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At Newman-Locke, an irritated Ashland arrives at the office, where Victoria’s on the phone and relays that their private jet to Tuscany has been delayed due to weather. Ashland takes the phone. The pilot tells him there appears to be an anomaly causing disturbances from both the east and the west. Ashland tells Victoria that for now, they’ll have to wait.

At Newman Media, Nikki tells Victor she’s a nervous wreck at the idea of Victoria traveling alone with Locke. Victor reminds her their daughter has a plan. Nikki feels a whole lot can go wrong. Victor assures they won’t be leaving anytime soon — he told the pilot to tell them there’s a storm. It was a stalling tactic to give Michael a chance to look at Ashland’s contract and find a clause to throw the bastard out on his ear. Nikki would love that; she has no illusions about him now. She’s outraged that he had Baldwin held captive in a foreign country. Victor won’t let him get away with it. They recap what Ashland did and that he denied it. Nikki hopes her husband isn’t blaming Victoria. This was a well-orchestrated con. Victor can’t say his opinion of her hasn’t changed. Nikki argues that’s not fair, but Victor doesn’t think it’s a good idea to discuss it any further. Nikki disagrees.
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At Society, Sally and Adam arrive to celebrate him now being in charge of Newman-Locke. Sally guesses he’s full of plans and has kept tabs on everything Victoria’s been doing. Talk turns to the idea of Sally running Newman Media. Adam meant it. Sally grins — it hasn’t sunk in yet. She appreciates him having that kind of faith in her. “It’s been a really long time.” Adam proposes a toast to being in charge at last, but Sally worries he’s jinxing it. Adam is less concerned. Sally doesn’t know how Victoria’s even coping. Adam wonders at Victoria’s ability to keep up the charade — Ashland’s a smart guy. Sally questions what will happen when he realizes his wife’s been playing him. Adam thinks Victoria can take care of herself; if anyone, they should worry about Ashland. Sally jokes about Victoria pushing him out of the plane on route to Italy. Adam admits his sister is a formidable opponent — she’s resourceful and smart. Sally thinks it may be in Adam’s best interests for her to win this battle. Otherwise, Locke will try to take Newman away from them. Adam muses that even if everything goes perfectly for Victoria, she’s still left cleaning up her mess. All of this is her fault. Sally didn’t think Victor agreed. Adam assures Sally that Victoria disappointed their father; which is the greatest sin one of his children can make.
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At the café in L.A., Jack thinks back on his argument with Diane at Keemo’s former home. He recalls her saying that he won’t be able to forget this conversation happened and hollering that Kyle needs his mother. Suddenly, Phyllis appears. Jack asks, “What are you doing here?” Phyllis didn’t want to press him on the phone. Jack’s glad she came. She asks what’s wrong. Jack quirks, “Getting right to it.” The redhead wonders if it has to do with Allie, but Jack says it doesn’t; she’s wonderful. Phyllis keeps probing. Jack reflects how well she knows him and confides, “It’s shocking.” He can’t handle this on his own. “I have to share the insanity with someone. And I trust no one more than you.”

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At Newman-Locke, Ashland worries to Victoria about Adam running amok. The longer they stay in Tuscany, the better the chance he turns the company upside-down. Victoria alludes to the problem being fixed soon and he decides she’s right. He thanks his wife for reminding him to stay focused on what’s important. Victoria learns Ashland went to see Adam, who was impressed he was able to pull the wool over her eyes. Victoria wonders if the answer they’ve been looking for has been staring the right in the face. She proposes that Adam might be behind the set-up. This is exactly what he would do and has done before. He’s narcissistic and power-hungry. “Do you think Adam might be the one who framed you?”

