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At Newman-Locke, Victor, Nick and Nikki question Victoria telling Ashland she’ll stay with him as though nothing has changed. Victoria declares that her decision is final and insists they let her handle this her way. Nick questions why they’d let her go back to her husband. Victoria fumes, “It’s the only way to save the company!”

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At Society, Abby is delighted to see Ashland and chatters away about how busy he and Victoria must be running a global conglomerate. Ashland wonders if she’s spoken to her sister lately. Abby has been in diaper-mode but suggests the four of them get together for dinner soon. Ashland would love that. He gets a text that says, “Michael Baldwin got away from us,” and makes unhappy noises. Abby asks if the message is from Victoria. “Is she on her way?”

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On Crimson Lights’ patio, Chloe shows Lauren new designs, but the redhead is too anxious and can’t focus. Chloe assures her that Kevin will be back soon with answers — he said he got information on Michael and was headed to San Diego, but she hasn’t heard from him since last night. Lauren freaks out — people deliver bad news in person! “I just want my husband!” Just then, Kevin walks in, followed by Michael, who says, “Hello, gorgeous.” Relieved, Lauren takes him in her arms and kisses him. “Don’t you ever leave me again,” she croons. Lauren wants to bustle her husband off home, but Michael has to go see Victor. Lauren won’t have it — she knew him going back to Victor would be stress, but she didn’t know it would be this much stress. Lauren wants to know where he’s been and who is responsible.
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At Society, Ashland tells Abby he has to follow up on his text message. She goes off to the kitchen and he calls someone to get the scoop on how Michael Baldwin got away. He orders, “Find him. He cannot leave Peru, do you understand me? Take care of this once and for all.” He disconnects and then calls Victoria to leave her a message that he’s at Society, still wanting to talk.

At Newman-Locke, Victor wants to know what Victoria means by “it’s the only way to save the company.” Victoria sniffs, “You need to trust me.” Victor bellows, “Trust you why? With the fate of the company I built?” If he doesn’t approve of her plan, he’ll take over. Victoria complains about him having her followed and not trusting her. She knows what she’s doing and needs them all to back off. Victor yells, “We’re not going to back off! This is my company!” Victoria insists she will save the company and the family name. Nick wants to know if she’s still in love with Locke. Victor booms, “Answer your brother.” Victoria doesn’t owe them any information and complains they don’t trust her judgment. Nikki won’t have her sacrifice herself to save the company. Victoria asks again for them to let her handle this as she sees fit. Victor intones that they have to come up with a plan as a family to rid themselves of Ashland Locke — get him out of the family and out of Newman Enterprises.
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At Society, Abby tells Ashland he seems a little tense. Ashland admits there’s something major happening but assures everything will be find. Abby asks about his health. Locke tells her he’s healthy as can be. Abby marvels, “Wow.” He asks about the baby, and she gets out the latest photo. After remarking on Dom’s cuteness, Ashland asks about Chance, and Abby reports he’s looking to go back to work. Ashland’s taken off guard when she says that going back to work helped him. They’re using him and Victoria as inspiration.

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On Crimson Lights’ patio, Lauren gives Kevin trouble for not letting them know the minute he heard from Michael. Chloe is sure her husband has a good explanation. Michael interjects. Kevin was following his instructions. He will explain it all in time, but now he has to go see Victor. Lauren insists he’s not going to see the man who got him into all this in the first place. “Why on earth do you feel obligated to him now?” Michael divulges that Victor’s not responsible for what happened — it was Ashland Locke. He promises to be home within an hour and takes off. Lauren asks Kevin where he found him. How did he get from Peru to San Diego? Kevin doesn’t know anything. Lauren thanks Kevin for bringing him home and leaves. Chloe glares at Kevin before taking him to task for going radio silent since last night. Kevin apologizes — Michael’s instructions were explicit. She thinks he must know something and asks where his brother has been and what Ashland Locke has to do with it.
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At Newman-Locke, Victoria has the family’s best interests at heart. She’s made mistakes in love, but doesn’t make mistakes in business; they need to trust her. Victor’s still not convinced. She reminds him they’re standing in the office where he handed her the reins. Is he really going to take that back because of a couple bumps in the road? Nick points out it’s more than that. Victoria appeals to her father to believe she can handle this. Victor decides he’ll trust her, but is there if she needs him. Victoria can handle it. She thanks them for their support and walks out. Nick doesn’t like this at all and wonders if she has a plan. Victor says if she doesn’t have a plan, then he does.

