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At Diane’s house, she says she didn’t know Phyllis was in town. Phyllis counters, “I didn’t know you were alive.” She had to come and see for herself. Diane sneers that she came for Jack and supposes the two of them must be together again. Phyllis marvels that she has nothing else to talk about but Jack’s love life. Diane asks Jack if he’ll help her connect with Kyle. Phyllis hollers, “You don’t deserve to connect with him.” Diane wonders why Phyllis is there. Jack informs her that Phyllis is the reason he came back at all. Diane sighs, “Whatever brought you here, I am so grateful.” Jack tells Diane that Phyllis thinks Kyle should know everything and convinced him. Diane says that’s wonderful news. Phyllis didn’t do it for her. Jack decrees that he will speak to Kyle first and warns it will be a huge shock to him.

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When Diane admits she was considering how to proceed, Jack barks, “Tell me you haven’t reached out to him yet.” Diane doesn’t like the level of anger coming from Jack and Phyllis and wonders if she should contact Kyle herself. Phyllis notes that making threats is very, very “Diane” of her. Diane admits she got Kyle’s number in Milan. Jack insists he contact their son first. Talk turns to Kyle and Summer being married. Diane marvels, “We’re grandparents, Jack. Isn’t that wonderful?” Jack reminds her she gave all that up. Diane knows Phyllis is doing well too — she’s read about her success. Phyllis snarks that she’s doing so great with no toxicity in her life. Diane insists she’s changed her ways too. Jack brings up the texts. Diane protests that they were a gesture of goodwill. She expected more from Jack and muses, “Maybe we both have changed.”

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Jack recounts the pain and devastation that Kyle went through as a boy when Diane died and now he’s going to learn it was all for nothing! Phyllis points out to Diane that only Jack can pave the way for her with Kyle. Diane needs to back off on threatening to contact him. Jack warns her to stay away from Allie as well. “That is non-negotiable.” Diane argues that Jack only knows Allie exists because of her. Jack is grateful to know about Keemo and Allie… for that, he will let Kyle know she’s alive. If he decides he doesn’t want her in his life, Diane had better turn around and walk away. Diane argues, “Isn’t that what you did with Keemo? Was that the right decision, Jack?” Jack looks steamed. Phyllis jumps up and pulls him out the door. “Time to go!” Once alone, Diane exhales.
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Billy arrives at the Abbott mansion, where Ashley and Traci greet him. Talk turns to Jack returning to L.A. to see Allie. Ashley says that’s what she wanted to talk to them about today. She thinks it’s weird that Jack isn’t returning texts. “I’ve been concerned about this situation from the start.” She has a feeling that something’s not right and Jack’s headed for heartbreak. She goes over her suspicions about Jack being lured to Los Angeles and wonders if Allie’s been doing the texting. If there’s two people, why is the texter inserting themselves anonymously into Jack and Allie’s lives. It feels manipulative to her. Traci reminds her Jack’s not naïve and doesn’t think Allie has anything to do with the texts. Ash worries he’s been blinded. Traci’s only concerned that Allie may not share Jack’s enthusiasm for connecting. Billy thinks they have to stay neutral.
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Ash believes Jack has to be cautious and reveals she’s done some looking into Allie’s background. “It was interesting what I found.” She didn’t find anything alarming and relays that Allie’s studying chemical engineering. Ashley knows what that will mean to Jack. They guess he’ll offer her a position at Jabot. Ash would hate it if she’s taking advantage of Jack. She notes Allie’s still a stranger even though she’s family. A part of Billy agrees with Ashley. Traci argues Jack’s granddaughter might be a nice, normal person. Billy feels for her having lost her father and grappling with learning she’s an Abbott. He can relate as he was late to the family table and didn’t get a lot of time with their father. Traci and Billy would love to see a Allie and Jack build a connection.
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At the restaurant in Los Angeles, Phyllis is stunned that Diane is really alive. She is all for Jack getting to Kyle first. Jack laments that this will change him forever… and he’s partly to blame.

