad weather means they can’t take off. This surprises him since there were no weather warnings. She guesses that her dad quashed their plans to fly. Locke believes it. He says they are staying in Genoa City not because of Victor’s games, but because they have found out who set him up and they will prove it.

Victoria tells her husband it’s okay if they have to put off their trip. It gives them the opportunity to prove Adam is framing him. He points out this also means her brother won’t have the chance to flex as the fake CEO. He’s surprised he didn’t think of Adam framing her before she did. Motive won’t be enough to convince her family about what’s happening, she says, asking, “Do we have a plan?”

Victoria reassures Ashland at Newman-Locke Y&R

They discuss how Adam must have slipped up in trying to pull off such a colossal con. He’d have to be beyond arrogant to hatch such a scheme and she’s relying on that to take him down. Ashland is getting uncomfortable. He claims he’s worried that Adam has covered his tracks too well. His wife is sure there were mistakes and they can find the proof. “If this investigation proves fruitless, will you still believe in me?” he asks. He senses she still has doubts in him. If it came down to Adam’s word versus his, whose side would she take? She claims that she will never believe a word out of her brother’s mouth. Besides, if she thought Ashland had deceived her, she would be spending every waking moment planning to cut him from her life. How can she prove she’s on his side?

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He apologizes, saying he knows she’s on his side and he never should have never raised the issue. She admits to him that Adam tried to frame her in the past too. She even got arrested because of him. More than ever, he believes that her brother is behind this. His wife promises to be right there behind him to make sure they get the truth. She urges him to go home and relax while she informs her family that they are not leaving the country.

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Victor arrives in his son’s office and finds him speaking with Sally. Adam excitedly tells him about their plans to expand the company. Sitting down, Victor reminds them that he put Adam in charge temporarily to prevent changes in the business.

Sally and Adam plan at Newman-Locke Y&R

Sally explains that consolidating and re-branding is a great idea. They will use their real estate holdings to build studios that can compete with everyone else. If they delay this to wait for Victoria to deal with Ashland, they risk being an “also-ran.” Victor is not concerned with that happening. He’s sure his daughter will throw Locke to the curb. Adam has a faith in that too, but thinks it would be a mistake to rely on it and let the competition take advantage of the situation. Chuckling, Victor says they are the only people trying to take advantage of the situation.

Victor and Adam discuss Sally at Newman-Locke Y&R

Although Victor likes their vision, the timing is wrong. He asks Sally to step out. Once she does, Victor comments on how supportive she is. Adam says she’s not just a suck-up, she’s direct. She doesn’t see the point of sitting on her hands and neither does he. Leaning over, Victor warns him not to get too close and never to confuse the personal with the professional. Adam thinks they should be more focused on Ashland than Sally. His father insists that he is singularly focused on Locke. His son points out the company needs something positive in the pipeline in case the Locke fiasco goes public. They get back to discussing Adam’s plan. “Alright. Go ahead and do it,” Victor decides.

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At Crimson Lights, Billy tells Nick that he spoke to Victoria about Ashland and she dismissed his concerns that she is in danger. Nick thought that he would be able to get through to her. At least Victor is sending his security detail with her but that won’t protect her when they are behind closed doors in Tuscany. After some more discussion, they both recognize that she doesn’t want help from them.

Billy and Nick discuss Victoria's plan at Crimson Lights Y&R

Nick decides to go home and hope he doesn’t wake up to bad news. Billy repeats that Victoria wants to handle this on her own. Although she clearly doesn’t want help from her father, she also wants his approval. That was part of her attraction to a powerful man like Ashland in the first place, Billy suggests, and she will do whatever she has to to win back Victor’s respect. They both assume she is too smart to fall for Locke’s story and hope she has a brilliant plan.

Rey and Chance sit on the patio and toast to finishing all the paperwork to get Chance back on the force. The Chancellor is excited to get everything back to normal again. His partner can understand the pleasures of routine. They discuss how he has been coping. Rey admires how he hasn’t called it quits. Because of Abby, Chance says that was never an option. He was probably heading down a self-destructive path before Devon and his wife convinced him to go to therapy. His partner asks him how he handles Devon having such a strong bond with Dom.

Rey and Chance talk about being outsiders at Crimson Lights Y&R

Chance admits that he’s working hard to develop that bond himself but he doesn’t have the same natural instincts and feels like he will never be on the same level as Devon. Rey knows what that feels like. Sometimes he still feels like an outsider in Sharon’s family, no matter how welcoming they are. His partner admits that he still has the sense that Devon’s claim over their child is stronger than his. He’s not sure how to deal with this. Neither is Rey. He can’t talk to Sharon about how distant he sometimes feels. He’s just trying to be patient.

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At Society, Chelsea gets off the line with a sales rep and then tells Abby about getting a deal on the perfect textile. They chat about the launch party and the Grand Phoenix. They had fun before Phyllis. Abby is glad her sole focus is now Society and Chelsea is thrilled that she has focus in her life after all the “bumps in the road” she faced. Abby assumes those bumps were Adam.

Abby and Chelsea discuss Adam at Society Y&R

Chelsea tells Abby how Adam convinced her that they couldn’t have a future because they hurt each other too much. Abby knows what that’s like. Cutting your losses and walking away is hard. She has faith Chelsea will be able to move on to someone more stable than Adam. They discuss him and his relationship with Connor. Abby knows her brother is a complicated person with a troubled past. “The same could be said for me,” Chelsea points out. She’s felt terrible since she had that breakdown and let her son down. Her ex seems to be trying the best for their son too. She asks after Chance. Abby admits he’s been struggling too but she can’t look down on him for that. She is surprised that Chelsea remains so defensive of Adam. Chelsea says they will always have a bond.

Rey and Chance join them and Chelsea hands off the hockey tickets while explaining that Rey’s stepping in to take Connor to see the Blackhawks since she has to work. While Rey and Chelsea go up to the bar to order dessert, Abby admires how they became friends after she tried to kill him.

Chelsea, Abby, Rey and Chance at Society Y&R

Chance repeats this and she goes on about how great Rey is. He tells her that sometimes Rey feels like an outsider. That surprises her but she gets it, especially seeing how close Nick is with his kids. Yet, Abby insists there’s no competition in the family and plenty of love to go around. After she kisses him and walks off to check on the kitchen, he looks unimpressed. His wife returns and tells him it’s time to go home. This year has taught her to appreciate the little things and, not to minimize his situation, they are all happy and healthy. It feels like things are finally moving in the right direction.

Abby and Chance talk about Rey at Society Y&R

Back at the Newman-Locke offices, Victoria sends Nick a text asking to meet in her office immediately.

Victoria calls her father and asks him and his son to come down to her office for a discussion. Adam is startled to hear she hasn’t gone to Italy. After they meander off, Ashland appears outside the empty office.

Ashland sneaks into Adam's office Y&R

Victoria’s father and brothers join her in her office. She informs them that the travel plans have changed, thanks in no small part to ordering the pilot not to fly her to Italy. She and Ashland will be staying in town. That means Adam won’t need to step in as CEO. She will fill them all in on her plan when her mom gets there. Victor asks where Ashland is. Victoria isn’t sure… but she has a pretty good idea.

At Newman Media, Ashland puts on gloves and slips inside Adam’s office, where he eyeballs his laptop.

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