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At Society, Abby is so happy Ashland is feeling better and reminds him about the double-date they need to plan. She takes off and Victoria watches through the window as Ashland gets on the phone.

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Victor’s standing alone in the Newman office when Michael surprises him. Victor chortles, “Michael Baldwin!” They embrace and Victor asks what the hell happened in Peru. Lauren appears — she’d like to know that too. She explains that Victor’s not off the hook yet and she wants to everything her husband has to say to him.

They all sit down and Michael explains that the moment he sent the evidence to Victor, the local authorities picked him up. He was thrown in jail on some trumped-up espionage charge. He knew the charges weren’t real, but he couldn’t communicate or even get a lawyer. Michael charmed his way out by giving a guard legal advice that helped him save his family home. He was pretty sure Ashland was behind his arrest and couldn’t risk making phone calls. Michael finagled his way onto a boat to San Diego where he could call Kevin. Lauren questions him still being cautious once he was back in the United States. Michael has learned that Locke is ruthless. He asks his wife not to blame Victor — he knew the risks when he took the job. Victor updates Michael that the case has blown wide open and Victoria’s right in the middle. They need to find a way to get him out of their lives and out of the company.
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Inside Crimson Lights, Nick rants to his mother about Victoria staying with Ashland. Are they supposed to pretend like nothing has changed? Nikki hopes she has a good plan. Nick’s concerned that she’s playing with fire, but Nikki’s more concerned about her emotional well-being. Nick can’t understand how she could even have considered making Ashland co-CEO after all they discovered about his past. Nikki remarks that shows just how vulnerable she is to him. He complains that she opened up to Billy of all people, which shows she doesn’t trust them. Maybe she said what she did just to get them to back off. Nikki knows she’ll do anything to save the company and that’s what has her so worried. Nick vows if Victoria decides to stay with Ashland he’ll find a way to get rid of him on his own.

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On the patio, Kevin tells Chloe how he heard from Michael when he got to San Diego. He was directed to an address when he arrived, and Michael was there; frazzled and scared. They got on the next flight, but his brother was looking over his shoulder the entire time. Chloe worries, “If anything had happened to you…” Kevin had to help Michael. Chloe thinks it’s great he kept his brother safe. Kevin owed him, but he has to admit, Michael’s drive to get home and see Victor is very unnerving. Chloe wonders how it’s all Ashland Locke’s fault. Kevin reiterates that Michael didn’t say much, but one thing was clear — Locke was behind his detainment. He put his brother through hell and he’s not going to forgive him anytime soon!
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At Society, Victoria joins Ashland, who senses she seems agitated. He wonders if her family filled her head with more lies about him. Victoria asks if there’s more she should know. Ashland insists there’s not and complains about her family putting her under unnecessary stress. Victoria can handle them. She admits her family is on the warpath. Locke asks where they stand and takes her hand. Victoria knows the love they have for each other is real and that he’d never deceive her as her family claims he has. “I’m right here; right by your side.” Ashland declares his love for her and vows to find out who is behind these attacks. He needs her love and trust to get through this. She says he has it.

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Victoria warns her father will come at Ashland with everything he has to try and get him out of her life and Newman. They have to be prepared for that. Ashland agrees. He wants her to come home so they can make a plan. Victoria’s been thinking about what he said and has decided he’s right — they need to get away from Genoa City to strategize. “Let’s just go to the villa in Tuscany.” Locke’s taken back and questions the move now that things have escalated. Victoria figures if they look like they’re running scared, her father may be more likely to show his hand. Ashland loves the way she’s always one step ahead and agrees to go. He’ll get on the phone and make arrangements. Victoria tells him it’s already handled. Surprised again, he replies, “Oh. Fantastic.” They toast.

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