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At Newman-Locke, Ashland tells her the bags are packed and ready to go. Victoria has finished up some work and wants to figure out their next move without deadlines hanging over their heads. She looks forward to clearing his name. Victoria breaks the news that Victor put Adam in charge while they’re away.

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At Newman Media, Sally’s chuffed to heat that Adam’s been put in charge. Adam will need her to step up big-time. She assures him he can count on her, and asks how Victoria reacted. Adam muses she wasn’t thrilled but went along with it… Victor didn’t give her a choice. Sally’s excited, but Adam can’t figure out what his sister’s game is. “Make no mistake, she has one.” Sally offers to go get food so they can hunker down and strategize. Just then, Adam takes a call from Chelsea, who got Connor Blackhawks tickets but can’t take him to Chicago as she has to be in New York. Adam explains the timing’s not good… he has too much on his plate. Chelsea argues it’s only for one night, but Adam won’t have any free time for the foreseeable future. Chelsea worries that she’s already told Connor, who is going to be so bummed. Adam disconnects and receives sympathy from Sally, who overheard. She agrees he needs to focus right now.
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In Nate and Elena’s penthouse, Elena is dressed up and puts out champagne and glasses before wondering why Nate isn’t home yet.

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At Crimson Lights, Nate sighs and flashes to his angry conversation with Ashland. Billy appears and asks if he’s okay. Nate is livin’ the dream but had a run-in with Locke that killed his mood. Billy questions what happened to their relationship. Nate says the friendship’s over — he should have listened to Billy; Ashland is not the stand-up guy he thought he was. They each fish to find out what the other knows about Locke’s medical condition. Billy reveals he knows about Ashland’s lie but Victoria didn’t get into proof. “It was you, wasn’t it?” Nate confirms he brought what he knew to Victor and Adam. He’s worried about Victoria. Billy gets a text from Nick that Victoria’s heading to Tuscany with Ashland and he needs to talk to her ASAP. Nate’s astounded. Billy thanks Nate and takes off.
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At Newman-Locke, Ashland’s irked that Adam’s been put in charge and asks why Victor even has any say. He grumbles that it seems like a power play by Victoria’s father. She felt the same way at first, but thinks they can work it to their advantage. It doesn’t matter where they are, they’re the ones making the meaningful decisions. Just then, Billy walks in and tells Victoria he needs to talk to her — now. Ashland looks outraged. He informs Billy they’re in the middle of something. Billy knows they’re leaving town. Ashland asks how he knows that. Billy says Nick told him and he has an emergency with the kids. Locke invites him to say whatever it is, but Victoria urges her husband to go. Taken aback, he does. Billy tells Victoria he’s there to make sure she does the right thing. He confronts her about leaving the country with him after what she told him. “I need to know you are not going to forgive him.” She asks, “Or what? You’re going to take my kids from me?” He doesn’t even know her plan. Billy is worried. Victoria promises she can handle herself and is irked that Billy might suggest she would endanger her kids. Billy’s concerned about what Ashland might do.
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At the penthouse, Elena opens her door to Devon and Amanda, who have wine and a house-warming gift. Elena explains that Nate went to get food. Devon says Neil enjoyed living there and he hopes they will too. Amanda loves what Elena’s done with the place. Elena relays they were lucky to buy it fully furnished and will add their own touches. Devon senses she was planning on a date with Nate, but Elena invites them to stay.
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Sally walks into Society, where Chelsea politely greets her. Sally marvels at the idea of them co-existing. Chelsea recaps that they’ve moved on and aren’t in each other’s orbits anymore. Sally says they are, due to Adam, and relays that she was there when she called about Connor’s hockey game. Chelsea’s glad to be away from the Newman drama. Sally counters that she loves working with Adam. Chelsea really hopes her ex has found what he’s looking for. Sally feels it’s too bad they didn’t get on track when they were still in the fashion game, but Chelsea doubts the three of them could have worked for Adam. Sally wonders if the new civility extends to the personal. Chelsea doesn’t know what is going on with her and Adam, but whatever it is, she’ll deal with hit. Rey walks in and overhears this part of the conversation.
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At Newman Media, Ashland taunts Adam about being appointed pretend CEO. He’s there to tell him how to conduct himself and warns he’s not going to publish any stories about him — it would reflect very badly on Adam and the company and would get even worse when he reveals not based on evidence. Adam informs Ashland he’ll make his own decisions as his father’s empowered him to do. Locke makes it clear to Adam that he’s a placeholder, nothing more. He’s babysitting the home office until they get back. Adam finds it interesting that he felt he had to come here and tell him that. Victoria wasn’t concerned about it. “Are you worried about something?” They bicker over Victoria having faith in Ashland, who thinks she has enough sense not to believe these allegations. Adam marvels at him still playing the innocent card — he almost admires him. Ashland couldn’t care less about what Adam or Victor thinks about him. Adam asks, “What about Harrison?” What if he learns what his father’s done? Ashland fumes, “You sonofabitch.” He warns Adam not to get too comfortable; they’ll be back soon. Adam calls out, “Have a safe flight!” as Locke walks out.
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Nate arrives at the penthouse and Elena asks, “Where’s the food?” Nate must have left it in the car. Devon offers for them to leave if something’s going on. Nate’s just distracted and relays he ran into Ashland Locke while picking up the takeout. They all get champagne and marvel over all the things they have to celebrate. Elena cryptically mentions Nate’s career change and notes, “It’s not every day you give up your life’s work to tackle a new profession.” Silence falls over the room. Devon asks how she really feels about Nate leaving medicine to come work with him and Lily. Nate would like to know too.
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At Newman-Locke, Billy reminds Victoria if taking over the company is Locke’s endgame, she could be in grave danger as the only thing standing between him and his goal. Victoria doesn’t believe he’d harm her but assures Billy that her father’s men will be secretly shadowing her while they’re abroad. Billy is relieved, but he still wants to know why she’s going to Italy with him. She has her reasons. Billy needs more. Victoria has looked at it from every angle. She doesn’t think she’s at risk and has a plan. When she’s through, she vows their children won’t be exposed to Ashland anymore. Billy makes her promise to be careful and leaves. Once alone, Victoria pushes her hair back off her face and exhales.

