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At the house in Los Angeles, Diane paces. Jack arrives. She says, “You came back.” Jack doesn’t want to be there, but she clearly has something to say, so should say it. Diane insists there’s a reason for all of it. Jack warns her to stay away from his granddaughter; Allie is off limits. “This is between you and me and no one else. No one!”

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis leaves Jack a voicemail looking for an update on how things are going with Allie. Lauren shows up needing a massage to forget about the outside world. Phyllis has a better idea. “Want to talk to a friend? I could use a chat.”

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In L.A., Diane insists her interaction with Allie was about giving Jack back something he’d lost. Jack sniffs at her looking for gratitude. Diane’s trying to make amends. Jack complains about the people she used and exploited; the people who were accused of her murder. As for Kyle, she stole something from him he can never get back. He flashes to a young Kyle wanting his mother. “You tore that little boy’s heart out, and for that I will never forgive you.” Diane tells him, “You may not forgive me, but if you listen, you may finally understand.”

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Jack can’t wait to hear it and invites her to hold forth on why she shredded Genoa City and their son’s life. Diane sighs that there was no other way. Jack scoffs, “Than faking your own death, right.” Diane had wronged so many people that she made a plan to fake her own death and take Kyle far away. She laments, “Only none of it happened as planned.”
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Diane recalls how everyone was angry and wanted her gone. She was in a panic and needed help — and Deacon Sharpe gave it to her. Jack moans, “Oh my God.” Diane continues, “A corpse from the morgue created the illusion. Limiting the number of people who saw me dead was key, and paying off anyone who could reveal the truth completed the effect.” When it was time, she couldn’t meet up with Kyle. She knew they could never outrun Jack and she couldn’t do that to him. Leaving her son was crushing. “I was so broken and I felt so worthless.” She convinced herself that he was better off without her. Diane knew Kyle was safe and loved with Jack. Jack sneers, “You ran away.” Diane reminds him she was truly hated and in time, she hated herself. She figured the whole world thought she was dead, so why not give them what they wanted? Jack notes that self-pity was her motivation.

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Diane cries that she went to therapy and followed Kyle’s life. Any glimpse of him she got online, she could see that he was beautiful. She marvels that now he’s married and they’re grandparents. Jack, stunned, tell her. “We are nothing. You are Kyle’s late mother. That is what you chose.” The one thing she did right was staying away from her son. Jack adds, “But we both know there’s more. What did you want, Diane?” He demands she tell him what she’s after so they can be done with this.

At the Grand Phoenix, Lauren talks to Phyllis about Michael deciding to work for Victor after retiring. She can’t get into specifics of what happened, but she went days without hearing from him. She questions, “How do I fight it?” Phyllis reflects, “Why is it that the thing we love about someone is also the thing that drives us crazy and makes us worry about them?”
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In L.A., Diane urges Jack to think back on their good memories. Jack argues there was far more bad than good. “Mountains of bad.” He flashes back to telling her to have a nice life and being happy Victor was taking her off his hands. Diane remembers feeling love and flashes back to Jack proposing. Jack argues the love died before she did. Even any warm feelings he had for her are gone — obliterated by this latest stunt. Diane reminds him she brought Allie into his life and brought Kyle into this world. She knows that means something to him. Jack tells her that was the one good thing she ever did. He points out she bought a whole house to get in contact with him. “Does that sound normal to you?!” Diane wants to make amends. She stresses again that she guided him to his granddaughter Allie. She pitches, “So all I’m asking…” Jack interrupts. He realizes she wants him to help her connect to Kyle. He booms, “So there it is. The demand.” Diane counters, “The request.”
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Jack hollers about Diane being toxic. She insists that was in the past, not now! Jack points out she manipulated Allie and sent cryptic texts. “In what world is that reformed.” Diane thinks Kyle’s in a better place to understand her love now that he’s a parent. She could be a positive force in his life. Jack brings up how she lied about him being his son. Diane reiterates that she’s changed and reminds Jack how vindictive he used to be. He’s not that person anymore, so why is it so hard to believe the same is true of her?

At the hotel, Lauren wonders if Phyllis is worrying about Jack. Phyllis wasn’t, but n wonders if she should be. She can’t share what’s going on, but she’s concerned about him facing it alone.

In L.A., Jack won’t let Diane destroy Kyle’s life with his family. “No, never.” He tells her he’s going back to Genoa City to forget this ever happened. Diane challenges, “You can’t. You love Kyle with your whole heart and half of him is me.” Jack recalls how his son cried himself to sleep night after night. He vowed to always protect him — why would he stop doing that now?! Diane pleads that Kyle deserves his mother. Jack sneers, “A real mother. Not you. And you sure as hell don’t deserve him.” Jack levels, “Goodbye, Diane,” and walks out.
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Jack returns to the café where he had coffee with Allie and sits down. He pulls out his phone and sends a text before flashing back to telling Phyllis he was in love with her and not Diane back in the day. They discuss Diane leaving him for Victor and then finding out the baby she was carrying wasn’t his. Jack then remembers breaking the news to Phyllis that Diane’s child is his son. Phyllis learns that Victor’s sperm was switched with his before Diane stole it from the lab. She’s furious that he may be thinking of taking Diane to court and keeping her in Genoa City to share custody of the boy. Jack’s reverie is interrupted by a text from Allie, who’s coming back to meet him.
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At the hotel, Lauren’s sure Jack appreciates Phyllis’ support and opinions. She muses that she’s walking the line between being a friend and meddling. She’s been calling him and he’s not answering. It makes her anxious. Lauren tries to reassure her — he’s very capable, like Michael. Phyllis just worries — his big heart can cause him to get blindsided in the worst way.

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In her house, Diane thinks back to introducing Jack to his son when he was tiny and then visiting when he was older.

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At the café in LA, Jack pulls out his phone and calls Phyllis, who excuses herself from Lauren and asks what’s been going on. Jack says he’s been spending some time with Allie and will tell her all about it when he gets back. She can tell something else is going on by his voice. He assures her he’ll handle it. Phyllis feels worse now. Jack signs off as Allie appears. He urges his granddaughter to forget she ever met Diane and laments that she wants to be around Kyle. It’s not going to happen. “I told her to stay away from you.” Allie asks, “But will she stay away from you?” Jack can handle Diane. Allie sees her father in Jack and wants to learn about him and his family. Jack reminds her they’re her family too. Allie thinks it’s surreal to hear she has all these relatives. Jack joyfully tells her about the Abbott family breakfasts and she shares what a supportive and loving father Keemo was to her. Jack beams.
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At the hotel, Phyllis reports to Lauren that she’s even more worried about Jack now. Talk turns to Dina and the scars from losing your mother. Jack let his mother in only to get the rug ripped out from under him time and again. Lauren marvels at his capacity for love and forgiveness. Phyllis muses that he gets hurt a lot. She’s hurt him. That’s why she’s very careful now; he means a lot to her, and she could never hurt him again. After that phone call, she’s convinced something is wrong. Lauren, thinking of Michael, understands that she loves him and doesn’t want to see him get hurt.

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In her house in LA, Diane paces and thinks back to Jack telling her that she and Kyle can move in temporarily rather than take the boy halfway around the world. Diane was taken aback to hear he’s putting the in the pool house. Jack needs to keep distance between her and Phyllis. He won’t roll over his wife like a bulldozer. Diane snarls about him sticking her and his son in some outbuilding so as not to make waves with the redhead. Snapping out of her reverie, Diane shakes her head. She sits down, pulls out her phone and gazes at a photo of Kyle while wiping away tears.

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