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In her house, Diane puts a photo of her and Jack on the mantel and flashes back to when Jack threatened to go for full custody of Kyle. She warned that their son would lose either way. Diane then recalls them playing with a very young Kyle by the pool and making sure that Phyllis saw them together. A knock comes at the door — it’s Allie.

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At the café, Jack’s head is spinning. He wonders how they ever got into the chaos that led to her death. Phyllis assures he couldn’t have stopped it. She was a woman on the edge! Even if she hadn’t faked her own death, she would have gone to prison. Jack mutters, “At least he would have known she was alive.” Phyllis says Diane only ever used Kyle as a pawn to get what, and who, she wanted. Jack says this will change everything Kyle thought he knew about his mother. This is a woman who would walk away from her son. Phyllis points out Dina did that and he still valued his time with her later. Jack argues it’s different. Diane let her child believe she’d been murdered. That could break a person for life, and she was willing to take that risk! Phyllis tells he’ll get through this will love and support; there’s no other choice.
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At the house, Allie looks at Diane’s photo of her, Jack and Kyle. Diane tells her things weren’t always so terrible between them. She admits that Jack told her never to contact Allie. Allie questions her wanting to reconnect with her son. Diane can’t go back in time, but she can go forward. To see his face would be magical, and if she had the chance to hold him again… Allie sees she loves him very much. That was her and her dad. Diane can relate to the sadness in her. She’s been alone for so long. Allie asks Diane to tell her about Kyle, Jack and the rest of the family. Diane explains that Jack never expected to be the father of her child. Kyle was conceived by artificial insemination and another man was intended to be the father. She sums up that Kyle was deeply wanted — that will never change.
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At the Abbott house, Ashley worries that Allie will reject Jack like Keemo did. Traci and Billy thinks she’s a tad over-protective. Talk turns to Phyllis and Traci notes she wouldn’t hold back if she thought Jack’s emotional well-being was a risk. Ashley asks, “Are they friends? Is it something more?” Traci had no idea and Billy isn’t trying to figure it out. They just want Jack to be happy. Traci remembers when Jack found the Teardrop of Love. The person who has it is supposed to find true love. Maybe Jack will find a connection with Phyllis and with his granddaughter. “What if this is Jack’s moment?”
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At the café, Jack figures it’s best to tell Kyle this in person. Phyllis offers to go with him. Jack hates the idea of leaving while Diane’s walking around and decides Kyle and Summer should come home. Phyllis agrees. Jack needs time, and feels Kyle deserves time before his life is turned inside-out. He thanks Phyllis for coming all the way out there. Phyllis says it’s what friends do. Jack decides to call Kyle and ask him to come to Genoa City for family time. “More subterfuge,” he grumbles.

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In her house in L.A., Diane tells Allie that starting a family that way wasn’t easy. She flashes to Phyllis telling her to get out of town and take her kid with her. Diane then recalls when she moved into the pool house and taunted Phyllis about being Mrs. Jack Abbott “for the moment.” Phyllis called Diane out on her agenda and warned her to find a job right away or else. “You’re on my turf now.” Diane reminded the redhead she used to share the same bedroom with Jack. Diane next recalls being out by the pool with Jack trying to entice him for a swim when Phyllis interrupted them and got naked. Diane tells Allie once she was out of the picture there was a lot less tension surrounding Kyle. Once the Abbotts let you in, they will love and protect you forever. “You’re really lucky, Allie.” She can’t expect that same from them, but she has to try.
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At the Abbott house, Ashley tells Billy and Traci she’ll keep her feelings about Phyllis to herself. At least they know who she is, opposed to Allie. Traci is letting Jack take the lead on this. Billy and Ashley will too.

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At the café, Jack tells Phyllis that Kyle is coming to Genoa City with Harrison. Unfortunately, Summer can’t get away from Marquetti. He’s happy to have something to tell Diane to keep her from doing something drastic. Phyllis wants to talk about Allie instead. Jack knows she’s trying to distract him, but gushes about his granddaughter.

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At her house, Diane asks Allie, “Was that too much information?” Allie will process it. Diane thanks her for understanding her feelings about Kyle. Allie wonders what she imagines will happen. Diane tries to keep her hopes small. If she were to dream bigger, she’d be his mother again in every way.

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