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At the Chancellor Estate, Ashley admires her sleeping grandson as Abby teases, “You’re going to spoil him rotten, aren’t you?” Ashley glances at Chance and asks how the two of them are doing. He says therapy’s helping and mentions going back to work. Ash wonders if he should take more time away. Abby admits she was taken aback but supports her husband and hopes her mother will too. Ashley thinks it all sounds positive. She invites Abby to join her at the spa so they take off. At the door, Abby gets the feeling there’s more to the mani/pedi than her mother’s letting on. Ashley tells her Jack found out Keemo died and had a daughter. She’s worried about him.

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At the hotel, Phyllis calls Jack, who is in L.A. and about to meet Allie. When she appears, he lets Phyllis go.

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In Los Angeles, Allie admits to Jack that she almost didn’t come. He understands, but explains he wants to know more about her. She jokes about feeling the “pressure.” Jack is apologetic but thinks spending a little time together might be good for both of them. Allie updates Jack that she sold her dad’s house to a really nice woman. It was hard, but without her father it wasn’t home anymore. Jack asks about her schooling. She’s in chemical engineering. Jack marvels that years ago, Keemo worked with his sister, Ashley, as a chemist. Allie assures him she has no plans to hit him up for a job. “I’m not looking for anything from you.” Jack didn’t think that. He was merely struck that she had a passion for chemistry which figures prominently in the family legacy. Allie’s embarrassed. Jack gets her smiling again and they decide to start over.
Allie meets with Jack Y&R

In Crimson Lights, Sharon talks to Rey about the string of late nights Noah’s had lately. Rey figures he’s just having a little fun. Sharon just hopes he’s okay after the girlfriend trouble in London and having to suppress his feelings for Tessa. Rey assures that he’s just going out with friends. Sharon questions, “A different, attractive female friend every night?”

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At home, Noah awakens in bed and finds a note on the nightstand. “This was fun, don’t be a stranger.” He balls it up and throws in on the floor.
Noah bed Y&R

At the coffee house, Sharon steps away to take a call and Noah comes in. Rey teases he looks like he got dressed in the dark. Sharon joins them and Noah says he had a productive morning at New Hope and then met up with a friend. Sharon asks if it was someone she’d met. It wasn’t. Noah doesn’t want her to worry about him. He jokes that he came by for free food and asks how his mother’s day is going. Sharon tells him about her customers as Tessa and Mariah appear on the patio. Noah goes to say hello and brings them pastries. Mariah warns there will be wedding talk, but he’s still happy to join and might have something to bring to the table.

Abby and Ashley arrive at the hotel, where Phyllis greets them. Ashley wants to speak to her about Jack. She’s having concerns about Allie. She’s not ready to welcome her to as family just yet, in fact she finds the whole thing suspicious what with a granddaughter appearing out of nowhere. Traci told her Jack’s back in Los Angeles seeing the girl and Ashley doesn’t want her brother to get hurt. She’s surprised Phyllis encouraged this relationship and asks, “What were you thinking? Or were you thinking at all?”
Ashley argue Phyllis Y&R

Phyllis informs Ashley she doesn’t know what she’s talking about — Allie didn’t know who Jack was when she first met him. Ash scoffs, “So she claims.” They don’t even know who the mysterious texter is; what if it’s Allie and she’s a con artist looking to take advantage of his pain. Phyllis warns Ashley not to interfere. She can see a schemer a mile away and there were no red flags with that girl. This means so much to Jack — it’s a way to connect to his son through his granddaughter. “Please stop before you taint this for him.” Abby intervenes to talk about supporting Jack instead of arguing. Ashley just thinks Jack needs to proceed with caution. Phyllis knows her intentions are good, but advises Ashley to trust Jack to do the right thing.