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In L.A., Jack tells Phyllis this is about the mystery texter. Phyllis asks if he found them. Jack relays that they found him. He breaks the news that the person is Diane. Phyllis asks, “Diane who?” Jack explains it was Diane Jenkins. Phyllis, in shock, repeatedly says that Diane is dead and burning in hell and asks Jack, “Why are you saying this to me?” Jack erupts, “It was all a lie.” Phyllis worries he’s losing it — Diane is very much dead. Jack tells Phyllis a stolen corpse took her place courtesy of Deacon Sharpe. She slipped out of her life in Genoa City and to her new life in Los Angeles. Reeling, Phyllis asks, “What does she want?!?”
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Jack explains Diane expects a trade — she led him to Allie and thinks it’s only fair that he helps her get back into Kyle’s life. He doesn’t know any of the logistics of how she knew; he only knows he stood in Keemo’s former house and listened to Diane. Jack told her, “No way.” He won’t let her break Kyle’s heart again. Phyllis muses, “Okay.” Jack asks, “What does that mean?” Phyllis says, “It means you don’t want to hear what I have to say.”

At Newman Media, Nikki tells Victor that Victoria trusting Ashland doesn’t diminish her accomplishments at Newman. She complains about him appointing Adam to be in charge. Victor insists it’s a temporary solution since he doesn’t know what Victoria’s plans are. Nikki knows he was sending her a message — it breaks her heart because right now she should know her family is standing behind her no matter what. Victor would never hurt their daughter. Nikki reminds him he can be obstinate when it comes to the business. Victor agrees that getting Victoria through this should be their priority. He’ll do everything he can to get that bastard husband of hers out of the company and their lives.

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At Newman-Locke, Ashland admits to his wife he’s never considered that Adam was the one who framed him. Is he really that devious? Victoria thinks he’s more than capable of it and urges Locke to just think about it. Maybe he bribed the doctors in Peru and figured out how to have Michael Baldwin kidnapped. Ashland decides in a sick twisted way it makes sense, but warns Victor would never believe it. Victoria feels that he would if they found the proof. Ashland muses that if her suspicions are true, it puts his conversation with Adam in a new light. Victoria says he was bragging about getting away with it. Who benefits more than her brother if Ashland gets kicked out of the company. Locke decides they need to call off their trip to Italy. Victoria gawps, “What? Why?” Ashland wants to do a deep dive into Adam’s activities.
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In L.A., Phyllis reminds Jack that Kyle was just a little boy when he lost his mother, now he’s a man. She understands him wanting to protect his son, but Kyle was devastated when he learned his mom died. Jack snarls that Kyle was crushed when he lost his mother. He got through the pain, but he’s suffered enough. He cannot find out she consciously meant to leave him. Phyllis warns Jack that Diane is a wrecking ball. “You cannot stop Kyle from knowing the truth.” Jack doesn’t believe Diane would confront Kyle on her own — she’s a coward. If he won’t help, she’ll slither off, lick her wounds and cause trouble for someone else. Phyllis tells Jack that’s wishful thinking.
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At Society, Adam tells Sally he has to prove he’s more competent than Victoria by the time she gets back from Tuscany. Sally thinks it’s a tall order, but Adam tells her it’s a piece of cake. He reminds Sally that Victoria went on a shopping trip buying up media outlets. She realizes that he needs to come up with a plan of what to do with her new toys. “Let’s grab another round and start brainstorming.”

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In L.A., Jack hollers about protecting Kyle and suggests that Phyllis be on his side. Phyllis advises him against keeping information from his son and reminds him they’re talking about Diane Jenkins. She will blindside Kyle just as she did him. Jack hangs his head. “You’re right.” He just doesn’t know how to tell Kyle — he can’t turn his life upside-down over a phone call. He decides he has to buy time and keep Diane away from his son until he comes up with a plan.

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At Keemo’s former home, Diane is on the phone with someone asking for Kyle’s direct line in Milan. She claims she’s his aunt, Ashley Abbott. Diane gets the digits and disconnects.

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At Newman-Locke, Victoria tells Ashland maybe he’s right about staying home from Tuscany. If Adam’s the culprit, they need to put pressure on him. Proving him guilty won’t be easy. Ashland will find a way. Thanks to her he can finally see an end to this nightmare. Victoria replies, “That’s right. This is the beginning of the end.”

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Diane answers her door to Jack and says, “I’m so glad you came back.” Phyllis walks up and appears at his side. Diane gawps. Phyllis says, “Oh my God, it’s true. You are alive.”

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