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Ashland returns to the Newman-Locke office and asks about Johnny and Katie. Victoria says it was an excuse for Billy to get her alone. Nick filled him in on everything, so he had to come and warn her not to trust you. Ashland’s angry he suggested that he would do her harm. Victoria assures him she knows he would never do that. Ashland says the smear campaign has to stop. He has to know that Victoria doesn’t believe he’d harm her. “All I care about is what you think.”

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At Society, Sally takes off with her food and Rey chats with Chelsea. He’s happy that she’s moving on from Adam and commends her for cutting the cord. Chelsea is gleeful to be out of the toxic cycle. Rey asks what helped her turn the corner. Chelsea thinks it was him and his pep talks. Rey knows she’s worked hard to transform his life. Talk turns to Connor and Chelsea tells him about her dilemma with the hockey tickets. She has to go to New York on business and Adam can’t take him either. She’s going to go back to worse mom ever status. Rey offers to take Connor to the game. Chelsea gasps that he’s a lifesaver. Rey tells her she’s the one doing him a favor.
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At Newman Media, Adam updates Sally on Ashland’s visit. She thinks it sounds like he was doling out a warning rather than advice. Adam shrugs, “Semantics.” He was off and seem unnerved. The way he was trying to intimidate him was a tell. Sally asks, “Do you think he’s scared?” Adam says if he’s smart, he is. He wonders if Victor handing him the reins was to rattle the guy. Sally thinks it worked. Adam hopes Victoria is playing Locke and wants to do it away from Genoa City. It’s fine with him; it gives him a chance to show he can run the company better than his gullible sister can. Sally’s turned on by his steely determination and asks what will become of her if he moves to Newman-Locke permanently. Adam tells her if he replaces Victoria as CEO, he’ll need to replace himself at Newman Media and will need someone with talent and creativity. Sally loves the way he thinks. They kiss.

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At the penthouse, Elena admits Nate’s decision took some getting used to — she only ever thought of him as a doctor and he cares about his patients so deeply. She addresses Devon and Amanda, “As you guys know, we met in the medical world and it’s been amazing working together. I’ve learned so much.” Nate assures his hours will be better, the pay is fantastic and he’ll have more time to lavish on her. Elena is just happy he’ll be working with his family. Amanda feels they’re all so blessed. Devon has the perfect toast. “To new adventures for all of us.” They chorus, “Cheers,” and drink.

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At Newman-Locke, Victoria asks Ashland to tell her again that it’s not true and he never do anything so deceitful to her. Ashland says he loves her too much to hurt her in any way. The most painful part of this is that she doubted that even for a moment. Victoria replies, “That’s all I needed to hear.” They embrace and she looks disturbed.

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Next on The Young and the Restless: Victor disrupts Ashland’s escape plan, and Sally and Adam plot their next move.

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