Rey arrives at the Chancellor Estate, where Chance tells him he wants to come back to work as soon as he gets approval. Rey wants him to come back when he’s ready. Chance confides it was actually his therapist’s idea. He thinks working through things has been worth it. Going back to work will help his recovery. Rey asks if he can be honest. He saw how overwhelmed he was last time and is afraid if that happened again it would set him back. “Do you really believe you’re ready this time?” Chance nods. “I have to be.” He promises he won’t freeze again — he’s not the same man he was in that alley. Rey asks what’s changed. Chance hadn’t faced his trauma before but now he’s aware of potential pitfalls. He won’t go on volatile assignments. Rey warns that’s not his call. Chance needs to be a detective again and vows to be the partner Rey needs. Rey agrees to take it to the chief.
Rey meets with Chance Y&R

In LA, Allie’s been doing a lot of thinking about Jack’s issues with her father. Jack explains his decision to keep Luan’s illness a secret. He tried to reconcile with Keemo, but when he tried too hard, his son backed off. He shouldn’t have let years go by. Jack didn’t know about the letters he wrote or about his change of heart. He has to live with his mistakes. Allie can only imagine how painful it must have been for Jack to live with the estrangement all those years and then to find out his son had died. Jack tells her knowing that Keemo lives on in her helps a lot. “More than I can say.” Jack asks about her feelings. Allie admits it’s been a lot. Jack starts talking about his resentment that Keemo died before they could reset things. Allie can relate to his feelings of anger about the loss. Jack mentions losing his mother and Allie snaps that at least he had her longer than she had her dad. She decides she needs to go and asks how long he’ll be in L.A. They arrange to get together again before he leaves.

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After Allie’s gone, Jack calls Phyllis to update her that things went well, and Allie floated the idea of getting together again before he leaves. He thanks her for encouraging him to come out there.

On the coffee house patio, Noah’s done some designs for Mariah and Tessa’s wedding and hands them over for inspection. Mariah gawps, “Noah.” He assumes she hates them, but she loves them. Tessa beams as they talk up their talented brother and future brother-in-law. They feel they can “see” their wedding now and choose the one they like best. Mariah goes to get celebratory lattes and Tessa asks Noah if he’s okay he seems a little off. Noah shrugs off her concern and swerves back to art for the wedding. Tessa wants to know what’s going on with him.
Noah, Tessa grill Y&R

Inside Crimson Lights, Sharon asks Mariah how Noah seems to her. Mariah’s not concerned that he doesn’t want to share his personal details with his mom. She thinks he seems fine.

On the patio, Noah works to deflect Tessa’s questioning. She won’t let it go. Noah admits he doesn’t really know what’s going on with him… or what he’s even doing anymore.

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Back at the Chancellor Estate, Abby tells Ashley that as much as it pains her to say this, she thinks Phyllis is right. They need to trust Jack to handle the Allie situation; it may be a journey he needs to go on. Ashley hopes it works out beautifully, but she has a gnawing feeling there’s trouble ahead.
Abby, Ashley discussion about Jack Y&R

After Ashley’s gone upstairs, Chance comes home and updates Abby that he and Rey went to see Paul — he’s going back to work in the morning. Abby’s surprised it’s so soon, but is supportive. Chance says it’s time for him to get the rest of his life back. She’s really proud of him. They embrace.

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At Keemo’s old house, Allie thanks “Taylor” for letting her to stop by. She has a little house-warming gift for her. Diane learns that Allie connected with her grandfather Jack and the young woman opens up that she took a leap of faith after her advice and just came from seeing him. Diane asks if she’ll keep getting to know him. Allie wants to take it slow, but he seems like a good man. Diane’s sure he’d do anything he could to lend her a hand. Allie doesn’t want anything from him. Diane is sure he’d want her to know he’s someone she could rely on. Allie thanks her again for the nudge. Diane hopes she’s not over-stepping, but has a favor to ask in return.

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Jack arrives at Keemo’s house, where Allie greets him and relays that the new homeowner asked her for a favor — she wanted to meet him in person. Jack is a tad perplexed as to why she’d want to do that. Allie doesn’t know and hopes she didn’t do the wrong thing asking him there. Just then, Diane steps out and reveals herself. “Hello, Jack.” Jack is shell-shocked. He breathes, “No… it can’t be.” Diane beams, “It’s true. I’ve waited a very long time for this moment.”
Diane reveals herself to Jack Y&R

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